Brother-in-law 1.

The offices here were disgustingly similar to those of
every other employment agency Ginny Dennison had
visited since Monday when she began in earnest to find
a job. And not a particular job this time; she’d
learned her bitter lesson about job-hunting long ago.
This time she had promised herself to take anything
offered to her, anything from file clerk to dishwasher.

She read down line after line of qualifying questions,
and reluctantly checked “none” for each of the areas of
previous experience desired. And why not — there was
no reason to think that this agency would be any
different from the ten or twelve — she’d lost count —
that had already turned her down. Oh, not in so many
words, of course; agencies have a way of saying no
without actually saying it. But that “we’ll call you or
drop you a card if anything comes up” is more than

This agency had advertised for cocktail waitresses, and
though she had never had any experiences there either,
it certainly did not seem too difficult, and Mr.
Bondman had told her on the telephone when she answered
the ad that sometimes they considered girls without
experience as trainees. At less salary, of course, but
at this point, salary was the least of Ginny’s worries.

She knew she had to find work somewhere, or start
climbing the walls. Fred had been gone now for over
seven months, and for a bride of only three weeks, that
sort of absence was hard to swallow. But Uncle Sam has
a habit of putting his soldiers where he wants them
most, and for a brand-new draftee, there wasn’t much
chance of getting any choice. Fred was in Iraq; at
least she had that much to be thankful for. He could
just as easily have been sent to some jungle outpost in
Vietnam, and that would have unquestionably been more
than she could have taken at once.

It wasn’t really a matter of economics, just more a
problem of trying to stay busy. Without a job, and
nothing to do all day, the weeks seemed like months,
and sometimes it seemed that Fred would never be coming
back at all.

“Have you finished your application?” A short, stubby
balding man stepped from the inner office, closing the
door behind him. She guessed he was the one she’d
talked with on the phone. In fact, he seemed to be the
only person around.

“Yes, I’ve finished,” replied Ginny, “but I’m afraid it
won’t be much help… I just don’t have the right
experience to get a job, it seems…”

He smiled benevolently, “Well, why don’t you let me be
the judge of that… You might be qualified for
something you never thought of.” He motioned toward the
open door to the inner office. “Why don’t you step
inside, honey, and we’ll talk it over.” Something was
odd about the faintest outline of a smirk on his face,
but Ginny was in no mood to be choosy.

The inner office lacked the refinements someone had
added to the reception area; at least the outer office
was paneled and well-supplied with fairly comfortable
vinyl and steel chairs. The private office showed
evidence of not being painted since World War II; the
pale green paint was peeling in layers, like dead flesh
from a bad sunburn, and there were broken sections of
it here and there on the faded, sun-bleached carpet.
Marty Bondman’s desk was old and battered, but without
a trace of soul; and a large, upholstered wooden swivel
chair stood behind it, where Bondman lowered his bulky,
fleshy frame. “Now, let’s take a look at your
qualifications,” he said, glancing over the penned
notes on his brief application form.

“I called you earlier,” began Ginny. “You said
something about a trainee cocktail waitress position I
might be qualified for… I don’t have any
experience… I guess you can see that.” He glanced up
from the paper with that same vague smirk and looked
over her, as if making some mental appraisal.

“Haven’t you ever had a job before?” he asked.

Ginny lowered her head, she’d been through this a dozen
times already. “No… except for a part-time job when I
was in high school. I worked for a department store
back in Indiana, but that was three years ago. I got
married right after high school, and Fred — that’s my
husband — Fred took care of all the money matters, so
I didn’t need to work.”

Bondman suddenly seemed interested. “Married, you say?
And where is Fred now… why do you suddenly need a

“Oh, I don’t have to go to work, I suppose,” explained
Ginny, “but Fred’s with the Army in Iraq, and I just
feel like I ought to be working or something. It gets
so boring just sitting around all the time… and the
car’s busted, so I can’t even get out much. Maybe with
a job, the time would pass faster.”

“How about typing and shorthand?” asked Mr. Bondman,
“Did you take any commercial courses in high school?”

Ginny looked puzzled, “Commercial courses? You mean
secretarial skills, that kind of thing?”

He nodded.

“No, I’m afraid home economics was the only elective I

Bondman made a couple of scribbled notations on her
application card. “Can you type at all? Even a little

Ginny shook her head, “Sorry, That’s my whole problem.
I just don’t have any skills.”

Bondman checked off a series of blocks on the back of
the card and put it aside and turned his gaze to Ginny.
She grew increasingly uncomfortable under his intense
stare, and she self-consciously tugged at the hem of
her miniskirt, in a futile attempt to conceal even a
little of her bare thigh from his probing eyes.

“You know, there is one job you just might be able to
get,” he grinned. “It’s at a little bar out near Santa
Monica, you’d have to wear a costume though, sort of
like a go-go outfit.”

Ginny thought for a moment. “Gee, I don’t know. Fred
would kill me if he knew I was parading around in some
kind of a go-go outfit. How skimpy is it?”

Mr. Bondman laughed, “It’s decent, if that’s what you
mean. But just barely. It’s about the size of a bikini.
Have you got the build for something like that?”

“I-I guess so,” blushed Ginny, lowering her eyes to her
lap. “Fred says I’ve got a nice figure. And I was a
majorette in high school, if that means anything.”

Marty Bondman pulled a sheaf of papers from his desk
and glanced over them. “Yes,” he said, “it appears that
the position I mentioned is still open. However, they
are very specific about applicants being… that is,
having the right figure for the job. It says here I’m
to be absolutely certain before I send anyone out.”

Ginny looked straight at the floor, afraid to look him
in the eye. “Well, I told you the best I could do, Mr.
Bondman. I…”

“Telling me is not good enough,” he interrupted, with a
sly sparkle in his eyes. “I’m afraid you’ll just have
to show me. Please stand up.”

Ginny’s mouth dropped half-open. “Mr. Bondman! I
couldn’t do that… I mean, what kind of a girl do you
think I am!”

“Don’t worry, honey,” he assured, “it’s all part of my
job. I have to look girls over all the time. You might
as well get used to it. The only kind of jobs you’ll be
able to get are jobs where you show a little skin, you
know what I mean? And employers just don’t hire their
girls sight unseen. Now be a good kid, and stand up so
I can get a better look at you.”

“Gosh, I don’t know, Mr. Bondman… But I suppose it’ll
be all right, since you do it all the time.” She stood
up slowly and turned her profile to his eager eyes, her
firm, young breasts swelling under her thin, cotton

With one hand, she brushed down her miniskirt,
smoothing out the faint wrinkles until it unbrokenly
hugged the rich, full curves of her hips and buttocks,
clinging tightly to her smooth flesh. As his eyes
coursed over her, she suddenly wished she had worn a
longer skirt, or maybe a suit-dress with a jacket top.

Marty Bondman nodded approvingly, “It’s okay from here,
at least what I can see. But you’re going to have to do
better than that. I can’t send you out of here without
being sure, my professional reputation’s at stake.
Suppose you have a big scar on your back, or an ugly
birthmark on your thigh or something. I mean, those
things show up when you’re wearing a bikini top and
panties.” He stood up, his hand on his chin pensively.
“Yeah, you’ll just have to show me some more. I’ve got
too much at stake to take a chance.”

Ginny stepped back defensively, “And just what do you
mean by that? I can’t show you any more without taking
my clothes off, and I’m certainly not going to do

Bondman’s joviality suddenly vanished, “Now listen to
me, Mrs. Dennison, you’re the one who’s looking for
work, not me. I don’t need a job; so either you follow
instructions and cut out all this modesty crap, or you
can just go somewhere else and I’ll give this job to
the next girl who walks through that door!” he shouted,
aiming his hand toward the closed door to his outer

Ginny suddenly felt very humiliated, and a hint of a
tear began to form in the corner of her eye. “I… I
just can’t do that, Mr. Bondman, I’m not that kind of a
girl… I just can’t… I mean, I understand what
you’re saying, but I just can’t undress like some
common tramp. I’m a married woman.”

“I understand, Ginny… I understand, but you’ve got to
accept my position, too. I can’t risk blowing this
account. It’s one of my regulars, and they always pay
on time. I tell you what…” He sat back down on his
rickety chair. “I’ll turn my back so you won’t be
embarrassed, and you just strip down to your panties.
It’ll all be over before you know it, and you can even
keep your eyes closed so’s you won’t blush, how’s

She could feel the color filling her cheeks at even the
thought of what he was suggesting. “I don’t know… I
just don’t think I could do it.”

But Bondman was persistent; he didn’t intend to miss
out on this at any cost. If it took him all day to
persuade her to drop that skirt, he’d keep trying until
he got a good look at that luscious young body of hers.
Even under the blouse and skirt, he could tell she was
really built…

“Okay, I’m turning my back,” he said, “Now you go ahead
and do as I told you. Let me know when you’re ready.”

“Well, maybe…” Ginny nervously fingered the buttons
on her blouse, tossing his ultimatum back and forth in
her confused mind. That job may be the only chance I
get, she told herself, and I’d be an idiot to mess up
my one and only chance…

Mindlessly, she unbuttoned the buttons one by one,
until the thin blouse was open to her narrow waist. She
felt a little chill as the air brushed over her bare
belly; and despite herself, she could feel her tiny
nipples begin to harden under the taut nylon of her
bra. With both hands, she reached around in back and
unfastened the single catch on her blue corduroy mini-
skirt and tugged on the zipper until it came down. She
let the skirt fall to her feet, then lifted it up on
one foot and placed it on the chair beside her. The
sheer gauze of her pantyhose allowed her white panties
to show through clearly, and she was suddenly stricken
with the urge to grab up her things and run. But she
was determined to see this thing through, no matter how
hard it was. “Okay, you can turn around now,” she
whispered, half-hoping he wouldn’t hear.

Marty Bondman spun around quickly in his chair, and his
eyes popped open wide with disbelief as he gazed on the
trembling, blushing beauty standing before him. He took
in the delicious spectacle slowly, from head to toe —
the smooth, unblemished flow of her neck where it
curved down to the jutting, ripely formed melons of her
breasts, swelling proudly under the sheerness of her
nylon brassiere; the trim inward curve of her waist,
her perfectly arching hips, and certainly not least,
her long, well-proportioned legs, blossoming in the
soft fullness of her thighs, then again in the supple
gracefulness of her well-turned calves. “Wow! You’re
too much!” was all he could manage.

Ginny stared down at the carpet, her face flushed with
color. “Please, Mr. Bondman… don’t talk like that. I
just want to get this over with as quickly as

He didn’t take his eyes off her for even an instant.
“Sure, honey… It’ll be all over before you know it.
But you’ve got to show me more than that. How about
those pantyhose? And that bra? I’ve got to know what
kind of merchandise I’m sending out of here. Now, I’ll
turn my back again and…”

“You needn’t bother,” interrupted Ginny, suddenly
impatient at his treating her like a child. She reached
behind with both hands and unclasping the three catches
on her bra, “I’ll show you what you want.” She blinked
back the stinging tears of embarrassment in her burning
eyes and loosened the snaps, letting her bra slide down
over her bare arms. Her proud young breasts shivered in
the open air, and she could feel her nipples harden
instantly as Bondman’s cold, appraising stare fell on
them. They stood up firmly, without a trace of
sagginess, her rigid, pink nipples thrusting straight
ahead boldly, like two tiny eyes returning his eager

His eyes followed the twin, jutting bulges of her ripe
breasts, then down along the smooth, unblemished
expanse of her flat belly, past the puckered
indentation of her navel…

“How about the pantyhose?” he asked, almost afraid to
push his good luck any further.

She complied unhesitantly, catching the tight elastic
waistband and peeling it down over the gentle swell of
her trim, narrow hips. The top band of her panties
caught in the gauzelike material, but she made no
effort to separate the two garments. As one, she pulled
them down over her soft white thighs and down past her
knees, exposing the dark patch of down at the bottom of
her belly. She pulled the hose away from her panties
and began to pull the taut, pale blue fabric back up to
cover her nakedness.

“Hold it… Just pull ’em both down. You might as well
show me everything you’ve got, honey!” Bondman was
leaning over his desk for a closer look, his eyes
glazed with growing lust as he eyed the gorgeous young
woman peeling down to bare flesh right before his eyes.
He couldn’t believe his good fortune; most of the girls
balked at his proposition, and he just sent them on
their job interviews anyway. But this one had a lot to
learn. It was more than obvious she was new to the job
hunting game; he would have known that even if the
application hadn’t said so.

“B-But you didn’t say I had to take off everything, Mr.
Bondman,” protested Ginny, her voice cracking in her
humiliation. Her cheeks were bright red in two patches
that looked like someone had brushed her with two
strokes of a paint brush.

“Now don’t argue with me, Ginny,” replied Bondman,
loosening his collar and tie as perspiration rolled in
beads down his stubby neck, “I know what’s best for
you, so just do what I say.”

“Well… okay, I guess,” she answered, gripping her
panties with her thumbs and yanking them down with her
pantyhose until she stepped free, leaving absolutely
nothing to shield her youthful nakedness from his
eager, probing eyes.

She was the most deliciously perfect specimen of
womanhood he’d seen in a long time; not since that
young surfer chick from San Diego he’d had the
unforgettable pleasure of balling right here on this
battered, torn sofa. He grinned widely as he
anticipated his plans for this delectable young beauty.
Her flesh was gorgeously tanned, save for the milky-
white softness of her inner thighs, and the pink-capped
mounds of her protruding, ripely bulging tits. He tried
to imagine what that warm, moist inviting crevice
between her long legs would be like… he knew it would
be tight and hot — it would just have to be… and
those gracefully long stems would be so perfect
entwined around his back as he furrowed wide that sweet
warm slit of hers until she begged for mercy. But he
could see she was no shop-worn barmaid, not some broad
he could just climb on like so many of the others he
regularly found jobs for. He knew this young filly was
something special, and he’d have to plan his moves ever
so carefully…

“Yes, I think you’ll do nicely,” he said forcing an air
of strained seriousness to his voice, though his
breathing had grown so fast he could scarcely speak
without gasping. “Now just turn around for me — slowly
— so I can get a good look.”

Ginny obeyed, and with reddening face turned her naked
backside to his greedy, probing gaze. Her buttock’s
cheeks were tightly clenched, and were nicely firm and
high, and they tucked under tantalizingly at the tops
of her creamy smooth thighs. Long and supple, her bare
legs stretched in twin perfect lengths to the trim
swell of her calves. Even her bare feet were tauntingly
inviting — dainty little-girl’s feet with tiny,
curled-under toes as she stood before him, quivering a
little with embarrassment.

“Ummmmm… that’s quite a nice little body you’ve got
there, Ginny. You should go a long way with a figure
like that.”

She turned back to face him, making no attempt to cover
her nudity, “I’m only interested in getting this job,
Mr. Bondman. Nothing else.”

He laughed nervously, “Sure, sure. I understand… But
there is just one more thing, though.”

“What, now,” implored Ginny, stopped in mid-reach as
she started to pick up her clothes, “I thought you said
this was all.”

“I did… I did,” replied Bondman, reaching into his
right-hand desk drawer, “But I need a couple of
pictures for your new boss. I can do a better job of
‘selling’ him if I can show him what a beautiful girl
you are. Just lie down there on that couch and I’ll
take a couple of quick professional shots with my
Polaroid; and don’t worry, I’ll give ’em back to you
and you can do whatever you want with them, as soon as
I show them to Sidney.”

Ginny hesitated, “I don’t know about any pictures. What
proof do I have that you’ll give them back to me? I
don’t want any pictures of me like this just floating

“You can trust me, honey. Now just lie down there, and
look sexy. You want the job, don’t you? Why you could
easily be knocking down two hundred a week in just a
few months. Isn’t that worth it?”

She decided not to argue, and sat down on the edge of
the shoddy sofa, her knees clamped together and her
arms folded demurely across her jutting breasts. She
squirmed uncomfortably as he fumbled with the dials on
the camera and inserted a flashbulb in the top.

“No, no, not like that,” he said, “You can give me a
better pose than that. How about stretching out kinda
sexy like? You know, like in the girlie magazines.”

Ginny followed his instructions, and sprawled across
the sofa, first brushing off the dust before she
allowed her bare flesh to touch the tattered
upholstery. She leaned back against the opposite arm,
propping her head there, both hands at her sides. He
suggested she turn slightly on one side, and she
obediently shifted her weight so she faced the camera,
her flesh tingling as the camera lens aimed straight at
her unclothed form.

“Put one leg over the other… I want to see some of
that nice inner thigh in the shot.”

Ginny obeyed, and readjusted her long, bare legs, tiny
strands of soft pubic hair visible from between her
slim thighs. Marty smiled his approval, “Yeah, honey…
right there. That’s perfect. Now hold it!”

He snapped one shot, popped in another flashbulb, and
changed angles for a second photograph. Ginny was
crimson with embarrassment, praying for this sickening
humiliation to end. But his second shot became three,
then four, and five.

“Please Mr. Bondman… You have enough pictures. Can’t
we stop now?” pleaded Ginny, sitting up on the sofa,
her long legs clamped together futilely. She started to
fold her arms across her bulging breasts again, but it
felt foolish, so she let her arms fall to her sides.

Marty placed the camera on his desk and came toward
her, his eyes telegraphing his intent as obviously as
flashing billboards.

“Mr. Bondman… Mr. B-Bondman… p-please… don’t look
at me like that. You’re frightening me…”

Marty laughed menacingly. “Frightening you!? Me? Come
on, baby… You’ve got nothing to be frightened of. Not
from Marty Bondman.”

Ginny squirmed against the cushions of the sofa, vainly
trying to cringe away from this awful, frightening
animal leering at her like she was so much buyable

She tried to swing her naked legs off the sofa as he
sat down beside her, but he grabbed her quickly by both
ankles and shoved her back at his side.

“Now… Please, no! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!”
she screamed.

“Go ahead and scream your fucking head off, bitch! It’s
after five now, and there’s nobody on this floor except
you and me,” sneered Marty. His fingers were already
unfastening his belt, a move that immediately caught
Ginny’s frightened eyes.

“What are you doing!? What are you doing!?” She grabbed
the back of the sofa and attempted to pull herself up
onto the high arm, but he grabbed her legs and pulled
her easily back to his side.

“You’re not going anywhere honey,” smirked Marty, his
belt undone and his pants half-open at the top of his
zipper, “You wouldn’t want to run off and leave me all
alone, now would you, bitch? I’ve got a little
somethin’ here for you. Seein’ as how your old man’s
been gone for seven months, I thought you could use a
little of this to tide you over till he gets back.”

“Don’t talk like that, please… you’re frightening
me… Please!” begged Ginny, her eyes clouded with

Marty squeezed her calf firmly in his strong, confining
grip, holding her effectively, and yanked his zipper
all the way down with his free hand.

“Here you are, sweetheart,” he said, “Just what you
needed, huh?” He reached inside like he was probing
deep in a grocery bag, and pulled his thick hose of a
penis out in the open. It flopped over his zipper in a
rubbery, bulky knob, the tip slowly swelling in size as
it hit the open air.

Ginny shrieked with terror as the heavy-set man’s penis
was suddenly cast before her, “Stop it, Mr. Bondman!
Stop it or I’ll scream… I’ll scream, I mean it!”

Marty only grinned, and grabbed both her trim ankles,
pulling her further down onto the sofa, her head now
clear of the padded arm. She reached behind, and
struggled to get a firm grip on the sofa arm, but Marty
slapped her hands back to her side. “Now you behave
yourself, little lady, or you’ll wish you had when I’ve
finished with you.”

Ginny shook with unbridled fear and revulsion as the
balding, squat man rose to one knee, dropping his pants
and rumpled under shorts to mid-thigh. She could now
see all of his bulky, thick cock and his huge balls,
dangling like two leathery bulbs beneath the short,
stubby knob of his prick.

Marty could see her sizing him up, making all sorts of
appraisals of his manhood, and it made him laugh to
know what thoughts must be running through her mind
right at this moment. They all looked at him this way –
– at first. Maybe his little pumper wasn’t much to look
at now, but he knew what surprises it had in store for
this snooty little bitch! She thinks she’s too good for
the likes of me, I’ll bet… Baby, what a surprise
you’ve got coming! I’m gonna pump you up like a
basketball. You’ll be begging for it before I’ve
finished with you, bitch!

He couldn’t help grinning as he looked over his find,
taking in her youthful, perfectly ripened loveliness.
She was like a juicy, fresh-picked peach — all naked
and inviting, lusciously perched on a pedestal,
awaiting his touch, his mouth, his lips.

He lifted one knee awkwardly, almost losing his
balance, and shoved it between Ginny’s bare hip and the
back of the sofa, edging her away from the cushion
until he straddled her securely, pinning her flat down
on her back like a helpless insect.

Ginny squirmed to escape him as he raised on one knee
and yanked his pants down over his ankle, over his
already bare foot, taking advantage of his momentary
clumsiness. But Marty was way ahead of her; he pinned
her instantly with one hand right in the middle of her
smooth, flat belly, tightly smashing her against the
sofa as he pulled his pants free of his other leg and
tossed them on the floor beside him.

Her body’s strength to resist now weakening, Ginny
pleaded helplessly for him to leave her alone, her mind
a whirling, half-dazed windmill of fear and

Oh, God, Please… Don’t let this awful thing happen to
me! Please… I’ll never be able to look Fred in the
face again! Oh, please, help me… Help me! I couldn’t
live with the shame of this horrible nightmare!

Chapter 2

“Please, Mr. Bondman, please! You can’t… you just
can’t!” Ginny wriggled helplessly as he held her pinned
tightly to the cushions, squatting victoriously over
her writhing young body, his immense balls brushing her
flat, smooth belly, his thick knob of a cock beginning
to swell and harden as it dangled from beneath the roll
of obscene fat that circled his hairy abdomen.

“C’mon, honey, stop playing hard to get,” leered Marty,
gripping his hardening prick in his right hand. “You
and I both know you want it, so why don’t we quit
playing games?”

“No! You’ve got it all wrong,” cried Ginny, her eyes
wide with fear. “I don’t want to! I don’t!”

Bondman eased his bulky form forward, sliding his naked
crotch over the young girl’s belly until his heavy
balls dangled right between her bulging, quivering
breasts. Her pink, crinkly nipples jutted straight up
at him as he looked her over, and the soft curve of her
tits rested against his thighs as he straddled her,
pinning her between his thick legs as he knelt on the
sofa cushion.

He pushed the fleshy, soft mounds of her ripe breasts
tightly together with his thighs, squeezing the rubbery
trunk of his throbbing prick between her warm,
resilient tits. A barely audible sigh of pleasure
escaped his lips as he felt the soft, yielding flesh of
her young breasts caress the sensitive length of his
rapidly swelling shaft, urging the slumbering beast
into purple, blood-filled hardness until the swollen
bulbous tip poked stiffly against her chest, hidden
between the soft mounds of her bare breasts.

“That’s it, old boy… Just keep growing like that,
harder and harder… thicker and thicker… we’ll show
this young uppity bitch a thing or two!”

Suddenly, his rigid spear sprang from its hiding place
between her fleshy mounds, and shot out like an arrow
from his flabby, hair-covered loins. Still gripping it
tightly in his right hand, he pulled back the sheath of
flesh that covered the purple, throbbing head, and it
poked free with a moist plopping sound. He squeezed the
hard shaft of his penis tightly, and the bulbous tip
swelled with deep purple fullness, distending until it
was twice its normal size, and pulsing with eagerness
just a few inches from Ginny’s frightened eyes.

Tears trickled from her closed lids as she struggled
vainly to shut out this awful, degrading nightmare she
found herself trapped in. She hoped — she prayed —
for a miracle; that this horrible moment might end as
suddenly as it had begun. But she knew it was hopeless
— she was completely at the mercy of this drooling
madman, and whatever he wanted of her, she would have
to surrender. Her mind reeled at the thought of ever
facing Fred again; how could she even look him in the
eye after this!

“Oh, please, Mr. Bondman! Please… just let me get
dressed and go… We’ll forget all about the job. Just
let me go. Please!”

Marty grinned with a leer that covered his whole flabby

“You can go, sweetie. And the job’s yours.”

Ginny opened her eyes, nearly afraid to believe her own

“What did you say? Did you mean it!?”

Marty aimed his huge swollen shaft at her face like a
weapon. “Sure, baby… Just as soon as you suck my
dick. Suck it real good just one time, and the job’s

It took a full second for his words to register on her
twisted, confused brain, but when they did, they
slammed into her like a ton of steel. “No! No! You’re
out of your mind! I won’t do it! I won’t!” she
screamed, struggling with all her strength to free her
naked body from his viselike grip. But his thick, hairy
thighs pinned her like glue to the sofa — she was
powerless to escape him no matter how hard she tried.

Then she remembered something she’d learned from an ex-
Marine she’d once dated — hit him where he was most
vulnerable. Gritting her teeth and summoning all her
meager courage, she slammed her tightened fist into his
balls with all her strength, smashing her hand all the
way into his crotch.

“Aaaaagggghhhh!” he gasped, clutching at his painfully
throbbing testicles with both hands, releasing for an
instant his grip on her.

But that fleeting instant was all Ginny needed. Like a
serpent, she slithered quickly out from under the
awesome weight of the naked man and flung her legs
toward the floor.

Snapping to her feet, she grabbed her clothes and
bolted for the door, trailing undergarments behind her
in a mindless dash for safety. Nothing mattered except
getting as much distance between him and her as she

Nearly stumbling as she cleared the worn carpet and
reached the closed door in three bounding leaps, Ginny
reached for the doorknob… Locked!!

“You stupid goddamn bitch!” roared Marty, still
clutching his pained groin. “You’re locked in! What’ya
think about that? Maybe you’re not as smart as you
thought, huh? You could have gotten out easy, but not
now. I’m gonna fix you good for this!”

He staggered clumsily to his feet and came toward her,
his eyes squinting with menacing viciousness. “You
goddamn teasing little bitch! Come here!”

Ginny was too frightened to run; she cowered before
him, awkwardly covering her sparse, dark V-shaped mound
and the pink points of her young breasts. “Please… p-
p-please… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean it… please,”
she whimpered weakly, her lips trembling as she spoke.

“And you can cut out that shit, too,” muttered Marty,
grabbing her by the wrist and shoving her roughly back
toward the sofa. “Get over there!” he bellowed.

Ginny sat timidly on the edge of the sofa, her knees
clamped in ludicrous modesty as the naked, stubby man
advanced on her. Her arms were folded across her chest.

Marty grabbed her painfully by the shoulder, squeezing
the tender flesh in his tight grip, and shoved her to
the floor in a kneeling position. Ginny offered no
resistance; she had learned her lesson, and she
couldn’t afford to enrage him any more than he already

He pulled her head toward his brushy loins, smashing
her face flat against his limp cock.

“Mmmmmmffff…” She could barely open her mouth to
speak, as he held her crushed against his prick, her
lips touching the smooth rubbery head of his manhood.

Her stomach tightened nauseously as she tasted the
salty tanginess of his prick crammed against her
quivering lips; she’d never touched a man’s penis with
her lips, not even Fred’s. It was something that had
never come up in their lovemaking; maybe if they’d been
together longer before he had to go overseas it might
have been different. The burning knot of nausea in her
stomach grew larger and threatened to make her
violently sick, but she fought it bravely, determined
not to add to her humiliation. Tears of abject
degradation and helpless surrender streamed down her
flushed cheeks as she realized she was about to be
forced to do this lurid act with a total stranger; with
Fred, in their own lovemaking, it would not have seemed
so despicable. But with this awful, filthy man it
became an act of total debasement, beyond anything she
would have dreamed possible.

“You know what to do with it, baby,” growled Marty,
gripping her shoulder-length auburn hair tightly
between the fingers of both his hands and twisting
until her mouth opened in searing pain. “Suck it, cunt!
Suck it! Suck it real good, and use that sweet little
tongue of yours to clean it nice and slick.”

Ginny tried to beg one last time for mercy, but when
her lips parted, his bulky cock was quickly shoved
between them, filling her tiny mouth with its fleshy
length. He rammed it forward with a sudden snap of his
pelvis, and her cheeks hollowed to accommodate its full
size as it began to swell and harden quickly in the
warm, wet confines of her mouth.

“Lick it clean, bitch!” he ordered, “Lick it till it’s
nice and hard. And if you’re real good, you’ll get an
extra treat.” She glanced up at him with soulful,
pleading brown eyes, but the menacing smirk streaked
across his face told her there was no hope left.

Instinctively, she tried to keep her tongue from
touching his obscene member, but she found it
impossible as the thick shaft continued to swell in the
warm moistness of her mouth.

His fingers tightened once again in her thick hair.
“Lick it, I told you! Lick it real nice!”

Timidly, Ginny touched her virginal tongue to the
throbbing head of his fleshy cock, afraid of what
response it might bring. She sickened at the mere
thought of his hot, seething semen emptying into her
throat — she tried to keep those thoughts out of her

Filled with hot blood, the swollen knob grew even
larger as her tongue reluctantly caressed the thick
length of his prick, swirling it in the warm juices of
her mouth.

As it seemed to grow ever longer and thicker, Ginny was
suddenly terribly frightened. And this time her fright
was very physical and very real.

It’s going to choke me… I know it will! This horrible
thing will go right down my throat and I won’t be able
to breathe!

Without a hint of warning, Marty suddenly pulled his
long, heavy prick from Ginny’s ovaled lips with a quick
jerk of his loins. Ginny looked up at her captor with
wide-eyed wonderment as his long shaft slipped from
between her moist, clasping lips in a gleaming, hard
length that amazed her when she saw how much her
untried mouth had been able to contain.

“Surprised, bitch?” sneered Marty, holding his huge
cock in his left hand so that the distended tip brushed
her lips. “Well, don’t be. I just decided I’ll take a
rain check on my blow job. You’ve got some nice little
pussy between those pretty legs of yours, and I aim to
have me some. What’ya say, you gonna do it my way, or
have I got to get rough?”

Ginny looked straight at the floor, too humiliated to
return his evil stare. “I… I can’t fight you anymore,
Mr. Bondman. I’ll do whatever you say.” The words were
weak and hoarse, and her voice cracked with fear as she
surrendered completely to his lurid designs. Ginny knew
her only way out was to give this terrible man what he
wanted, and get away as soon as she could. She couldn’t
begin to think about anything beyond that — like how
she could ever hope to continue being Mrs. Fred
Dennison, or even how she could bring herself to tell
her husband or anyone else about this horrible thing
that was happening to her.

“Get up here on the sofa… on your knees,” he ordered,
and Ginny shamefully obeyed, still unable to look her
merciless master in the eye. She shivered involuntarily
as she lowered her naked form to the sofa cushions,
flat on her belly.

Marty looked over his choice prize appraisingly, taking
in very slowly the incredible ripe youthfulness of her
naked body — the tantalizing magnetism this young
delicacy seemed to possess. Her twin, firm buttocks
were clenched tightly, like a velvet fist, concealing
the forbidden orifice of her puckered anus, as her
tightly clamped thighs hid the juicy softness of her
tender young slit.

You can keep it all to yourself right now, baby, but
not for long… I’m coming in there whether you like it
or not!

“Up on your knees!” he barked. “I want to see that
brown little eye looking at me!”

Ginny obeyed, cringing at his horrible, evil words, but
resigned to her wretched plight. Oh, God… why did I
ever come to this awful place! Please, please let this
all be a terrible dream… Let me wake up and find this
nightmare ended!

Marty gripped her firm young buttocks with both hands,
and spread the deep crevice of her ass with his thumbs,
opening up to his unobstructed view the taut, muscular
ring of her tiny cringing anus and the warm, moist pink
softness of her vaginal cleft, her fleshy, puckered
lips spread ever so slightly in a tempting display of
feminine appeal.

Ginny’s whole body tensed like a coiled spring, in
horrified anticipation of the bruising pain she
expected to slam into her at any moment.

But she wasn’t prepared for what happened next — pain,
she would have been ready for, but not this…

Marty skillfully spread the soft, pink flanges of her
young pussy, opening wide the warm, moist lips and
brushing aside the downy pussy-hairs that lined the
sides of her damp crevice. When the narrow slit was
spread wide for his amusement, exposing the puckered
edges of her cunt, Marty lowered his head to the
fragrant lips, catching the young girl completely by

Her body cracked like a whip as his tongue made its
first, electric contact with the sensitive, nerve-
filled flesh of her vulnerable vaginal lips.

“N-no… please,” she gasped, her lips trembling as
Marty’s tongue probed her forbidden regions deftly,
bringing shivers of wicked delight that coursed
unwanted over her naked flesh in involuntary spasms,
completely beyond her control. She blushed bright red
with embarrassment, humiliated that this total
stranger, this awful man, could bring such a lascivious
response from her rebellious body, and that she was
powerless to stop it.

Marty opened her young, moist cuntal furrow wide with
his thumbs, and burrowed his tongue and lips in the
warm slit, poking into her deepest hidden crevices,
each worming probe bringing a new quiver of
helplessness to her naked form. Her breasts were
smashed against the sofa, beneath her kneeling form,
and her lovely buttocks were shoved upward invitingly,
unprotected and vulnerable to his lustful plundering.

“Oh, please… this is so awful… please stop…
please,” begged Ginny, her face awash with stinging
tears, “I don’t want to… please!”

Don’t want to, my ass! She’s just like all the rest,
thought Marty, in a couple of minutes she’ll be begging
me for it!

He knew he was good with his tongue — enough women had
told him so, and he knew this snotty little bitch was
no different from the others. His eyes squinted with
wanton anticipation as he thought of his aching prick
pounding into this ripe young bitch’s pussy, filling
her sex-starved, empty belly with his hot, scalding
sperm… reaming her tight little hole like she’d never
had it before…

Furrowing his nose into the moist juiciness of her
pussy-hole, Marty fastened his teeth ever so gently on
her tiny sensitive clitoris. He knew he’d found it when
her whole naked buttocks suddenly quivered violently,
sending a ripple of lewd, sinful pleasure shivering
along her spine. Ginny felt her small pink nipples
suddenly grow hard, poking painfully into the rough
fabric of the sofa cushion beneath her breasts.

Oh, my God, what’s happening to me… What kind of an
animal is he making me? I’m no better than this filthy
beast! I can’t help myself! I can’t stop this awful
burning that’s raging inside me!

Marty teasingly rolled the tiny bud of her throbbing
clitoris between his partially clenched teeth, feeling
the little nub harden and swell as he tauntingly
nibbled at it, licking it roughly with his tongue as
Ginny squirmed to escape the agonizing assault on her
naked loins. She tried vainly to clench her firm
buttock’s cheeks together, hoping she could shut off
his salacious attack, but he held her fleshy half-moons
tightly in his grip, and his fingers bit into her flesh
painfully when she tried to pull away, leaving bright
red welts between his digits that criss-crossed her
ivory buttocks.

Ginny’s eyes were tightly shut, still the tears
streamed like rain down her cheeks. Oh, Fred I need you
so much! Oh, God, how I wish you were here, Fred! You’d
get me out of this! You’d know how to handle this evil

But as those very thoughts raced across her tortured
mind, Ginny began to be shatteringly aware of a new
sensation of lewd burning desire ravaging her insides –
– a raging-hot flame that seemed to roar from her
ravished loins into her belly — a flame fanned with
seven long months without a man — a flame she’d tried
so hard, so very, very hard to suppress.

Oh, no, please God! Don’t let this awful thing happen
to me!

Marty chuckled to himself as her naked hips began to
slowly and involuntarily grind in a quiet, steady
rhythm, making tiny concentric circles as he nibbled
voraciously on her throbbing clitoris.

“Oooooooohh… please… pleeessseee!” she moaned, her
mouth half-open, her eyes still tightly shut. The tears
had ceased to stream down her reddened cheeks, and her
head was tossed back, her auburn hair trailing over her
bare shoulders and onto her back. “Please stop! I can’t
stand it! I can’t stand it!”

I’ll bet this is the first time she’s ever been eaten,
laughed Marty. Well, I’ll have to do a real good job!

Pleased with himself, he stepped up the pace of his
hungry ravishment of her treasured crevice, his tongue
alternating between the pulsing nub of her clitoris and
the sensitive, fleshy flanges of her burning young
pussy. He had a tight grip on her, holding her firmly
in place, and he could feel her naked body shivering
spasmodically as her hips ground faster and faster back
against his swirling tongue.

Ginny’s quivering, naked ass ground harder and faster
as she shoved her hips back to meet his tongue’s
delicious probing; though she fought it with every
particle of resistance her reeling brain could muster,
she knew she was rapidly losing control.

“Oh, damn… it feels so good! Oh, I can’t take any
more! Please!” she choked, rivulets of perspiration
running down her spine and draining down the widespread
furrow of her buttocks.

Marty knew he had her right where he wanted her; she
was his to do with as he pleased — nothing could stop
him now.

With one last electrifying nibble, he released his
tormenting grip on her lust-swollen clitoris, and
raised his head to look over his helpless captive one
more time. Her whole body continued to shiver, her hips
grinding in their same, steady rhythm, and a low
mournful gasp slipped from her throat.

“Ooohhh, please… don’t stop,” she moaned
unconsciously. “Don’t stop now! I was almost there!”

His face smeared with a leering grin, Marty brought his
ominous shaft up into position, poised at the fleshy
entrance to her hot, moist passage, the blood-filled
knob brushing the pink softness of her hair-lined
vaginal flanges just slightly.

Ginny’s whirling mind suddenly snapped back to a
fleeting jolt of frightening reality, and she realized
only too well how close she was to consciously giving
herself to this man. “No! Not that… I won’t let you!
I won’t!” she screamed.

Heedless of her tortured pleas, Marty buried his thick,
hardened prick to its hairy base in the warm wetness of
her pussy-tunnel, ramming it to the hilt with one snap
of his hips. The soft pink walls rippled aside in waves
of delicious ecstasy as his thick shaft filled her
young passage completely, spreading her fleshy vaginal
lips wide as he rammed his eager cock deep into her

“Ooowwww!!” she moaned, her tender passage on fire as
his huge cudgel pierced her painfully, impaling her
agonizingly on his heavy spear. “Oh, please… Please!”

Her cries were like fuel for the fire that Marty could
feel in his own loins, and he slammed his bulky cock
into her narrow, constrictive passage again and again.

Christ, what a tight little pussy! I’d swear she was
cherry if she hadn’t been married! Oh, baby, you’re too
much… Too much!

With both hands, he reached around her soft thighs and
grabbed her bare legs, lifting her slightly for an even
better angle. He heard her gasp for breath as his hard
prick drove even deeper into the innocent depths of her
young, quivering belly; he could tell he was in virgin
territory, and it made him feel good to know her old
man was less endowed, unable to find just the right
spot way down in the bottom of her tight young pussy to
drive her out of her mind. She was undeniably his now,
and he aimed to give her a fucking she’d never forget!

“Come on, baby, back up on it! Suck it up in there real
nice!” he shouted.

His words made the forbidden, lascivious excitement
seem even more intense, and she found herself grinding
back harder and harder onto his thick impaling shaft,
rocking her naked hips from side to side as his cock
burrowed deeper and deeper in her defenseless womb.
Every inward thrust brought new ripples of wicked
desire coursing through her ravaged body. Her breasts
were crushed nearly flat beneath her, but her smooth
rounded buttocks still waved high in the air, grinding
upward to meet his plundering lunges with slow,
delicious movements of her own.

His swollen, throbbing prick felt like a baseball bat
shoved up inside her stretched, tender passage, but
there was no longer any searing pain — just
overwhelming waves of undiluted animal passion that
swept over her in a warm surging tide.

Marty reached under her flat, sweat-soaked pelvis, and
lifted her higher, slamming his stiff, aching penis
deeper and deeper in the forbidden sanctuary of her
tight, lust-moistened channel. His fleshy spear slipped
in and out of her clasping sheath easily, well
lubricated with her thermal juices that seeped from her
puckered pussy-lips and trickled down her smooth,
supple thighs.

He rocked his hips back, pulling his stiff member from
her clutching tunnel until only the bulbous tip
remained between her taut, stretched pussy-lips. Like a
hungry, greedy mouth, her moist fleshy lips held the
swelled knob of his cock tightly inside the warm
shelter of her moist, cuntal passage, reluctantly
allowing the glistening shaft of his long, thick penis
to slide from their voracious grip. There could be no
doubt about it now — she was his, and only seconds
away from complete and lascivious abandonment.

“Oh god, don’t stop! Don’t stop! That’s it, harder!

Marty knew the end was close, and with every ounce of
strength left in his body, he pounded violently into
her young, eager pussy, gritting his teeth and tightly
clenching the muscles of his buttocks in a desperate
effort to hold back the seething flood filling his
balls so painfully he thought they’d explode.

Just one more deep, grinding thrust… one more!

“Oh, damn… I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Don’t stop!
Don’t stop! Aaaaaagggghhhhh! Oooohhh…” she chanted
unconsciously below him.

Marty slammed his hairy, sweat-drenched pelvis against
her wildly grinding buttocks, burying his throbbing
prick right up to the hilt in the wet, juicy furrow of
her greedily clasping cunt, and with a loud, gasping
cry of relief, felt his hot, surging sperm course along
the length of his painfully swollen cock and explode in
a torrent of hot, sticky liquid far up into her belly,
filling her young, hungry hole for the first time in
seven long, agonizing months.

Ginny felt her muscles loosen from her toes right up to
her head, as the surging throes of her climax ran their
devastating course, her ravished passage hungrily
gulping up every precious drop of the man’s life-giving
load as it pumped into her in spurt after spurt of hot,
searing ecstasy.

He released his grip on her thighs, dropping her back
onto the sofa, and she fell forward, collapsing in a
heaving, gasping heap across the tattered cushions.

Marty’s rapidly deflating prick slipped from her taut,
juice-soaked sheath with a lewd sucking sound as she
fell forward, leaving behind a trail of sticky white
semen that dangled for a moment from the end of his
rubbery knob, hanging lifelessly between his bulky,
hair-covered thighs, then dripped onto the sofa in a
tiny wet puddle.

He reached for his under shorts, and wiped his limp
prick clean with them, blotting up the lurid mixture of
his own sperm and Ginny’s love-juices from his
dangling, leathery balls and tossing the soiled
undergarment aside.

“Baby, the job’s yours if you want it,” he said after a
long pause. “I’ll see to that.”

Ginny pulled herself up from the sofa, and collected
her clothes from the floor where they’d fallen, moving
slowly and gingerly to ease the throbbing pain between
her legs.

Oh, God, what have I done! What has happened to me!?
Have I turned into some sort of tramp? Oh, how will I
ever tell Fred about this? I’ll die first! I’ll die!