Hot Twister

“This is me,” Megan said, pointing to a charming Victorian-style two-story with strands of ivy ascending the old brick walls. She turned off the tree-shaded sidewalk, through the creaky white picket gate, and headed down the winding garden path as I followed along. “If my stepmom is home, she’ll be all chatty,” she warned. “Just ignore her.” I nodded in agreement as Megan rattled the key in the stubborn front door lock and the mechanism finally released.

Ignoring Mrs. Williams proved a task easier said than done. “Hi Megan!” she exclaimed in a perky tone the moment we entered the kitchen. “Who’s your little friend?”

From Megan’s less-than-complimentary stories of her step monster, I had expected a foul-tempered troll possessing the appearance and personality of a constipated pit bull. Instead I saw a stunning young woman, seemingly in her mid-twenties. Her short pleated mini-skirt with a scandalously high hemline offered an unobstructed view of smooth, toned thighs. A blue sports bra revealed a bare midriff, taut abs, and not a hint of excess fat. The bra strained in its appointed role, struggling to contain her impressive pair of firm, rounded breasts. My eyes were involuntarily drawn to a subtle hint of perky nipples, pressing outward against the stretchy spandex top. Forcing my gaze upward, she had a pretty face, perfectly subtle makeup, and a cute upturned nose that added to her youthful looks. A beam of afternoon sunlight cut through the kitchen window, lending a golden shimmer to the subtle curls of her long blonde hair. All she needed was an appropriate soundtrack to complete the ambiance of a fairytale princess turned exercise instructor bunny. Despite my instinctive female reaction to jealously despise her on first sight, she exuded a bubbly charm that was difficult to resist.

“It’s just Natalie,” Megan answered her stepmom in a sullen tone, issuing a heavy sigh of frustration designed to short-circuit further conversation. “She’s in my history class and my partner on a homework assignment.”

“Well hello Just Natalie,” Mrs. Williams teased with a cheerful grin. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. You can call me Casey. None of this stuffy ‘Mrs. Williams’ formality for me. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Ah… hi, Casey,” I mumbled in shy response, offering an awkward wave of greeting from across the kitchen table as I accepted the offer of a soda. While Casey rummaged in the refrigerator, I self-consciously straightened up my posture and tucked an errant lock of my brunette hair back behind one ear. I glanced down at my faded shorts and blouse, brushing out some wrinkles and couldn’t help but notice how my less than-ample-cleavage didn’t measure up to Casey’s impressive feminine assets.

My friend Megan didn’t stack up much better. While her stylishly torn leggings and retro metal-band teeshirt were the current fashion rage at school, she looked a bit shabby compared to Casey’s understated elegance. Megan’s silky black hair was bobbed short, dyed with feathered streaks of blue and green. A tiny studded nose ring completed her ensemble as a slave to the fashion of the week. Unlike my own scrawny build, Megan had plenty of curves, but could probably lose ten pounds if she wanted to match up to her stepmother’s well-toned physique.

“Well, you girls had best get started on that homework,” Casey declared, setting the fizzing beverage glass down before me.

Megan bristled, resenting her stepmother’s intrusion. “Oh come on! It’s Friday. I’ve got all weekend to get it done!” she whined.

“You know the rules, young lady,” Casey replied, unmoved by Megan’s pleas, “chores before pleasure. Now what sort of homework do you have?”

Megan rolled her eyes. “Natalie and I have to do this STUPID report for history class. We’re supposed to interview one of our parents and write about what they did for fun before cell phones and video games. So we can’t even do the assignment yet, because Dad is out of town until tomorrow. Anyway, we might just fake something together from the internet and get it over with.”

Casey wiped her hands on a dishtowel. “Nonsense — you’ll do no such thing. You could interview me,” she offered.

“Oh yeah, right.” Megan shot back with distain. “Like you would know about how things were when Dad was a kid. You’re barely six years older than me.”

And there it was. An awkward hush fell over the kitchen. It really was the scandal of the neighborhood and had all the local gossip mongers whispering over fences and peeking intently past half-drawn curtains. After Megan’s parents got divorced, Professor Williams had wasted precious little time in getting himself a replacement wife. Eyebrows were raised and “tsks” of disapproval were issued from the conservative neighborhood over the improper age of the new Mrs. Williams. Fresh off her graduation from the college where Mr. Williams held his tenure, the bouncy blonde cheerleader had snagged herself the coveted college professor. Rumors abounded as to what sort of shenanigans the two might have been up to while Casey was still a student. Their official marriage had done nothing to stop the wagging tongues.

Casey stiffened for a moment, but then forced herself to relax, seeking to avoid yet another fight with her disapproving stepdaughter. “Look, I know how to have fun without all the modern electronics,” she countered in a soothing tone. “We used to play all sorts of old-fashioned games when I was in school. You girls could write your report about that.”

“OK, like what?” Megan inquired, crossing her arms across her chest in a dubious posture. She glanced at me, looking for support in ganging up on Casey. I busied myself with nursing a prolonged drink from my glass of soda, trying to avoid being drawn into what was obviously a well-worn family dispute.

Casey peered off into the distance, smiling at a cherished memory. “We used to play twister… A lot…” she suggested. “I’ve even still got a game boxed up somewhere if you want to give it a try.”

“That thing where you put your hands and feet on the colored spots? Lame!” Megan replied dismissively.

“Not so lame if you play strip twister,” Casey responded with a wistful smirk.

I about choked on my drink. “What’s that?” I piped up, my curiosity aroused.

“It’s like strip poker, except when someone can’t reach their spot they have to take off a piece of clothing. It’s also a bit more fun if you’re drinking shots every time you lose,” Casey explained. “We played it all the time in my college sorority. But that’s probably a little too intense for you girls.”

“I’ll play!” I volunteered, perhaps a bit too eagerly. Risking Megan’s wrath, I thought Casey seemed incredibly cool, and didn’t want her thinking I was too uptight to play a college game. Megan shot me a withering look of disapproval. But sensing she was outvoted two to one, she sighed and agreed to give it a try.

It didn’t take Casey long to dig up the old board game. She quickly had the playing mat spread out on the living room floor, displaying its array of red, blue, yellow, and green spots. “You just spin the spinner and do what it says,” she demonstrated, giving the pivoting plastic arrow a flick with her fingertip. “Left hand, Blue,” she announced the result. “So everyone has to put their left hand on a blue spot. Then you keep going until someone can’t reach their new spot, or falls over. They lose that round and have to take off a piece of clothing.”

“Sounds easy,” Megan scoffed.

“Well, we’ll see…” Casey replied casually. I didn’t quite share Megan’s confidence. I had a sneaking suspicion that a nimble ex-cheerleader like Casey was about to hand us both an embarrassing lesson in humility.

After we kicked off our shoes to protect the playing mat, Casey gave the dial another spin. With each of us planting our left socked foot on a yellow spot, the game was on. The first few rounds were simple, adding a hand here and a foot there. But after about the sixth spin, we were getting all tangled up with each other and the difficulty was increasing.

The spinner came up on Right Hand, Red, and Casey’s hand shot for the spot that Megan was seeking. “Hey, no fair!” Megan complained. “I was going there!”

“That’s part of the game,” Casey countered. “It’s not only about getting a spot, but also blocking the other players from reaching one.”

Megan grumbled under her breath, stretching and contorting into an awkward position to reach a more distant Red.

The spinner whirled again, deciding our fate. Casey gracefully twisted, arching her back and claiming a green spot with her left hand. The unexpected maneuver planted her directly in my way. More specifically, her large breasts were unavoidably in my face. Straining, I reached out, fingers groping in a desperate attempt to reach my green target. Casey squirmed, obviously shifting her body to block my move. I realized then that part of the game strategy involved just how far I was willing to get into another player’s “personal space” before things got too awkward. I stretched, fingers trembling, seeking to touch the elusive splotch of green. A self-conscious flush of embarrassment rose as I had no choice but to press my face firmly into the side of Casey’s fabulous tits. I could feel the warmth radiating off the firm fleshy mound through her sports bra, rendered all the more steamy by my muffled breathing. Inches from my eyes, I couldn’t ignore the telltale evidence of Casey’s nipple swelling into a growing state of arousal inside her bra. My heart rate ticked up a couple of notches as I tried to ignore a tingle growing in my tummy.

Hopelessly distracted, I slipped and fell, bringing the three of us down in a giggling tangle of arms and legs. “Loser!” Casey proclaimed with a good-natured laugh, pointing an accusing finger at me. “Take off a piece of clothing!” I obediently peeled off one lacy white sock and the game continued.

Casey lost the next round, uncharacteristically clumsy in missing an easy spot. I thought for a moment she was just going easy on us, but as Megan jeered her stepmother’s mistake, the willowy blonde simply smiled and graciously accepted the loss. She hooked her fingers up under her miniskirt. Wriggling her hips in a sensuous motion, she dragged a tiny pair of red thong panties down off her hips and casually tossed them across the armrest of the couch.

“What are you doing?” Megan exclaimed, her eyes wide in shock.

Casey smirked and shrugged. “There’s no rule on which piece of clothing you have to take off first.”

My gaze was drawn towards Casey’s discarded panties. The silky crotch of the garment was stained dark with a hint of wetness. I swallowed nervously, my mind racing to find a plausible explanation. The only answer that kept coming back to mind was that this intimate girl-on-girl contact had Casey’s pussy oozing, with the lucky panties soaking up the evidence.

It took a snap of Megan’s fingers in my face to rouse my unwavering attention from those juicy panties. “We playing, or what?” she demanded in an irate tone. With a backward glance at the enticing panties, I nodded and stepped back onto the playing mat.

Casey’s clever strategy of removing her panties first became obviously clear as the game resumed. She took every opportunity to position herself such that either Megan or I had a direct view up under her skirt. Devoid of panties, Casey’s neatly trimmed pussy was shamelessly on display. I found myself treated to numerous views of her pink, ruffled vaginal lips, unfurled and revealing a tantalizing pinkness deep within. And as the game spinner directed our movements, Casey’s adorable butthole made an occasional appearance, winking at us from between her creamy ass cheeks. The effect was distracting to say the least. Megan was simply appalled, grousing complaints under her breath as she futilely tried to avoid any intimate sights or contact with her stepmother. I on the other hand I found myself maneuvering on the game mat, my curiosity aroused as I stole secretive glances up her skirt. I couldn’t help but notice that Casey’s inner thighs were glistening with wetness. My tight panties were turning into a sweltering swamp as well, with a spreading stain of telltale seepage rapidly moistening the crotch. Fortunately the simmering wetness had not yet soaked through to my shorts, keeping evidence of my lustful desires under wraps.

Distracted as Megan and I were, the game quickly resolved itself as we lost round after round. The strategic sacrifice of Casey’s panties had been her one and only loss. I however was down to my bra and panties, and only her pair of pink and blue panties were keeping Megan in the game.

Looks like we’re down to the wire,” Casey teased in a sing-song voice.

“Just spin, I got this,” Megan insisted, tugging the back of her panties out of the crack of her ass and letting the elastic snap back with a sharp slap against her butt cheek. But despite her show of confidence, the next rounded handed Megan yet another defeat. Casey and I laughed as the girl blushed, swiveling her hips as she peeled off her undies and stood naked.

“Game over. You lose,” Casey declared with a tone of finality, retrieving her red thong underwear from the couch.

Megan chewed her lower lip, eyes flashing in irritation. “Double or nothing!” she burst out, unwilling to gracefully accept the loss.

Stopping with her panties pulled halfway up her thighs, Casey turned, giving her naked stepdaughter puzzled look. “Double or nothing with what?” she inquired, a bemused smirk crossing her lips. “You’ve got nothing left to bet with.”

A silence fell… “We could do like Truth or Dare,” I exclaimed as a half-formed inspiration hit me. My mind was racing, searching for any way to prolong this delightful game. Casey at least seemed interested, pulling her panties back down off her legs and dropping the gooey underwear on the floor.

Both Casey and Megan looked at me, quizzical looks up on their faces, waiting for me to elaborate my plan. “Uh… like maybe when you lose a round, you ah… you have to take a dare,” I stammered, making it up as I went along. “You have to maybe touch one of the winners, or you know — maybe give them a kiss?” I glanced shyly at Casey, wondering what an oral caress on her sensual lips might feel like.

The tip of Casey’s tongue caressed her lips as she mulled it over. “But there are two winners and only one loser each round,” she pointed out.

“Rock, paper, scissors?” I offered as a solution.

“OK, then Touch or Kiss — who decides that?” Megan cut in sharply, her competitive instincts honed razor sharp.

“Winner’s choice,” Casey declared. We all nodded, thinking that seemed fair. “But touch or kiss what?” she continued.

I glanced down at the game spinner. “It’s based on chance,” I suggested as the inspiration hit me. “We have to spin again. Like Red could be for lips. Loser has to touch or kiss one of the winners on the lips.”

Megan nodded with approval. “Green means tits,” she added. I could tell she was purposely trying to be crude, hoping to get a rise of annoyance out of her stepmother.

Casey’s eyebrows rose in surprise, but she refused to be baited into an argument. “Tits it is,” she agreed.

“Blue?” I inquired, my pulse throbbing in my ears.

“Butt,” Casey responded with a girlish giggle. Megan stifled an appalled gasp. Casey gave me a quick wink, her eyes flashing with mischief as she took pleasure in tormenting her stepdaughter with a socially inappropriate remark of her own. “Loser has to touch or kiss one of the winners on the butt.”

Megan’s fists clenched, betraying her irritation. “Butt. Hole.” she challenged her stepmother, dramatically raising the stakes. “…loser had to kiss or touch the winner’s butthole.”

“Oh, Megan, I don’t know…” Casey countered, sensing this was getting out of control.

“Chicken?” Megan taunted in return.

Casey locked eyes with Megan and I could feel the tension in the air as the two sparred for dominance in a relationship that went far beyond this silly game. “Fine,” Casey agreed, not sounding quite so sure of herself. “On the butthole,”

Megan shook her head. “UP the butthole,” she corrected. I gulped down a sense of panic, shifting my nervous gaze back and forth between them.

Casey maintained her stare, eyes never wavering. She obviously couldn’t back down now. “OK. Up the asshole,” she agreed. “Up the winner’s hot, tight little asshole…” Only the subtle ticking grandfather clock in the corner punctuated the stunned silence.

“Ah… ok, th… that leaves… Yellow,” I stammered, breaking an awkward quiet. I had hoped to play that off casual, but my voice cracked, betraying my nervousness. Had the temperature in the room suddenly shot up several degrees? A flush of heat seemed to rise up through me.

“Pussy,” Megan and Casey responded in unison, locked in their staring contest. After the discussion on the nuances of Blue, it was an unspoken agreement that any tongue or finger on a result of Yellow would also delve deeply into the depths of juicy little twat. My plans for a boring Friday evening spent crafting a dull history report were long gone.

The perverse rules agreed upon, we once again positioned ourselves around the game mat. Casey set the spinner into motion and a shiver of anticipation raced up my spine.

Casey suffered the first loss as Megan and I sort of ganged up on her to block her moves. She took the defeat gracefully. Megan and I shot Rock, Paper, Scissors and I came out the winner. Megan spun the spinner, landing on red. “Lips,” she announced, disappointment in her voice at the relatively tame first outcome.

Casey approached me. I gazed deep into her eyes, mesmerized. “Winner’s choice — Touch or Kiss?” she inquired in a sultry voice. A quiver in my loins screamed “KISS!” Casey licked her lips, leaning in.

“Ah… oh god… Touch,” I managed to mumble, chickening out at the last moment. A gut-punch of regret surged through me.

Casey shrugged with a smile. She raised her hand. Soft fingertips, sensual as velvet, lightly caressed my lips. I closed my eyes and groaned, my lips nuzzling her roaming digits. Seemingly beyond my control, my tongue slipped out, teasing Casey’s fingers, adding a shimmer of wetness. The probing tip of her extended middle finger slipped between my lips, easing into my mouth. I instinctively sucked on her slender appendage as my nostrils flared with a growing sense of lust. My wriggling tongue traced every nuance of her invading finger, lavishing saliva over every knuckle and dueling with the manicured, pink-painted nail. All too soon, Casey slipped her finger from my mouth. I gasped in frustration, wanting more. Wet with spit, she pressed her finger back against my lips, silencing any protest with a look that promised even better delights were yet to come.

The game moved on. Megan lost the next turn. Casey’s “paper” beat my “rock”, leaving her the winner. I gave the spinner a flick, sending it whirling. “Green! That means tits!” I declared with enthusiasm.

“Touch or kiss?” Megan inquired of her stepmother. Surprisingly it was said without a pout or resentment. Was it my imagination, or did her voice have an undertone of breathless expectation?

Casey’s fingers caressed her chin for a moment, pretending to ponder the weighty decision. “Oh, how about you give your Mommy’s tits a kiss?” she decided. Megan visibly flinched at the “Mommy” reference, her hands clenching as she resisted the urge to start another spat. With a fluid motion, Casey peeled up her tight sports bra, allowing her large, naked breasts to spill free. I watched with envy as those firm, massive jugs jiggled to a stop, my mouth watering as I indulged in a lustful gaze. Casey cupped her hands under her tits, lifting them up as she offered them to her stepdaughter. Her nipples swelled to an even more rigid state of attention, seeming to throb with anticipation.

Accepting her fate, Megan leaned in, pressing her lips gently against the outside of Casey’s left breast. She nuzzled a kiss, traversing across that sensitive orb of flesh. Casey gasped, closing her eyes. Her chest swelled as she drew in an urgent breath. She visible trembled as Megan found her way onto her stepmother’s aching nipple. Her lips pursed, tightening down on that succulent little nub of tender flesh. She sucked, drawing the nipple into her mouth. Casey groaned, her head rolling back as her hands moved to clasp the back of Megan’s head, drawing her in tight. A flickering tongue teased, coaxing another passionate groan of perverse pleasure from the ex-cheerleader. Megan’s fingers caressed the side of Casey’s tits, squeezing as she nursed on her stepmother’s throbbing nipple. Finally, with a wet pop of release, Megan withdrew, a long strand of spittle drawing taut between her lips and Casey’s heaving chest.

I looked on with a flare of jealousy, realizing that “losing” in this new game of ours wasn’t such a bad thing. With my heart hammering in my heaving chest, I picked up the spinner once again. “Blue!” I announced eagerly, turning my eyes towards Casey. A nagging thought crossed my mind that I had entirely bypassed the whole “twister” element of the game, moving directly to the “penalty” phase. Casey and Megan however offered no protest. My hungry gaze at Casey also did away with the Rock, Paper, Scissors aspect. “Blue,” I repeated, showing Casey the result on the spinner in order to stake my claim.

She nodded, an inviting smile spreading across her lips. “Blue is for Butthole,” she agreed, affirming the new game rules. “Up my butthole.”

I nodded energetically, swallowing the lump in my throat. “k… Kiss or Touch?” I rasped, unable to decide which one I was rooting for the most.

Casey paused, tormenting me as she dragged out the decision. She turned away, reaching down with one hand to tug her firm, creamy ass cheeks apart. Deep in that inviting fleshy cleft, the cute wrinkled pucker of her asshole beckoned.

“I don’t know…” she teased. “Do you want to rim out my hot little shitter?” Casey inquired in a beguiling whisper, looking back at me over her shoulder with a sultry pose. An eager nod bobbed my head up and down. “Do you want to dig that sweet tongue of yours deep into my tight, juicy ass?” Feeling my mouth watering, I swallowed nervously, nodding again.

She eased a delicate fingertip into the alluring dimple of her ass, teasing, testing the resistance of that puckered, inviting anus. “Or would it be better to finger-fuck me up the ass?” she mused, squirming sensuously at the thought. “Would you like to squeeze a wriggling finger up my shitter? she inquired, her voice pure syrupy seduction. I shuddered, unable to decide.

Casey clucked her tongue as she weighed her options. “Well, let’s just start with a kiss and see how it goes,” she finally decided. My heart skipped a beat or three as my secret desire was granted. She sprawled back onto the couch, spreading her legs. Her glistening pussy teased me from underneath her short miniskirt. A shimmering drop of vaginal lubrication oozed out of her unfurled twat lips, slithering down into the deep crack of her ass. She rolled her hips upward, exposing her tight, crinkled asshole. The vaginal lubrication seeped into the crinkled crater, wicking its way inside. Pulling the hem of her skirt up out of the way, her long fingers sensuously caressed her inner thighs. She licked her lips, anticipating my approach.

My mind reeling, I sank to my knees in front of the couch. My moment of dizziness passed and my vision drew into focus — razor sharp. Every little wrinkle of tender flesh of Casey’s snug little anus loomed large in my perception. Her tight orifice shuddered, puckering back and forth in lustful anticipation. I nuzzled my head between her wonderfully soft thighs, my hot breath washing back over me as I closed the distance. The heady scent of Casey’s dripping cunt was overwhelming, female pheromones fueling my lustful urges. I felt a flush of crimson shame surge up my face as I paused, my lips just inches away from Casey’s trembling rectal portal. Her sensual fingers slithered into my hair, closing down and gently drawing me in. I pursed my lips, closing my eyes as if to deny that I was about to plant an obscene kiss on Casey’s little shitter.

My lips made contact, oral and anal flesh caressing in an intimate embrace. Casey issued a lustful squeak of delight, squirming on the couch. I wrapped my arms underneath her upper thighs, rolling her hips upward. “Oh… fuck… kiss it!” Casey groaned, swiveling her hips in lustful response. I pressed my lips harder against her quivering anus in a perverted open-mouthed embrace.

Casey’s asshole puckered rapidly back and forth as she squirmed in my grasp. Excited mewls of passion escaped her lips as I let my tongue slither out, the tip relentlessly probing for any hint of weakness in Casey’s tightly puckered anal defense. She gasped, her fingers tightening their grip around my head as a shivering tremble raced up her inner thighs. “Do it!” she urged, her voice husky with an urgent need. Her snug little rectal pucker pulsed underneath my roving lips, the tightly clenched barrier faltering under my relentless oral probing. The tip of my tongue dipped in. Casey’s hips bucked as she squeaked with girlish delight. Her asshole clenched down tight, trapping the tip of my tongue in a tight anal grip. But like the proverbial camel’s nose into a tent, the very tip of my tongue had wormed its way into Casey’s tasty backdoor passage, and there was no stopping me now.

Straining, I pushed, forcing my tongue in deeper. Casey gurgled an incoherent response, rolling her hips and grinding her loins against my face. Then her snug little rectum finally surrendered. With a slow, steady push, I drove my wriggling tongue deep into her amazingly hot anus. A lustful sob burst from her lips. Her rectum clenched, clasping my digging oral appendage in a loving embrace. She shuddered in my grasp, then collapsed on the couch, panting. I swiveled my tongue, rimming her anus, stretching her open. Her hands dropped their grip on the back of my head, falling to the couch and clenching the cushions as the muscles in her body contracted in a quivering spasm. Her rectum rippled around my tongue, drawing me deeper. Casey squealed, her hips bucking frantically. A gush of vaginal juices flooded from her gaping pussy, pouring down over my lips and tongue as she twitched through an explosive orgasm. I tightened my grip on her upper thighs, digging my tongue in deep as she convulsed with passion.

Megan meanwhile had not been idle. I heard a soft purr of anticipation as her hands found their way to my hips. Roving fingers gently caressed my upturned rump. Her fingertips hooked into the waistband of my panties, tugging them down to my upper thighs. I wriggled my hips, only too happy to assist in whatever perversion she might have planned. I wasn’t left wondering too long. She sank two fingers into my sopping wet twat. I grunted as she plowed into me, drawing my face back from Casey’s delectable little shitter long enough to squeal with enthusiasm. Grinding my hips in a slow circle, I felt my own orgasm begin to simmer. As Megan’s twin fingers worked their magic, thrusting and twisting back and forth in the clutching depths of my twat, her thumb found its way into the dimple of my anus, applying a steadily increasing pressure. My tight little pooper offered shamefully little resistance, blossoming open to welcome her thumb into my trembling rectum.

“Fff….fuck…” I moaned, drawing my lips back off Casey’s asshole.

“Oh she likes that,” Casey observed, her chest heaving as she fought to regain her breath after her prolonged orgasmic fit. “You better give her some more.”

Megan nodded. Her fingers slipped from my ass and pussy. I whined in dismay, my bucking hips betraying my desperate need for sexual stimulation. “Ah…ah…ah…” I stuttered in mindless gibberish as two of Megan’s fingers snaked their way into my rectum. Panting like a dog, I lunged back to meet her, a shiver tracking up my spine as both fingers plowed in to the third knuckle.

Megan’s hot breath washed over my ear as she leaned on my back. “You want more?” she teased.

“P… p… please…” I groveled. Her two fingers slipped from my shitter, leaving me gaping. Three fingers drove back in — hard and deep. I grunted with a lustful response, my hips swiveling. She twisted her wrist, her embedded fingers drilling into me as her thumb and pinky finger caressed sensual circles on my naked ass.

“More?” Megan breathed in a husky whisper, her tongue flicking out to tease my ear.

My eyes watered, equal emotions of lust and shame swirling in my mind. I nodded without remorse.

Satisfied for the moment, Casey wriggled free of my grasp, slithering off the couch and moving behind me to inspect Megan’s efforts. I dropped my head to the floor, pushing my hips upward in a wanton display of complete submission.

“Here, let me show you,” Casey offered. I couldn’t see what she was up to, but from Megan’s enticing shriek of delight, I assumed that Casey had in some manner brought her sexual talents to bear on her stepdaughter. “There, see, just like you’ve got it,” Casey offered in an encouraging voice. “Now we pull back and add the pinky finger…” Megan’s fingers slipped backwards out of my ass but then eased back in, her delicate little digit now bringing the count to four. “Oh god, that’s tight!” Megan hissed, wriggling her hips as Casey worked her over from behind. It suddenly dawned on me that Megan’s four fingers working their way up my butthole were mirrored by Casey’s intimate attention, applying the same loving treatment to her stepdaughter’s snug little asshole.

“Does it feel good?” Casey asked in a hushed tone. I wasn’t sure if that was addressed to me or Megan, but we both nodded simultaneously in agreement.

“Now just tuck the thumb in there,” Casey coaxed. I turned to look back over my shoulder. Megan’s eyes went wide and a look of panic crossed her face as her stepmother’s hand was obviously beginning it final push. But then she closed her eyes and sighed, her hips swiveling in a slow, sensuous dance as Casey eased all five fingers her stepdaughter’s trembling butthole.

Casey’s brow furrowed with concentration. “You are really tight. Are you an anal virgin?” Casey inquired.

“Mom!” Megan cried in protest, appalled at such an intimate line of questioning.

Casey smiled. “Don’t you worry, my dear — your step Mommy is going to take care of that.” Megan’s eyes flared wide and a lustful moan escaped her. She bucked like a bronco, panting desperately. Then she grunted with lustful satisfaction, closing her eyes as her hips rolled in a sensual motion. “Deeper…” she begged in a passionate whisper.

With her hand trembling, Megan returned her attention to my stretched little anus, steadily applying pressure. “S… stop… It’s too tight!” I protested. But my half-hearted pleas fell on deaf ears as Megan’s bunched up fingers twisted back and forth, stretching me open. A flash of pain surged through me and I squealed, thrashing my hips in a futile attempt to escape the fate of my friend’s fist plowing into my ass. But suddenly the pain transformed to satisfying pleasure as the wide part of Megan’s hand slipped past the tortured gateway of my rectum. Tears clouded my eyes as I issued a lustful sob. My straining anus shuddered and then clenched down tight, quivering around Megan’s wrist. “Please… fuck me…” I begged.

Megan’s clenched fist slowly twisted in my ass, her grinding knuckles stimulating the highly sensitive nerves in my butt. I reached up, getting a firm grip on the couch as I felt Megan’s fist draw back. My anus flared as part of her fist was exposed. Then she eased back in, sinking several inches of her forearm up my butt. A trickle of lustful drool escaped my lips, trailing downward as I gasped for breath.

Meanwhile, Casey’s talented fingers had been working their own brand of magic up her stepdaughter’s asshole, relentlessly fist-fucking that tight little rump. Megan bit down on her lower lip, trying but failing to contain a lustful squeal of passion that burst forth. I felt her shudder, her hips thrashing in response to the orgasm that surged through her. “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” she grunted, taking it like an animal. Casey reached up and grabbed a fistful of her stepdaughter’s hair, drawing her head back as she drove her fist ever deeper.

Megan’s arm jerked in a spasm, seeming to transmit the erratic energy of her orgasm right up into my asshole. My own orgasm caught fire, raging out of control as I came, violent convulsions contracting in my cunt and ass, my trembling rectum clenching down tight around Megan’s twisting, thrusting fist. A gush of vaginal juices flooded from my twat, oozing down my inner thighs in rivulets and dangling in shimmering strands from my gaping cunt lips. I dropped my face back down into the carpet, pressing my hips up high as I begged for more.

Finally, in a daze, I felt Megan’s fist pull from my ass. I quivered and collapsed onto the floor, cooing with post-orgasmic delight. My heart was pounding frantically in my chest as I lay there, basking in the aftermath.

At last I began to regain my senses. Sighs of passion intruded upon my hearing. I rose, propping myself up on an elbow as I blinked, looking around. Megan and her stepmother appeared to be wrestling on the floor, and at first I thought their long-standing strife had finally erupted into physical violence. But as I clambered to my feet, thinking I had to separate them, I noticed that they weren’t fighting at all. Megan and Casey had their naked legs interlocked, energetically scissoring their naked pussies together. Megan lay on her back, hips thrusting, while Casey sat spread-eagle on the floor, grinding cunt against cunt with her stepdaughter. I smiled, thrilled that they had finally managed to put their differences aside.

My cunt twitched, a resurgence of lust beginning a slow simmer. Megan’s pretty upturned face offered a tempting target. I stepped over her, her gaze directed straight up into my pretty pussy. A long strand of vaginal juices drooled from my twat, dangling, glistening with promising wetness. Megan licked her lips, staring up with unabashed lust. I joined the mother-daughter pair, kneeling down on the floor as I straddled Megan’s face. Her lips pressed a nuzzling kiss against my wet pussy as I settled into place, feeling her tongue slither up into the tight fleshy folds of my dripping snatch.

Face to face with Casey as she continued to scissor cunt with her stepdaughter, I peered into her eyes, licking my lips with expectation. Casey leaned in and we met, open-mouthed, kissing as our tongues twisted and tangled in a playful dance. Underneath me, Megan’s muffled squeal of delight sent vibrations through my loins as she frantically slithered against her stepmother’s twat in the throes of ecstasy.

My hips began to roll in a cycle of motion, grinding my eager little fuck slot down hard on Megan’s open mouth. Cunt cream trickled down, smearing her lips and coating her deeply digging tongue.

Casey’s roving fingers traversed down my naked back, easing into the crack of my ass. My fingers returned the favor, squeezing their way between Casey’s firm ass cheeks. My probing middle finger eased into the crinkled dimple of her anus and she flinched in surprise. I backed off, but her kisses became more intense. “Do it!” she urged in a mumble as our lips continued our prolonged kiss. My pulse throbbing, I stiffed my finger and slid it deep into Casey’s hot ass, feeling her rectal tract clench down tight. Her finger wriggled its way up my puckered butthole in response. My inner thighs rippled as my orgasmic surge began to bubble…

… My recollection blurred as our delightful lesbian three-way writhed and tangled on the floor, lips and tongues, fingers and nipples all squirming in a naked pile of flesh, delving deep into quivering openings of oral, vaginal and anal orifices. At long last we were all sexually spent and exhausted, collapsing and sprawled on the floor or across the couch, gently caressing naked flesh in a sticky, glowing aftermath.

Megan giggled. “Well, THIS is going to be an interesting history report.”