Curly and his Mom

Curly watched his mother as she washed her cunt. He
wanted to fuck her so badly that his dick burned. He
had to have some relief. He wrapped his fist around
his bulging rod and stroked it tenderly. He was
careful to cup his hand so that the sensitive flesh of
the of the dickhead was in constant contact with his
palm. The pleasure was so intense that he thought he
would pass out.

His mother had no idea that he was spying on her. She
had just been fucked by her boyfriend and her cunt was
creamy with cum. Jake, her lover, had gone home. He
had left with a smile of contentment. He should have
been happy he was at least ten pounds lighter for he
had pumped that amount of sperm into the greedy pussy
of Curly’s mom.

Curly had spied on them while they made love. There
was a backset of stairs in the house. It was fucking
play for Curly to creep down and watch them in the
living room. He did this every Monday night. His
mother, Kathy, and Jake thought that he was upstairs
watching the football game, so they fucked while he
watched them.

Curly was eighteen and he was a virgin. He was still
a virgin because he was shy. He wanted some cunt but
he always got tongue tied around girls. He did not
know how to open his mouth to convince one of them to
give herself to him. But he did know how to masturbate.
So Curly loved himself with his fingers.

At first he had used dirty pictures. He had enjoyed
many a copious cum as he slobbered over the crinkled
treasures that all girls carried between their beau-
tiful legs. He was sure that this was the next best
thing to fucking itself. And to make it better he
could do it by himself. He did not have to subject
himself to the lovely creatures that he lusted for,
but who made him uncomfortable.

And then his mother had spoiled his pleasure. He had
turned a lousy game off early one night and come down
the back stairs to get a snack.

The whispered voices had intrigued him. He had stopped
to listen. He would always be grateful that he had
remained quiet. There was more than whispers, there
was also heavy breathing. He froze, could they be
doing it? Could they be fucking?

He knew that it would be wicked to spy on his mother
if she was making love. It would almost be incest to
gaze lustfully upon the pussy that had expelled him
into the world. He had almost turned away. He would
creep back upstairs. His hand had accidentally brushed
his cock. It was hard as a rock. It was a wonder that
he had not poked a hole in his pants. He touched his
dick again, deliberately, the results had been im-
mediate and unexpected. The most intense pleasure of
his young life had engulfed him. His organ had
vibrated violently and gushed knot after knot of cum
into his underwear. The violence of his orgasm had
doubled him over. He did not know why he had not cried

When he had regained his breath he knew that he was
going to spy on them if it cost him his life. If he
came like that just thinking about what might be going
on what would happen if he actually watched real fuck-
ing. That’s right real fucking not pictures in a book.
The real thing.

So Curly had dropped to his knees and crawled into the
dinning room, which was dark. The door between the
dinning room and the front room was almost closed.
The better for his purpose.

He had peeked through the opening. He saw them.

His mother was sitting in Jake’s lap, she had her back
to Jake and was facing the dinning room. She wore a
dark colored dress. The dress was open at the top and
hiked up at the bottom. Her face was tilted back and
turned so she could kiss the man who was finger fucking
her pussyhole. The air reeked of lust.

Kathy wore light colored panties. These had been
ruthlessly pushed aside so that Jake had access to her
cuntal region. Two or three of the fingers of his
right hand were sawing in and out of her twat. His
left hand held a generous glob of tit flesh. The nipple
looked large and angry.

His mother’s breast were heaving up and down. She was
driving her ass back into Jake’s lap. At first Curly
thought that Jake was fucking his mother in the ass,
but that couldn’t be because of what she held in her
hand. It was Jake’s dick. And a huge dick at that.

Jake was moaning softly between kisses as Kathy’s hand
moved eagerly up and down his rod. Jake groaned as if
he was in pain. And so he was. Swept away by the
sweet pain of lust. He tore his mouth away from
Kathy’s greedy lips and kissed her neck, the side of
her throat.

“Oh, baby,” the sound of his voice startled Curly.
Curly almost jumped to his feet, to run, since he had
been discovered. But then he realized that he was
undetected. Jake was speaking to his mother.

“Oh, baby, my dick is about to explode. It’s hard as
steel. I have to have relief. You have to soften it
with pussy juice.”

Kathy must have agreed because she stopped fondling
his dick and stood up on legs that trembled. Jake’s
fingers slipped out of her cunt. For the first time
in his life Curly got a good look at his mother’s
pussy fur. It was dark and thick. And then he
couldn’t see it anymore because his mother passed her
hand between her luscious full thighs in search of
Jake’s dick.

She grasped the upright dick and sat down on it. The
dick disappeared from view so Curly imagined that it
was stuffed into his mother’s pussyhole. His mother
sank back against Jake.

Her arms snaked up over her head and entwined them-
selves around the neck of her lover. The dick came
back into view in a minute as Kathy raised her pelvis.

It promptly disappeared as she lowered her body. Curly
watched, entranced by a real live cunt as it savored
being fucked. And it was the cunt of his mother.

This was incest. It was the most delicious sight of
his life. He came in his pants again. His entire
crotch was sticky and greasy with cum. He thought
that he was going to go out of his mind.

“Fuck that pussy, stud!” Kathy almost screamed the
command. Curly was surprised that he hadn’t heard
them in the past. She was loud. That dick must have
been tearing that cunt up.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Kathy crooned. “Oh, Jake,
your dick feels so goooddd. Please fuck my pussy
forever.” Her voice tapered off into a sob.

“Damn right I’m going to fuck you forever, bitch.” His
voice was full of lust. “I’m going to fuck you forever
and then a day after that.”

Their fucking was in high gear. Cock and cunt were
blurring as they meshed and then separated. There was
a wet sound in the air as their lusting flesh pressed
sweetly, hotly together.

Kathy came first. Her moaning was a rising crescendo.
Her talk had become an inarticulate garble as she was
carried away on a river of passion. “Fuc.. fu.. fuu…
fuuuu… mmeee…youuuu makeee pusseeee feeelllsss so
gooddddd.” Her pelvis stroked down. Her body went
rigid, and then began to vibrate violently. “Ah, ah,
ah, huhhhmmmm, I’m fucked to deathhhhh.”

Her body collapsed onto the Jake’s lap. Jake didn’t
object, he was enjoying his own orgasm. “Whore, bitch,
cunt, pussy.”

A continual stream of erotic filth was gushing out of
his mouth. “You’re damn right I’m going to kill you.
My dick is going to fill you with cum until you
explode. Take that, cunt,” he slammed his prong up
into Kathy’s open and unresisting hole. “Ah, ahhhhh,
besttt pusseeee in the world. And I get to fuckkkk
ittttt. Ahhhhh.”

Thick, white cum spilled into his lap. The fucked out
pair kissed greedily. There was a strong rank odor in
the air. The scent of fresh fuck. Curly had caught a
whiff of it before and had not realized what he was
smelling. Now he knew. Kathy’s cunt carrying a fresh
load of the good stuff that a loving pussy can squeeze
out of a hard dick.

His mother had indeed softened Jake’s hard dick with
her pussy juice. The once proud dick was now limp and
thoroughly defeated. It had disappeared behind his
mother’s naked pelvis.

Curly’s dick was hard as a rock. He wished that Kathy
would fuck it down. The incestuous thought surprised
and shocked him. He looked around guiltily and
decided that he had better leave before he was dis-

That was how he had started to spy on his mother as
she fucked her lover. Curly was always surprised at
how calm and collected they appeared to be when he
came down stairs a few minutes after they finished
fucking. He knew they were nervous because the smell
of fresh fuck was still in the air. But he appeared
to be oblivious of the reeking scent. He sniffed it in.
He wanted his nostrils full of the scent for his mid-
night hand job.

His mother always went to the bathroom after Jake left.
He knew she was washing up because he could hear the
water running. He decided to spy on her. His room was
next to the bathroom. He decided that he would bore a
little hole in the wall.

So Curly watched his mother as she washed cum out of
her cunt. He masturbated as he watched her loving
fingers use her wash rag to groom her cunt. He always
enjoyed the best cum that fingers could bring about.

He always shot his load on the wall next to his bed.
He had shot so many loads there until the wall was
discolored. And the fact that he didn’t clean up the
mess until the next morning, just before he went to
school didn’t improve matters. He wasn’t worried about
his mother discovering him because she never moved his
bed when she cleaned his room.

Curly knew that he wanted to fuck his mother, it was
his deepest wish, he would have died for some of her
pussy. But he was unwilling to die without savoring
her pussy. Which is what would happen if she ever
caught him spying on her. Kathy would have killed him.

At least that is what he thought until the day he
actually fucked her. He had Jake to thank for the fact
that he finally got to fuck his mother. Jake didn’t
cooperate in the matter but he helped out just the

Jake went out and got himself killed in an automobile
accident. He lost control of the car that he was
driving and smashed it into a support column for a
overpass. The accident was not entirely his fault.
A woman died with him, it was really her fault that
Jake crashed the car. She was giving Jake a blowjob.
It was the best blowjob that Jake had ever enjoyed.
When he blew his rocks he also blew his senses, the
uncontrolled vehicle failed to make a turn at high
speed. Jake enjoyed the blow job so much because the
woman was his mother. It was their first intimate
encounter. It was also their last.

The scandalous tragedy was soon broadcast far and wide.
It even made the Evening news. Kathy could have died
of embarrassment. Her boyfriend was fucking his own
mother. The bastard had not been satisfied with her
cunt he had to get some on the side, and his own
mother at that. Her friends were supportive but Kathy
knew that they were laughing at her behind her back.
She was such a poor fuck that her boyfriend had to fuck
his own mother to supplement his needs.

It was too much for her to handle. She had to numb her
mind. She resorted to the bottle. That is how Curly
got to fuck her because she was drunk.

Curly came home from school one day and found his
mother drunk and passed out side of the bathroom. She
laying in a pool of vomit, piss and shit. She had
apparently passed out while trying to reach the bath-
room. Kathy wore a negligee, but no panties. She was
sprawled on the floor with her legs askew so that Curly
had an unobstructed view of her nether region. The
stench and the sight was so disgusting that he didn’t
even get an erection.

He dragged his mother out of the mess. She came to
while he was doing this. Curly helped her to her feet
and she staggered off, towards her bedroom, under her
own power. Curly got a mop and bucket and cleaned up
the mess.

He was washing his hands when he remembered his first
close up view of a live pussy. His dick got hard. It
was so hard that it started to ache. His nuts joined
in the chorus of anguish. They felt hot, empty and
irritated, as if someone had scrapped them. He reached
for his glans, he had to have some relief. Curly
wrapped his fingers around his dick and stroked it
lovingly. He was surprised to discover the amount of
seminal fluid that was draining out of his body. His
pant was dripping wet. He knew he was going to have
a good nut.

He started slow. Up and down, up and down. He was not
using a lot of pressure. He was making sure to caress
his dickhead, softly. His hand was wet and slick. It
felt, he imagined, as a tight, wet cunt would feel.
Wet, slippery, and velvety smooth. His dick convulsed,
taking him unaware. He had not expected to come so
soon. He was concentrating on the sensations, he was
visualizing his mother’s crinkled pussy.

“Uh, Uh, Uhhhhhhhhhh, Uhhhhhhhhhh.” He screamed at
the strength of his orgasm. “Uh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..”
A glob of cum exploded out of his dick, it smashed into
the cabinet and splattered all over the place.

When he came to he was leaning over the sink. He had
actually become disoriented by his nut. He was filled
with an indescribably strong lust. He had to experi-
ence that again. His prick was still hard. He reached
for it with eager fingers.

Curly halted his fingers in mid reach.

It was the sight of his mother’s pussy that had fuel
his orgasm. Could he get another glimpse of that
treasure? She was drunk, wasn’t she? Maybe he could
feast his eyes on her while he masturbated? Maybe she
was passed out? Might he be able to gloat over her
pussy with his greedy eyes? Maybe he could touch it,
sniff it, feel it and lick pussy juice off his own

Curly came again just thinking about it.

Curly charged, recklessly, down the hall. His dick
was still hanging out of his pants as he barged into
his mother’s bedroom. Kathy was sprawled on the bed.
She was on her back, with one leg bent at the knee and
the other straight out before her. Her room was a
mess. Shoes were scattered all over the place. Curly
tripped over one and fell dick long onto and into his

Kathy grunted. Curly was large. His dick was several
inches around. It was still hard, and it was wet from
the produce of his two powerful nuts.

Her eyes popped opened as her mind registered the cruel
invasion of her cunt. Her pussy recoiled from the hard
object that was lodged in it. Her ass hit the mattress
hard and rebounded, her pussy rode back up Curly’s

Curly did not realize that he was no longer a virgin.
He did not realize that his big dick was buried to the
root in his mother. He had felt something soft and
spongy around the head of his dick. It had stretched
and opened and he had slid inside. His dick was
immersed in a warm, no hot but moist thing. Then he
had struck the bottom of it. It receded and then it
came back, clinging wetly to side of his dick.

He was in his mother’s pussy. Her pussy was clinging
to his dick. He was raping his mother.

Kathy thought that she was having a nightmare. She
was being raped. Her attacker had her pinned to the
bed. His wickedly hard cock was buried, deeply in her
most intimate area. Then she realize that her eyes
were open, she focussed and recognized the rapist.

Curly. Her own son was raping the pussy that caused
him to be born almost nineteen years ago. “No!! You
can’t,” she screamed and tried to push him off and out
of her body. She only succeeded in lifting him a

Curly hadn’t intended to fuck his mother. As he
realized what was happening he had shifted his weight,
preparing to dismount her cunt. Her sudden push
destroyed his center of gravity and fell back on and
into her. He could feel the delicious wet pussy as it
clung to and rode up and down his dick. It was not
smooth as he had imagined that it would be. Her pussy
flesh was tender and lumpy, but it was soft. It stroked
his dick lovingly. He had never felt anything so good
in his life. Pussy was worth dying for. “Uhhhhhhh.”
He moaned, overcome with the beauty of pussy.

“Curly!!!” Kathy screamed at him. “Get off of me,”
She started to buck and thrash, trying to dislodge
the dick that was wedged into her pussyhole. She was
stretched to the limit. She had never felt such a
large dick in her life.

Kathy tacit were wrong. She was fucking her son.
Her struggles were causing her cunt muscles to
inadvertently massage the rigid column of flesh that
was buried in her. She felt a strong contraction in
the invading column of fuck pole that was buried in
her pussy.

Her son was about to empty his load of baby making
sperm into her. She went rigid, with fright, she must
get him out of her pussy. She pushed her pelvis up
mightily as she felt another contraction in the hard
dick that suddenly felt sooo good in her cunt. She
was about to have an orgasm from being fucked by her
son. “No,” she screamed, “that’s wicked.”

Her shameless pussy decided that it wanted to have the
orgasm that it had earned from being fucked by such an
incredible hunk of fuck and baby making flesh. Her
cuntal region went stiff.

Her well used pussy knew what to do, it grabbed the
invading male member, held it in a tight grip. Her
pussy receded, still holding Curly’s now helpless dick.
Her cunt gave a mighty tug, trying to fuck the dick
loose from her Son’s body. His dick belonged in her
welcoming body.

She would shelter it in her loving pussy, it would
prosper there and enjoy many a sinful cum with her

“Ohhhhh, Yessssss!” she moaned, “Fuck me, Curly.
Curly your mother’s cunt. Ittt lovessss you…
It gave you life in me. Fuck Me…”

Curly did not know that his mother was now imploring
him to enjoy her body. He was lost in the wonder of
the flower of womankind. He was dick deep in pussy,
one of the most profound pleasures in life. And it was
his mother’s pussy that was giving him such pleasure.

His dick pulsed with power. He felt his mother’s cunt
clamp down hard on his cock. The pussy clutched his
in a strong grip. Her pussy worked his dick, sucking
it powerfully. He wanted to pump it, fuck it, he
pumped down, mightily. He broke the strangle hold
his mother’s cunt had applied to his dick, he stroked
down into her with an animal like growl. His dick
moved up and down, up and down, up and down.

Someone was moaning and crying out his name. His dick
felt too wonderful for him to stop and see who it was.
Up and down, up and down. His dick swelled in the
moist tunnel that he was plowing into. His flesh of
iron turned to steel and started to contract violently.

A mighty load of pure pleasure surged through his hose.
It raced down the length of his column of flesh. He
could not control it, his dick could not control it.
Whatever it was it would blow his dick to bits. He
stabbed his dick deep into his mother’s receptive cunt
flesh, rutting it.

Time stood still, he became aware of the fact that his
mother was clinging to him, her arms wrapped around
him tightly. Her mouth was pressed to his, hot, wet,
loose, it felt almost like the soft pussy that he was
now cumming into.

The sperm pulsed out of the hole in his dickhead by
the galleons. He shot semen deep into her loving
pussy. As he emptied himself into his mother, he
grabbed tightly to her shivering body and whispered in
her ear, “I love pussy, Mom.”