Coach gets seduced by athlete’s mom

In only his second year of teaching at the high school,
the young teacher took over as head baseball coach. He
loved his job and would never do anything to endanger
that position.

“May I come in?” she asked in a soft sexy voice. Without
waiting for a reply, the attractive black woman strutted
by the young teacher and walked slowly towards the bed.
The soft flowing movement of her well-formed ass
captured his attention and he felt the sensation of a
growing hard-on.

He quickly dismissed any erotic thoughts because he was
the baseball coach and she was the mother of one of his
players. Teachers aren’t supposed to have lustful
thoughts for students or their parents. She stopped near
the foot of the bed, then turned to face him. “I’m
Laurel Johnson!”

They were on an overnight game trip. Mrs. Johnson was
one of the three chaperoning parents.

His eyes looked down at the black skin tight leggings
that adhered to her shapely muscular legs, then up to a
white blouse that wrapped snugly around her oversized
bosom. It was now impossible to control the growth of
his cock as it bulged inside his trousers.

“I know who you are, Mrs. Johnson.”

“I want my son on your team,” she said, “and I’m willing
to do anything.”

Tyrone Johnson was a mediocre ballplayer at best. There
was no way he could ever make the team. His mother, the
sexy woman with the big tits and softly rounded ass,
obviously thought otherwise as she moved towards the
young teacher coach.

“I don’t know,” he backed up with his eyes fixed on her
bulging chest and his prick bulging beneath his
trousers. As she edged closer he began to perspire.

“You do know, Mr. Graves,” she smiled seductively while
un-buttoning her blouse. He started to panic. The job he
loved was in jeopardy because he knew he wouldn’t be
able to resist this very tempting woman.

“Mrs. Johnson! I can’t! I mean… what if someone finds

“Nonsense!” she said with her bright black eyes gazing
at him and her long slender fingers undoing the buttons
one by one until she had her blouse completely open. He
stared at her enormous breasts barely held up by her
flimsy bra. “We can and we will Mr. Graves!”

“But I’m… and… and you’re,” he tried to back up but
the bed blocked his way.

“What, Mr. Graves? Am I too old for you?” she asked
seductively. “You don’t like black women? Are you gay?”
she asked in a soft sexy whisper.

“What is it, baby?”

“N-n-no! It’s not that!” he said as he watched her
blouse sliding off her shoulders, then saw her toss it
onto the chair. Seconds later, her white bra joined the
white blouse, revealing her beautiful black breasts with
their big hard nipples.

“Is it my breasts?” she asked while using her hands to
squeeze her tits together. “Don’t you like my big tits?”

“Oh, no! They’re … they’re beautiful!” he said because
they were, and he wanted them inside his hands and
inside his mouth.

“Then sit down, Mr. Graves?” she said, pushing him back
onto the bed. Before he could say anything, she was
pulling his face to her bosom. “I just love it when
someone sucks on my tits. C’mon, Mr. Graves! Don’tcha
wanna suck on my big tits?”

There was no way the young teacher could resist what
this beautiful woman was offering. Before he knew it, he
was sucking on one tit and playing with the other,
kneading the soft pushy flesh with his fingers, licking
a hard nipple with his tongue.

Suddenly, she lifted his face from her chest and looked
down at him with a burning lust in her eyes. “Kiss me,
baby! Get up and kiss my moist hot lips!”

With the security of his job long forgotten, he jumped
up off the bed and grasped the woman’s waist, handling
her with a hungry passion as their lips met with their
mouths opened wide. The moistness of her soft velvety
lips inspired his tongue to surge forward into her
hungry mouth.

The obsessed woman’s kisses were blazing and filled with
an incredible amount of passion. It was apparent, Mrs.
Johnson was no longer interested in securing a place on
the team for her son. It had escalated well beyond that.
The beautiful black woman wanted his white cock inside
her beautiful black body.

As their tongues danced a frenzied dance inside each
other’s mouth, the excitement level was growing higher
with each passionate moment. Her hands were all over his
body as her hips moved aggressively from side to side,
rubbing her body fiercely against his enlarged cock.
Suddenly, her lips broke away from his. “Undress me Mr.
Graves!” she pleaded. “Hurry, baby! Take my clothes

Without hesitation, he grasped the waist band of her
leggings and tugged them around her big soft ass. A
slight push of her body and she was on her back. As she
lay with her arms back behind her head he hurriedly
removed her pants.

As the young teacher undressed, he stared down at her
naked brown body with her legs opened wide and her
fingers nestled between them playing with her pussy. Her
cocoa brown complexion, accented by a small patch of
black pubic hair, and her well-developed body, made his
cock throb with anticipation. She returned his stare
with a lustful one of her own.

“Eat my pussy, Mr. Graves” she implored. “Make my pussy
come with your tongue,” she begged, and he quickly did
what she asked, burying his face between the soft skin
of her chocolate thighs, ferociously lapping her
beautiful legs, wildly licking her pubic hair,
aggressively licking her cunt lips, until finally, his
mouth found her very aroused clitoris and she groaned in

“Aghhhhhhhhh, Mr. Gravessssssss!”

“Mmm, mmm, mmm,” Mr. Graves moaned and licked, moaned
and sucked, totally enjoying the excited bud of a black
woman, one that tasted the same as the passion flower of
her highly aroused white counterpart.

“Oh God!” she cried out. “It’s wonderful! It’s
absolutely fucking wonderful!” Mrs. Johnson groaned as
her lower body lifted to his face.

“Finger me, baby!” she demanded. “Finger-fuck my hot
pussy! Drive me insane, baby! Drive me insane!”

With his darting tongue still tickling her swollen bud,
he quickly plunged four of his fingers into her
throbbing vagina. “Is this what you want?” he asked
while rotating and twisting and turning his hand inside
her mushy cunt, taking the woman to the level of
insanity she requested.

“Aghhhhh, ohhhhhhh!” she sighed with her ass lifted off
the mattress and her lower body moving wildly to his
face and fingers. “Yes, yes! Don’t stop! Yes! Yes! Keep
doing… oh, God! Ohhhh, Gowd!”

He lifted his face, but his fingers remained deep inside
her pussy as her body began to tremble around them. When
he looked up at her face, her eyes were closed and she
was biting her full lower lip. Mrs. Johnson was coming!

As the man watched, she tensed her body, then jerked it
several times.

“Ohh, aghhh!” she groaned, then pushed up, then fell
down, then pushed again and jerked again. “Ohhhhh!” she
moaned, then fell back down in silence. She had indeed

As she lay with her arms back behind her head, Mrs.
Johnson’s body was shaking uncontrollably as she lifted
her head to look at him. “That… that was really n-n-
nice, Mr. Graves!” she said, “but, is Tyrone on your

“Your son is not very talented. I don’t know if…”

“Bullshit!” she said while quickly sitting up, his
hardened prick staring her right in the face. “I told
you I want him on the fucking team!” she said while
grasping his cock with her long fingers. “Obviously you
didn’t understand me.”

“No, lady! It’s YOU who doesn’t understand,” he said,
trying to explain his position on selecting ballplayers.
Mrs. Johnson however, wasn’t paying attention. She
didn’t hear a fucking word he said.

“Did you know I love sucking cock?”


“I said I love sucking cock. Would you like me to suck
yours?” “This is crazy! There’s no way… aghhhhh!

Mr. Graves knew he shouldn’t have let this sex crazed
woman into his room. Nor should he have eaten her pussy,
her sweet delicious pussy. And Lord knows, he shouldn’t
have let her take his cock into her mouth. But, he did,
didn’t he?

And now, guess what Mrs. Laurel Johnson is doing to Mr.
Graves? The beautiful black woman with the awesome body
is sucking him off with the most aggression he’d ever
seen a woman have.

With her fingernails digging deeply into his ass cheeks,
her tongue is swirling around his hard knob while her
velvety full lips are sliding up and down his long hard

Mr. Graves knew he shouldn’t have come into her mouth,
but guess what? He couldn’t help it!

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned as his load of sperm moved from his
balls, through his cock and into her mouth. “Mmmmmm,”
she continued moaning while licking every bit of come.
“I just love the taste of a man’s sperm,” she said,
smiling up at him.

“I can’t believe I let you do this,” he said, falling
exhausted onto the bed. “What did I do?”

“Young man! You didn’t do anything yet!” he heard her
say, then felt her body as she climbed on top of him
with her damp pubic hair pressing against his flaccid

He lifted his head and stared at the well-built woman.
“Now what are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing, silly?” she said
laughing. “I’m going to fuck you,” she replied as she
leaned forward, pressing her huge tits against his chest
and her eager pussy lips against his growing cock. He
looked up at her eyes. They were filled with lust; they
were filled with determination.

“But, I don’t want you to fuck me! I can’t let you to
fuck me!” he tried getting up, but she pushed him back.

Suddenly, she was holding his arms and lowering her body
onto his stiff cock.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” she said as his prick moved into
her cunt. “There’s nothing you want more than fucking
this horny black bitch.”

“Oh, Christ!” he said as her cunt walls engulfed his
dick and she started moving up and down, fucking him as
promised. “I… don’t… ohh, God!”

“But you do, silly. You know you do!” Mrs. Johnson said
as she moved faster and faster with her thighs clinging
to his legs and her tits bouncing wildly against his

She was right! How could Mr. Graves not like what she
was doing? This was by far the hottest woman he’d ever
known and she was fucking him with the most passion he’d
ever known. He’d have to be a schumck not to want this
very passionate women.

“Screw my fucking job!” he yelled out.

With one of his hands grabbing her ass and the other
grasping the back of her head, he flipped her onto her
back, totally catching Laurel Johnson by surprise.

“Hey, baby! What are you doing?”

Suddenly, Mr. Graves was the aggressor. Suddenly, he was
the one who was forcing himself on the athlete’s mother.

“I’m fucking you bitch! Whatta you think I’m doing!” he
said as his hands grasped her legs behind the knees and
pushed them back and wide open.

To his surprise, Mrs. Johnson loved the change of roles
and the way he was talking to her.

“Then, give it to me, white man!” she cried out. “Fuck
my horny black cunt! Make me come with your big white
cock inside me!” she yelled. “Fuck the horny black

“Like this, baby?” he said as he leaned forward with his
cock splitting her cunt lips.

“Yeah, baby! Fuck me!” she said as her solid brown legs
squeezed his waist and her hot cunt squeezed his cock.
“Fuck the living crap outta me!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” he cried out while humping his body
back and forth, giving Mrs. Johnson the fuck she
desperately wanted.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” she yelled, giving him the fuck he
desperately needed. Then, in the midst of their intense
passion, the athlete’s mother also needed something

“Is … is my son on … on the team?” she asked with
her exploding body literally bouncing on the bed. “Is he
on the fucking team?”

“Your son can be the coach of the fucking team! I don’t
care! I’m coming inside your fucking horny cunt!”

“I’m coming too! God, I’m coming too!”

She tensed her body, her belly twitched and she tensed
again. Each jerk forward brought a grunt followed by a
loud moan. At the exact same instant, his cock literally
exploded inside her cunt, releasing every bit of come
his balls contained.

Despite his better judgment, Mr. Graves had indeed
fucked the athlete’s mother.

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