Fun Drive

This might be the hottest day of the summer, Janet thought. And here she was going door to door to collect money for the intramural volleyball team. You’d think the school could pay for a couple of dump trucks of sand for the new outside courts. She’d picked a neighborhood with a lot of trees hoping it wouldn’t be so bad in the shade but it still felt like it was over 100 degrees with all the humidity. Every time she pulled out her pledge form she was afraid she would ruin all the names she’d collected with the sweat dripping from her body. And just when she thought it couldn’t be any worse it started to rain. Where the hell did this come from, she wondered? That was the price you paid for being under the trees, she guessed. The rain would have been welcome except she knew it would ruin all her paperwork and waste her entire day. She thought about making a mad dash for her car but it was three blocks away and the rain was starting to come down. The next house had a big front porch so she tucked the envelope under her arm and ran for it.

She got to the porch and was out of the rain just in time because the skies opened up and it was like a sheet of water was pouring down from space. She was drenched but the envelope with all her paperwork inside miraculously seemed to have weathered her dash to the porch okay. She set it on stand beside a rocker and weighed it down with a candlestick so she could shake herself off.

Out of the downpour a man emerged running onto the porch with two dogs in tow. She thought she was wet; he looked as though he’d just stepped out of a lake. The two dogs looked ragged as well but happy as can be.

“Hello,” he said. “For what do I owe this pleasure?”

“I was collecting money for volleyball at school when it started to come down. I was hoping I could wait it out here if that’s okay.”

“Of course,” he said.

A bolt of lightning exploded somewhere nearby lighting up the entire street and making them all jump. His two previously happy dogs were now whining and cowering at his feet.

He laughed at them and shook his head. “We better get inside before we get hit or these watchdogs start crying.” He unleashed them and opened the door. The two dogs scampered inside while he held it for her. She hesitated for a moment. Wasn’t going into a stranger’s house one of the stupidest things you could do? It had to be right up there with hitchhiking. Still, for an older guy he was kind of cute. His wet T-shirt seemed to be clinging to a pretty muscular body and there was something in his grin that made her knees a little weak.

“Come on,” he said. “You’re letting all the air conditioning out. I won’t bite.”

He was right; she could feel the cool air enveloping her so she grabbed the envelope and ran inside.

He gave her a little pat on the butt when she passed and added, “unless you want me to.”

She smiled to herself as she went in. This might be a fun day after all.

She didn’t know how high he had the air conditioner set but the contrast between the sweltering heat she’d been in for the past several hours and the house, especially now that she was wet, was drastic. A chill ran over her body and instinctively she hugged herself.

“I’m Mark,” he said holding out his hand.

“Janet,” she said and was surprised to find him unabashedly staring at her breasts when she went to shake his hand. She turned away only to find herself staring at her own reflection in a foyer mirror. She’d forgotten that she had decided not to wear a bra because she didn’t want it rubbing against her in this heat. Now her pert C cup breasts were plastered to her T-shirt and the cool air conditioning had made her nipples harden to stiff little buds. She put her hands over her tits feeling the heat of embarrassment flushing her face.

“Sorry,” he said. “But if we’re having a wet T-shirt contest, I just want to let you know, you win!”

She had to laugh at that. “You’re just a dirty old man, aren’t you?”

“You don’t know the half of it,” he said and ruffled her hair as if she were a little kid.

That kind of made her mad. Just when she thought he was admiring her womanly wiles he treated her like a little kid. Who did he think he was? She was no child; she was a grown woman. She hated it when grown-ups talked down to her. She turned back to face him dropping her arms to her hips and pushed out her chest displaying her pretty breasts in all their glory. “You know, I’m not a little kid.”

This time he was looking directly into her eyes and purposely, even dramatically he let his eyes drift to her breasts. “I can see that. Oh, how they grow up so fast.”

She thought she may have seen a twitch in his shorts but he was on the move before she could get a look.

“Let me see if my step daughter left anything you can change into. I can put your clothes in the dryer if you like. I don’t think it’s going to let up anytime soon. Make yourself at home. The living room is right through there,” he said pointing. “Just don’t drip on anything…” he smiled and laughed, “kidding!”

He disappeared up the stairs and Janet made her way into the living room. It was a nice house but nothing over the top. The furniture was all leather and the walls lined with bookshelves and art. At one end of the room a flat screen TV was perched on the wall with the sound equipment tucked away in a nice, adjacent cabinet. She wandered around the room checking it all out as she waited. There were a few pictures of a pretty young girl about her age and another beautiful woman that was obviously her mother. There was another picture by the stereo equipment of the three of them together on some tropical beach. She could tell it had been taken many years before because the girl was much younger. On the shelf below there were some DVD’s scattered about. She barely glanced at them and had to do a double-take. What the hell? There was “Teen Hitchhikers #12”, “The Girls Next Door”, “I Love Young Girls #3”, “Couples Seduce Teens #9”, and several others. So he liked young girls, huh! She wondered what his wife and daughter thought of that. She decided she’d take every chance she could to torture him.

“I see you found my video collection.”

Janet blushed, a little embarrassed at getting caught snooping around.

“Don’t worry, I’m not embarrassed. This is all I could find. There’s this,” he said and held up a black g-string. “Or this,” he said and this time held up a lacy red teddy.

“Those are your daughters,” she asked.

“My step daughter’s— yes. We are rather close.”

Janet laughed at him, “You are a horny old man aren’t you going through your step daughter’s drawers. What would she say if she knew you were digging in her drawers?”

“You would have to understand our relationship. She is quite happy when I dig in her drawers. She is an insatiable little nymph that pleases me in ways I can’t even begin to describe.”

Janet felt unsure of what exactly was happening but suddenly felt that Mark was surely going to get inside of her. She’d been a little reluctant but now she yearned for him to take her as soon as possible.

Mark must have sensed something because he moved into a new position behind her. Slipping her wet shorts and panties to the ground he grasped her ass and held it high in the air as if he was ready for penetration. He took his hard cock out and slid it between her legs letting the length rub against her wet pussy. It was wet from the rain, of course, but the gentle moan she let out encouraged him to take the next step. Slowly he penetrated her hot and wet pussy and began to gently but urgently stroke himself inside. Janet left any facet of control to Mark and gave way to a far more pleasurable role of subservient conquest letting her pussy and ass become the wanton receptacles of this horny man. He penetrated her holes and used gentle force to get every inch of himself inside of her.

Janet had never met a man so direct and forceful. She didn’t know if she should abhor what was happening or luxuriate in the lovely sensations of a man’s cock pressing into her willing pussy and asshole. Her choice seemed to have been made, though. Mark plowed his cock into her waiting pussy making her moan loudly and urgently. When it seemed she was getting in control of herself he would pull out and plunge into her asshole bringing a whole entire other sensation. It didn’t take too long before they were spent and ready to move on. Mark let Janet’s pussy and clitoris recover while holding her gently and thinking of nothing more than the day ahead of them.


“Don’t be in a hurry. I want you to take your time and give it a thorough inspection first. You mustn’t feel like it is a strange thing or you’ll feel strange around it.”

She began to mimic some things she remembered seeing. His balls were shaved, the skin as soft as anything she’d ever felt. Bending down she took one of his balls in her mouth and began to suck on it.

“Mmm that’s it babylove, gently now. Yes, like that. Now stroke my cock with your hands.”

She began stroking slowly up and down and moved her mouth to his other ball rolling the first between her fingers. She licked from his balls up the underside of his cock until she reached the top. It did move but it was quite stiff. Waiting for her was a white pearl pooled at his pee slit.

“Go ahead and taste it, lover.”

She stuck her tongue out and licked it. When it came away the pearl stuck to her tongue and his cock leaving a hanging stream between them. She giggled and from his moan she thought this pleased Mark quite a lot to see.

“You’re teasing me already. I knew you were a natural. Now take it in your mouth like a good girl and suck it.”

She made an O with her lips like she’d seen women in videos do and took him into her mouth. She began to move up and down on his cock but was quickly pulled away by her hair.

“Babylove, that’s not a blow job. Let me show you. Give me your finger.” He made a small O with his lips and took Janet’s finger in his mouth like she had his cock moving it in and out of the lips. “That’s what you just did. This is what I want you to do.” Taking her finger in his mouth a second time he sucked on it and swirled his tongue around its length. She could feel the rasp of his tongue and the walls of his mouth tightly wrapped around it. “You see? You have to suck it, you can’t just mouth it. Use everything, your mouth, tongue, lips but no teeth. We can work on how to use your teeth another time.”

She nodded eagerly and went back to work with her first scrap of knowledge. His cock was far bigger than her finger, though. It took a minute or two of adjustment before she thought she had incorporated the perfect amount of sucking so that she had maximum contact without her teeth rubbing at all. Janet looked up at Mark when she felt comfortable with her technique to find him gazing down upon her like a proud parent.

“Now take it deeper,” he said and flashed her that devilish grin.

She thought she had as much in her mouth as she could possibly get. How much deeper could she go?
With a swift kick of his leg Mark popped off the loveseat and spun around to the opposite side sliding the cushion against the back. Crouching as she was, Janet was pinned against the sofa.

“In order to take it deeper,” he said, “you have to give it a place to go.”
He reached down with his hand and stroked her throat gently urging her to look higher until her chin was high in the air, her head planted against the armrest.

“I’m going to push into your throat babylove. Make sure you’ve taken a breath because your airway will be blocked. What ever you do, don’t panic. I’m not going to choke you. If you feel the urge to gag or can’t take it pinch me here.” He grabbed her hand and placed it on his thigh. “Anywhere on my thigh, okay?”

She nodded.

With his hand on Janet’s forehead holding her head in position Mark pushed his cock into her mouth. He eased it in until it was firmly planted against the back of her throat. He pulled back and then eased in a bit firmer each time. Each time she felt a little more relaxed allowing him to go slightly deeper. As he worked himself in Janet began to get the tempo of her breathing and was able to relax more and more until he was pushing deeper than she thought would be possible. He pushed further, though, and she instinctively pinched his thigh as a loud gag burst from her.

“It’s okay lover. It takes some time to take it all.”

Take it all, she thought. She was barely past halfway.

Mark continued to slowly pump his cock into her mouth at the depth he knew she could take. When she seemed comfortable with it he increased his tempo until he was fucking her face at a smooth pace. She did her best to relax her throat and suddenly she felt it slide all the way into her throat. His pubic hair tickled her nose. She instinctively reached her tongue out and licked his balls on the next thrust. His body tensed and he held his cock deep in her throat for a moment. She almost pinched him again but knew that he would pull out before she suffocated. She figured it was more licking he was after and the groan she elicited from him when she flattened her tongue against his scrotum and bathed his balls with it seemed to indicate she was right.

He pulled his cock out and it made a satisfying pop when it left her lips. “I’m going to cum soon lover. Do you know where you want me to come?”

She looked up and thought of all the pictures and videos she had seen. “On my face?”

“No babylove, not on your face. Not this time anyway. It’s either in your mouth or deep down your throat. What will it be?”
She thought about his cum in her mouth, she did kind of want to see what it tasted like. And then she thought of it buried deep in her throat where she’d found she could feel every twitch and throb. “In my throat, lover.”

This time he didn’t ease his way in. Holding her head with both of his hands Mark pumped the full length of his cock into her mouth and throat. He was fucking her face quite aggressively and, wow, Janet was in heaven. Tears streamed down her face and she didn’t know why. She was so happy and she felt so proud that she was making Mark feel so good. All the pent up sexual frustration she’d been feeling finally had an outlet. She grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him into her mouth even harder.

Mark was already about to come. This move by Janet sent him over the top. He had a couple of more pumps in him and he buried himself as deep as he could in her throat. Janet felt everything when he came; the way his balls contracted on her chin, the pulsing throb of penis against her tongue as it shot his cum, and the jets of hot sperm as it coated her throat. He pulled slowly out as he was finishing and the last shots sprayed against the roof of her mouth. Janet didn’t want to let his cock go and sucked it hard as he tried to withdraw. She was rewarded with more of his hot cum and a little squeal of delight as his body shuddered in reaction. When he popped from her mouth this time his legs nearly gave way. He slid down to the floor beside her. His body continued to twitch here and there. Janet wanted to show him the pool of cum she had in her mouth. She thought it would please him to watch her swallow it but he looked a little dazed. She gulped it down and hugged herself because she knew she’d done well.