Flashing women while driving on the interstate

This is a story about one of the most intense orgasms I
have ever had from masturbating. So you can get a good
mental picture of what I am about to tell you: I am male,
36, 200lbs., short brown hair and said to be very
attractive. I have an athletic job, so I am in pretty
good shape too.

I like to masturbate. My dick is 7″ long and pretty
thick, cut, and has a pretty big head. I know, not huge,
but not small either. I came across these archives about
six months ago and have masturbated to many of the
stories. I found I got very turned on by the stories
about exhibition.

In one story I read a man had exposed himself while in
his car and that thought really turned me on. I decided
to try it out myself. I decided I wanted to flash my cock
to a woman while driving down the interstate. I knew I
could get caught and be in trouble, so I thought through
what I would do a little.

My plan was to drive down the interstate pretty fast,
passing cars and look for a larger vehicle (van, suv,
etc.) so the girl could see down into my small car
without me having to push myself way up into the air for
her to get a view. I had to make sure she did not have
any c******n or anyone with her. I also wanted her to be
from out of state so she would be less likely to call

Once I drove by the girl I was looking for, I would slow
down a little in front of her and let her pass me back
while I had my cock out in plain view. This way by the
time she saw what I was doing she would not get to see my
license plate because she would be beside me and passing

With this plan I put on a pair of loose shorts and a long
t-shirt. I got into my car and headed for the interstate.
I live close to a very major interstate that has a lot of
travelers from other states on it. As soon as I was
driving I pulled my cock and balls out over my shorts and
it felt awesome. I loved the feeling of being exposed out
in public. I instantly became hard.

When any car was near I would cover myself with the long
t-shirt and other motorist that might have been able to
see in the car could not see anything. But when I was not
in view of anyone, I would pull it out and play with it.
I soon realized I loved stroking my dick while driving.
It only took about 10 minutes to be at the interstate. I
headed north and started looking for the right car and

I did about 7 mph over the speed limit and was catching
plenty of cars. I had my dick out slowly stroking it
until I passed a vehicle, then I would cover it up. I was
rock hard now in anticipation. I passed many men, many
families and some single women in cars with in state
plates. I had traveled about 15 miles and I had not found
the right person I was looking for.

Then all of a sudden something got my attention. Coming
on the on ramp I was passing was a red Honda civic with
in state plates, but init were two college age girls.
There was a college sticker in the back window and the
car was packed with stuff like they were going to, or
coming from college. It was an in state plate and a small
car, not what I had planned, but they were cute college
girls. My dick was rock hard and my heart was racing.

Should I or shouldn’t I? I decided I would.

I had passed them and taken a good look while they were
getting on the interstate. They were both curly haired
blonds and cute a hell. I slowed down to let them catch
back up and pass me. There were not any other cars very
close to us, so my eyes were glued into the mirror
watching them. I looked down to check my cock and it was
ready. I undid my seat belt because I would have to lift
my ass up into the air so they could see from their small

When they got close enough for me to actually see their
faces in the mirror I was overjoyed, they were both
almost perfect 10’s. When they started to pass me and got
past my back bumper I lifted my ass up into the air. I
had my cock in my right hand stroking it slowly and my
heart was pounding so hard I thought I would faint.

When they got beside me I looked over and the driver was
just telling the passenger to look at me, with her eyes
wide as saucers. By the time the passenger looked they
were a little ahead of me so she had to almost turn
around to see and I lifted up even higher. She saw me,
because her eyes grew too, and she smiled very big. They
kept going the same speed and I slowed down a little,
kind of scared. I was not sure what I should do now. I
got off the interstate at the next exit and they were
about 100 yards ahead of me still headed north.

That was the end of my first flash. My heart was still
racing and I was shaking a little. I was beginning to
realize, “I loved it!” I wanted to shoot my load but

I got back on the interstate and headed south, back
home. I still had my dick out. I was stroking it when I
was out around cars, but could not stroke very fast or
hard because I was ready to cum. I was replaying the
event that just happened over and over, wondering what
they thought and if they were doing the same thing.
Before I knew it I was about a mile from my exit. An SUV
with out of state plates was in front of me and it looked
like a single female was driving.

I was blocked in behind her and went passed my exit to be
able to pass her and check it out. When I could pass her,
it was perfect: SUV, out of state, very pretty long
straight haired brunette. I slowed down after passing her
and she followed me for a while. I had my dick out
stroking while watching her in the mirror. I was going to
flash her when she passed me.

My heart started racing when she put on her turn signal
to pass. I started stroking slow and long, from the base
to the head, while she got up beside me. When I looked
over she did not see me. She was looking straight ahead
singing to her radio. I was disappointed. She pulled back
over to the right after she got passed me. I decided to
pass her back and get beside her until she saw me, then
slow down and get back behind her and exit as soon as

I pulled out and pulled up beside her, when I slowed down
to her same speed it did not take long for her to glance
over. I know she had to see my cock being stroked, but
when I saw she was going to look I looked away from her,
so I did not see her reaction. I looked back after a few
seconds and she was just looking straight ahead. But she
then turned and looked right at my cock, and kept her
eyes there. I stroked faster.

She smiled and winked. That made it impossible to hold
off my orgasm.

I shot the largest load of my life and I shot it harder
than I ever have. It hit my stomach, then my chest, then
the steering wheel. I looked over and she had her mouth
in a big oh shape and smiled very big. She stuck out her
tongue and winked again. I slowed and got behind her.
There was an exit not more than a mile away, and I got

I drove home and I have been masturbating to what
happened that day ever since.

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