Jodi beings her slave Tony to her dominant friend Jackie for additional education

The chairs were easy. Tony had them done by Saturday.
He could strip pieces for his customers and enjoy the
work, but stripping something for Jodi was a major turn
on. His cock stayed hard the whole time he was working
on the chairs. His mind painted pictures of Jodi and
her lover doing every imaginable kind of sexual act.

Images of his own lovemaking with her were superimposed
into the scenes now flooding his brain. He could hear
her scream, “Don’t you dare cum, and I mean it.” Her
look of disappointment as Tony ejaculated out of
excitement, from the very words that were ordering him
not to. He knew then that it was only a matter of time,
before she met a man with the right cock ,and the
knowledge on how to use it to satisfy a woman.

It did not take her long to find such a man. The phone
ringing interrupted his thoughts.

It was Jodi.

“How are the chairs coming.” He told her they were
done. “Great bring them to me right now,

They better be stripped clean.”

“They are.”

He dropped everything he was doing and delivered the
chairs to her. Jodi inspected each chair and was
pleased with his work, which was always meticulously
done when it came to her.

She brushed the palm of her hand against his cheek and
praised him for the excellent work,

which she said deserved a reward.

“Go upstairs to my apartment and get a nice hot bath
ready for me.” He filled her claw foot bathtub and
waited. She arrived moments later wearing just a robe.
Her finger tested the water. It was perfect. She kissed
Tony on the lips darting her tongue into his mouth,
which made him more excited, than he already was. Her
robe slipped from her and she settled into the tub.
Tony put her robe on the chair and kneeled next to her
bath. She handed Tony the sponge. He moved it over
every exposed part of her body. “Get my razor and
shaving lotion.”

He hurried over to the cabinet and returned to her side
with the shaving equipment. She liked to shave her long
legs herself and he loved to watch as he gently sponged
her back. Soon she was rising from the tub. He was
ready with a towel. She put a towel in her hair and
waited while Tony attended to the rest of her body.
Slowly wiping every bit of moisture from her lean body.
He kissed her behind when he was through drying her

Jodi went right to her bedroom followed by a very
excited Tony. She fell on her bed face down and
stretched out. Tony went to her dressing table and
returned with her body lotion. He massaged her back,
buttocks, legs, feet and waited for her to turn around.
She eventually turned around and was now fully
extended. Tony’s trembling fingers massaged her
breasts, moved to her belly, skipped over her cunt and
went down each leg. He kissed and played with her feet
and then put his lips to her pussy as she parted her
legs slowly. Her cunt was soaking wet. She opened wider
and pulled his head to her with both hands. “Stay there
and do a good job.” He needed no encouragement as he
dove into her.

Jodi reached out to her nightstand and picked up her
phone. She speed dialed her boyfriend’s number. He was
out so she left a message on his answering machine.
“Just me. Love and kisses for a great night. I miss you
and that fabulous cock’can’t wait to see you. Please
call me as soon as you get this message. I love you.
Bye.” Tony noticed that her pussy was now a flowing

His face was smeared with her juices. The pain he
experienced from hearing her talk to her lover was
converted to sheer gratification as he lapped away at
her cunt. “Oh, I need a big juicy cock right now.” she
mumbled as she spread her legs even wider and pushed
Tony’s head into her pussy. He was mad with desire. His
cock was ready to explode. “Yes, yes keep your tongue
right there, perfect, yes, oh Yes.” She was grinding
against him and eventually fell back.

Jodi stretched out luxuriously and dozed off. Tony was
left with his raging hard on .He sat at the edge of the
bed and just admired the beautiful sight before him.
His cock was throbbing. He was tempted to rub against
her sleeping body and get some relief. Gently he rested
his head on her leg and put his left hand on her soft
cunt and tried to relax and wait.

He dozed off himself eventually and was awakened by
Jodi’s cell phone. She reached out for the phone and
said hello. It was her friend Jackie. “Tell me all the
juicy details about last night. I am sitting and my
husband is lapping away at my pussy.”

Jackie’s and her husband had a great relationship. He
stayed home and she went out and earned the money and
he waited on her hand and foot when she returned home.
She was really into

this dominant woman thing. She is the one who urged
Jodi to keep Tony as a slave even though Jodi was
really not into this scene at the time. Their
techniques differed. Jackie loved to use the whip, Jodi
loved to lay on verbal a***e. Both accomplished the
same objective. They made any man they wanted put his
brain in his cock. “I can’t go there now. I am lounging
in bed being serviced by Tony. I think he needs some
education. Can we come over now?”

Jackie’s pussy started to flood into her husband’s
mouth. “Yes, Yes, of course. Come right now.”

“Alright we’ll be there in 20 minutes.” Jodi said much
to the astonishment of Tony who was under the mistaken
impression that his relationship with Jodi was private.

“How many other people know about us?”

“Just Jackie and of course my boyfriend. Why? Is there
a problem?” She inserted her finger into her cunt and
brought the finger to Tony’s lips. “You want to keep
tasting this?” Tony put his head down in shame. “Then
you will just do as you are told, when you are told to
do it, and by whom I order to tell you, or you can walk
out that door, and find some other way to experience
those fabulous orgasms I let you have.” “Help me get
dressed. We have to be at Jackie’s place soon.”

They drove to Jackie’s place in relative silence.
Fifteen minutes later they were at the front door.

“Don’t embarrass me. Jackie is a good friend.


They knocked on the door and walked in. Jackie was
sitting on a chair being serviced by her husband. He
continued to lap away at her cunt as they walked in.
Jodi seemed very relaxed. Tony was nervous, very
embarrassed. Jackie was a very beautiful woman. A
pleasant face framed in long blonde hair, dark eyes.
Large well shaped breasts and long thin legs.

But the surprise was her husband who upon command of
Jackie rose to his feet. He was tanned all over except
where he wore a small brief, which was now gone. Jodi
was a tall girl but she only made it to his eyes. He
was tall. The famous six-pack chest was there. A very
handsome man. His large very long cock was protruding
out from this gorgeous body. Jackie was a lucky woman
indeed to have this attractive young man as her husband
and slave.

They both knew Tony from his previous relationship with
Jodi so there was no need for introductions. Jodi
walked over to Ted and touched his thick hard cock and
presented Tony with his first humiliation.

“Don’t you wish you were equipped like this? Even my
boyfriend is not this big.”

Tony was in a trance at the moment. Totally mesmerized
by the whole scene.

Jackie brought him back to reality. “Ted help Tony out
of those clothes. I have never seen him nude.” Ted
towered over Tony as he unbuckled his pants and pulled
them and his underwear down. He was standing there in
only his tee shirt, with his hard cock peeking from
under the shirt, quite excited and hard. “Have you ever
sucked a cock before?” Jackie asked Tony.

“No, of course not.” Tony quickly answered.

Jackie looked at Jodi and said, “I am surprised at you.
Your little slave has never tasted your boyfriend’s
magnificent cock.”

“No, I haven’t taken him that far yet. But I will and I
think he will obey that command just as he does every

Jackie’s glanced at a very embarrassed Tony and asked
him a direct question. “Well Tony, will you obey that
order and suck Jodi’s boyfriend’s cock.”

“I will do anything that I am capable of doing,
whenever Jodi orders me to do it.”

“Oh such loyalty. So noble. I can picture Jodi standing
there with her hands on her hips, as you, on your
knees, look up to her boyfriend’s mighty cock, ready to
serve him at her command. What a wimp you are.” Jackie
was standing next to Ted stroking his monster cock as
she spoke. “I should let you practice on this first,
but I won’t, because I think you will like it too

She was testing Tony’s resolve. His cock betrayed him
because it remained hard throughout the humiliating
words flowing from Jackie. He did not consider himself
gay, although this lifestyle was not exactly macho; it
was a sexual experience with a woman and a damn
exciting one. Would he obey such an order from Jodi?
His hard cock said yes but his sexual history produced
a negative answer. He doubted it. Fantasy sours
somewhat when confronted with reality.

“Ted dear, tie Tony’s hands over his head.” Tony was
tied to the ceiling. There were two clamps that were
impeded in the roof and Ted tied his hands up. Tony was
now stretched out standing up. Jodi walked over to him
and gave him a kiss on the lips while flicking his cock
with her hand.

Ted was ordered by Jackie to get on his knees in front
of Tony. Jodi stood her ground and patted Ted on the
head as he took Tony’s cock in his mouth. At that
moment Jackie gave Tony a quick smack across the ass
with her whip. The sting surprised him especially the
combination of pain and pleasure that it produced. Ted
began to aggressively suck Tony’s cock.

He was an expert at oral sex, male or female and Tony
spurted into his mouth. He kept sucking until he had a
limp organ between his lips and then withdrew. The
sight of Ted sucking Tony got Jodi all excited and she
pushed his head to her soaking wet pussy. She grinded
against him while Jackie gave Tony a few more strokes
with the whip. Jackie really got off using that whip
but she was sensible and knew when to stop. Tony was
watching Ted sucking Jodi’s pussy while he was being
whipped and his cock responded to the sight by jumping
out to attention.

“I guess that is enough for today. Seems like Tony has
passed his first big servitude test with flying colors.
He may just be a true submissive.” Jodi declared.

Tony and Jodi got dressed, said their goodbyes and were
out the door.

“You really didn’t mean it about the cock sucking part
did you?”

Jodi looked at Tony and said, “Maybe I did and maybe I
didn’t. What I meant is not important. What you do when
you are told to do it is what counts.”

Tony took that to mean a future that will eventually
lead to a path he was unsure he could take.

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