College roommates find a hole in the wall

They thought it was the worse room in the entire dorm.
There was absolutely nothing they could do with it. It
was ugly, it was at the far end of the building, away
from the other rooms, and worse of all, it was right
next to the boy’s laboratory; not the one everyone used.

It was Paul who suggested they rearrange the room to
make it more attractive, even if they were the only ones
who were ever going to see it. He figured they could at
least make something positive about the whole situation.
Todd didn’t argue. He also had nothing better to do.

All the furniture and personal belongings were moved
around, and after a couple hours, things seemed to fall
into place. The only thing left was the huge, ugly black
and white sand portrait that had been hanging on the
wall since the day they moved in. Now that Todd’s bed
was no longer against that wall, the portrait was out of
place again.

Paul removed the portrait from the wall and set it on
the floor. He didn’t notice the hole in the wall until
he saw that Todd was checking it out. Paul joined him,
looking through the hole, knowing exactly what was on
the other side; the boy’s bathroom. He had to make a
visual picture in his head, seeing where everything was
laid out before realizing it was the last stall. He and
Todd just stared in for a couple minutes before he
spoke. “What the Hell?” he said, then looked at his

“That’s probably why the picture was there,” Todd
replied back. “Someone who lived here before us probably
got real drunk one night and punched a hole in it. Let’s
just put the picture back up and we’ll put your desk
here or something.”

Paul didn’t have to verbally agree with him. He was
about to reach down and pick the portrait back up when
he heard from the other side of the wall someone enter
the stall. Quickly, he and Todd swung away from the
hole, pressing their backs flat against the wall, so the
person on the other side wouldn’t see them.

On the other side of the wall, Mason HAD noticed the
hole. He had noticed it several times. This was the
first time something wasn’t blocking it though. It made
his mission more interesting now. Whoever lived in that
room had found the hole and was curious. Only problem
was, there were no noises coming from the other side.

“Hello in there,” Mason called out. Paul and Todd froze,
hoping the person would just go away. “Is anyone in
there?” Mason called out again.

Todd figured he wasn’t doing anything wrong, so he also
kneeled down on the floor to reply to the dude’s calls.
Paul followed suit in making his presence known. “Hi
there,” Todd answered.

“I was wondering when you guys were going find this.”
Mason said.

“Who did this?” Todd asked.

“I don’t know, it’s been here as long as I’ve been here.
I’m a senior now. I’ve used it a lot in the past three

“Used it for what?” Paul stepped in.

Mason laughed at the question. “What do you think?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, do you want to find out?” Mason grinned.

“Yeah, tell us.” Paul said, still clueless.

“Put your cock through the hole, you’ll find out,” Mason

Todd punched Paul’s arm. “A fucking glory hole in our
dorm room!”

Paul looked back in the hole, trying to get an identity
on the pervert on the other side, but he could only see
his eyes. “Your a fucking sicko. We’re not into that
shit, sorry.” Paul once again reached for the portrait
to put it back, but Mason again stopped him.

“Come on, no one will know. I know you two could use a
good blowjob. All you have to do is stand there and
enjoy it, I’ll do the rest.” As Mason reasoned with
them, Todd pulled Paul off to the side to discuss the

It wasn’t easy to convince Paul, but Todd used the
conversation they’d just had the other day against him.
They were both complaining how they couldn’t get any
girls to suck their dicks, and now they had the chance
to have it done. Who cared if it was a guy, it wasn’t
like they were going to do anything back.

Paul finally agreed, but he said Todd had to go first.
Todd wasn’t too comfortable with the idea of letting a
guy swing on his dick while his buddy watched, but he
was also known for thinking with his pecker, and his
pecker was screaming, “suck job!”

Mason caught a glimpse of Todd’s sweats dropping to the
floor, followed by his underwear. He let his mouth build
up with saliva, preparing to coat the dude’s prick when
he was able to reach it. He licked his lips as he saw
the long smooth cock near its destination.

Todd took one last look at Paul before grabbing his soft
member and sticking it through the hole. He didn’t even
let go of it before he felt a hot, wet mouth close
around the shaft. He hated to admit to himself that it
felt really good already.

Mason held the flaccid piece of meat in his mouth,
swishing spit all around it, feeling it raise and
expand. He flicked his tongue under the shaft,
expediting the hardening process.

On the other side, Todd stuck his pelvis up tight
against the wall so he could have most of his cock
worked on. He looked around the wall, but there was
nothing to hold on to. He asked Paul to stand behind him
and brace him so he wouldn’t keep falling back. Paul
didn’t yet want to take a step anywhere near him, but
Todd seemed rather impatient, so he finally gave in.

Paul used his body to hold Todd in place, just in time
as Mason began to bob on the fully erect pole. Todd
couldn’t see what was being done to his cock, but he
sure could feel it, and it felt great. The dude had an
awesome technique, and good deep throating skills. It
didn’t take long for him to forget who was on the other
side servicing his hog, he was just concentrating on the
sensations running through his body.

Paul looked over his friend’s shoulder, trying to see
what the pleasure looked like, but all he saw was the
base of his friend’s prick for a short second before it
was slammed back into the hole. He could tell it was
some good head though, judging by the moans coming from
deep within’ Todd’s throat. Now he was becoming more
curious and his own cock was stirring inside his pants.

Mason easily and quickly slid his mouth up and down the
length of the boy’s thick tool, making it more slick
with every retraction, spit dripping from the underside
of it, causing it’s owner to grunt and groan in pure

Now Paul’s cock was fully hard and throbbing, finding
its need to thrust itself inside that mouth and get some
of what his buddy was receiving. He looked up to Todd’s
face and could just see what he was feeling. His eyes
were closed shut, his mouth was hanging wide open, and a
series of ‘Ah’s’ coming from it.

Todd looked back at him, seeing the anxious, boyish
face, and decided to step away and not be greedy. As
quickly as he could, Paul yanked his pants and briefs
down and stepped up to the wall, watching his big bone
disappear into the hole.

It was met on the other side by Mason’s wide-open mouth,
which immediately clamped down on the rod and worked its
entire length at the same tempo it had just worked on

Paul too tried to grab onto something but finding
nothing there. Todd threw his body against Paul’s back
to give him support. Todd was still in a deep state of
arousal and desire and hated that he pulled away from
the best blowjob he ever had. His cock already missed
the attention.

He studied Paul’s facial expressions as he too was
receiving the best suck job of his young life. Seeing
that his friend was feeling so much pleasure just added
to Todd’s desires and he wanted to help the boy get off.
He leaned closer to him so his mouth was right next to
his ear.

“He’s a pretty good cocksucker, isn’t he?” Todd asked.
Paul only nodded his head. “Keep going until you spill
your load down his throat. Let him swallow all of it.”

Now Todd was lifting Paul’s shirt up, removing it for
him. Paul’s head fell back, resting on Todd’s shoulder.
Todd looked forward and down Paul’s torso, never once
attracted to the smooth muscular frame, but in his
current state of lust, admiring it, wanting to enhance
whatever Paul was feeling.

Todd’s hands roamed the boy’s body, rubbing his stomach,
then his chest, stopping to pinch and squeeze both his
nipples. Paul threw his hands behind Todd’s head,
grabbing on to the back of his neck. He didn’t care who
did what to him, as long as it all felt good and would
result in a mind-blowing orgasm he was sure to have.

Todd couldn’t help but take advantage of Paul’s erotic
state. His own cock was missing the feelings it was
feeling a couple minutes ago, and it couldn’t go any
longer without some kind of relief. He took the only
thing available to him at the moment.

Todd pressed as tightly as he could against Paul’s body;
his cock nuzzling it’s way between Paul’s butt-cheeks.
It was a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure nonetheless.
With one arm wrapped around Paul’s chest, and the other
around his stomach, he ground his cock against the boy’s

Paul liked the feeling of Todd’s cock humping between
his globes. It created even more intense sensations
through his body. His knees were buckling, threatening
to give out, but Todd was holding him, grinding his fuck
stick into him, not about to let him go until he had
shot off from it.

Todd felt that moment not far behind. The first signs of
orgasm hit him, starting at his feet, rising up through
his body. He took Paul’s earlobe into his mouth, trying
not to bite down on it.

“I’m gonna fucking cum man. Oh God, I’m gonna fucking

That’s all Paul needed to hear as he began yelping as
loudly as Todd. Mason had no warning before Paul’s cock
erupted in his mouth, blast after blast of the dude’s
hot juice hit the back of his throat, filling his mouth
to overflowing. He swallowed as much as he could, but
the boy’s cream was shooting out too fast.

Paul felt Todd’s load spurt out and fly up his back.
Todd continued to fuck his cock between Paul’s ass-
cheeks until his balls were completely drained and their
contents were smeared between their bodies.

Those were the hottest cocks Mason had ever had the
privilege of going down on, and he didn’t even have a
chance to free his own from inside his jeans. During his
sex play he’d been rubbing himself and shot off inside
pants. He had a big load that flooded his shorts and
soaked through them.

There were no words exchanged after that. Mason fled the
last stall, and Paul had replaced the portrait on the
wall, while Todd searched for a towel to clean himself

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