Colette In The Men’s Toilet

Colette had no doubt that her husband Jacinto, loved her very dearly. She nevertheless knew that, in spite of his love, he liked to see her being abused and degraded. This being the case, she was understanding when her husband told her that he had arranged for her to be abused by two men that he’d met up with – something that they had done on previous occasions, but as Colette was to soon find out, never anything like what was about to take place.
The meeting was set up for that very night, and when the time came, Colette had showered and taken especial care with her make up and her dress, and was worked up to a state of extreme sexual excitement although it must be admitted that this excitement was just a little tempered by a feeling of apprehension.

They drove the short distance to where the meeting had been arranged for, both Colette and her husband keeping their thoughts to themselves.
Jacinto pulled the car to the side of the road and parked quite near to an old, slightly derelict looking toilet block.
Colette glanced around nervously. the area seemed to be deserted at that time of night.
They’d waited just a minute or two when they were illuminated by the headlights of a car slowly cruising up behind them.
Colette dared not look around and her heart began pounding when she realised that the car was parking directly behind them. The headlights went off and all was quiet.
The sound of the car door opening and closing was clear in the quiet night, then Jacinto began to wind down the window as they heard the crunch of approaching footsteps.

“Hi, you had no difficulty getting the slut here,” Colette heard the man address her husband, and peer gloatingly at her.
“No, she’s ready for it,” Jacinto replied in a voice which Colette could tell was full of lustful excitement.
Jacinto got out of the car and in seconds he, and the two men were opening the car door on Colette’s side.
“Get out you fucking, dirty whore,” the unknown man sneered, but Colette found that she had no choice in the matter as a handful of her hair was grabbed up in the man’s fist and she was half dragged out of the car.
Colette stumbled across the road with the two men and her husband as she was half dragged by her hair and continually pushed and shoved.

They entered the men’s toilet block and Colette was immediately struck by the general filth of the place. It stunk of stale urine and she saw why as her eyes noticed the trough at the base of the urinal, seemingly blocked up and literally overflowing with a revolting sight of yellow piss with a thin scum and occasional white, frothy deposits floating over the top. This urinal was no more than a metal sheet sloping into a concrete trough some six feet long, perhaps eighteen inches wide and some inches deep. It had obviously been regularly used during the course of the day by what must have been hundreds of men standing, cocks in hand and spraying their waste into the filthy, stained trough at the base of the wall.
It was a fact, unknown to Colette but totally agreed to by her husband, that the men had been there early that morning and had jammed a thick wad of newspaper wrapped in plastic, down into the drain pipe, with the express purpose of achieving the vile, putrid state that the urinal now presented.

“Get your clothes off bitch,” Colette was ordered, and at the same time was given a sharp slap across the face, which caused her to cry out in shock and pain.
Colette hesitated just momentarily and glanced across at her husband. She immediately saw though, that her husband fully acquiesced in what was happening as his satisfied smile made it quite obvious. Another blow Colette even harder so she quickly began to pull her top off over her head and shoulders. She paused as she glanced around wondering where to place her clothing but it was snatched from her and thrown down on the filthy floor.
Colette next reached behind her back and deftly undid her bra and then slipped it off over her shoulders so that her small, white breasts rolled freely on her chest.
“Nice tits on the slut,” she heard one of the men comment as she next slid her skirt down over her legs and stepped out of it as the man who had commented stepped forward and began mauling her breasts..
Colette was now clad in no more than a tiny pair of white panties and her shoes. She had no option of hesitating further as her panties were literally ripped from her body and thrown, torn to pieces, onto the floor.
“Shoes off too,” the order snapped from the men.
“But ……,” was all she managed to say as she looked at the wet, dirty, slimy floor. A thudding blow struck her in the stomach and she doubled up gasping as the wind was knocked out of her.
Colette was quickly swept off her feet in the arms of one of the men and she was bodily dumped right into the trough full of stale, putrid urine.

Colette gasped and wailed in shock and disgust as the filthy, revolting wave of piss slopped over her naked body.
“Urrrgg!” she shrieked in absolute abhorrence as she struggled to get out of the pool of filth.
The men, including her husband, all laughed merrily as Colette stood up, naked and wet with piss and with little rivulets of urine trickling down over her body.
One of the men stepped forward and grasped the back of Colette’s neck in a vice like grip. “Back you go whore!” he laughed as, with sheer force he pushed Colette back down onto her knees in the middle of the scum covered urine trough.
Colette struggled and cried out, “oh God, no!” as it became apparent to her that the man was going to force her face right down into the stinking pool of male piss.
Off course, being just a little thing, Colette was no match for the strength of the man, and she screwed her eyes and her lips tightly shut as her head was forced beneath the surface of the cesspool of filth and corruption.

Colette began to writhe and squirm as the man held her head down. Her knees slipped on the slimy concrete and her body sprawled out across the filthy muck of the floor, covering the lovely soft, unblemished skin of her legs, belly and breasts with the filth of the toilet.
The man let Colette’s head up slightly and she opened her mouth to gasp in a breath of air.
The moment that Colette had opened her mouth, the man rapidly thrust her face back into the fetid liquid of the urinal so that her mouth filled with the putrefaction of the stale, abomination of filth and she choked and coughed as she tried to splutter and spit the disgusting urine from her mouth.
Colettery one of Colette’s senses rebelled against the loathsome, repulsive, vile, odious filth of how she was being treated ……. and yet, at the same time, she could feel sexual impulses thrilling her in opposition to her outward revolt at the gross degradation of her body.

Colette was on hands and knees gasping.
“Lie down in the piss,” she was ordered. She hesitated momentarily, then to the men’s delight, she obediently sat down and leaned backwards, leaning on her elbows and with her legs stretched out in the trough full of piss. Her thick, lustrous, black hair floated out behind her head over the foul piss muck of the urinal trough.
It may seem to the reader, odd that Colette should wantonly lie back in the disgusting filth of the urinal, but Colette is a girl who has come to understand that some men really get off by degrading and humiliating women in the most terrible ways, and that the men do in fact love and respect the woman for accepting the most demeaning treatment ….. besides, she was now filled with such lust that she would do anything for the men.

The men stood watching and sniggering derisively, calling her all of the most filthy, derogatory names that they could think of. “Disgusting sewer-pig” and “Piss loving filth-whore” as a couple.
Colette brought her knees up and spread her thighs slightly. The urine was perhaps three inches deep and it lapped in little waves between her naked thighs and washed onto her pussy which was gaping open due to her sexual excitement. She looked down between her spread thighs, and watched a dead, bloated blowfly which, in the heat of the day, had been attracted to the stinking filth of the urinal, and had drowned so that its filthy body had added to the putridness and gross abomination of the piss trough.
Each movement that Colette made, caused gentle waves of the stale, yellow urine to lap against the soft, tender skin of her thighs and belly. A used condom drifting in the muck, slowly oozed its load of sperm out into the urine, leaving a slightly oily smear with white blobs drifting on the surface. Colette, when she noticed this, picked up the condom and dangled it above her belly so that the remaining contents of piss and sperm dribbled out and oozed down over her belly to slip across her groin and drift over the surface of the yellow piss washing into her pussy.

One of the men then rummaged through a bag that he’d brought with him, and taking out a large, rubber dildo, he threw it into the piss trough where it landed with a splash. He then told Colette to fuck herself with it.
Colette sat up so as to take the dildo in her hand. The disgusting, fetid, yellow piss dripped from that part of her body which had lifted out of the foul bath in which she was wallowing. She plunged the dildo beneath the surface of the piss bath and easily slid it up into her wet and slippery pussy. In and out she began easing the dildo, and by so doing she gradually pumped the stinking piss of the trough up into her body.

The two men and her husband were continually screwing up their faces in mock disgust at the way that Colette was surrendering herself to this appallingly disgusting and crude play. They had wanted to totally debase and degrade her, and that which was happening was more than fulfilling their every ambition. It was all just so foul and revoltingly loathsome and nauseating – enough to make a normal person want to vomit. Indeed Colette had several times gagged and had to hold herself in check, especially when her mouth had filled with the stale, putrid piss and she had actually swallowed some of it. She knew though that these men were revelling in every disgusting thing that she did, and she, although normally so scrupulously clean and hygienic, now thrilled at wallowing like some filthy, disgusting sow in the filth of a pig pen, before her husband and his two friends.

The three men all had their massively hard cocks out and were slowly stroking themselves as they watched Colette’s contemptibly sordid self debasement in the rank filth of the sewer.
Feeling so lasciviously sexy, it took Colette no time at all before the dildo plunging into her filthy, piss-soaked pussy, was bringing her on towards a fabulous climax. She moaned and sighed and groaned as the almost unbearable waves of sexual delight swept through her body. Finally, unable to take any more, she let herself lie back in the putrid, repugnant pool of filth, so that she just lay there panting in the stinking urine.

“Get the fucking whore over to the shit bowls,” one of the men suggested.
“Fuck! I’m not touching the dirty bitch!” the other man and Colette’s husband both exclaimed together.
It was up to Colette to get to her feet herself and, at the men’s directions, to go into one of the cubicles.
Colette obeyed when the men told her to kneel before the bowl and put her head in – that is, she did kneel and hover her head above the bowl, but once in this position one of the men lifted his boot to press on the back of Colette’s neck and force her head right down into the bowl.
Colette breathed deeply of the heavy, stinking vapours in the toilet bowl. The vile stench assailed her nostrils and was drawn deeply into her lungs as she knelt there with her head in the position where many filthy asses had sat during the day and oozed their shit from their bowels.
Her eyes looked at the disgustingly stained walls of the bowl, and at the slimy muck of water just inches below her face. She could hear the voices of the men standing above her, jeering and mocking her, telling her that her head was in the right place – the place where men shit.

Suddenly and unexpectedly to Colette, the men flushed the bowl and a seething, rushing torrent of water engulfed her face, choking and drowning her. She struggled to get her head from the toilet bowl so that she could get a breath of air, but the heavy boot remained planted firmly on the back of her neck.
The water subsided and Colette spluttered and gasped the air into her lungs. She wailed in protest and called to be released. Her voice echoed strangely with her head stuck down the toilet bowl, and the men all laughed and continued mocking and belittling her.

Colette’s small, white, pure breasts were all of the time rubbing around the rim of the dirty toilet bowl and being smeared with the filth that came from many cocks dribbling the last drops of their piss onto it.
Several times the bowl was flushed, each time catching Colette unawares and each time choking her with the drowning water.
Colettentually the men allowed Colette to remove her head from the toilet bowl. She sat there at their feet, on the filthy, concrete floor, her hair bedraggled and clinging to her face and shoulders as she continued to splutter from her half-drowning.

Once Colette began to recover, one of the men directed her attention to the glory hole in the wall.
The wall was of brick, and many years ago a brick had been removed so as to provide a good sized gap in the wall for cocks to be thrust through for masturbation and oral sex. Over the years, the constant depositing of cum on the brickwork, had left it smooth and discoloured from the years of cum congealed there. The walls below the glory hole were also covered with solidified cum where it had constantly dribbled down. Coletten now, cum from some ejaculation hours earlier, was there were it had oozed from a hard, rampant cock and been deposited on the filthy, cum caked brickwork.

“Get down and lick up that cum,” Colette was ordered after the disgusting, white globs of sperm had been pointed out to her.
Colette arose from her sitting position on the filthy floor, and kneeling before the glory hole, she placed her hands flat on the wall, and stretching her neck out and pushing her face forward, she parted her lovely, sensual lips and the men watched as her tongue slowly slid over the stale globs of sperm as she licked it into her mouth.

The men groaned in mock disgust at the crude, revolting filth of Colette’s action, but in reality they were so absolutely thrilled by the degrading crudeness that she was prepared to go to in satisfying the men’s depraved desires. Their cocks all became so much harder and solid as they stood around her stroking themselves to the point of gushing their own cum out for Colette to lick up.
For Colette’s part, she just looked up at the men, her beautiful face simply glowing with pleasure; her sensual mouth with just a teasing hint of a satisfied smirk, and her dark eyes shining with lustful happiness.

One of the guys thought to check out the adjoining toilet cubicle, and finding a good blob of stale cum on the floor, called Colette a “dirty, fucking cum-bucket”, and told her to wipe her fingers through the dollop of muck and finger fuck herself with it.

Colette, completely out of control with the sexual lust that was surging through her body, obediently wiped her fingers through the deposit of sperm, managing to get a good amount of it onto her fingers so that it was dribbling off them, and then squatting with knees parted and facing the men, she easily slid the pair of cum covered fingers right up into her wet, juice dribbling pussy.
The men were of course inspired into a fresh round of disgusting and filthy name calling for Colette, and her teasing, sexy smirk broke out into a beautiful smile as first her husband, quickly followed by the two men, all unable to contain their lust, spurted their pent up semen over her face.

The three men, all having now satisfied their lust as well as their filthy perversions, prepared to leave.
Jacinto gathered up his wife’s clothing which was scattered around the toilet block, and he then pushed Colette, still stark naked, out of the doorway into the street.
Colette nervously glanced about to see whether anyone was out and about at that late hour, then laughing and giggling, skipped happily across the road to where their car was parked.

As they reached the car one of the guys commented to Jacinto, ” you’d better make the dirty, fucking animal ride in the boot.” Jacinto grinned and opening the boot, told Colette to get in.
Colette did as she was told, and as the boot lid closed and left her squashed in darkness inside the boot of the car, she overheard one of the men jokingly telling her husband that she would need to spread her legs and have her cunt flushed out with a bottle of toilet disinfectant before Jacinto fucked her again