Village Idiot

Betty did not hear the footsteps. She was in the kitchen looking out the window, watching wild geese feeding in her back yard, but she had a creepy feeling that somebody was watching her. Slowly she turned her head, and gasped when she saw him standing there not ten feet from her. Some said he

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Abigail stirred and pulled the covers over her bare, cold skin. Her shoulder was exposed to the frigid air of the bedroom. She had forgotten to turn up the heat again. With her head feeling like a rotten melon ready to split apart, and the taste of a well-worn sweat sock in her mouth, she

Bisex party on the farm

We’ve got alot of different friends sexually, Billie’s kinky friends and mine, they come from totally different areas of sex, only Billie and me are into beastly, that we know of. We make a list, Billie sends invitations to them, I even invited 2 of my old kinky neighbors, ones a single older women and