My Dog, My Lover

It was a hot and humid late summer night. The window was down in the Uber that was taking me home from a long night at the local bars. I have always loved the feeling of warm summer air in my face. The driver took an apparent interest in me and would not stop asking me questions. I normally welcome the conversation but I was drunk, tired and ready for sleep. He complemented me on my short light blue dress. The chest was mostly mesh (as the Uber driver noticed) and its color went perfectly with my steel grey eyes and long red hair.

The driver finally pulled in to my townhouse driveway and reminded me to give him a good review if I think he earned it. I could feel his eyes all over me as I walked up to my front door, not to mention the constant checks in his rearview mirror on the way back (it was a miracle that he was able to watch the road). He wasn’t my type but a very cute young man with glasses, scattered acne and a disheveled look only a teenager could pull off. It would have been fun to play with him but my time at the bars was quickly catching up with me.

As I opened the door I was set upon by a huge furry mass of muscles. A true beast of a creature also known as Chewy, my German Shepard. His tongue shot in and out of his mouth as he greeted me upon my return. He was truly my best friend and I could not imagine my life without him. He keeps me feeling loved and safe in this cold world. Just this morning, I finished giving him his spa treatment of cutting his nails and fur, followed by a shower with mommy. I noticed his beautiful black and brown coat was getting a little mangy and his nails were beginning to leave marks in my floor. The “dog smell” also started to lose its charm and he became quite stinky. I learned a few years ago that it was just easier to bring him in the shower with me since there was enough room. Trying to use the tub usually turned in to a wrestling match, ending with me wearing more water than Chewy. He liked the shower. It was big enough where we were able to play but also get an actually rinse in. He was now smelling like an 80lbs flower ?.

After receiving Chewy’s kisses I pushed passed him and made for the shower. I opened all the windows because it was a beautiful 70 degrees with a slight summer breeze. I turned on the shower, waiting for the water to get hot. I had two beautiful French doors that opened out of the master bathroom, to a 2nd floor balcony overlooking the street of identical looking buildings. There were only woods across the street which made for a nice view. I noticed that my Uber driver was still here, now parked on the street. “Must be a slow night” I said to myself sarcastically. He would make constant looks up to my place and back to his phone to pretend like he wasn’t spying on me. I could now feel the steam from the hot water rushing passed me out in to the beautiful summer air. “It looks like I will get to play after all” I thought to myself. I turned my back to the street to feign a walk back in to the bathroom. Before I did so, I unzipped the back of my dress and slipped out of it, providing my former driver with a view of my back side. I stripped down to my dark purple lacy thong and heels before closing the doors behind me (and providing my driver with a final act).

It was a quick shower but I just needed it after a night of drinking. It turned me on thinking about that young boy’ eyes all over me. Nobody would believe him anyway. When I got out of the shower, I really began to feel those last tequila shots I did with the girls. The booze and hot steam did not mix well, but I was still felt very turned on.

I dropped my towel to the bathroom floor and stumbled out into my room where I found Chewy laying across my bed. I bent over my bed reaching under it, trying to find my vibrator to no success. So, I began to rub myself as I was bent over, it would only take a few seconds anyway. As I began to rub myself I heard Chewy get up and thump on to the floor. I could hear his footsteps coming over to see what I was doing. I did not look back but I know he was close to me as I heard him panting. I continued to touch myself without really thinking about it, until I felt Chewy’s tongue take a huge swipe on my ass, and another and another. His next lick perfectly parted my butt and ran all the way across my hole. I attempted to get up but I was not coordinated enough. More importantly, I quickly gave up, due to how good it felt. He was now sticking his tongue in and out of my ass crack and going up and down on my asshole and vagina. I could feel him lick my fingers every few strides which added to the waves of pleasure.

He stopped momentarily which made me swoon and literally beg him to keep kissing mommy. My begging came to an abrupt hult when I felt him go up and land his chest on my back. He wrapped his paws around my waist as I have felt men do. He was very heavy and I was pinned against my bed and his growing cock. He began thrusting which only felt like humping. I then felt his cock grow and grow until he was poking my legs and ass with his dog cock. He was also spraying little spirts of cum all over me with each thrust. It was such a turn on that I didn’t pause to think of what was to happen next. His thrust found its mark and went right in to my soaking pussy. It hurt the first few thrusts, but I could feel him growing inside me and putting pressure on all the right spots.

His thrusts continued and I could feel him swell like a balloon. I usually have some sort of build up before I cum but he fucked me right in to orgasm. Convulsions, eye rolling, hip bucking toe crunching and lots of drunk-lusty moaning. I believe I was even drooling. He paused as he completely swollen and I could feel the fluid he fucked in to me. His cock acted likc a wine cork and as he relaxed, his huge dog cock slid out of me and behind it, a wave a dog cum that ran down my legs. He quickly started to clean mommy before…Yes, mounting me again. I hadn’t moved because I was still processing and pulsing from my orgasm. I don’t know If I fell asleep form the late night or from the fucking, but I came too laying on the floor for an unknown amount of time later with Chewy licking me clean. I attempted to stand and dove into bed to tuck myself in. Chewy jumped back onto the bed and licked my face a few times before laying down. The last thing I remember from that night is the taste of cum on his breathe (his and mine) ?