Co-workers wrong advice

Many years ago I was at lunch one day talking to a co-worker about my wedding that was coming up.He was married and a bit older and felt it was necessary to give me his advice.”Don’t let it be the first pussy you put your dick into”he said”try a few of them out before you decide”.

Later that day I was driving home and started thinking about all those that already had my dick before my fiancee Deb,C .I started to count them by names in my head before I lost track , I had to stop and write them down. there was …














Lou Anne




“Holy shit ” said to my self as I added up just how many girls I had sex with .In the last 5 years,there was 17 girls, on the average was 4 a year . Then I laughed thinking about my co-workers advise, I guess I am ready to settle down.

It all started after Bernie took my virginity, I found a new interest in chasing that pussy. Getting a blow job,eating pussy and fucking was the only thing on my mind. Hot cars were my first love and still was but it seemed hot cars also brought hot chicks. I sold my impala and bought a dodge charger and the babes flocked to ride in it.Some liked riding down the road ,where others liked riding me in the back seat.

It started with the clerk at the pharmacy, Kathy was the older sister of my x girl friend Jen. I went in one night to buy condoms when she was just closing .She agreed to sell me some condoms with only one request.She locked the door and took me out back told me she wanted to see it.Heck at 18 I would show it to any girl that wanted to see it. After that the word got around that I was hung and before I knew it girls of all ages wanted to see it.

After that Kathy would always smile when she would sell them to me,eventually using them with me.It seemed I would go in buy three and always come out with two.I didn’t mind because she was pretty cute and older.She was known to be an easy lay but a piece of ass is a piece of ass what can I say.

Maybe it was because I lived in a small town where girls out numbered boys.During those years there were some girls that wouldn’t let me fuck them,but suggested some one that would .I had a lot of one night stands,but they were fun any ways.

Now my fiancee Deb was pretty average in bed ,but did seems eager to learn.So I was pretty sure I could teach her a few things. But now thinking about the girls I have had it did start to make me wonder. Did I really want to settle for just one woman.I was only 23 now would I still want her when I am 33.Even now I wish I could have some of my old girl friends back to fuck.

Brenda was one that crossed my mind quite often. Although we never fucked she did give me several great blow jobs .She was a beautiful girl, long blonde hair , thin waist and a set of jugs that were out of this world. Her nipples stood out about a half an inch and she loved to have them sucked on.I never ate her pussy but she did let me finger fucker quite often.I had to break it off after her older sister Joan banged me in the back seat one night.

Bonnie was another girl I spent several months in bed with , she also was a looker . Tall, skinny,not much of a body but she liked being on top and riding my cock .She was very aggressive and liked to be fucked any where,any time. We would often take walks in the forest where she would strip and get me nude as well.If we weren’t fucking then she was sucking. if we were not fucking or sucking then she would be grabbing at me trying too.

She definitely was a nympho, sex was always on her mind , it was just luck I never knocked her up. I might have stayed with her longer but one morning we were talking after sex and discovered we were actually cousins. It seems that my grandmother’s ,sister’s, daughter was her mom .After thinking about it more we realized we had actually met many years ago. Well at least we had a lot of fun and agreed maybe we could do it again some day.

Toni was a beautiful blonde I met in a bar one night, very friendly and she danced my ass off. We closed the bar that night,grabbed a 6 pack and watched the sun rise, naked on the beach. She was 20 and engaged ,I was going to be her last hurrah before she settled down.I still think about that morning when I looked into those green eyes .Just how she smiled at me with my dick deep inside her. She said if she had only met me sooner ,as she fucked me with a lot more passion. We parted later vowing to see each other again some day,and we did.

I was at my cousins wedding a few weeks later when he introduced me to his new wife….Toni. She had a big smile on her face before she hugged me “oop’s “she said as I congratulated them both . We talked again later when we danced vowing never to tell any one about that night.

It was at that wedding where she introduced me to Mary, her bride’s maid. Mary was another great fuck,when she asked me to take her home after the reception we never made it. She pulled my cock out of my pants and gave me a blow job as I was driving.When she swallowed my cum ,she sat up suggesting we get a room .Of course we did and we fucked like rabbits the rest of the night. Mary had one of the wettest pussy I have had my cock in . She was pretty wild in bed and we fucked in every position possible.Being a few years older she was quite experienced. Unfortunately she had come up for Toni’s wedding and had a husband two states away .She was one girl I will never forget , I never met another girl that was better in bed.

There was Lou Anne I met at work,a native american who was 5 years older and really hot.She had long black hair,black eyes and a tiny body.For weeks we would sneak away and have sex in the ware house after work. She was married but said she loved the way I filled her better than her husband.She told me even after I got married we could still fuck around.

Deb was waiting for me to come home I said to my self just before the memory of Heather came to mind.What the hell am I doing getting married I thought.Heather was just 17 and I was 19 when we first started hanging out . Her parents were not to happy when they found us making out in the horse barn.We would sneak around all that summer exploring each other’s body.She was a hot looking girl ,small titties and blonde hair ,even her pubic hair was blonde.

She rode her horses all over the farm at a very young age which gave her that wide space between her thighs. She fell in love with me from the first orgasm I gave her using my tongue.

I must have eaten her out ten times before she ever seen my cock, I had to jerk off every night thinking about her. When she finally got up the courage of taking my cock in her hand she declined sucking me off.She jerked me off for a few more times before she dared to suck me . We had oral sex for quite a while after that . A day after her 17th birth day her parents finally decided to let me take her on a date.

I can still remember the look on her face when I first slid my cock in her tight pussy . I felt bad watching the tears run from her eyes.I was going to stop but she told me to keep fucking her. Thankfully she lost her cherry many years ago riding horses so she was just crying from my size.We spent many nights at the drive inn never seeing the movie, she adjusted well to my size well.She was also a smart girl though making me use a condom every time.

Heather was another girl I wouldn’t mind having as my wife but when she went off to college she grew up .When she came home one time she found out about Kathy and I ,and we both agreed to break up. I wished her luck and assured her I would be there if she ever wanted me back.

I put the pen down and started my car Deb wanted me to have dinner tonight . I had to hurry up and get cleaned before going to her house.I was still thinking to my self ,what the fuck was I doing going to marry her.

Sure she was pretty and had big breasts but she was a lousy fuck . She was tight but pretty much just laid there letting me fuck her with little reaction .Her big breasts would flop to the side when she was on her back and just about beat me to death if she was on top.

As I showered and shaved I decided that tonight I was going to call off the wedding. I also thought about how I had fucked her friend Cindy. It was several weeks ago but thought better on not telling her about that.

Cindy was a much nicer girl to be around she had the sweetest personality .She also had a nice body, long brown hair and brown eyes. Her smile melted my heart from the first time I seen her and she felt the same way about me.

It happened one night when I took her home from seeing Deb.We stopped for ice cream when we realized we both like each other. We went parking and ended up in the back seat fucking our brains out.She claimed I was the best she has ever had , I had to admit she was pretty good her self.

Later though we both agreed we shouldn’t have had intercourse. But it was hard not to think about how we felt about each other. She even told me that if Deb and I were to break up she would have me. I remember that last warm kiss she gave me and how tight she held her body against me. So tonight I was going to end it with Deb, my mind was made up, or so I thought.

I finally made it to Debs house and picked her up taking her to dinner,she seemed quiet and reserved. Did she sense that I was breaking up with her or did she find out about Cindy and I.At dinner she reached in her purse and handed me a card,”You know we have been dating for three month’s” she said watching me open the card.

It was a fathers day card, I was floored when I looked up at her, she said “I am pregnant”. My single life was now over, not only do I have to get married but I an going to be a dad.Deb seemed really happy , I had to act like I was and Cindy was in tears when she found out.

Such is life I guess but that co-worker sure was wrong his advice should have been use a condom.

We were married Dec 23,but divorced 4 yrs later.

I then had Cindy for many years before she was taken from me in a car crash. I still miss Cindy and there will never be another one that would have my heart like she did.