Husband visits wife at work

I had been sitting around the house for hours and was so very bored. I had the day off, but I had nothing to do. My wife was supposed to get the day off, but she had to work last minute. I am not great at binge watching shows, so I was limited on what I had to fill my time. It was getting on lunch time so I figured that I would go get something to eat.

I decided on a fast food joint and I went ahead and sat down and ate. I figured it would be nice to get my wife something and take it to her at work so after I got done, I went back up and ordered her favorite. When the order was up, I went ahead and started driving to the tanning salon where she worked.

When I got there the parking lot was all but empty. There were a few stores in the shopping complex, but it did not seem like any of the cars were there for the tanning salon except for my wife’s. I walked up and the place looked all but closed except for the lights on inside. I did not see her behind the counter.

As I walked in, I smelled the incents that they always had, and you could hear the relaxing music. I did not see anyone, but I decided to go find her instead of calling out. I figured that would be better just in case there was anyone in the salon.

I put the food on the counter and kept on walking down the halls. There were stalls on the left and the right and all the doors were open. I looked in each one and it was the same set up. The bed was open and blue lights came out from it. There was a stool at the head of the bed with two large towels and a small towel on it. There was a plant at the other corner of the room and other than that it was empty.

There was 10 rooms and I was approaching the 9th and had not seen anyone yet or even heard anything. As I turned the corner, I saw my wife bent over cleaning the bed with a rag and some type of cleaner. Her hair was up in a tight ponytail. She was wearing a tight red and black sleeveless top that showed just a sliver of skin before leading you down to her leggings. They were also red and black, and they were the ones that were mostly black but the red portion formed the shape of a heart around her tight little ass. The black and red leggings hugged her toned legs showing off all that time she spends in the gym. And to top it off she was wearing some clean red and black shoes to make her look like a spokesperson for the toned and sexy.

I do not think that she had heard me as I walked around the corner. She was wiping the bed from side to side making her ass waggle back and forth. I watched it closely as I walked up to her. I slapped her ass and squeezed it firmly as I ran my other hand up her back holding her down onto the bed.

She let out a little gasp as she arched her back. I felt her hips move so I slid my hand between her legs to feel her warmth. As soon as my hands started to go in that direction, she widened her stance so that I could get in without resistance. I worked my fingers around in a circle finding her pussy lips threw her leggings. I could feel that they were spreading apart with every gyration on my hand. At last her pussy was open against the tiny bit of fabric between us. I found her little clit and ran tight circles on it as she was finding a rhythm to push pressure down on my hand.

She was starting to breath deep letting me know that I was doing everything that she liked. My other hands now had made its way up to where I had a firm grip on the back of her neck.

Maybe a minute had passed, and I could feel my cock bouncing around in my shorts. At this point she was letting me push her down into the bed hard by her neck, and my fingers were soaked from her pussy’s juices.

I released my grip on her neck and walked behind her. I wrapped my fingers around the waistband of her leggings and jerked down hard. They came just far enough for us to move to what we wanted. She let out a breath as her leggings went down around her quads.

I leaned back and watched myself slide my cock up and down her soaked pussy. After I was glistening with her nectar, I lined up the head of my cock with her soaking wet entrance and pushed my hips slowly but unapologetically forward until I was pushing her whole body into the back of the tanning bed.

“MMMMMMmmmmmmmm” I let out as I wrapped my hands firmly around her hips.

“Oooohhhhhhhhh.” She breathed as I started to get a rhythm going.

Her pussy was so tight and so wet. If there was such a thing as a perfect pussy, I was deep inside of it in that tanning salon. I was pulling her back as I was thrusting forward and you could hear wet noises coming from her overflowing pussy. She started pushing back into me.

It wasn’t very long at all before she started to breath deeper and deeper. I pushed her lower back down further and started pushing pressure on her tight little ass hole with my other hand’s thumb.

“Oh god!” she released a cry letting me know that she had begun her trip to the mountain top.

I watched my cock slide in and out with her juices all over me. As I was pulling out with my cock I was pushing pressure in with my thumb. She was moving her hips in a way that she was fucking back on my cock and my thumb, one to the other.

“Oh God!” she let out again.

I slapped her ass and squeezed pulling her ass cheek apart so that I could get a little deeper. I slapped her ass again letting the slapping noise echo threw the entire building.

“Oh Shit. Again!” She said with an almost begging tone.

Slap! I hit her now red ass cheek once more as I was fucking this woman hard enough that I felt I may have to apologize for later. I was thrusting, no throwing myself into her. You could feel our bones impacting with each other as if we had tenderized the skin and muscle that used to be between them.

“Again.” She said in the same begging tone.

SLAP!!!!!! You hear ring threw the building as my hand impacted with her hot red skin. You could feel the heat coming off her red ass cheek now.

“Fuuuuuuck!” Came out of her mouth as if it was unintentional and being pushed out with her breath rather than spoken.

I felt no need to have her keep asking for it so I slapped her again.

And again

“oh fuck.”

And again

“Oh Fuck.”

And again, harder

“OH Fuck!”

And again, harder than ever.

“Oh FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed loud enough that people outside the building may have heard. Her hips were grinding and twisting back and forth on their own. I held on firmly and just continued fucking her as hard as I could. Whimper after whimper she let out in a shaky voice as she came wave after wave all over me. I could feel her filling her pussy. There was so much that it was escaping out around my cock.

I came to the point of no return and fucked her violently as long as I could before I pulled out. I gripped the base of my throbbing cock and aimed myself right at her cherry red ass cheek. Load after load hit her bright red ass. Most of it staying on but some actually deflected off because of the pressure that it was leaving my body. 5, 6, 7 blasts and I was empty. My knees were weak, and my head was light.

Since we had just had very loveless sex (which was odd for us as a couple) I decided to continue the experience and not ruin it by trying to now have some meaningless conversation. So uncharacteristic of myself I decided to be bold.

SLAP!!! I impacted with the same spot. She arched her back and sucked in a big breath threw her teeth. I pulled my shorts up and walked out. Passing all the empty booths and entering the reception area I was silently thanking god that there was no one here. Her food had filled the room with a nice new smell. I walked out the door and heard the jingle of the bell letting her know the door had been opened.

As I got back to the car and was driving home I was just tickled with myself and us as a couple. After a few years we still got it. Having soft vanilla sex is our usual but it was nice to have a rough fuck from time to time. Hell, this felt like a one-night stand almost. I had never had one, but I assume that is what all the hype is about. She was so fucking hot and submissive. Neither one of us said anything at all to each other. She never even looked back………..

She never even looked back to see if it was me…