Fucked Kristina

I hadn’t seen Kristina in a few years. We broke up when she decided to spend her summer vacation with her family’s home out of state. We had not been together long, so there was no point in either of us spending the summer with no romance so we decided to end the relationship. I had a few dates over the summer but always wished that, when she came back for fall semester, Kristina and I would get back together. She came home a few days before her classes started and since we were both busy and hadn’t really kept up with each other, things just fell off completely.

Recently, Kristina has been on my mind. She was a lot of fun to hang out with and talk to and I’ve been missing that. She also had a strong libido when we were together so I missed being able to have sex frequently with someone that was so great at it. She was an active and passionate partner and was often the one to initiate. I learned early that Kristina loved being gone down on. She was very shy about asking for it and it was very sexy to see her go from her normal level of confidence to timidly asking if I would give her a treat if she cleaned up. The answer was always yes because I love going down on girls as often as possible. She would ask with a nervous voice, “If I go clean up, will you give me a treat?” I would always have her take a shower while I waited in anticipation for her to come back with cool, wet skin and lay on the bed. She would lay back, get comfortable and open her legs just enough to show she was ready for me to start, but not so much as to look demanding or lewd. I would always move slowly into position and she would always tell me I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to. I could hear in her voice how horny she was and how nervous she was about asking to be pleased. Someone had made her feel bad about wanting oral treats so she felt selfish and was overly concerned about the smell of her body. She was healthy and immaculately clean so had no smell to be at all concerned about. I enjoyed pleasing her so she had no reason to feel selfish. I tried to explain this on a few occasions but I always enjoyed this routine of her getting timid and showering. I find myself missing those occasions and fantasizing about having her legs open to me and pressing my mouth onto her.

I decided to reach out to Kristina recently and we chatted on social media about what we had been doing since we last saw each other. After a few days of chatting and getting reacquainted we decided to have dinner at her place and share a bottle of wine. She is a fantastic cook and dinner was just as excellent as I remembered. We fell back into the routine that we had when we were seeing each other. We found ourselves on the sofa searching for a streaming movie to watch.

She was scrolling through the endless list of movies when I saw something interesting. I reached over and squeezed her thigh and told her to scroll back. She scrolled backwards but also looked at me sternly.

“So, you just put your hands wherever you want?” she asked.

I took my hand off her and reached for my wine.

“Freudian Slip?” I asked exaggerating my innocence.

“Don’t let it happen again.” she said while play on the movie I suggested. She smiled and leaned into me leaving me no place to rest my arm except around her. My hand rested on her thigh and I enjoyed feeling again how soft her skin was. As the movie progressed, so did my petting. I ran my fingers over the skin not covered by clothing. Her arms were mostly bare in the sleeveless top she was wearing as were her legs as her shorts rode up after being on the sofa for a bit. When the movie finished we shifted to get more comfortable and she put her head in my lap. We talked about the movies we had seen in the past few years and continued to catch up. She warned me that she would have to get to sleep soon so she could get up early for a team building exercise at work. She said she was glad to see me again and suggested we do this again soon. I knew she was going to politely see me to the door soon but I couldn’t leave without trying to taste her.

“It sounds like you’re about to kick me out.” I said teasing her. “It wouldn’t be the first time.”

When we were together, I would visit when her kids were home, but would never stay overnight. She always made sure I left just after their bed time.

“Yeah, sorry.” she said smiling.

“A few days ago I was thinking about how you used to make me leave when it was your week to keep your kids.”

“What about it?” she asked, wrinkling her forehead. She sat up, then leaned against the other end of the sofa.

“You would always say you were tired but wanted to ask a favor before I left.” I chuckled.

I could tell from her blushing that she knew exactly what I was talking about.

“I wasn’t going to ask for that!” she said, embarrassed.

“No?” I asked in surprise. “This may be a first. Are you sure you don’t want to clean up for a treat?”

She was covering her face in embarrassment and saying no. One of her legs was stretched out on the sofa. She placed one foot on the floor opening her legs, betraying herself. She shook her head, still covering her face. I could see up her shorts enough to see her panties. She was wearing something sexy. I turned toward her and got on my knees in front of her. I tugged at her hands to pull them away from her face.

“Don’t be embarrassed. I couldn’t resist teasing you.” She continued to cover her face. I took my hands off hers and rested them on her open thighs. She leaned back and finally looked at me. I could tell she was truly embarrassed. I slid my hands higher and slipped the tips of my fingers under the hems of her shorts. She relaxed into the sofa and I continued reaching into her shorts as much as they would allow.

“So you just put your hands wherever you want?” she asked.

“Until you say stop.” I informed her. She didn’t move. She didn’t say stop.

I unbuttoned her shorts and slid the zipper down. I moved slowly and took the time to feel her skin each time I exposed a little more. Soon I had her shorts and panties off and I returned her legs to the original position with one foot on the sofa cushions and the other foot resting on the floor, leaving her legs wide open. I’d been careful not to touch her labia during this process. I could see that her clit and lips were swelling and shining from her wetness. I massaged her legs and pulled at her inner thighs causing her lips to be pulled slightly open. I continued teasing until she was wet enough to have some lubrication beading at the bottom her opening. I was waiting.

“Ummm” she said.

This is what I was waiting for.

“I, uh, can go get a shower first if you want.” she whimpered. “I showered earlier, but if you want, I can go clean up.”

“Don’t you dare.” I said just before clamping my fully open mouth over her vagina. I extended my tongue and licked from just above her anus into her as deep as I could go and finished with a hard lick and prolonged kiss to her clit. She shuddered and her feet trembled as they lifted from their resting place. I had wanted to taste and smell Kristina for so long that I couldn’t control myself any longer. I made a circuit of licking and sucking one of her swollen lips into my mouth up to her clit again and sucking greedily down the other side. I could hear her heavy breathing and knew she would be cumming soon. I continued trying to drink in her smell and taste. Her body kept producing lubrication and I kept devouring it with long intense laps of my tongue. When she couldn’t keep the orgasm at bay any longer she groaned and let it erupt through her. I could taste the tiny squirts coming from her as her body tensed and shook. I kept my mouth open to cover her clit and as much of her lips as I could while she came. I kept a gentle pressure with my tongue and swallowed more of the little squirts coming from her.

When she finally relaxed I took my mouth off her and, from a very familiar vantage point, watched her recover her energy. Both of her feet were resting on the floor and I was between her knees. I was rubbing her thighs and waist giving her muscles a massage while she relaxed.

“You’ve gotta go, mister.” she said playfully pushing the bottom of one foot to my chest. She crossed her legs and continued to roll over so her belly was resting on the sofa and her knees on the floor. “I’m getting sleepy after cumming so hard.”

Her ass was perfectly presented to me in this position. Old habits die hard and we both loved how we handled quickies. She was satisfied from oral sex and she knew that doggie position was my favorite for a hard, fast, stress relieving quickie. I quickly unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned the fly of my jeans. My cock was so hard that it was almost in pain from the anticipation of what was about to happen.

I knew from experience that she would be mostly dry from me licking and sucking her so much. I always made sure to completely clean her out when I would go down on her. I knew I would have to wet the tip of my cock to penetrate her. I quietly spit in my hand and rubbed the end of my cock with it and started pushing in. There was just enough wetness deep in her to allow some movement but there was a tactile stickiness to her walls that clung onto me. The flesh inside her vagina was becoming more sticky as I exercised inside of her. The friction was wonderful but a little uncomfortable at the same time.

“Cum for me” she said. I could feel my skin being tugged as my flesh stuck to hers. The feeling was unbelievable and almost unbearable. “Cum for me. I can’t go any longer” she pleaded. I knew it was becoming too uncomfortable for her to continue. I held her waist tight with my left hand and slid my right hand up her back. I grabbed a handful of her hair and held onto her. I pushed her face into the sofa cushions and drove hard against her a few more times before flooding her with semen. With the extra lubrication of my load inside her she began rocking her hips against me.

The few minutes after doggie style is always the best. As always, I spent those few minutes tracing my fingers over her spine. Outlining the roundness of her hips and bottom. I traced my fingers up the back of her thighs and as my cock fell out of her, I grazed my right index between her lips and lightly inside of her. I always did this and told her I enjoyed touching her and tickling her just a little bit. She said she also enjoyed the additional touch afterwards. The reason I gave her is true, but I also do it so I can collect a mixture of my cum and her fluids on my fingers and taste them without her knowing. I didn’t know if I would see her again so I made multiple passes and tasted as much of our fluids as I could. After a few minutes she shuffled me to the door, still wearing only her top and bra. When we kissed goodnight I continued groping between her legs to savor as much of us as I could. I hope this is a new beginning for us.