My fun Halloween with best friend

Me and sally were finally going to go trick or treating on our own without our parents, I was really exited because sally said that she had a plan to get extra candy now that there were no parents around, I was going to be a witch this Halloween I was putting on my witch dress in the bedroom. It was short only going down to my thigh I was also wearing black and white socks that went up to my knee the top of my dress had a nice small v that showed off my newly formed b – cup breasts, the doorbell rang and I heard sally walk in saying hi to my dad as she made her way to my room, sally was a cheerleader barging into my room spinning to show off her costume she was wearing a sports bra and a skirt even though she didn’t quite have her boobs yet, she grabbed my hand and bag and hurried me out the door saying that if we don’t hurry we wont get any of the good candy.

During our walk to the first of our houses I asked how she intended to get extra candy she giggled to herself and said I would have to wait and see, she has always been much more mature than me even though she is 17 and I m 18 she knows more about sex then I do 2 years ago she stole her brothers phone and discovered all of his downloaded porn, after watching it all she deleted it all and recorded herself masturbating and Cumming on his phone she then put it back and waited, her brother was confused but did masturbate to the video he didn’t know but she watched him masturbate to her.

We got to the first house and screamed trick or treat, a man came out and handed out a handful of candy to each of us, sally asked the man for more and when he said no sally pulled the sports bra down to reveal her boobs, the man was awestruck at this little nympho flashing her tits and she repeated in a seductive tone can we have some more candy please, I was left with my jaw hanging open as she tweaked her nipple as he filled our bags with two more hand fulls, she pulled up her top and grabbed my hand leading me to our next house, after eight or nine houses, sally pulled my v down and poped my boobs out for a woman as she answered the door

Can we have extra candy we playfully asked as sally continued to play with my boobs, the woman looked around and said ill give you two handfuls if you finger her, sally lost to her greed of candy reached around me and pulled up my dress to reveal my blue panties then with the other hand she reached in between my legs from behind and rested her palm on the crotch of my panties I let out a soft moan as she rubbed her palm across my slit my heat was building up and I was getting wet she then pulled my panties to the side as the cool air hit my hairless wet pussy I felt my juices running down my legs, the woman looked on in approval as sally slid her fingers over my exposed slit, sally bit my ear and hissed im gonna love this eve, im gonna love making you cum, with that she slammed two fingers into my foaming wet cunt keeping them deep in my pussy she wiggled them back and forth pressing them against the walls of my pussy she then pressed them both down hard into my g – spot forcing a moan out of me, she then slid them in a nd out of me slowly each time picking up speed, I wrapped my arms around her neck for support as she fingered me the lady was enjoying the show as she was now fingering herself watchin as sally fingered me, sally again pushed her fingers all the way into my soaked cunt then with her thumb she toyed with my clit pinching it and flicking it my pussy tightened around sally s fingers as my climax built then she pulled her fingers out of me denying my orgasm, she then looked at the lady and said that if she gave us two more handfuls she would make me cum, I pleaded with my eyes for my orgasm and the lady gave us two more handfuls, with that sally put her fingers covered in my juices in my mouth and plunged the other hands two fingers into my pussy the taste of my pussy along with sally fingers deep in my cunt were too much and I came on my friends hands. The woman watched for a second and then went inside to continue fingering herself, sally fixed my top and then grabbed my hand leading me to our last stop of the night,

Our bags were nearly full but sally wanted to got to the wealthy part of the neighborhood we got to the first house and it was another woman she opened the door and saw us, sally flashed her pussy to the woman asking for extra candy the woman scoffed and said that if she wanted to see pussy she would look it up, then she said she would give us the rest of her candy if we ate her out, sally got down on her knees in front of the woman and the lady said it had to be both of us or no deal, I knelt down next to sally and then the woman pulled down her leggings to reveal a thong, I grabbed the thong and pulled it to the side and with the other hand I slid my middle finger into her pussy I curved it and spun it and once it was wet enough I pulled it out and stuck it into sally s mouth sally sucked on my finger then moved her mouth to the woman s pussy she used her thumbs to spread her pussy and berried her face in the woman s crotch I then reached down sally s body and got to her exposed panty less crotch sally groaned as I rubbed my hand over her crotch, she pulled her tong out of the woman and the kissed me her saliva and the woman s pussy juice being mixed into my mouth she then grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into the woman s crotch following her lead I pushed my tong into her pussy sally then began flicking the woman s clit with her tong I pushed two fingers into sally s sexy little puffy cunt she was so horney her pussy was grabbing at my fingers, the woman s pussy was pushing my tong out which made me horney, I pushed my tong back into her I slid it in deep and then once again the pussy squeezed down on my mouth and tong I then slid my tong as deep as possible, I was getting so turned on by how her body was reacting to my tong that my juices had soaked my panties and were running down my legs, I was so entranced with my little game I was playing with my tong that I didn t even notice sally Cumming around my fingers I was now on all fours slicking my tong in and out of this woman I looked into her eyes and saw she was staring at me she was completely at my mercy and my tong was deep inside her cunt her juice was running down my chin as I slid my tong in and had it pushed put by her pussy walls, I nearly came when sally slapped my ass, she was now behind me as she pulled my panties down my legs I was so exited that i was about to get my pussy eaten that I didn’t notice the woman shaking, I slid my tong all the way in as far as possible and then kept it there as she came all over my face and mouth, the woman grabbed my head and began humping it I was wondering why sally wasn’t eating my pussy yet, I was so horney that my pussy was aching, I felt sally s breath on my pussy but then I felt her tong flick past my butthole, then she spread my cheeks and slid her devilish tong into my butt causing my hungry pussy to explode, she didn’t stop though she played with my butthole than plunged her tong in and out the woman was now grinding on my face, my ass felt amazing and as sally slid her fingers into my pussy me and the woman came together, after we collected ourselves and our candy sally grabbed me and we went to the next house

That was awesome I laughed as we went to the next house, sally offered to do it again next time we were alone we got to the next house and as soon as the lady opened the door sally pulled up my dress and pulled my panties to the side revealing my soaked cunt to the lady we then asked together can we have extra candy, the woman looked around then said to us she didn’t have candy but if we came inside she would give us $100 dollars each, we looked at each other than we agreed to go inside. Once we were inside the woman told us to get naked that she would be right back, she came back with an assortment of sex toys and then she went back and on her second trip she brought bondage gear by this point me and sally were both naked, she asked who was first and sally blurted out she was I watched as the woman tied her up so that she was kneeling with her arms tied behind her back she couldn’t stand up because her legs were tied together so she was stuck kneeling the woman then bent her over and took out the first of the toys they were beads all on a string that she called anal beads, it was really long it had 20 beads on it and they were all the side of the big marbles, she slid 7 beads into sally s butt then quickly pulled them out causing sally to moan she then gave them to me and said play with her she then got out what she called a Hitachi it was a vibrator that had a ball at one end that vibrated really strong while the woman played with sallys pussy with the Hitachi I slid each bead into sally she moaned as I put each one in then once I had gotten all 20 I I put my finger in the ring at the end and quickly pulled them out, the woman grabbed sally from behind she held her close as she drove the Hitachi against sally s cunt, sally came hard exploding her cum out and around the Hitachi in a powerful spray

The woman then tied me in the same position however she put a ball gag in my mouth she then said that she didn’t want me screaming, she grabbed a large Lovense butt plug she sucked it into her mouth and once it was wet she placed it at the entrance of my butt and then slowly pushed it into my butt stretching

My little butthole once it was in she sat in front of me and then showed me the app on her phone she then dragged her finger up the screen and I felt the butt plug start to vibrate she dragged her finger up and down the screen making the vibrations get strong and then weak then she laid the phone on the floor so I could watch it then she slid the circle all the way to the top of the phone and locked it there making the butt plug constantly vibrate it was really strong that I was already on the verge of Cumming, all I could do was make muffled moans as she returned behind me she gave my pussy a quick slap witch sent me hurling over the edge my cum dripping down my legs, she then hissed into my ear, she said I hadn t seen anything yet and that she was only getting started, she then dangled a small pink rubber vibrator in front of me and said it was an ohmibod

She used her phone to link the ohmibod as well and then she put the ohmibod in my pussy and then pushed it so deep that it was in farther than her fingers, she then turned the butt plug and ohmibod on full blast, forcing a second orgasm out of me I felt drool going down my face I was experiencing so much pleasure it almost hurt she then returned to sally saying oh I m not done with you she flipped sally onto her back and then sat on her face sally immediately began eating her out the woman grabbed the Hitachi and pressed it into sally s hot little cunt, the sight of sally being dominated and the two vibrators was too much and forced another orgasm out drenching my legs in more cum sally s agitated cunt was now turning bright red the woman was moaning like a slut then she looked me in the yes and began to talk dirty to me, you love watching your friend get fucked don’t you, you little slut, what about this, she said as she opened sally s pussy with two fingers and pressed the vibrator against sally s open pussy flesh she thrashed as she came but the woman was too strong holding sally down as she came, the woman watched as I came again with drool flying out around the ball gag, I didn’t know how much more I could take I was going insane, she asked me I can stop if you want you just have to ask to stop sweetie, she said devilishly tapping on the ball gag, just say so, I was completely helpless but to be honest even if I could tell her I didn’t want to stop, sally came again her hot little cunt getting red and puffy, the woman looked at me and then said watch this ill make your little girlfriend go crazy, she bent down so she was in a 69 with sally she then pressed the Hitachi hard against her pussy she then made eye contact with me as she licked sally s clit, I m gonna cum from your slut friends mouth, I could hear sally s screaming moans muffled my the woman s pussy, the woman arched her back as she came on sally s face, she then pushed the Hitachi even harder into sally s hot throbbing red cunt, forcing another orgasm out, she then climbed off sally and turned to me, don’t worry my little slutty fuck toy ill make you cum hard to, she grabbed my chin and had me look her in the eyes as she pressed the Hitachi against my pussy once again I came but no pussy juice came out this time I was running dry, I couldn’t think of anything but the woman and the vibrators she then untied sally, make her your slutty little slave, she handed sally the Hitachi she then looked me in my eyes while grabbing my hair, your friend is going to have her way with you you little slut, remember if you had enough you can just say so, I let out a moan of protest as sally crawled behind me sally pushed the Hitachi against my throbbing little cunt I felt another orgasm hit me, my mind went blank and I nearly blacked out, the woman slapped my ass bringing me back to reality and she said to me you still have to cum for your little slut back there, spank her while you fuck her she ordered sally then I felt sally s hand slap hard into my ass, the woman grabbed my nipples and started to toy with them, she grabbed my boob in her hand, and placed her mouth around my nipple she sucked it in and swirled circles with her tong cmon slut cuuuum on she moaned from my breast she was fingering herself two more slaps to my ass caused me to nearly cum, sally then grabbed my hair and pulled me back to her she then pressed the vibrator into my pussy so hard my pussy opened and let the vibrator into my sensitive flesh, with one last slap to my ass I came again as the woman cheered me on that’s a good sex slave Cumming for your little nympho slut girlfriend, she took the ohmibod and Hitachi out and I thought it was over but she told sally to spank me till I came, the woman slid under me and began licking my pussy while she gave me a good view of her fingering herself, sally slapped my ass again with each spank my butt tightened around the butt plug, it didn’t take long for me to cum again, the woman untied me and took the butt plug out then she offered to drive us home as we probably couldn’t walk to good right now, after we got dressed she said her name was Amelia I decided to stay the night at sally s house, her parents let my parents know where I was thanking the nice lady for driving us home so we didn’t have to walk in the cold, I slept in sally s room I couldn’t stop thinking about the night as me and sally fingered each other half asleep.