Banging my cousin

I was 18 and the first time I was out on my own,it was also the first time I made a girl cum. I rented a cottage on the lake for the summer and looked forward to having a few parties . It was there where my friend Don showed up with his girlfriend Nancy with her friend Bonnie tagging along . Bonnie was a couple of years younger but was very cute and she also had a great personality. She was about 5’5 skinny as a rail and had almost nonexistent breasts .She had long black hair and dark eyes but a pretty smile,lips that were begging to be kissed.

Now it wasn’t the first time Don and Nancy came over but it was the first time they brought a girl with them.The other times usually another boy would come with them as long as they brought weed with them it was fine. We would get high and Don and Nancy would always go to the bedroom and have sex leaving me to sit around with who ever came with them. So this time I was pleased that they brought Bonnie and of course her weed.

Bonnie and I hit it off right away so by the time they went to the bedroom we were pretty comfortable with one another. She was sitting beside me on the sofa when they got up and walked out of the room. We both watched them leave then looked at each other “I know what they are going to do “ she said taking my hand.”I also don’t know if I want to listen to them “she said then asked if I wanted to go out and sit by the lake .

Of course I agreed and took her hand and we walked out. As we sat looking at the stars and smoking on a joint we started talking about relationships. “Do you have a boyfriend “ asked her then listened to her tell me that boys her age were jerks.” I did have one or two that were okay”she said then asked me why I don’t have a girlfriend. “How do you know I don’t “I asked, well Nancy said you didn’t, she said she didn’t know why either. You seem like a nice guy ,are you saving yourself or just picky”Bonnie said .

I sat thinking about how I should respond when she said“your not gay are you? I mean if you are it is okay” I laughed “no I just haven’t met the right one yet”.Then we both laid down on the beach laughing “your not a lezzy are you?God no “Bonnie said she then rolled on her side looking at me “so what would be the right one”she asked.

“That is a tough question I guess they would have to be slim,like to laugh,pretty and of course like to smoke weed” I said. She laughed “you mean like me I am slim , not pretty but I like to smoke weed.Well they also have to be a good kisser, I am a good kisser “she said “really prove it “I said.Bonnie hesitated “oh you are tricky “ she said moving closer to my face . She placed her hand on my face running a finger on my lips as if deciding if she was going to kiss me or not.

I took the initiative and quickly kissed her,she moved back after I kissed her then back down giving me a kiss.This time the kiss lasted longer and became more passionate with our tongues slipping deeper in each other’s mouth.Before we were through kissing Bonnie was on my chest laying flat against me. “You are a good kisser” I said and “ you’re also pretty”. Again we went back to kissing as she laid on top of me , feeling her hair on my face and her tiny body on top of me I was starting to get a hard on. Of course what young guy wouldn’t if they were kissing a pretty girl with so much passion.

I don’t know if she felt my hard on pressing against her pussy or not but we kissed for an awful long time. She finally sat up still on my groin and smiled “you sure are moving up on my list of right ones” I said moving her hair back over her shoulders. “What are you looking for in a guy? “ I asked “well they have to be handsome, slim,not fat, romantic, and of course a good kisser. I reached up and cupped her cheek “I am slim at least and i am “but before I could finish she came back down and kissed me.

Bonnie was getting more aggressive kissing me . I don’t know if it was purposeful but she was also pushing harder against my cock as we kissed. When she sat back up it was now pretty obvious to her that she made me hard. She smiled “you are a good kisser” for sure then wiggled around on me and leaned back over my face. “And they need to have a big cock”then laid back down on me “I can’t believe I just said that “ she whispered.

We started kissing again when we heard Don calling for us and had to break from our embrace .”They probably want to get going” I said walking Bonnie back to the cabin with our arms around each other.”Go figure just as we were starting to have fun”she said as we neared the cabin. “It doesn’t have to end , I can take you home later, that is if you want to stay” I said.

At the door Don was standing there with Nancy; she looked like she had enjoyed herself. “ Gotta go now, thanks for keeping Bonnie company “he said .Bonnie spoke up saying I was going to take her home.”Okay,” Don said, walking Nancy out to the car and drove off as we watched them drive away.

“So where were we?” I said as I turned facing Bonnie then she reached her hands around my head and kissed me. I placed my hands on her hips pulling her even closer as we stood in the middle of the room making out.I started moving my hands up her back and under her shirt feeling her soft skin. And then moving back down with each rub moving farther into the back of her jeans. Bonnie just kept kissing me and lifting herself up as a signal that she wanted my hand to go farther.

When my hand moved around to the front of her jeans she moved back letting me undo them.She looked down then back into my eyes kissing me when my hand went inside and my finger touched her clit. I felt her take a deep breath as I slid my finger lower down her wet lips finding a small little hole. I knew at this point she was mine for the taking but I wanted it to last. I moved my hand away from her pussy then back to her hips where I slowly dropped her jeans a little farther on her hips. I then continued up under her shirt to where I could feel her small breast with her nipple erect and hard.

All the while we were doing this we edged closer to the couch to where I was able to sit down after lifting her shirt over her head. Now her small breasts were at mouth level I kissed and sucked on them causing her to hold my head and moan. While she moved my head around enjoying my mouth sucking on her increasingly hard nipples my hand again went inside her jeans. By now she was even wetter and spread her legs a bit wider allowing the palm of my hand to rub against her clit. I guess you could say I had her in the palm of my hand as her legs began to shake .

This was the first time I had ever taken my time seducing a girl so I was trying hard not to screw it up. My past experience I would have fucked her by now and probably have taken her home. But for some reason I wanted to have her want me again . I didn’t want her to be a one night stand like most that I have had. I finally started kissing down away from her chest licking as I lowered her jeans. I was surprised when her jeans were down around her ankles she just stepped out of them . She moved back against me holding onto my head as I moved her panties to the side. She took a deep breath when I began to kiss and lick at her pussy. I don’t think I have ever taken this much time licking at a pussy as I did this one. Her tiny lips seem to be begging me to continue,much like the one with her smile. I could see very little black hair above her pussy and she smelled and tasted good.

Before I knew what was happening I felt a warm flow exiting her pretty pussy and onto my tongue. Knowing now that she had cum, never before had I experienced a girl cumming in my mouth. I was hooked, her juices tasted fresh and felt different on my tongue,not at all what I had expected. I continued to lick and suck her juices listening to her moans getting louder.Her legs seemed to be giving out causing her to sit harder on my face,pushing my tongue even farther into that tight hole.I wanted it all but her hands were now trying to pull my head away it took several good jabs of her pussy to get me off.

I wanted more but Bonnie had other desires and pushed me back against the sofa.Her kiss became less passionate and her moans were much quieter . She had reached my shirt and had it off in a flash allowing me again to get a suck on her hard nipple. They were very hard and had to be extending out ¾ of an inch from her flat chest.”Shit “ she said”no more ,shit let me catch my breath”she said as she looked down at me.

“Damn I have never had someone make me feel this way” and backed away “sorry “I said. “Don’t be sorry I just have never had that feeling from someone else doing that.Even when I played with myself they were never that intense,wow. I see her look down several times at the bulge in my pants ,each time she seemed to want to touch it.

Finally I had to say something “go ahead this is what you did to me” watching her smile . Her hand was small and for the first time I realized just how petite she was as she started undoing my pants. She was biting her lip as if it was the first time she has ever done this to a guy.Bonnie was looking up into my eyes and back down to what she was feeling for. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened when she finally touched my cock.”Shit”she said again as she started pulling my pants down farther, saying shit again and again.

Shit must have been her favorite expression as she continued to say it until she had my cock fully exposed then it was “Holy Shit”. I watched as she carefully put her hand around it and gave it a squeeze.She turned her head away. again saying holy shit then back at looking at my cock.”That is huge” she said as she now had both hands on it.

”Only 8 inches”I said as I was proud of my size and have measured it before,”only “she said . Only “ she said as she stroked it with both of her hands some more. The longer she held my cock the more relaxed she seemed to be getting. Bonnie then moved up on my lap holding my cock between her legs and kissed me.I could feel the heat emitting from her pussy even through her panties.”I have never had one this big”she said then laughed “not that I have had many,shit”she said again.

I had moved my hand up rubbing on her nipples as she pondered what to do next. “Shit it is thick too”she said looking at me and then back down. There was a little hesitation in her voice when she said “I want it. I want to feel that big thing inside me”she said. All while she measured just how far it would go alongside her groin.

Bonnie lifted herself up and started to get off me “where are you going “I asked, stopping her from moving away. “I was going to lay down I want you to fuck me” she said “don’t you want too”.I think it will be better if you fuck me” I said moving her legs back over mine.”You can control how much you want inside you, I dont want to hurt you”I said .I then pulled her face down giving her a kiss “take it slow I want you to enjoy it”. I moved her panties away from her pussy as she sat positioned over my cock.

She was well lubricated from her own juices in anticipation of my cock slipping inside her then sat down slowly onto it.She had one hand on my shoulder looking down as she inched herself onto my cock. At first I thought I wasn’t going to fit by how tight the entrance of her pussy was. She took a big sigh as she finally after running the head around on her pussy , made penetration.

“Go slow don’t hurt yourself I don’t want you not to fuck me again” I was saying to her . She was still looking down as she took a little of me in then back out, each time a little farther. I could feel how tight she was and could see her tiny lips grasping to the side of my cock as she pulled back up. Finally she had about half of my cock inside her when I pulled her back down on my chest.By holding her hips I was able to keep her from going any farther on me. She was staring into my eyes as she moved up and down “feels good does it “:I asked .She whispered yes before planting another kiss kiss on my lips and began to get a rhythm going .

I could feel her getting wetter as her warm cream started seeping down my shaft. She was sucking on my neck when she had another orgasm and pulled completely off of me.Bonnie was now laying flat against me with my cock straight up between her butt cheeks.She gave me a kiss and said” this has to be the longest I have had sex and they didn’t cum yet . I am just waiting for you to get all that you want” I said “the night is young”.

We kissed and talked and fucked a little more as she was getting more comfortable with me inside her. I whispered “have you ever given a blow job? Yes “she said telling me for the first year that was all she did with a boy. “ I just lost my cherry a few months ago “ she said giving me another kiss “would you like one”. I didn’t have to say anything “of course you do” she said then started moving down to my cock. At first she just licked up and down my shaft and around the head . She would look up at me to see if I was liking what she was doing then tried to put my cock in her mouth. It took a little time but eventually she was able to get the head inside and licked around on it while stroking my shaft.

I gave her a lot of praise on how she was doing ,she actually was doing more than any girl i have had before.Soon I was getting closer to cumming and told her that I was expecting her to stop but she didn’t. Bonnie picked up her pace stroking me until I couldn’t hold back any longer and started cumming. She swallowed as much as she could before taking her mouth off still jerking the rest out on my belly.She then wiped her mouth off and snuggled against my chest continuing to rub my cock around in my cum.

Finally she looked up and smiled at me“that was the best blow job I have ever had” I said and tried to kiss her.She looked at me with a puzzled look “I have never been kissed after giving a bj”she said . “Kiss me”I said, she paused then gave me a quick kiss ,I then kissed me again each time kissing longer .

We got up and walked out along the beach naked in the moonlight, stopping to kiss each other many times before going back inside . When she told me she could spend the night we fucked the rest of the night away. It turned out to be the best summer of my life with Bonnie finally taking my cock all the way inside her. She also then started letting me cum inside her which turned her on so much she would suck me off ,kissing me when finished.

We had a great time both agreeing that we were right for each other, then the inevitable happened. No she didn’t get pregnant which was surprising by the amount of cum I deposited inside her. It was when I went to a family wedding. My mom said”come here I want you to meet your aunt Joanie ” leading me over. “Hello” I said, Joanie gave me a hug. “It has been years, my how you have grown,do you remember my daughter Bonnie”?she said turning her around.”Yes I think I do remember you” I said holding out my hand. In an instant the right one turned out to be the wrong one.

We talked a little then were able to slip away ,I remember holding her as she cried in my arms. “I can’t believe we are related “she said sobbing, “we can’t continue can we “she said. We were both broken hearted but agreed to still be friends.

We eventually got back together a few times when we were in our 40ties but it was just not the same.