Escaping with my GF sister

Sweat materialized on my back, making me feel as though I’d actually done anything all day. In reality, this was the biggest heatwave our town has felt is years and I wasn’t doing anything more than sitting on my couch, frying like an egg.

“Are you ready?”, I hear my girlfriend ask. As I look up to her I see she’s dressed and ready to go out. Determined to beat this heat.

“For what?”, I muster up from my parched lips. Looking at her in a daze and wearing nothing but my boxers. Clearly the answer was no.

“We’re supposed to be going to see my family! Get up and get dressed. My sister just texted me and asked where we were!”

“Ah, shit. Fine.” I grumbled as I rolled sluggishly from my half soaked couch.

I never really enjoyed visiting Sam’s family. They were all decent people, but always managed to talk over each other. Not to mention, their apartment was always unbearably hot, even in the winters. And the worst of it was her younger sisters.

Sam, herself, wasn’t bad looking, but these sisters were another level of gorgeous. Coupled with the undying heat of their place, I was never lucky enough to spend the evening without being tempted by a parade of tight asses in spandex shorts that barely cupped their cheeks.

And that’s when I’m there. When I’m not, their walking around freely in whatever panties they have… My imagination just runs wild.

But regardless of all that, I slump into some pants and try to make myself presentable. Eventually she drags me out of our relatively cool house into the sun soaked hell-zone that was our little pickup truck – At least it was a short trip to their place.

When we got there though, nothing was as I was expecting. No parents, only one sister and no brother in sight. The only thing that was familiar was the wall of heat that greeted us at the door.

“Where is everyone?” I said, looking around. Checking closets as if to expect some sort of surprise party. It’d make just about as much sense as an empty house in this family.

Jamie, the second youngest of the four sisters, barely glanced away from her phone to say, “Mom and Dad went camping with Jason”

“Then why are we here?” I grumbled as I leaned into Sam’s ear.

“I wanted to see my sisters.” She shot back as she nudged my ribs with a hard jab from her elbow.

Sure enough, there was Jamie, sitting on the couch with nothing but a white t-shirt and some spandex shorts hugging her thick, white thighs. She sat with her knees to her chest as she messaged her friends. The combination of her frumpy white t-shirt and her raised legs blocked any view of her magnificent tits, but I could almost make out the shape of her pussy mound framed by her thighs and given shape due to her shorts.

After a couple minutes she set the phone down and came to greet Sam with a hug.

“Dani is still at Megan’s house. We’ll have to go get her. Plus I haven’t seen Megan in a while, so I wanna go say ‘Hi’.”

“Up river?” I piped in. “Isn’t that an hour and a half drive one way?”

“Yeah, but we’ll be quick.” Hell, there’s nothing quick about them once they all get together. I’ll be lucky if they’re back in the next 5 hours.

“Brutal.” I responded.

“I only have room for 3 though…” Sam chimed in.

“Well, that’s alright. I have no interest in climbing back into that frying pan of a truck.”

I walked toward the couch and plopped down directly in front of the fan sitting in the window. Big mistake. The air blowing into the house felt even hotter than the home itself. There was no escape.

“Alright we’ll be back in a bit! When Ashley gets out of the shower, let her know where we went.”

“Will do.” I said with a thumbs up as I turned on the TV.

Finally I was alone again. Free to melt into another couch and wait out the heat. I only wish I could take off my pants like I did at home.

But fairly quickly the thought of being alone set on me and a wave of nefarious arousal came with it. I looked around the house, carefully looking for any sign of life, only to find Ashley still locked in the bathroom as she showered.

I flopped back onto the couch, unzipped my pants, and let my half-erect cock flop out of my boxer briefs and slap against my abs. Slowly, I started stroking it; The idea of being caught by her sister only heightened the experience. The heat saturated my clothes and once I pulled them back, the smell of my cock filled the air.

With one hand I continued to stroke my meat, gaining pace as I went along, and with the other I reached down and fondled my balls; The image of Jamie’s sweet vulva nearly bringing me to climax… Almost… There…

Suddenly I hear the sound of the bathroom door close and my b***d ran cold. I expected to hear the shower turn off or something! I must have been so engrossed in her sister that I didn’t even notice.

As I heard her light footsteps coming down the hall, I quickly wrapped my dick in my boxers and jeans and tried to play it cool. Unfortunately, my little soldier was still standing at attention and was ready to burst through my pants. The pressure of it all only made me that much hornier.

Ashley was always my favorite of the girls and, unfortunately, the one my girlfriend was the closest too. She was really the only girl with a sense of humor and was just the right amount of nerdy. Despite being a big nerd though, her body was still impressively tight. A slender waist, a firm ass and tits that didn’t quite fit her otherwise petite body.

“Oh shit!” I heard her shout as she turned the corner.

Looking over I could see that she pulled the towel from her hair and was trying to cover her legs. I assumed she didn’t think to put on any shorts. The only other thing I could see was the pink crop top that she must know hardly covered her tits. Of all the girls in the family, Sam and Ashley definitely were the best endowed.

“Hey Ash.” I said, torn between catching a peek and averting my eyes, “Sam and Jamie just left to go pick up your sister.”

“Oh fuck. The way those two are, it’ll be all day before they get back.”

“THANK YOU!” I thought quietly to myself as she continued,

“I um… I uh..” she stammered, “Oh fuck it. It’s way too hot for this shit. I didn’t know you were coming over and I was planning to sit around in my panties. Is this okay?”

I didn’t know what to say. My mind went blank with the thought of what she must look like behind that towel.

“Uh, yeah. No, that’s fine. I can’t really blame you. I’m roasting in these jeans.”

“Thank God. This heat is unbearable.” She quickly dropped the towel to the ground and I couldn’t help but soak in the view before me. It was like she pulled back the curtain on a masterpiece.

She stood about 5’4″ and had a modest hourglass shape to her. The panties, I was so eager to see, turned out to be a pink cotton thong to match her crop top. Her thick white legs bulging just perfectly from the thin straps holding together a small piece of fabric over her pussy.

She left the towel where it was and sat down on the couch opposite from me. If my erection had any chance of going down before, it didn’t stand a chance now. As she reached for her phone I tried to catch another peek. She lifted one leg on the couch and I was dangerously close to seeing more than she had in mind.

Suddenly she looked up at me and I tried my best to glance over at the tv. I know I was busted, no way she didn’t see that. Now she’s gonna yell at me and the next 5 hours are gonna be incredibly awkward.

But, she didn’t say anything… I just got an innocent little smile as she went back to her phone, and that was it. Was she not going to say anything?

A few minutes like this felt like hours, and all I could pay attention to was her soft skin barely wrapped in those clothes. I was trying to look at the TV but I couldn’t focus on a damn thing. Finally, I thought of an reason to excuse myself. Now I just needed to figure out how to walk by her with this obvious erection in my pants.

“I’m gonna get some water. Do you need anything?” I asked as I stood up. Looking down at her, she was no longer sitting with her phone, instead laying across the entire couch, trying to fight the heat as best she could. As I walked by her, I looked just in time to catch a glimpse of the underside of her boobs. There wasn’t so much as a bikini top beneath her shirt and the only thing holding in her succulent breast was the tight compression of the crop top. God help me.

“I’ll take some water too!”

As I returned with two glasses of iced water, I handed her one and I took a piece of ice from mine, melting it across my neck and my chest. I looked down at her and could see her looking at my crotch. Kinda hard not to notice, seeing as I was standing just a couple feet away from her face while she laid.

“Thank you!” She exclaimed, looking up at me and making no attempt to move her face.

I decided not to make anything more awkward then it already was and just went to sit back down, when she said suddenly “You know… I mean. You look super fuckin hot!”

I just looked at her and laughed, “What are you saying?”

“No! Not like that!” She shot up from her relaxed position. “I just mean it’s super hot in here! And if you’re too hot, I can’t really be upset if you wanted to lose your pants too. Just cause it’s hot though!.. In here!.. It’s hot in here!”

I just chuckled. I’ve never seen her this flustered. Her face was flushed in a cute way and her attempts at eye contact were cursory.

“Okay… You sure though? I can’t have Sam thinking anything weird.”

“I won’t tell her! It’s only fair since I’m hardly wearing any clothes either.”

“Yeah, you could say that again.” I smiled at her as I unbuttoned my pants. Her eyes were glued to them – clearly not making any attempt at the same level of subtlety that I had.

As I lowered them to the floor my cock sprung forward, thankfully still covered by the fabric of my boxer briefs. I hesitated a bit beforehand, but I figured if it wasn’t hard now, it’d be hard later. I don’t have the luxury of hiding my arousal like her.

“I uh… Sorry about that.” I said when I finished stripping. Looking at her though, she clearly wasn’t fazed. The only change in her expression was the slow opening of her mouth.

“You alright?” I ask, hoping to break her trance.

“Huh? Yeah! Why wouldn’t I be? See feels much better doesn’t it?” She shook free for a moment but inevitably came back to the same longing expression.

I slowly took of my T-shirt and watched as her eyes moved up my body and lingered around my muscles. I’m by no means athletic, but my work manages to keep me in shape and that seems to be enough.

“Do you wanna take your shirt off too?”

“Um, yeah. Sure!” She responded, but made no attempt at moving or looking away from my body.

Walking over, I leaned down till our faces we’re almost touching and tried getting her attention once more. “Ashley.”, I whispered as I reached down to her top and grabbed the hem – lightly caressing her angel soft skin as I lifted it above her head. As soon as I started stripping her down those big, beautiful tits bounced out and brushing against my arms. They were at least a d-cup and her nipples sat surprisingly high and perky.

Leaning in, I finally gave her a kiss. Something I had fantasized about for years and now that the moment was here, my gut filled with butterflies and my hands trembled. But I held them steady by firmly grasping her breasts as I made this kiss last forever.

Slowly she started to lay back down and I followed her, never breaking the contact between our wet lips. With one hand I propped myself up and used the other to caress her hips – twirling the strap of her thong around my finger.

As we finally settled, I could feel the head of my cock brushing against her pussy; separated only by the thin fabrics of our underwear, I began to grind into her clit, sliding the shaft of my cock up and down the lips of her pussy.

After reluctantly breaking our kiss I took my free hand and brushed her hair aside, just enough to be able to lean in and kiss down her neck. Starting from the ear and working my way down before lightly taking a bite. I could hear her gasps and whimpers, telling me her pussy is only getting wetter. In fact, between the dampness of her pussy and the precum trickling from the head of my cock, I could feel our underwear becoming more and more soaked.

That was fine though, because we wouldn’t be needing them much longer. From her neck I continued to kiss my way down her body. Stopping briefly to suck on her sharply erect nipples, I swirled my tongue around each one, alternating between my warm mouth and the delicate pinching of my fingers.

As she began to moan louder I knew I almost had her begging for my cock. Her hips were now moving on their own as she started to grind against me. Moving further down I couldn’t resist kissing every inch of her milky skin before stopping abruptly just above the line of her panties. With both hands ready to pull them down past ankles I looked up at her.

Her face was even more flushed than before and her hair was a sexy mess begging to have my fingers run through it as I fucked her from behind.

I couldn’t resist any longer and I knew she wouldn’t last either, so I slid her panties down and off of her. With both my hands I lifted her legs into the air and kissed the clitoris that I’ve been fantasizing about for so long.

Her pussy was fresh from the shower and sweet on my tongue. The labia were still beautifully round and her auroma was nothing short of intoxicating. I never wanted to leave.

As I began to eat her pussy I swirled my tongue around the clit and sucked ever so gently. Using my fingers I teased the opening. Little by little pressing further into her, eventually putting the entirety of my two fingers in and slowly rolling them across her g-spot.

Every now and then burying my tongue deep inside of her and revelling in the taste of the forbidden pussy. After a couple minutes she wrapped her legs around my face and I could tell what she wanted. We rolled over and, with her pussy still smothering my face, she began to ride my tongue like her own personal toy. Using one hand to massage her tits, I could see her other hand was squeezing tight to her hair. Just barely containing herself. Was she getting off on the thrill as much as I was? We definitely shouldn’t be doing this, but neither of us could resist.

Reaching back she grabbed hold of my twitching cock and using one finger teased the sensitive head that had been begging for attention. She slid back down my body, nestling the shaft of my cock between the lips of her pussy. Still grinding, she leaned forward, her tits warm as they pressed against my chest, and whispered, “Fuck me. Fuck me now.”

Quickly I picked her up and once again I was on top of her petite little body. The weight of my dick slapped against her little peach as our bodies met, followed by the moans of ecstasy erupting from us. Reaching down I grabbed hold of the thickness of my shaft and began rubbing my ever sensitive head up and down between her lips, only stopping once to gently slap my cock against her clit.

With no willpower left in me I reached up, grabbed hold of her hair and slowly dove my cock inside of her. Enjoying every inch, as if it was lasting an eternity. Stopping halfway, I pulled back out just to watch her squirm as her body knew nothing more than how badly she needed my cum.

Once more, I buried my dick between her legs. This time only stopping when I could feel her completely filled with my meat, before lifting her legs over my shoulders and giving her the full length of my cock. With each thrust I could feel my balls slapping against her tight little ass and could see her eyes roll further back in euphoria.

Keeping rhythm, I fucked her in all of her beautiful, laying in a bed of our sweat and sins as we made love in her family’s living room. Our smell of sex undoubtedly filled the air along with the sounds of our moans as they travelled down the hallway, unconcerned about any other tenants in the apartments.

Finally letting her legs back down, I couldn’t help but to kiss her once again. I’d become addicted to the taste of her breathe and the feeling of butterflies reminding me that I was shamelessly having sex with my Sam’s sister.

Thrust after thrust I could feel her pussy tightening around me. Each time was followed by an equally involuntary twitch of my cock and a moan from the both of us.

Finally I could feel her clench down, her pussy convulsing as she dug her nails into my back.

“Oh god! I’m cu-!” That was as much as she could scream before the wave of rapture shook throughout her body. The contracting of her insides was my sign that my job was done and I could finally cum, myself. After building up for so long I surrendered my body and felt the warm sensation of my seed filling her tight pussy. Another deliciously taboo cherry to top this moment.

We both laid there, our bodies too weak for anything else. It was all we could do to roll over and spoon – our legs intertwined and my cock pressed comfortably against her ass. I kissed her on the neck and held her tightly as she caressed my hands. I had fantasized about this for so long, and now I didn’t want it to end.