Girlfriend turns her jock boyfriend into a sissy

“Why aren’t you dressed?” I asked. “The party starts in
an hour.” I was startled to see Janet in a light blue
bathrobe and slippers.

“Oh, I’ve been trying to sew this darn thing, but I
can’t do it without a form,” she responded, discouraged.

“Well, we don’t have a lot of time left and Superman is
going to look pretty lonely without Wonder Woman by his
side,” I smiled.

“Say Joe, would you mind doing me a favor?” asked Janet
coyly, “Would you mind putting on my costume for me, so
I could sew the bustier? It’ll only take a few seconds.”

“Me put it on?” I tried to protest.

“Well, it’s the only way I’m going to be ready in time.
I know Cheryl is counting on us to come,” purred Janet,
as she rubbed my chest through the blue spandex of my
costume. I consented and began to strip.

“All right, but you owe me,” I said, stepping out of my
Superman costume.

Janet immediately noticed my freshly shaved legs.

“Oh, good. You shaved your body hair. It will make the
spandex costume look a lot neater,” she smiled, as she
handed me a pair of high cut red panties.

“Panties?” I asked, alarmed.

“Well, don’t take this personally,” she said. “But I’d
rather not wear those briefs right after you’ve taken
them off. And another thing, I want to see how the whole
outfit looks on you, so I can get a sense of the
complete picture,” said Janet.

Sheepishly, I gave in to her demands. I held out my feet
as she slid the shiny red boots with the three inch
heels over my legs which I had already agreed to let her
encase in sheer pantyhose. I should have realized that
something more than a fitting was going on as I slid the
blue star-spangled briefs up around my waist and let her
put the red bustier with gold metallic eagle on my
torso. I let her clip the red star earrings on me and
slap the big metal bracelets on my wrists. I stood
before her with my arms stretched out to my sides as she
took a needle and thread and began her work.

“I’m going to have to leave you a lot of room in your
chest, so it’ll fit around a pair of breasts,” she

“Just please hurry,” I replied. “I don’t want anyone to
see me like this,” I pleaded. She tied off the thread
and moved behind me.

“Now, just one more thing,” she called from behind me.
“Put your hands way back so your chest sticks out.”

I did as she requested, and before I could react, I felt
her grab my wrists and wrap something around them. Oh
no! She was tying my wrists with a pair of nylons. I
could hear her giggling as she tied the first knot,
before I realized what was happening and could fight
back. “Let me go! We have to get to the party,” I

“Oh you’ll get to the party all right,” she laughed.

I had missed my opportunity to resist earlier and now I
was in trouble. More and more nylon was being added to
her trap and I was feeling so helpless already. I was
quickly spun around to face Janet as she taunted me. “I
have big plans for you DIANA. Be a good girl or things
will be much worse for you.”

“Diana! W…” She caught me in mid sentence, shoving
another, balled-up pair of panties in my mouth and then
tying them in place with the sash of her robe. I was
helpless as she flung me onto the couch where she pinned
me down with one knee and proceeded to bind my ankles
together and bind my feet to my hands in a tight hog-

“Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?” She asked, as she
laughed deeply at my predicament.

* * *

Before I go on with what happened that night, let me
tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Joe, and
I had a real talent for sports. I was twice collegiate
champion in swimming, and was into body-building (but
not quite to the extent Janet was.) However, what I
really excelled at was football. As varsity captain, I
led my college team to an undefeated record. I had all
sorts of trophies. As a result, in my senior year I was
offered a multi-million dollar contract as first draft
pick of the Atlanta Falcons. That was what the party was
all about. It was graduation time, and I would soon be
going to training camp.

Janet was my girlfriend all through college. But during
my senior year, I fell in love with Cheryl. I know it
sounds corny, the captain of the football team falling
for the head cheerleader, but it happened to me. Her
brother, Biff, was the wide receiver on the team who did
as much as I did in winning football games. He
introduced me to Cheryl, and the two of us immediately
hit it off.

Cheryl told me she was still a virgin, and I believed
her, despite all the stories one hears about
cheerleaders, especially fantastically sexy blonde ones
like her. She said she loved me, and was saving her
virginity for me. It didn’t take long for me to realize
that this was the girl I wanted to marry. But what of
Janet? How would I break the news to her?

Then, the party came along. At the party, I would tell
Janet it was over. Since it was a masquerade party, I
figured that if I could talk Janet into wearing a Wonder
Woman costume, she would attract the attention of every
man there, and have no trouble finding someone to “pick
up the pieces.” I scoured the stores to find just the
right material for her costume: the silk briefs, the red
and gold bustier, the tight belt, and even the “magic”
lasso. I spent a fortune. The Superman costume that I
was to wear was Cheryl’s idea. Why she made the
suggestion will become apparent later. But now…

* * *

“Did you think I wouldn’t find out?” asked Janet, as I
laid helplessly on the couch. “Oh, we’ll be going to the
party all right, and you’ll be a changed man after I’m
through with you!”

I didn’t know then what she meant.

Janet picked up my Superman costume and went into her
bedroom. A few minutes later as she emerged, I was
flabbergasted to see that she had put it on. Not only
that, but she had apparently been wearing a wig earlier,
because her hair was now short, and was combed
perfectly, right down to the spit curl on her forehead.
That, and the fact that she was heavily into “Ironwoman”
bodybuilding, made it nearly impossible to tell she was
a woman. Especially convincing was the vague bulge in
the briefs of the costume.

“Well, Diana, how do I look?” she asked in a deep, man’s
voice, as she placed her fists on her hips in the
classic Superman stance. “I see you’ve noticed that part
of Superman about which everyone wonders. I guess that
will go along with your guise as ‘Wonder’ Woman!” she
snickered. “But it’s the excess in YOUR shorts that is
of immediate concern.”

As Janet approached, I shivered in blind fear. She
grabbed the front of the star-spangled silk briefs and
pulled them down, revealing the red panties underneath.
Reaching into the underwear, she grabbed my now-limp

“So this is what Cheryl was saving herself for,” she
remarked sarcastically as she pulled it free of the
panties. “How pathetic!”

Blushing beet red, I squirmed as Janet produced a
strange-looking object. It appeared to be a condom, but
larger, with small sacs of some sort of liquid attached,
and two long strings.

“This is for you to wear tonight,” she said as she
wrapped the device around my foreskin. She tucked the
package between my legs and replaced the panties. She
then rolled me over, and tied the strings after pulling
them taught, up through the crack of my rear cheeks. She
then attached what felt like a piece of paper to the
strings, and pulled up the wonder pants.

When she was through, she said: “I want you to know that
the little item I just put on you is filled with acid.
It can only be removed by someone working from behind.
If you try to remove it yourself, the sacs of acid will
break, and… well, let’s just say you don’t want to
know. But don’t worry, I’ll remove it later, or, if I
should happen to go home with someone else tonight, you
can get help elsewhere, as I’ve written instructions for
removal on that slip of paper you felt. But understand
that whoever you trust the removal to will see your bare
ass wearing those hot red panties, so make sure it’s
someone you really trust! -And don’t count on it being

I didn’t know what to make of that last comment, as she
went on: “Now, will you behave? You’ll have to obey my
every wish all night,” she commanded.

With a sigh, I nodded my head.

“Good,” she said. “Now, I’ll untie you, and we can go to
the party. You’d better lay off the beer tonight. You
wouldn’t want to have to go to the bathroom.”

Janet untied me, and when she removed the panty gag, I
asked: “Janet, why are you doing this to me? I was going
to tell you everything! Get this sick thing off my

“Now, now, Wonder Woman,” replied Janet. “You shouldn’t
be telling Superman what to do! Now, let’s have a look
at you.” She inspected her handiwork. The bulge in my
silk briefs was much smaller, and looked like that of
the voluptuous woman whom I was representing.

“Much better!” she said. “Now, let’s cinch up that
corset a little to give you those Amazonian curves, add
a tiara and wig… a little lipstick and mascara…, and
there we have it: The world’s mightiest Superheroine!”

I looked in the mirror. Although I was clearly still a
man, I filled out the costume quite nicely. “All right
then,” I said. “Let’s hurry up and get whatever you have
planned over with, so we can come back here and take
that… that… thing off.”

“Not so fast, Wonder Woman,” replied Janet. “I’ll be
right back. I’m bringing a little surprise to the

A moment later, Janet returned with a small suitcase,
and we got in the car and she drove us to the party at
Cheryl’s house.

* * *

When we arrived at the party, Janet made a big deal
about opening the door for me as if she were really a
man and I were really a woman. We went up to the door,
and Janet rang the doorbell, with a reminder to behave
myself, or else.

When the door opened, there was Cheryl. I was somewhat
shocked to see she looked absolutely fabulous dressed in
a Supergirl costume, with the red boots, red cape, blue
tunic, and red figure skater’s miniskirt. Now I
understood why she wanted me to come dressed as

Cheryl was somewhat taken aback by my appearance as she
said: “Joe? Is that really you?”

“Yes Cheryl,” I replied. “It’s me. I can explain…”

But before I could say another word, Cheryl turned to
Janet and asked:

“Who’s this? Where’s Janet?”

Before I could reply, Janet spoke, in her deep voice:
“Janet got sick and couldn’t make it tonight. I’m Paul,
her cousin from Cincinnati.”

“Pleased to meet you, Paul,” replied Cheryl. “What’s
wrong with Janet?”

“Oh, she caught the sniffles and decided to go to bed,”
replied Janet. “But she insisted that Joe go anyway. Joe
agreed to let me wear his costume, and thought it would
be a real howl if he came as Wonder Woman. I hope you
don’t mind.”

“Oh, not at all,” smiled the unsuspecting Cheryl. “So,
you’re Janet’s cousin. That explains the resemblance.
Anyway, you both look wonderful! Come right in.”

We entered and saw all the people. Most of the football
team was there, dressed in various costumes. The women,
mostly the cheerleading squad, were dressed in very sexy
outfits, and the men in various visions of creativity.
But the big surprise was Cheryl’s brother Biff. He was
dressed in a Wonder Girl costume.

When Biff saw me, he came over and said: “Joe? Is that
you? I thought I was the only guy who had enough guts to
dress like a Superheroine tonight! Come on, let me get
you a beer!”

I glanced at Janet, who nonchalantly left me to go with
Biff, as the unaware Cheryl led her to the punch bowl.
Cheryl had the same sort of look in her eye that she
gave me when I proposed to her. I couldn’t believe that
she was somehow attracted to Janet in her Superman

Biff brought me over to the bar. “How about a cold one?”
he asked.

“No thanks,” I replied. “I can’t. Not now.”

“Say, what’s eating you?” he asked. “And where’s Janet

“She’s right over there,” I replied. “Talking to your

“You mean Superman?” he asked in amazement.

“That’s right,” I confirmed. “Only don’t let her know I
told you, or else…”

“Or else what?” asked Biff.

It was then that I noticed Janet was leading Cheryl into
another room. I thought to myself that it was now or
never. I had to get that… that… thing of my joint
before I went crazy. Then it hit me. Biff and I had seen
each other in the raw lots of times in the locker room.
I could get him to help me remove Janet’s little torture
device! Then, we’d see what would happen to Superman!

“Biff, you gotta help me,” I said.

“Whatever you need, buddy,” he replied. “We’re a team,

“Let’s go outside,” I said. I wanted to be near the
window of the room where Janet was doing whatever she
was doing to Cheryl. Fortunately, there was a foyer
nearby, where Biff could perform his operation without
us being seen by anyone, and afterward, I could
immediately enter and surprise the two girls and save
Cheryl from whatever dastardly deed Janet’s jealous
heart had thought up for her.

I led Biff outside to the foyer. As we went, Biff asked:
“Say, Joe, have you ever wondered which one was the
dominant one?”

“Huh?” I asked. “What are you talking about?”

“I mean, between Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman,” he
continued. “Obviously, they’re lesbians, living on that
island of no men and all that. But between the two of
them, which one was the boss when it came to sex?”

“I, uh, really haven’t given it any thought,” I replied,
somewhat exasperated at such a dumb question.

“Well, I always thought it was Wonder Girl,” he
continued. “With Wonder Woman being so much more in need
of being dominated, since she was bigger, and more
mature. It’s a psychological thing.”

“Uh, I suppose you’re right,” I said. “OK, here’s a good
spot. There should be enough light for you to see.”

“See?” asked Biff. “See what?”

I turned around and bent over. I told Biff: “Pull down
my pants.”

“What?!” replied Biff, surprised.

“I said: ‘Pull down my pants!'” I whispered,

“All right!” he replied, with just a little too much

Biff grabbed at the waistband of the silken briefs and
slowly pulled. When they were down to where I thought
was the right spot, I asked: “Do you see it?”

“Sure… I mean, see what?” he replied, not sure to what
I was referring.

“The note!” I said. “Can you see the slip of paper?”

“Oh,” he said. “A note. Yeah, I see it.”

“Well, do what it says!” I commanded.

“But I thought you were marrying my sister,” protested
Biff, as he read the note.

“Never mind that now!” I said. “Just do it!”

“OK,” he replied. “You’re the captain.”

It was then that I felt him enter me. I yelled, “WHAT

“I’m doing what the note says,” he replied, calmly.
“Gee, Joe, if I had known you were this way…”

I couldn’t help myself. My penis got hard, and just as I
was about to cum, I felt the sacs under my crotch burst.
It started to burn, and then… everything went black.

* * *

When I came to, I was home. I was still dressed in the
Wonder Woman costume, but I was again bound and I could
feel a little burning in my crotch, but my appendage was
still there. The silken star-spangled briefs were wet.
By and by, Janet came out, still dressed as Superman.

“Well, Wonder Woman,” she said. “I see you’re awake. Did
you make a little mess? I told you what would happen if
you got aroused. You fainted, you know. Wonder Girl
carried you to the car, and I brought you home.”

“Are you going to tell me what this is all about?” I
demanded, relieved to learn I was still whole. “Will you
untie me now? You and I are through. I want to be with

“Oh, Wonder Woman, I wouldn’t worry about Supergirl
right now,” she replied.

“She’s well on her way by now.”

“On her way?” I asked, surprised. “Where is she going?”

“Perhaps this will answer your questions,” replied
Janet, as she walked to the VCR, inserted a tape, and
pressed PLAY.

On the screen was a picture of Biff hunched over me, in
the throes of passion. “What is this?” I asked. “So that
was a video camera in the suitcase you brought to the
party! Are you going to try to blackmail me? You’ll
never get away with it!”

“Oh no?” replied Janet. “You see, that little item I put
on your favorite body part was just a couple of plastic
balloons filled with water and a little bit of Ben Gay-
and I do mean ‘Gay.’ I knew they would burst the moment
you got -shall we say- ‘excited.'”

“What did you do to Biff to get him to rape me?” I

“I didn’t have to do anything,” she smugly answered.
“Biff’s been wanting to do you for a long time. I just
‘set you up’ with him. You did the rest.”

“Me? How? I didn’t ask him to rape me,” I protested.

“You didn’t have to,” replied Janet. “Even though, deep
down, you really wanted to. All he had to do was read
and follow the instructions on the note, as you ordered

“What did that note say?” I asked.

Janet read from the note: “It says: ‘I’ve always wanted
this from you.

Fuck me here! Now!’ And there’s a little heart drawn
here, too.”

“Me gay? No way!” I protested.

“Way,” she replied. “The hard-on that you got during
your encounter was proof positive.”

I had to admit, Janet was right. I could still feel the
“afterglow” from my experience. “But what about Cheryl?”
I asked.

“Watch,” she replied. “There’s more on the tape.”

The next scene showed Cheryl laying on the bed in the
room Janet had led her into that night, the room
overlooking the foyer where Biff and I had our
rendezvous. Cheryl was saying: “Oh, Superman, I’ve
always wanted you! Fuck me! Fuck me now!”

Janet, disguised as Superman, replied: “Yes, Supergirl.
Only, let me blindfold you first.”

“Supergirl” agreed, and Janet stripped to reveal her
muscular stature and the strap-on dildo she had worn to
give her the bulge in her tights. Janet carefully lifted
“Supergirl’s” red mini-skirt, pulled aside the thin
piece of blue spandex covering her pussy, and proceeded
to fuck Cheryl forty-seven ways until Sunday, after
which she again donned the Superman costume to resume
her disguise. After she removed Cheryl’s blindfold, she
and Cheryl smoked cigarettes.

“That was wonderful, Superman,” said Cheryl. “But why
did you want to put it on video tape?”

“Because I wanted something to remember you by,” replied
Janet. “I’m going home soon, and I won’t be seeing you
again. Besides, you’re getting married to Joe.”

“You mean Wonder Woman?” asked Cheryl. “Not now, now
that I’ve found out he’s not a real man, I mean not like

“You mean you’d leave him for me?” asked Janet,
continuing the pillow talk.

“Oh, yes!” replied Cheryl. “You’re a Superman in every
sense of the word!”

“But you don’t even know me,” said Janet. “You don’t
even know what I do for a living.”

“Yes I do,” protested Cheryl. “You’re Paul, and you’re
from Cincinnati. As for what you do for a living…
Well, exactly what is it you do?”

“Well,” replied Janet, “I’m not really from Cincinnati.
I’m from Nevada.”

“Oh! Nevada!” replied Cheryl. “How exciting! Do you work
in a casino?”

“No,” replied Janet, “I’m sort of a recruiter.”

“Recruiter?” asked Cheryl. “For what?”

“For the legal cat houses in Nevada,” replied Janet. “I
recruit prostitutes.”

“How interesting!” replied Cheryl, again with altogether
too much enthusiasm. Then, with a coy smile, Cheryl
asked: “Did I pass the entrance exam?”

“With flying colors!” said Janet, with her own high
level of eagerness.

“Wonderful!” said Cheryl. “I’ve always wanted to get
paid for doing what I do so often! You know, that Joe
thinks I’m still a virgin! What a sap!”

My heart sank at Cheryl’s declaration. “When do I
leave?” she asked.

“Right away,” replied Janet. “As soon as you can pack.
Now, to avoid any legal problems, you’ll have to buy
your own ticket, and I can’t escort you directly there.
Do you have enough money?”

“I will,” replied Cheryl, “as soon as I can hock this
engagement ring Joe gave me. It’s worth thousands!”

“Well, just don’t forget your costume, Supergirl,”
instructed Janet. “As a matter of fact, why don’t you
just wear it to the ranch, underneath some street
clothes. Then you can reveal yourself to the manager,
and he’ll get a look at you at your best.”

With that, Janet handed Cheryl a piece of paper with the
addresses of several Nevada whorehouses on it, and
Cheryl rushed to pack.

Feeling totally betrayed, I wept. My overly promiscuous
bubble headed fianc� left me, so I had nowhere to turn
but my ex-girlfriend. I realized she was right about me.
And from my encounter with Biff, I learned that I no
longer had any feelings towards the opposite sex. “What
will I do now?” I asked Janet.

“Don’t worry, Wonder Woman,” replied Janet. “I’ve got it
all worked out.”

* * *

My professional football career didn’t last very long. I
was given a release from my contract, and was paid a few
million dollars to cushion the blow. It was leaked to
the papers that I had sustained a career-ending injury.
But the truth was that Janet had threatened to go to the
media with the video of my encounter with Biff. Since
the team couldn’t afford such publicity, they paid off
my contract. I immediately turned over all my assets to

We live in a nice house now, and all is well. I often
wear my Wonder Woman costume, and I look really good in
it. During the day, or when I’m out in public, I wear a
nice blouse and dress over the costume and maintain a
“secret identity.”

Whenever Janet gets the urge, she’ll bring home some man
to sleep with, and I leave. Sometimes I see Biff, but we
don’t have sex, because Janet has forbidden it.
Sometimes, Janet gets dressed in her Superman costume,
and we pretend she has captured me as Wonder Woman.

She then teases me to the point where I am almost ready
to ejaculate, but stops just in time so I never achieve
release. Now I am happy to be her slave.

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