A Wet Road Trip with Mom

Mom came back to the car from the motel office with the room key in her hand. “Last room,” she said “we sure are lucky; the next town is over 50 miles away.” Mom parked the car and I grabbed the two suitcases from the back. The room was OK. Not the Four Seasons but

Mother in Law’s inspection

I heard a knocking at my door, I went over, opened it, and was surprised to see my soon to be Mother-in-law, Lisa Perkins, standing there. She smiled at me and said, ”Good morning Leo, could I come in and talk to you for a bit?” I was happy to let her in, she was

Gangbanging My Friend’s Mom

Being teenagers, we used to make jokes about eachothers mothers. Two of them were our favourite targets in the jokes. One because she was a single mother and was always going out to parties, although she was kind of fat. So when Dan says she is going out to a party we usually say “yea

Mom’s huge ass

It was Friday night. Valerie and her 21 year old son, Charlie, were sitting in the lounge of their home, watching a movie on television. “Gee mom, maybe you should get one of these!” Charlie teased his 52 year old mother, when a girl in a thong appeared on the TV screen. Valerie laughed. “Yeah,

Mom’s Boyfriend

Boarding flight 253 for Denver, the loudspeaker screamed. I hurriedly gathered my things and moved toward the gate. It had been 5 years since I had seen my Mom and her husband. I had been studying in Hawaii. My longtime dream had finally come true of becoming doctor. I had completed my residency and now

Doing a girlfriend’s mother a big favor

“Hi, Mrs. Collins, I said as she opened the back door, almost hiding behind it, her long blonde hair tumbling freely. Cindy home?” She smiled and shook her head, moving out a bit so I could see her bare shoulder. “She went to the mall with a couple of girls. Probably have lunch out there.