Co-Workers Ex Wife

I was stationed in a Navy Band in the North East. For the most part, my social life was not that interesting. I went to work, went home, and that was about it. Band members did get together for parties, and I enjoyed them.

One Halloween, I got a phone call asking me if I was going to attend a party. I didn’t have a costume, and I had already settled in for a night at home. I decided to go, and put on my pajamas and robe and was going to go as someone who just woke up. I grabbed a toothbrush, and put in my pocket. Then I thought that I always wake up with a hard on. I took the bell of my clarinet and slipped it in my fly. With my robe covering the clarinet bell, it looked like a had a hard on.

One of the older band members had a very sexy wife. She was wearing a very low cut shirt, revealing most of her creamy large breasts. We had always gravitated towards each other at these functions, and that night was no different. I found myself staring at her tits most of the night. There was at least a twelve year difference in our ages.

When the party wrapped up, she grabbed my clarinet bell, like she would a hard cock, and gave me a little kiss on the cheek, saying that she hoped she would see me soon.

I transfered from that band two years later. We really didn’t see much of each other from that point on, maybe a wave or two from the audience to the bandstand. About a year after my transfer, I came back for a quick visit while on summer leave. I went to the band room to see my old friends, and the woman’s husband told me that they were separated. Then he told me that she had been sick, and that I he thought that she would enjoy a visit from me.

I went to her house, and no one was home. There was a large event in town that weekend, and I had a thought that she might be there. Five minutes after I got to the event, she walked through the gate, spotted me, wrapped her arms around me and we made out for at least fifteen minutes. My cock was throbbing.

We decided to go back to her place. She slowly took off her top. She had on a lacy maroon bra, that pushed her breasts up and together. She took her pants off, revealing matching panties. We kissed some more, and then I laid her down on the floor.

Slipping my hands under her ass I took her panties off. My hands massaged her beautiful ass, while I kissesd her stomach. Her aroma was intoxicating. Soon my tongue was parting her pouting pussy lips. She was grinding her pussy against my face. I kept pulling her closer to me, drawing her clit in my mouth, circling my tongue around, alternating directions, from clockwise to counter clockwise. I could feel her body tensing, and she began to shake like a fish out of water. She said she had a series of multiple orgasms that rocked her body.

We lay on the floor, and after a brief rest she took off my pants, and stared at my hard cock. She stroked it slowly, all the time looking me in the eyes. She cupped my balls in one hand, and began to lick my swollen cock head. Her soft hands, coupled with her velvet tongue had me close to the edge. We shifted positions a bit, and we were still on the floor, near a baby grand piano.

I was on my knees, straddling her hot body. She asked to stroke my cock. After giving myself a few strokes, she took over the job. In a few seconds, I came with a torrent, my cum shooting al lover her lovely tits. She
massaged my warm cum over her tits, all the time telling me how much she loved my big cock, and that she hoped we could get together again in the near future. She then noticed some of my cum was dripping down one of the piano legs. She took her tongue, and starting near the bottom of the piano leg, she slowly licked my cum off of the piano leg in one slow long stroke, then held it her mouth for a bit before she swallowed.

We never did get to be together again, to this day, some twenty five years later, she is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever been with.