French tourist getting blackmailed by a local girl

It was such a warm day in Pangkor lsland, an island off
the coast of Malaysia in South East Asia. Francesca
Marceau was a French tourist staying all by herself in
a motel. She rented a motel room, over-facing a large
beach all by herself. Unlike other holiday resort parts
of Malaysia, this one was one of the least crowded, for
any season at any time.

Francesca Marceau was an attractive French Brunette who
bore a strong resemblance to that French actress from
that hit 70s British sitcom Mind Your Language, and
still fit at the early age of 30.

At the moment, she was lying down by an unattended
beach chair, trying to retain her tan. She had a two-
piece red bikini on. It was only Autumn but she had to
get away from France. But it was mostly because she had
to get away from her ex-boyfriend and that her company
was paying for her holiday, so she didn’t care too
much. And besides, Malaysia had a nice temperature that
always attracted European tourists to come.

Just as Francesca was sat all by herself, she was
reading her book: The Satanic Verses. She bought the
book in France, after friends told her that it was such
a controversial book. All she did was packed it in her
luggage and opened it up, so that she had something to
read while on vacation, and trying to get a tan, which
was far easier for a French woman or a South European
that anyone from England or Northern Europe.

Francesca realised that any other tourist were on the
other side of the beach, and so they were unlikely to
disturb her. But someone else did come towards her
spot. While Francesca was trying to keep to her own
world, shadow was looming over her, blocking the sun
from her. Francesca lowered her book down and wanted to
complain, “You are blocking the sun from me.”

Francesca could speak English and so it was not a
problem for her to communicate with the local
population, as Malaysia was part of the British
Commonwealth, having been a British colony itself.
Malaysia had 3 different distinct ethnic groups:
Malays, Chinese and Indians. But there were also some
original native minorities and because the Malays were
the majority, it was a Muslim country, though a bit
more liberal and not as strict as its Middle Eastern

As for the figure blocking Francesca’s view, it was an
attractive “she”. She was a young Malay girl, probably
in her twenties. Francesca recognised her. She was a
young lady working in a shop by the motel, selling
magazines and some other small stuff for tourists. She
had a nice brown complexion and much smaller eyes and
only an inch shorter than Francesca. She even wore a
traditional “batik” girl’s shirt too. The young Malay
girl responded with a very strong tone of voice, like
even demanding, “Do you know that your book is

Francesca was looking back at the cover of her book.
“This book?”

“Possession of this book in this country is illegal.
Satanic Verses is banned in Malaysia. You could go to
jail for having this book.”

Francesca felt a bit more scared now. “I-I… didn’t
know that.”

“Ignorance of our local customs is not an excuse I’m

Francesca did not like being told off and had to try
defending herself, “Look. If I knew, I would not have
brought it here. How about if I burn this book now?”

“I am very sorry. I must report you. It is my duty.”

“Look, please don’t. I am very sorry. Look, is there a
fine for this.”

“Honestly, there is a death sentence for this book.
Didn’t you know that Muslim countries worldwide had put
a fatwa on Salman Rushdie’s head.”

“What… what is a fatwa?”

“When a Muslim religious head has put a bounty on
someone else’s head, and that person can be a Muslim or
a Non Muslim.”

The young Malay girl just took the book away from
Francesca with a fast speed, and even trying to walk
away. Francesca had gotten up and tried to say
something back, “Give me that book back!”

“I would still have to report you for having this in
your possession.”

“That is just stupid. This would never happen in

The young Malay girl turned around and said, “Well you
are in Malaysia now and so respect our laws. Many of
you foreigners come here and bring trouble.”

“You can’t talk that way to me.”

“Oh yes I can. Our economy is doing extraordinarily
well and I would easily get another job elsewhere and
even after I have you reported, some of your other
countrymen would just come here and just say that this
was your fault, since they would not be doing what you
are doing. Who can resist our beaches and nice

The young Malay girl was being cocky, despite having an
innocent look and she did not even wear a headscarf and
so Francesca would have mistaken her for being more
liberal. On the name tag, Francesca could read her name
“Natasha”, a name common with people from Russia or
even Eastern Europe.

“Your name is Natasha.”

“It is a common Muslim name.”

“So why did you come here?”

“My duty to check up on all our guests.”

Francesca was trying to bide time and find a way how to
convince Natasha not to report her. Francesca felt like
some kind of whore, since she was, after al, in a
Muslim country and right there and right then, she was
just dressed in her bikini, trying to get some nice

“Look. Tell you what. How about if I pay you?”

“You’re trying to bribe me.”

Francesca was getting really scared. The police could
just arrive and take her away to jail. It would be a
breach of human rights. But even if she called her
embassy up, she would still be in some local jail and
get harassed by local criminals who probably hate
criminals. The idea of being in jail, even after she
finally gets released due to international pressure,
would still not compensate for having been sent to
jail. Francesca was trying her last resort, “Look.
Please. I will do anything you want. Just don’t report

Natasha then tossed her book to her and she grabbed it
by instinct but Natasha had something to say, “Ok have
your book back. Tell you what. How about we have a

“A deal?” Francesca’s heart was now racing less fast,
as Natasha had just decided that she was not going to
report her.

“I won’t tell anyone that you brought this book here.
But I suggest that you hide it away. You are lucky that
only I know that you have this cursed book.”

“Oh thank you thank you. You are so kind.”

“But I want something in return.”

“W-what would you want from me?”

Natasha gave a wicked smile now. Francesca did not like
the look of this. Natasha then asked, “How long are you
going to be here? And don’t lie. Tell me the truth.”

Francesca knew that it was better to be honest. In case
if she lied, Natasha might come down even harder on her
later on. “I will only be here four more nights.”

“And what room are you staying in?”

“Room 13. Look, I don’t understand…”

Natasha cut her off rudely, “I can make this nice and
easy. When your holiday is over, I would not stop you
from going back home. You know I could make your life
even worse than it is now. All I have to do is post
your name and ID to some Muslim groups worldwide and
then you will know what Salman Rushdie must have felt
like, with a fatwa on his head.”

Francesca realised that even if she were to be able to
return back to France, Natasha would just use the motel
computer and give information about her to some radical
Muslim groups, perhaps like Al Qaeda and if that
happened, her life would never be the same again and
she would have to spend the rest of her life watching
over her back. She even remembered what happened in
Paris back in 2005 when young Muslim North African
youth gangs started their rioting. For the suburbs and
the people living there, every night was a living hell.

“Ok Natasha. What do you want from me?”

“What is your name? I could already find out from the
computer because of the room you’re staying in but I
want us to be much better friends. You know�no hard

“My name is…” Francesca kept stalling but Natasha
just broke out into some small laughter, saying
something in Malay, shaking her head. She then said,
“You don’t even know your own name?”

“It’s Francesca. It’s a French name.”

“It sounds like a lovely name.”

“So is Natasha. Many Russians have that name.”

“And Malays.”

Francesca also tried breaking out into laughter. Better
to have Natasha in such a good mood. Maybe even a small
favour and Natasha would just be all-nice and perhaps
feeling guilty for having scared Francesca with these
accusations in the first place. Natasha then said, “Ok
Francesca. This is the deal. As long as you are staying
with us, until the day you have to
go back, I want you to be my slave.”

Francesca’s heart dropped. She responded in a meek
tone, “Slave? What do you mean slave?”

“Like you are my slave. Personal slave. That if I tell
you to do something, you of course do it. Sincerely of
course. Relax, I am going to use you like how the
Pharaohs used Musa and his people.”


“Moses in your Bible.”


“If you become my slave. I promise I won’t tell anyone
about that book you have. I will give you just one
minute to make your decision.”

Francesca was not really a strong-minded woman and the
threat of blackmail was far too great for her. But
better being this young woman’s slave for three days
than to spend the rest of her life in jail. Natasha
said, “What is it gonna be. Jail and a possible death
sentence. Or just few days of being my slave. You know
even if you go to jail and your government gets you
free, which I strongly doubt, you will never be able to
live through this. Not only you would have a problem
travelling to this or any other Muslim country or any
foreign country but someone will have a fatwa on your
head. Just think about Salman Rushdie. Or that pig from
Denmark who dare to make a mockery cartoon of our

Francesca thought about it quick and then decided,
“Very well Natasha. I will be your slave.”

Natasha smiled confidently, “Excellent. Now I suggest
you go back to your room. I will show up at say,”
Natasha looked at her watch and then continued, “seven
o’clock sharp.”

Francesca was taking note of what Natasha said. Natasha
then looked back at Francesca, looking at her down-and-
up, saying, “And so you don’t forget our agreement, I
suggest that you keep your bikini on. As a sign of the
deal that you have agreed on and that you don’t go back
on your word, so that you remember and don’t forget
this very moment.”


Natasha had walked away and Francesca knew that her
fate was sealed. She had to remember to keep her red
bikini on when Natasha was going to come and meet her
in her room. No point trying to run away or else
Natasha would make sure that Francesca regretted having
done so.

Francesca contemplated that perhaps Natasha would make
her bathe her or take her out for dinner and having to
pay for it all. Or that she would do her finger nails
and give her some massage, like as if some kind of
European maid.

But whatever it was, Francesca hated having done this
deal. But this was far better than the alternative.
Francesca wartched the Malay girl walk away and so she
too walked back to her motel.

Francesca was inside her motel room, No.13. she still
wore her red bikini and lied on her bed. It was a motel
room that resembled a mini-cabin. It was one big
bedroom by itself with a large bed, and with the
television and wall-mirrors facing it. But there was a
small narrow hallway, which led to the bathroom, which
was not much different from that of regular hotels.

She looked at her watch. It was 7PM and her watch lied
on the bedside table. There was a knock on the door.
She went to open it. Natasha was there stood outside,
still dressed like how she was earlier. Natasha just
pushed her aside and then said, “Close the door.”

Francesca was feeling funny, still being made to remain
in her bikini and not put proper clothes on. But she
still wasn’t sure what Natasha was going to make her
do. Natasha was just there, smiling. She closed the
room door. Francesca then said

“Do your employers know you are here?”

“I close my shop normally by 6:30PM. After that, I can
do what I want.”

“So they don’t check up on you?” Francesca tried to
keep as a friendly conversation as possible, sincerely.

Natasha then looked at her and said, “They don’t care
what I do after my shop hours are closed.”

Natasha then moved closer to Francesca and was moving
her finger all over Francesca’s chest, though not her
breasts. Francesca was not sure if this woman was
trying to hit on her but she looked surprised.

“My dear, you and I are going to have dinner together.
But not here in Pangkor.”


“We are going to the mainland. But tomorrow, I will
bring you back to this island in the morning.”

“And won’t the people here ask?”

“You can tell the reception that you are meeting a
friend on the mainland but your belongings are still
here and that you will be returning in the morning. You
are taking the bus to the harbour we are headed. And of
course they won’t accuse you of trying to run away
since they have your details.”


Natasha was looking at Francesca, as if she fancied the
French woman. Francesca was becoming a bit more
suspicious and Natasha then said, “Keep your bikini on
and put some travelling clothes over it. Bring what you
need to bring. I will wait outside.”

Natasha left the room and waited outside. Francesca
then started putting on some clothes over the bikini
she wore. She had her wallet and purse and had put on
some make-up. She then met Natasha outside. Both ladies
went towards the reception but it was Francesca who
went to give her room key to the young Malay boy
working behind the reception and explaining that she
was going over to the mainland to meet a friend and
will be back tomorrow. She still had to pay the bill
for that night too, even if she was not going to be
there, as her belongings were still there.

After they left the hotel, they waited by the nearby
bus stop. Francesca was made to pay for both their bus
tickets, headed for the harbour. As Francesca and
Natasha were seated together, Francesca noticed that
many of the people in the bus were employees of that
holiday resort. None of them gave Francesca any wolf
whistles, in case that she might report them.

The bus finally reached the harbour and both ladies
boarded the ship headed for the mainland. Francesca was
made to pay for both of them again. The trip was about
an hour. They finally arrived in the other side.

On the mainland, Francesca and Natasha took another bus
(paid by Francesca again) towards some town centre.
Once they got off there, Francesca found herself in
some street that had small restaurants and some closed
shops. The pavements were dirty and the locals were
walking by, but many dressed with American type-
imported clothes. Francesca asked Natasha, “Where are
we going?”

“Dinner. I’m starved.”

Both ladies were walking amongst a crowd of people,
until they finally come across some Indian Muslim shop.
They walked inside. Inside the shop was something that
was pretty common in Malaysia. There were people sat
down and eating their food on round tables. When they
reached the counter, Natasha then told Francesca, “I am
going to order the food for us. I will tell you how
much you need to pay.”

Francesca glumly said, “Oh Ok.”

Francesca noticed that some of the men, both young and
old, who were sat down were temporarily eyeing her. It
was probably because she was European and had make-up
on. Natasha ordered food in her native tongue Malay and
the guy behind the counter shouted back at the kitchen
behind him. She then responded something back to
Natasha in Malay. Natasha then said to Francesca,
“Let’s take a seat until we get our order.”

“We are not eating here.”

“We are eating in my place.”

They took a seat by an empty round table. After thirty
minutes, the guy behind the counter shouted towards
Natasha and then Natasha said to Francesca, “Ok. It is
time to pay and then get out of here.”

When they reached the counter, the guy behind the
counter spoke to Natasha in Malay and Natasha told
Francesca to give her some amount of money, which she
used to pay the guy behind the counter.

“I want you to carry the food.”

Francesca carried the food, which was all wrapped
together in some plastic bag.

“I want you to hold it gently so that you don’t spill
the sauce.”

Francesca hated being ordered around like that but she
did not want to piss Natasha off and so did as she was
told. Natasha paid the man and kept the change. They
both walked off the Indian Muslim shop.

Once they were out in the streets, Natasha was waking
in front of Francesca, who followed behind her like
some kind of maid. They walked until they finally
reached what looked like some apartment block, which
was on a corner by itself, was far away from the road.
It was about less than six stories high. They passed by
the security guards and Natasha spent some time
chatting in Malay to the guards, in a very warm and
friendly way. But they then proceeded towards
underneath the building, which also served as some
carpark and they walked towards the lift. Natasha
pushed the button and then told Francesca, “Come inside
the lift.”

Once inside the lift, Natasha pushed the button for the
fifth floor. Natasha looked at the food bag that
Francesca was carrying and she then said, “It smells
nice too.”

To Francesca, it was a strange smell, since she never
really had any of the local food. Then the lift stopped
and finally opened. Natasha made a joking statement,
“Looks like our stop.”

They got out of the lift and Natasha led them towards
the right side of that floor’s narrow corridor. They
walked all the way until they reached the last
apartment. Natasha opened it with her apartment key and
she then motioned for Francesca to come inside, after
she turned on the lights inside.

Once inside the apartment, Francesca could see what it
looked like. It had a small living room which faced the
door and a couch facing the wall. There was a
rectangular dining table there too. There was also a
small narrow space which served as the kitchen, which
Francesca could see.

“Francesca, leave the food inside the kitchen. I will
prepare it for us. Why don’t you go wash your face in
the bathroom.”

Francesca could see the small corridor that led to some
doors. Francesca realised that the other two were
bedrooms. And one of them must be the bathroom. She
entered it and then closed the door behind her. She
switched on the lights and washed her face over the
washing basin. As she finished washing her face, she
looked at herself in the mirror.

Some holiday this was. Instead of getting away from
stress, she (a European woman) was made to obey some
ordinary local girl (much younger than her) and even
f****d to come to that young lady’s house. She was
being blackmailed into becoming this girl’s slave, and
all because she was caught having and reading some
stupid book. She heard Natasha calling her from
outside, “Come out now.”

When Francesca came out the bathroom, Natasha was
standing by the dining table. She then gave Francesca a
wicked smile, “Francesca, I want you to lie on top of
this table.”

Francesca was shocked. Natasha continued, “I want you
to take all your clothes.”

Natasha wailed towards Francesca and slapped her hard
on the face, saying to her “Your life is in my hands.
You agreed to be my slave. Are you going back on your
words. Do you want me to go to police and tell them
about you having The Satanic Verses. Do you want to end
up spending the rest of your life in our prisons? Trust
me, you Western women won’t be able to handle it.”

Francesca felt for that part of her cheek which Natasha
slapped and it was even a hard slap. She nearly cried.
Natasha then told her in a commanding tone, “Now take
off your clothes and put them by the couch over there.”

Natasha became meek this instant. She slowly took off
her clothes. She got out of her shoes. Then she took
off her jeans and shirt. Once she had let everything
dropped. Natasha still told her, “I want to see you
completely naked. Take off your bikini!”

Francesca was a bit scared at this abusive shouting.
She untied her bra and let it drop off the floor. She
could see the wicked smirk on Natasha’s face. She then
slowly pulled down her. Once she was completely naked,
she then grabbed all her belongings and then walked
over to the couch and placed them there.

“Now get over here!”

Francesca walked towards where Natasha was. Natasha
then said, “Now climb over this table and lie down on
it as if you were in bed.”

The table stood lower than Francesca’s waist but it
looked strong and steady. She did as she was told. She
slowly climbed over it by some chairs and she the
positioned herself so that she would lie on top of it.

Natasha then said, “Now I am going to serve us dinner.”

Natasha walked towards the kitchen and Francesca
wondered what Natasha was planning to do to her. She
never expected Natasha t make her go completely naked.
Natasha finally arrived. Natasha was carrying some food
container full of rice. It was Nasi Goreng, a
traditional local food. Natasha was using a large spoon
to dispense the Nasi Goreng rice-and-meat (normally
chicken curry pieces)�all over Francesca’s beautiful
breasts. Both breasts had been covered now by food.

But she was not finished yet. She came back and put
some Natasha then took a chair, next to Francesca’s
breast and then laughingly told the French woman, “Ok,
time to eat.”

Natasha was eating the rice from Francesca’s breasts
with her bare hands. But Natasha could see that her
slave was not used to being used like some sort of
plate. She then said to Francesca in a degrading way,
“I want you to put your left hand on your breasts.”

Francesca raised her left hand by her left breasts.

“Now squeeze on the food on top of you. There are meat
pieces for you to eat. Chicken pieces. Fish pieces. Egg

Natasha broke out into a cruel laughter. Francesca was
hungry and she moved her fingers, as if to grasp some
food, be it mixed-up rice or chicken pieces and lift
all the way to her mouth, like some sort of robot,
feeding herself as much as she can. Natasha enjoyed
dining on Francesca. Francesca tried to shut herself
from this humiliation. Natasha managed to eat most of
the food, as well as Francesca. All over Francesca’s
breasts were few pieces of rice, some small sauce
pieces and her breasts smelled literally like Nasi
Goreng. Natasha saw the look-of-defeat ion Francesca’s
face. But she did not care. She laughed at the poor
woman and she was even eyeing her right nipple and
pinched on it, laughing. She then was twitching on it,
as if to shake Francesca’s entire right breast, like a
piece of meat.

“Ok slave. Time to get up. You smell like food.”

Francesca was partly mesmerised. Natasha slapped her
hard on the face and she then realised that she was
being told to do something, “Get up. We need to get you
washed up.”

Francesca managed to move her body, so as to get off
the table. Natasha was heading for the bathroom and she
motioned for her to go there. Once inside, Natasha was
pointing at the bathtub.

“I want you to lie there.”

Francesca did as she was told. She climbed over the
bath tube and then lied her back against the bottom.
Natasha closed the bathroom door and then told
Francesca mockingly, “You smell like Nasi Goreng. I
never knew Western women were this dirty.”

Natasha took the soap and gave it to Francesca and
said, “I want you to go and clean your entire smelly

Francesca was using the soap but moved in a very slow
speed, “Hurry up!”

Francesca tried to soap her entire body, but mostly her
breasts and all over her arms and legs, while still
lying down on the bath tube. But before Francesca could
say that she was finished, Natasha grabbed the water
hose and turned it on. At full cold blast. She was
hosing Francesca’s entire lying body. She could hear
the French woman make some scream, being dosed with
cold water. Natasha could hear the screams but she just
laughed. She finally stopped. Francesca was really wet,
from the top of her head all the way down to her legs.
Her hair was messed up and so was her make-up on her

“Now stay there. I will get you a towel.” Natasha got
out of the bathroom and came back with a towel. She
then said to her slave, “Get up. And dry your body with

Francesca tried getting up from the bath tube, and took
the towel from Natasha and tried covering herself with
it, below her waist. Natasha was angry and said, “Are
you stupid. I want you to dry your body first.”

At being called “stupid”, Francesca felt humiliated and
so, used the towel to dry herself. Afterwards, Natasha
then asked her to return to the living room, still
carrying the towel. Natasha then took the towel off her
and then properly placed it on top of the dining table,
where Natasha dined on Francesca’s body earlier on.
Francesca was surprised. Natasha smiled again and said,
“I want you to lie over the table.”

Francesca did as she was told. She laid her back on top
of the table, for the second time. Natasha then said to
her, “Now wait right here.”

Natasha walked and came back with some things. She sat
by Francesca’s body. But this time, she was sat by
Francesca’s legs, especially what was between her legs.
Natasha was feeling Francesca’s pubic hair. It was
still wet.

“You have brown pubic hair. Asian woman have black

Francesca could see that Natasha was intending on
having some fu with her. She could see that Natasha had
some scissors on. Francesca whimpered to her mistress,
“What are you going to do with me?”

“Testing to see if my skills are still good. And trust
me, I’m very good with this.” Natasha treated
Francesca’s pubic hair as if it were human hair and she
started demonstrating some barber-like skills and
started snipping off some of Francesca’s pubic hair. It
felt good. Natasha kept on snipping, with parts of the
pubic hair being brushed away with a brush, just
underneath the towel between Francesca’s legs.

From Natasha’s view, most of the pubic hair had been
cut off. She then got up from the chair and said to
Francesca, “Now stay right here.”

Natasha walked off and came back with something else.
Francesca, who was lying down could not see what it
was. But she felt some paper-like piece pressed on top
of where her pussy was. It felt in a strange way good.
But Francesca also realised that it felt a lot like
hair wax, which women normally put on their legs, so as
to get rid of hair on their legs. Natasha then pulled
it off very roughly and Francesca made a low scream.
Natasha then joked and said, “There.”

Natasha raised the hair-removing wax-paper and showed
it to Francesca’s face. Francesca could see many little
bits of brown hair on the paper.

Francesca then spoke, “You took off all my pubic hair.”

Natasha then went over to Francesca’s face and smiled
at her, “Yes I took out your entire pubic hair. Now you
have no pubic hair at all.”

“Can I get up?”

“No you may not. I am not finished with you yet.”
Natasha went away with the wax paper and came back with
the brush. She brushed off some hair pieces. She then
said to Francesca, “Get up!”

Francesca got up from the table, for the second time.
Natasha brought the towel towards the bathroom, with
the brush and she was brushing off the brown hair from
the towel, towards the flushing shitting bowel. After
she got rid of the last bits, she flushed it down the

While Natasha was just coming out from the bathroom,
Francesca was putting her right hand on her pussy. She
really felt all her pubic hair totally removed from her
body. From her French pussy. Natasha then told her,
“Please have a seat. I am going to make us both some
hot drinks.”

Natasha made them some “Tea Tarik” and they were both
sat down drinking on the table. while Francesca was
sipping her Tae Tarik, Natasha was happily telling her
about what a great country Malaysia, being racially
diversed with different food and having the world’s
tallest buildings, The Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur and
how brave her ex Prime Minster was, for standing up to
the imperialistic West. And also that one day Islam
will rule the world.

After they finished their drinks, Francesca was made to
wash their cups in the sink and place them on the plate
holder for drying. Natasha had also told Francesca to
blow-dry her hair, by a socket by the couch. Francesca
turned the hair dryer to full strength and within
moments, the hair on top of her head became extremely
dry. But even after she finished, Natasha said, “You
know what. Sit right there. Give that to me.”

Natasha took the hair dryer from Francesca and she had
a wicked smile. She then said, “Spread your legs!”

Francesca was not happy but did what she was told to
do. She spread her legs, revealing her hairless pussy.
Natasha then looked at her and said, “I think hot will

Natasha turned the hair dryer on but this time was
blowing it towards Francesca’s pussy. She could feel
hot air pushing through her pussy. It felt erotic.
Natasha then switched the hair dryer off and took it

When Natasha returned, she said to Francesca, “I think
we had enough fun for one night. Let’s go to the

After Natasha switched the lights in the living room
off, both ladies went towards Natasha’s bedroom, which
was the only thing in the apartment to still have
lights on. Natasha then turned the lamp light by the
bedside on and switched off the ones by the ceiling.
“Looks much better this way, don’t you think?”

Francesca nodded but Natasha was not satisfied, “Say
something. Nodding will get you nowhere.”

“Yes Natasha. You are right.”

“I know I am.”

Francesca eyed the bed. It was large enough for two
persons. But Natasha closed the bedroom door and said
to Francesca, “I want you to go lie on the right side
of the bed.”

Francesca walked towards where the right side of the
bed was and sat there, still naked. Natasha then said
to her, “I want you to lie down on it, facing the bed.”

Francesca was a bit upset. That would put her in an
uncomfortable position. But she knew better to argue
with Natasha and so, shed tried lying down on the bed,
gently and Natasha walked over and helped her. Natasha
placed some pillow just above where Francesca’s eyes
would be and told her to keep it shut. While Francesca
was lying faced down, Natasha was asking her to fold
her arms above her head, which she did. Natasha also
helped make her legs lie straight.

Natasha whispered towards Francesca’s ears and said, “I
won’t hurt you. But you are going to have to follow me.

Francesca nodded. Natasha then patted her head, “That
is a good French girl. If only your countrywomen were
as obedient as you.”

Natasha then sat on top of Francesca’s back the bed was
much larger in height than either lady. Natasha then
said, “You know what. I think I want you to move your
body a bit lower.”

Francesca raised her body a bit higher and then moved
her body a bit further from the top part of the bed.
She also took the pillow and re-positioned her face, so
that the pillow was above her eyes. But now her toes,
her legs were beyond the edge of the bed, and this was
even more uncomfortable. Before she could protest,
Natasha sat back on her back again and then told her,
“Stretch your arms.”

Francesca stretched her arms. Once her arms were
stretched towards the top of the bed, Natasha was
leading each hand through the fences of the top part of
the bed. Her fingers could feel the wall. And the she
realised that Natasha was tying her wrists together,
from the other side of the bed’s upper fence. This
meant that she could not move her hands away, unless
Natasha untied them from that side. It was a cloth.

Natasha then got up and climbed out of the bed, telling
her French slave, “Stay right there!”

Francesca could only feel and breathe from the surface
of the bed. But she heard Natasha put something just
below the bed. Natasha placed a heavy box. Then
Francesca felt Natasha tying her ankles together very
quick. Natasha used some longer cloth, which she
further tied its end with the box just beneath her
feet, by the end of the bed.

Francesca could not raise her arms and legs anymore and
was totally helpless. Natasha then whispered to her
ear, “Open your mouth!”

Francesca had opened her mouth and all of a sudden, she
felt Natasha placed a cloth between her teeth. Now she
could no longer make a full scream and just muster a
couple of moans. Natasha had tied the other end of the
cloth behind Francesca’s head.

Natasha eyed Francesca’s naked body. She not only had
sexy legs but also had a nice ass. She had a fit body.
The purpose of the pillow was for two things. Firstly,
she did not want to suffocate Francesca and so, allowed
her some space between her nose and the bed, so that
she can still breathe. Secondly, Francesca’s breasts
would not also get mushed up by being pushed too close
against the bed.

Natasha then said to Francesca, lying beside her
slave’s body, “You know, I do hope that when God
rewards with having infidels for slaves, that he will
make you my slave.”

Natasha then got up and went to her bedside table. it
had a drawer which had pencils, rulers and papers in
it. She took out her ruler. It was a strong wooden
ruler. She looked at Francesca’s ass, using the ruler
to feel with it.

Natasha then said, “I think you Western women sometimes
need to know your place. You come to Malaysia and act
like you own this country. Well you know what. I will
you in your place once and for all. And this is also to
remind you not to bring dirty books like Satanic Verses
into my country.”

Natasha WHACKED Francesca’s ass five times. Francesca
made a painful moaning sound, as the cloth on her mouth
prevented her from screaming. But Natasha gave her a
couple more WHACKINGS, until the French woman’s ass
turned completely red. It was much REDDER then the rest
of her naked body.

As for Francesca, tears flowed down her cheeks and into
the bed. It was so painful. This Malay girl, younger
and shorter than her, was behaving like Marquis De
Sade, with bondage and uncontrolled BDSM type behaviour
towards her.

But Natasha looked at the REDDISH ASS and she purposely
moved the tip of her pointing finger all over the
surface of both buttocks. It caused Francesca to twitch
in pain. Natasha could see how she was making her slave
feel uncomfortable but hey, this French woman was her

But Natasha wanted to have some more fun. She walked
out the bedroom door and went to the kitchen. She took
out a candle stick with a match box. She went back tot
the bedroom, and also closed the bedroom door behind
her too. She then slowly pushed the bottom end of the
candle stick, between Francesca’s ass’s buttocks.
Francesca was twitching but too helpless to make enough
movement, due to her legs being pulled down and her
wrists pulled up.

Natasha then took out a match stick and lit a fire with
it, slowly and gently placing it on top of the candle.

“There. I thought you Westerners love taking it up in
the ass.”

Natasha then got up and switched off the lights from
the lampshade, as the light from the candle was enough
to brighten the room. She then lied next to Francesca’s
ass. She took some small book out, which was a short
Malay romance novel. She used the back of Francesca, as
a reading table. Francesca was uncomfortable, as the
weight of the woman was pushing her own body towards
the bed. But she was even more uncomfortable that her
ass continued to develop more pain, from wax dripping
out from the top of the candle towards her already
bruised ass. She could no longer twitch as the pain was
beyond control.

Natasha knew that she was causing Francesca some agony
but this was making her even more excited. Eventually,
the combined pain from the candle wax and from the
spanking-by-the-ruler had caused Francesca to lose
consciousness. But as long as the candle light
continued to hold out, Natasha could continue to read
her novel. And it was getting a lot more exciting too.

As she finally put her book away and then turned on the
lampshade, as the candle finally went out, she slowly
removed the candle stick from Francesca’s ass and it
was already smelling. Yuck, Natasha thought. She dumped
it by the bin.

But as she looked at Francesca’s ass, she knew that she
was going to have to clean it up with some wet cloth,
if she was still going to maintain it for anymore
future fun. Eventually, Natasha went to sleep with the
lights turned off and while sleeping, she would just
automatically hug something there that would have
served as some sort of pillow even if it was human-

But as Natasha was dreaming, she let her thoughts drift
into what other sort of ways was she going to have fun
with her new slave. As for Francesca, her thoughts took
her to dreamland, both a mixture of a nice dream of
finally returning home to France or spending some jail
time in Malaysia, getting harassed by evil female
criminals behind bars and wicked female policewomen.

Three More Nights…

It was early morning and the alarm clock RANG. Natasha
had woke and untied her new slave. And woke her up too,
by slapping her hard on her ass.

“Wake up. Time to get changed.”

Francesca woke up. Francesca got up from the bed and
walked to the living room to put her clothes back on,
since she last left them on the living room couch.
After both ladies left the apartment block, both ladies
had a quick breakfast by a local Indian Muslim shop.
Afterwards, they boarded the ship headed for the island
where the motel was. Once they reached the harbour,
they took the bus towards where the motel was. While
inside the bus, they both sat together. Natasha still
wore the same clothes she did the day before and so did
Francesca. Then Natasha whispered to Francesca’s ears,
“I had fun last night.”

Francesca remembered the ordeal from the night before.
She dreaded to try thinking about it. But Natasha had
more to say, “Don’t worry. I won’t make you come back
to my place again.”

Natasha was silent for a while but then had something
else to say, “I work in the shop with someone else but
she won’t suspect a thing. She knows that I am the one
who goes check up on people. Since I won’t be visiting
you tonight, I am going to meet up with you in the

Natasha then looked at her watch and said, “How about
if I meet you at the same spot from yesterday? At say
three sharp?”


“And I want you to go to the restaurant and order
yourself two Nasi Lemaks. Tell them that you plan on
eating in your room and that you don’t want to be

“What food again.”

“Nasi Lemak.”

“I think I will remember that word.”

“They also have written in the menu.”

Francesca would remember the word. “Nasi” sounds a lot
like the word “Nazi”. Lemak sounds like the word
“camel” spelled backwards. This would remind her of
Islamic terrorists and Nazis, the very two groups that
have intimidated the French people both in the previous
and last century.

“I will remember that word alright.”

“Words. It is two words. And don’t forget to wear your
bikini too.”

They finally arrived by the motel and went their
separate ways. Natasha went to the shop where she
worked at and had to open it up and do whatever
business she had to do over there. Francesca headed for
the reception and took her room key from the
receptionist. She headed straight for room 13. Her ass
still ached from last night.

Francesca had some sleep and was completely knackered.
When she got back into her room, she took a small
shower. It was a lukewarm shower. It felt good washing
her body with clean water. But as she was putting a
hand on her pussy, she remembered that Natasha had it
all snipped off. She also put some shampoo on her hair
too, so that it would smell fresh.

After she finished taking shower, she remained inside
the bathroom, drying herself with the towel. She knew
that later, she was going to have put up with some
a***e from Natasha, only perhaps this time it will be
far more temporary than the previous night on the

By 3PM, Francesca wore her bikini and was sat on the
same beach chair, at the exact same spot. She also had
ordered something from the motel restaurant. Two brown
bags of Nasi Lemak. It was down beside her. Francesca
saw Natasha approaching her from the distance. Natasha
smiled at her and said, “I’m hungry.”

“It does smell good.”

Natasha then had a serious look on her face, “We would
not be disturbed. No one else is by this area from the
hotel. Now take off your bikini and put it by the

Francesca stripped off from her red bikini and placed
it along with some other small belonging of hers on top
of the beach chair. She was now naked on the beach.

“Don’t worry Francesca. No one will see you naked.”

Natasha walked towards where the food was. She placed
it on a spot just two metres away from the beach chair.
She had opened up both Nasi Lemak bags. She then
motioned for Francesca to come. But as Francesca walked
there, Natasha then said, “Now lie on your back. I want
your body to be touched by Malaysian sand.”

Francesca then lied herself next to Natasha and the
opened-up goof bags. Her ass and back were feeling the
lukewarm heat from the sand. She also felt sandy too.

“Now just keep your mouth shut.”

Natasha placed one Nasi Lemak bag to the right of
Francesca’s body. She then poured the other entire Nasi
Lemak bag all over Francesca breasts. Francesca was
distressed. She was dining on her again.

“NOW Francesca. Remembered how you ate food yesterday.
With your fingers.”

As Natasha started digging her fingers onto the poor
woman’s boobs, Francesca was using her left hand to
grasp some of the Nasi Lemak pieces onto her mouth.
Just as Natasha was eating the food from Francesca’s
breasts, she then lowered her head above the breasts
and started lapping her tongue and just eating the food
from there, especially where Francesca’s right nipple
was. Francesca was struggling and just pouring food
onto her own mouth. She knew that it was Natasha who
was going to decide when they have stopped eating.

After both ladies have finished their food, Natasha
then told Francesca, “Ok time to get up!”

Francesca was still partly mesmerised by still being
treated like some sort of chattel. Or plate. Natasha
slapped her hard on the face, shouting, “I said get

Francesca was starting to get up. Natasha then told her
French slave, “Now all these wrapping bags. I want you
to throw them away.”

Both women had their hands dirty, from eating the food
with their hands. But on top of Francesca’s chest, some
sticky food pieces remained.

“Hmm, you look tasty.”

Natasha then walked towards the naked woman and then
pulled her closer to her, while using her tongue to lap
off some of the rice pieces that were stuck on the
upper part of the breasts. Then Natasha moved away and
told her, “You are the best plate I have ever used.”

Natasha then looked at her hands and she saw Francesca
trying to reach for her bikini, so as to cover her
private parts up. Natasha shouted, “Wait! Don’t put
your bikini back on yet!”

Natasha walked towards where the chair was and took
Natasha’s bikini-panties and she used it to clean her
fingers of Nasi Lemak. She then handed it back to
Francesca, who looked even more distressed watching the
woman use her own bikini-panties as some kind of cloth.
Natasha just smiled and said, “I have cleaned my hands.
But still smells like Nasi Lemak.”

Natasha then pushed her hands towards Francesca and
mockingly said, “Smell this.”

Francesca backed away. She did not want to have that
smell, since she was already partly smelling that way.
Natasha just giggled at the look of horror on
Francesca’s face. Natasha then cruelly said to
Francesca, “Now put on your bikinis.”

Fracnesca did as she was told. After putting her two-
piece red bikini on, she now also causing her bra to
also touch and get he smell from the Nasi Lemak pieces
from her boobs. As for her pussy, it was now also
getting some smell and food pieces, as Natasha used it
to clean her hands with.

As Natasha was ready to get going, she then told her
slave, “Same time tomorrow. But this time, your room.”

Two More Nights…

Francesca was lying on her bed. She was dressed very
comfortably. She only had something that looked like a
nightie. But it was comfortable. KNOCK on the door.
Francesca had opened the door for Natasha. Natasha was
carrying a small bamboo stick.

Natasha pushed her aside and then closed the door
behind them.

“You know I prefer you naked.”

Francesca knew that Natasha wanted her to automatically
strip off. Francesca stripped off her clothes and
chucked it all on the bed. Natasha then said, “Ok.
Francesca. I want you to put your fingers on both ends
of your ears.”

Francesca did as she was told. She was holding to both
her earlobes.

“Now I am going to count one to twenty and every time I
count, you move your body down. And then up again.
Ready go.”

As Natasha was counting, Francesca held to her earlobes
and was squatting her body up and down. Natasha
laughed, as she found this sight to be hilarious. After
Natasha finished making the poor woman act like a
clown, she then said, “Now go on your knees.”

Francesca had dropped down on her knees. Natasha then
said, “Now drop down on all fours, like a dog.”

Francesca went down on all fours. Natasha then went
behind her and sat on her back. Natasha was not so
heavy but her weight was keeping Francesca’s body down,
“I want to ride you like a horse.”

As Natasha was pulling at the back of Francesca’s hair,
she then said, “Ok horsey giddyup!”

Natasha used the end of the bamboo stick to hit
Francesca’s ass, making the French woman move around
her room.

“Giddyup! Giddyup!” WHACK against her poor ass, had
hurt her and she moaned.

“Now if you do as you are told, I won’t have to beat
you,” Natasha then got up from the French woman and pat
her nicely on the ass, “Ok dear. You can get up now.”

As Francesca got up, she felt the PAIN on her ass.
Natasha just let out a small evil giggle.

“Francesca, why don’t you lie on your bed.”

Francesca’s ass was hurting so bad that she begged her
Malay mistress, “Please, could I lie on my chest? My
ass still hurts. I am a very sensitive woman.”

Natasha then used her other free hand to fondle with
Francesca’s left boob, very gently and lovingly.

“Are you?”

Francesca meekly nodded her slave-head. Natasha then
cruelly placed her fingers between Francesca’s nipple
and then twisted them hard and quick. Francesca
screamed, “OUCH!”

Natasha just giggled. “Ok lie on the bed. I am not
going to hit you anymore.”

“Thank you. Thank you.” The poor defeated French woman
climbed on top of her bed and just lied face down.
Natasha then climbed on top of the bed. She was
fondling Francesca’s brown hair. Natasha then
complimented her slave, “You know of all the Mat
Salehs, I find the dark haired ones to be the most
attractive. Normally South East Asian men don’t like
European women. Not the Germans. Not the Swedish. Not
even the British. Or Americans. But some do like ones
like you.”

Natasha put the bamboo stick down on the bed and she
was fondling all over Francesca’s back. As Francesca
lied her face down and her arms over her head, she
could feel Natasha’s tongue lapping at the back of her
neck. Either her Malay mistress was a lesbian or just
plain kinky or just plain domineering. Or a molester.

Francesca could feel her mistress’s tongue lapping up
and down, from that part of her neck touching her upper
back, all the way to the lower part of the back of her
hair. Then Natasha gave her neck a small bite, like
what normally lovers would do sometimes.

As Francesca just lied there, nearly falling asleep,
she heard Natasha shouting at her ear, “Ok sweety, same
time tomorrow. This room again.” Natasha had walked out
the room door and slammed it behind her.

One More Night…

Francesca lied on the top of her bed. By tomorrow
morning, she was going to leave Malaysia and take a
long flight back to Europe. This had been one strange
“bdsm” oriented fiasco. And the last time she had to
see her abuser’s face again.


Francesca got up and opened the door her mistress. He
door closed behind them again. Natasha had the same
bamboo stick that she had the day before. Natasha then
smiled at her, “I have you for one more day. Tomorrow,
you are going back to Europe. As I promise, you will be
left alone. And you won’t see me again. Perhaps you can
come back to this motel again and I won’t even harass
you. I won’t even tell them about your book.”

Francesca looked meek. As the day passes by, she became
more and more meeker. Natasha had TAMED her by force
and a***e. Natasha then placed a hand on Francesca’s
sweet French face. “Why so glum darling. I am not going
to hit you. You have been so obedient. Trust me sayang
(Malay for sweetheart), you have nothing to worry
about. What if I told you that I actually find French
women attractive and that I am not as anti-Western as
you think I am.”

Natasha then put the bamboo stick on the floor and
started taking off her own clothes until she was
completely naked and then climbed on top of Francesca’s
bed. Francesca lovingly hit the side of the bed, asking
for Francesca to come.

“Why don’t you take of your clothes and come join me

Francesca stripped off completely and joined her
mistress on the bed. Natasha lied her back and rested
her head on the pillow, spread her own legs, saying,
“Francesca, I want you lick my pussy.”

Francesca was hovering her whole body on the edge of
the bed and placed her face between the Malay girl’s
legs and started licking the Malay girl’s pussy.
Natasha kept one hand on top of Francesca’s head,
keeping her head down, so that she still knows her
place. Natasha felt pleasure from her pussy being

“Oh yes. Oh yes!”

Natasha liked it. She then pulled Francesca by her hair
and said, “Ok stop. I want you now to lie down on the
bed. On your back!”

Natasha got up from the bed and it was Francesca’s turn
to lie down. As Francesca was lying down, Natasha went
to the floor and picked up her bamboo stick. Francesca
was afraid that she would get more WHACKINGS. But to
Francesca’s surprise, Natasha was standing above where
her head was. She was lowering down her ass, just above
Francesca’s face. Francesca could already smell
Natasha’s ass and it was smelly, “You know dear, I am
pretty sure you know what I want you to do.”

Francesca realised that Natasha was lowering the other
end of the bamboo stick on her pussy. She could feel
the touch of wood against her sexual organ. Her French
flesh. As Natasha’s ass stood above Francesca’s face,
Francesca tied to LAP HER TONGUE on the Malay girl’s
asshole. She lapped and lapper. If she did not lap,
Natasha would WHACK HER PUSSY.

Francesca’s tongue TASTED SHIT. It was smelling shit.
It felt shit. But to Natasha, the tongue felt good on
her ass. After lapping against something that tasted
horrible, Natasha got up from the top of the woman’s
head, saying, “That was good. That felt nice. Your
tongue was good for my ass. Now lie on your back

Francesca then changed position, so that she faced the
bed once more and her ass faced the ceiling. Natasha
was on top of her body, slowly licking and kissing the
back of Francesca’s neck. Francesca liked the touch of
a tongue on the back of her head. Natasha then
whispered on her ear, “Francesca, I am going to get
changed. But I want you to still stay in this

Natasha was fondling and patting the back of the French
woman’s head. Natasha put her clothes back on. After
Natasha finished her clothes back on, she then
whispered to Francesca’s ears, “You can get up after
you hear me slam my way out your door. I just want to
have one last fun.”

As Francesca was facing the bed, and her ass feeling
the dumpy air from the room, she heard Natasha
whispering to her ear, “Now open your mouth but still
face the bed.”

As Francesca did what she was told, she felt some cloth
(perhaps her own panty) being used to cover her mouth,
so that she won’t be heard if she screamed. But the
next moment, was an experience like one she never
experienced before. She felt the bamboo stick STICKING
RIGHT UP HER ASS. She screamed (but no one could hear)
on the top of her lungs.

After a while, Natasha slowly pulled it out and then
the door slammed. Francesca was hurting but this was
the last day of her torment at the hands of that young
Malay girl.

The Day After

Francesca managed to make her way towards the airport
and boarded the plane headed for Europe. On the plane,
she had a seat close to the window. Ten minutes later,
the airplane took off. As the plane moved higher and
higher on the air, Francesca could see Malaysia moving
away from her, as the airplane was taking her away from
Malaysia. Her holiday had turned into a BDSM nightmare.
But it was an experience she was never going to forget.
As for The Satanic Verses, she had it inside her
luggage. The less people here knew about it, the

Since it was such a long flight, she took some naps and
would be in Europe in a day’s time. She dreamt of being
Natasha’s sex slave and the many ways that Natasha was
using to degrade her. As for her ass, it felt as if it
was now much wider. And it did ache a bit from time to
time too.

But one thing was for sure. Even if she returned to her
native France, she would never forget her Malay
mistress, the one who put her at her place and that
even thought she was a human being, she also remembered
that after her experience, she was not much different
from that of a plate.

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