Same Nightclub Next Week?

It was almost a cliche. Our eyes almost met across the crowded dance floor of the night club. But although I’d noticed her, and now couldn’t stop staring, the crowds hadn’t parted enough for her to see me yet… I made my way onto the dance floor, slowly easing my way through the crowds of

This is the story of one of the most satisfying sexual relationships I’ve ever had

It began in the early summer of my eighteenth year. My parents had separated three years previously, and my sister had moved away with my mom to the west coast, while I stayed with my dad. I guess there was a lot of bad feeling between my folks, because for that three years, I didn’t

Will you teach me?

“Ok. just follow me it isn’t far, I’ll try not to lose you” she laughed jumping into her car and pulling out of the parking lot. She kept watch in her rearview mirror to make sure his headlights stayed close behind. It had been a long night at work and she was tired but she

A Night With Sonya Lynn

Sonya looked out the door into the starry night as she felt breeze whip through her strawberry blonde hair. The moon light sparkled in her eyes making them look like blue sapphires in the darkness. She remembers years ago when shegave up her virginity so willingly wishing she knew then what she knows now. A

The Computer Lady

My name’s Monique Yates, and I teach programming at a local computer store. What follows is a little personal story about me. It’s very private, and definitely X-rated! If that bothers you, don’t go any further. Erase this file and forget you ever saw it, and no harm is done. Some how, women in the

Curly and his Mom

Curly watched his mother as she washed her cunt. He wanted to fuck her so badly that his dick burned. He had to have some relief. He wrapped his fist around his bulging rod and stroked it tenderly. He was careful to cup his hand so that the sensitive flesh of the of the dickhead