A story about sharing my wife and her using me as a cuckold

If I had known the evening would turn out so well I
wouldn’t have been dreading it so much all day. My wife
was having a man over that she had meet in a bar at the
airport when she was catching a plane last week.

She had been telling me all about him all week, how
good looking he was, that he looked like he was well
hung, she really couldn’t wait to fuck him, etc.

I had heard this over and over. Normally I would not
have minded, in fact I love to watch her fuck one of
her “friends”. But she said that tonight was going to
be different, she had talked to him for over an hour
and when she invited him to visit her he had ask if she
was married. She told him she was but that she fucked
whoever she wanted.

He then asked her if I left the house when she
“entertained”. She told him that I usually watched. He
said, then he is like your slave. She just said yes, in
a way. But the man kept pushing the subject. Will you
order him around and make him wait on us and keep us

Usually I just watch and sometimes I clean her pussy
after she has taken a big load of cum but it just
happens. But she saw the guy was really into this, so
she told him that she did order me around and I was her
slave. She really wanted to fuck this guy so she was
telling him what ever made him happy.

Evidently they had gone into a lot of detail because
she started telling me how it was going to be. She
said, you listen to me and do just what I say.

Before they left the bar they went to the restrooms,
which was down a short passageway. He had pulled her to
him and she could fell his rock hard cock pressing into
her stomach. She made no bones about it. She wanted to
fuck this guy.

She told me to just keep my mouth shut and do what I
was told to. She even promised me a special treat if I
behaved and did well. She didn’t say that the treat
would be but I figured she would invite her best friend
over soon for some girl fun and let me watch them go at

So as I waited for the guy to show up I wondered how it
would go and if I could to everything they ask me. Not
knowing what would happen made it exciting and yet I
was apprehensive too.

She had told me to wait until she called me to come out
and meet her stud. So after I heard the doorbell I
waited for what seemed like a long time but was
probably only ten minutes. Then she called me to come
into the room. Ann had already taken his cock out and
it must have been all she had imagined. It was long,
thick, and heavy veined. She continued to hold his cock
while she said, Jake, this is my husband Bill who will
be serving us tonight. Then she asked me to fix them a
drink and said I could have one if I hurried back.

I fixed the drinks they had ordered and put them on a
tray and retuned to the living room, Jake had removed
all his clothes, revealing a trim well kept body. Ann
still had on her panties and high heels but had removed
her skimpy dress, of course she didn’t wear a bra most
of the time and her breast still looked as good as they
did when she was a teenager.

They sat down on the sofa and took their drinks and
sipped on them. I went over and stood in the corner
because she had not given me any further demands.

After they dark some of their drink they started in
kissing and feeling of each other. Bill, she called,
Jake is a little dry, come over and wet his cock. I
went over and Jake spread his legs apart and I knelt
down in front of him and started licking his cock. I
applied a lot of saliva and soon it was shinning and
glistering and I knew it was a slick as it could get.
That’s fine Ann said now get me wet. I moved over and
worked up a big mouthful of spit and blew it right into
her vagina. Then I would suck it out and blow it back.
I knew how she liked it and it was always a lot of fun
for me.

She told Jake that they really ought to sixty-nine each
other before they fucked but that since they were ready
good and wet maybe they should go ahead and fuck for a
while. Jake was ready to plunge into Ann I knew. She is
incredible looking and every man wants to fuck her as
soon as possible.

Jake told me to bring their drinks to the bedroom and
they took off. I stopped by the kitchen to put some
more ice in their drinks and when I got to bedroom I
realized I had almost missed the show. He had placed a
pillow under her ass and was keeling between her legs
with his cock poised to enter her. I was wondering if
he would have any trouble getting it in. Ann has always
had a tight pussy and sometimes it takes some work to
get a big cock in at first.

But even thought Jakes tool was king size she was hot
and slick enough so that he was able to thrust it right
in. I had a perfect view as she had told me to get down
close so I could see how a real cock fucked. I had,
therefore, a perfect view and it was great watching his
cock plunge in and out of her vagina. It was very tight
because the lips of her pussy would be pulled out about
an inch or two every time his cock would start out.

They fucked hard and heavy for a long time. Far longer
than most guys could fuck her the first time. I began
to have a lot of respect for Jakes staying power. But
he couldn’t stand it forever and he let go his load of
cum into what had to be directly into her womb.

He fell back on the bed beside her and after a few
minutes she asked me when I was going to clean them up.
I started on Jake first because I could see the cum had
not started seeping out of he vagina yet. Jake’s cock
was half soft, which is the way I like them. I want
them hard unless they have just unloaded, then it feels
so good to have the semi hard cock cover with spend cum
in your mouth. I love the taste and the smell. As I
suck him I thought that this was turning out very well
for me. I had only gotten to suck a few of her studs
cocks before, usually then the passed out. But here I
was sucking Jake by demand.

Put I had to stop and take care of Ann. This was a job
I usually did every time she fucked somebody but it was
just understood that I would get that cum out of that
well fucked pussy. I didn’t think the cum would ever
quit coming out. I felt like I had swallowed a pint. It
tasted so good and the aroma of the cum and the worked
up pussy mixed with Jake’s cock scent was almost
overpowering it was so good.

I have heard men say they didn’t like the smell of
pussy. I don’t want to smell a stinky pussy either. But
a clean pussy that gives out the heavy musk scent while
fucking and a cock that does the same smells wonderful
to me.

After I finished cleaning them look I looked and they
were both asleep and both had a smile on their face. I
went and sat in a chair and wondered what else was in
store for this night of nights.

In about twenty minutes they had both woke up and was
fondling each other. Ann told me to go and make them
some sandwiches and open a bottle of champagne that
this called for a celebration.

I did as instructed but took my time trying to give
them time to recover. I fixed a nice try and took it
back to the bedroom. They seemed to have recovered
nicely as they were sucking each other when I came in.

After a little while they stopped and ate their
sandwich and drank a glass of champagne. The way they
wolfed the food down I knew they had worked up a good
appetite. In fact, Ann ordered me to go make them
another sandwich and bring the bottle of champagne.

I did this and after they had eaten Ann ordered me to
show Jake what a good fluffer I was. I do have a talent
in this and have my own technique. I use the old hummer
method. I took the head of Jakes cock in my between my
lips and began to hum, I had developed this humming
clits which is a surefire way to get a woman off. But I
knew it worked just as well on a cock. And work it did.

Jake’s cock sprang to attention and he had to push me
away as it was getting to good to him. Ann had been
watching my performance and ordered me to do her. So I
gave her the full treatment, hummed her clit, pussy
lips and even the entrance to her vagina. She didn’t
push me away but instead had a series of brutal
orgasms. But she often has so many during a real fuck
session it is impossible to keep up.

Then she gave me my next instructions. Jake was going
to mount her doggy style and I was to lay under her and
help guide Jake’s cock into her. I was then supposed to
lick her clit while Jakes pounded his cock in. I did
this but couldn’t resist getting a lick of Jakes cock
every now and them. Jake must have felt sorry for me
and reached down and pulled his cock out with his hand
and feed it into my mouth.

He fucked my face for a minute or two before putting it
back into Ann. This went on for a while, every so often
he would feed it to me again. Then Ann said wait a
minute and all the action stopped. She said she wanted
to get on top of Jake’s cock so that she could get it
all in and it would work her clit at the same time. I
was disappointed to lose my job but it was exciting
seeing my wife take a long fat dick all the way to the

They fucked like this until it was obvious that he had
reached his limit. He said something to Ann that I
didn’t hear but she answered yes. She fell off him and
he quickly got over her and started to rub his cock
between her titties. After just a minute he unloaded,
shooting another big load all over her tits, neck and
face. I didn’t wait to be ordered but quickly began to
like up the cum, from Ann and from Jakes cock.

That was all the action that night but they were
already planning their next get together. I was sent to
the living room to get Jake’s clothes and waited while
they took a shower. Jake patted me on the head as he
left and said I had been a good boy. I was really
beaming with pride from that gesture.

After Jake left Ann said that I had not done a very
good job and that she expected me to learn from my
mistakes and do better next time. But I think she was
pleased because she let me fuck her and I love to get
sloppy seconds.

I hope I did well enough for her to give me my special
treat but in any event Jake was coming back that
weekend so I knew I would have a job to do.

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