A Squirt Adventure

Jamie flopped back onto the bed, smiling to herself. She rolled onto her side and looked at Kelsey, her legs still spread and the evidence of the night’s pleasure glistening on her thighs. Jamie ran a hand over her friend’s stomach and snuggled up to her side, laying her head on her shoulder as she enjoyed the sounds of Kelsey’s breathing evening out from her third orgasm. The women laid in silence, the early morning sun just starting to peek in through the parted curtains. Kelsey looked at the clock on the wall and yawned softly before reaching down the bed and pulling the comforter over her and Jamie. Kelsey kissed her friend-turned-lover softly and nuzzled into her neck, draping one arm across her chest as the two women drifted off to sleep.

Jamie woke with a start. She blinked groggily and rubbed her fingers across her eyes as the events that had unfolded over the previous night came flooding back into her mind. She glanced down at Kelsey, who was still laying close to her side and smiled softly. ‘Who knew that this is how the evening would have gone?’ Jamie thought, watching her friend sleep peacefully beside her. She gently pushed Kelsey’s hair back behind her ear and admired her soft face, brushing her thumb over her velvety lips.

Her cell phone suddenly buzzing loudly on the bedside table jolted Kelsey from her rest. She sleepily reached over and answered the phone, not bothering to check the screen.

“Hello?” She muttered sleepily, rubbing her cheek with the palm of her hand. Her eyes snapped open at the deep male voice on the other end. In the silence of the quiet bedroom Jamie could hear the man clearly, and knew it was Marcus. Kelsey’s face crumpled into worry as he told her he was coming over to get some of his things. She glanced at Jamie, her eyes beginning to water. “You don’t live here anymore, Marcus, you can’t just show up whenever you want.” She said to him, the hurt obvious in her voice. “Why does it matter? You got company already?” He replied.

Kelsey’s face flushed pink before she frowned, her brow furrowing in anger. “You have a lot of God damn nerve Marcus, to act like I’m not allowed to have company, after I caught you stuffing your dick in another woman in my fucking house. Come get your shit, I don’t care.” Kelsey retorted, looking into Jamie’s shocked face. Jamie had never heard her soft spoken friend speak to anyone so harshly, but if anyone was deserving of her anger it was Marcus.

Kelsey hung up the phone and tossed it down on the bed, covering her face with her hands. She sighed deeply and shook her head a little, sliding her hands off her cheeks as she looked at Jamie. “He’ll be here in about an hour to get his stuff.” Her voice was shaky, but she didn’t seem sad or upset, just frustrated. Jamie sat up in bed awkwardly and hugged her knees to her chest, looking at her friend. “Should I go?” Kelsey looked into Jamie’s eyes and shook her head, biting her lip softly. “I would really appreciate it if you’d stay. I don’t want to be near him right now, I could use some moral support.”

Jamie smiled and nodded. She didn’t want to leave anyway, she wanted Marcus to be jealous of quickly Kelsey found pleasure elsewhere, but also knew it wasn’t her place to tell him what had transpired the night before. She stretched her long legs out on the bed and shivered, looking into Kelsey’s eyes. “I could really use a shower..” Kelsey nodded and pushed the blanket off, her soft body coming into view. “So could I.” She replied, smiling as she stood up off the bed. Jamie giggled and blushed a little, feeling giddy as Kelsey offered her a hand.

Jamie took Kelsey’s hand and the two women walked into the connecting bathroom. Kelsey pulled a few towels from the linen closet and set them on the counter before turning her attention to the large glass shower on one side of the room. Jamie watched her turn the water on, then glanced at herself in the mirror. Her long honey brown hair was dishevelled and hanging loosely over her shoulders. The little bit of make-up she wore the night before smeared across her face, evidence of the pleasure she had given Kelsey with her tongue and lips. She sighed and quickly stripped her panties off, dropping them on the floor.

She looked back at Kelsey and stepped over to her, slowly tracing a finger up her spine. Kelsey shivered, goosebumps erupting across her skin as Jamie touched her back softly. She smiled and looked over her shoulder, grabbing Jamie by the hand as she pulled her friend into the shower and closed the glass door behind them.

The warm water washed over the women, soaking their hair and bodies as they stood close to each other, basking in the silence and warmth. Jamie closed her eyes and tilted her head back, sighing and running her hands over her now soaking wet hair. Kelsey studied Jamie, the water streaming down over her breasts and stomach. She glanced down at her friends exposed pussy and smiled, Jamie had a small strip of trimmed pubic hair above her slit. Her labia was parted slightly at the top, revealing a small silver stud with a sparkling gemstone. Kelsey was surprised to see the piercing, but more surprised at how sexy she found it. She stepped closer to Jamie and slipped her hands over her friends wet hips.

“I didn’t know you had a hood piercing, Jamie.” She said softly, smiling at her friend. Jamie giggled and nodded, draping her arms over Kelsey’s shoulders. “I got it a year or so ago on a whim, I think it’s cute!” She said, fake-pouting before giggling more. “And it’s been really fun having it during sex. It presses on my clit and feels good..” Kelsey bit her lip and inched closer to Jamie, their bodies touching softly. “Maybe I could help you feel good.” She said, her voice barely more than a whisper. Her cheeks pink with embarrassment at how forward she was being.

Jamie shivered and looked into Kelsey’s eyes, kissing her softly and nodding. Kelsey smiled and kissed Jamie more, sliding her hands over her friend’s hips and ass, squeezing her wet skin as she backed her up to the wall of the shower. The cold tile touching Jamie’s skin made her shiver, her nipples standing at attention. She looked at Kelsey and grinned, sliding her legs apart slowly. Kelsey reached her fingers out gently, touching Jamie’s soft pussy as she looked into her eyes.

Jamie gasped at Kelsey’s touch, biting her lip as her friend slowly rubbed her outer labia. She closed her eyes and sighed contentedly, smiling as the small silver piece of jewellery made contact with her sensitive clit. A small moan escaped her when she felt Kelsey’s finger slide slowly between her pussy lips, rubbing at her inner folds as Jamie pushed her hips forward slightly.

Kelsey giggled and kissed Jamie’s throat, slowly exploring her wet pussy with her finger and pressing her palm softly against her clit. Jamie moaned and spread her legs a little more, inviting Kelsey’s finger to slip into her tight hole. Kelsey teased her, sliding her finger down over the entrance of Jamie’s pussy and slipping just the tip of her finger in before pulling back out and rubbing her clit softly.

Jamie shivered and groaned, wanting her friend to finger fuck her. She looked at Kelsey with lust in her eyes, and Kelsey smiled. She knew what Jamie wanted but she was having too much fun teasing her. Slowly she pressed two fingers over Jamie’s swollen clit, rolling her piercing against the little bud. Jamie gasped and moaned loudly, her knees shaking as the pleasure radiated out from her pussy.

“Kelsey, please. Please finger me!” Jamie moaned out, pushing her hips forward and grinding her pussy against her friend’s fingers. Kelsey grinned and quickly slipped two fingers deep into Jamie’s pussy, causing the other woman to moan louder. She pumped her fingers in and out of Jamie’s dripping hole, watching her face as she did. Jamie’s eyes fluttered open, looking at Kelsey as she felt an orgasm approach.

“Kelsey I’m gonna cum…” She moaned. Slipping a hand down over her clit she rubbed furiously, desperate to cum. Kelsey kept finger fucking Jamie’s hot cunt as she kissed her neck, biting softly. “Do it then, cum for me.” She whispered hoarsely, becoming more aroused as the water continued to cascade down her back, her fingers stuffing in and out of Jamie’s tight pussy hard and fast.

Jamie moaned loudly and let out a small scream as her orgasm struck her, causing her pussy to squirt a jet of hot girly cum over Kelsey’s hand. She continued to rub her clit hard and fast, her orgasm intensifying as she squirted more. Kelsey looked at Jamie’s pussy, taken by surprise at the sudden stream of juices soaking her palm. She giggled and pushed her fingers into her friend deeply, wiggling her digits against Jamie’s g-spot, just as she had done to Kelsey the night before.

Jamie screamed again and her knees shook, threatening to buckle. She grabbed Kelsey by the shoulders to steady herself and felt her hips jerk as her orgasm subsided. Kelsey withdrew her fingers slowly, teasing Jamie more. Jamie whimpered and dug her fingers into Kelsey’s shoulders, her chest heaving as she took in quick shallow breaths.

Kelsey removed her fingers completely from Jamie and brought them up to her mouth. She looked into Jamie’s eyes and slowly slipped her fingers into her mouth, getting her first taste of her friend on her lips. She tasted fresh and a little tangy, but Kelsey loved it. She sucked her fingers clean and smiled at Jamie. “How did I do?” She asked, a little sheepishly.

Jamie laughed and breathed hard, slipping her arms around Kelsey’s neck as she kissed her deeply. “You did wonderfully.. You made me squirt!!” She said as she broke the kiss, giggling softly. Kelsey blushed and rubbed her nose over Jamie’s neck, nodding a little. “I honestly didn’t realise that was a real thing. I had seen it in porn before but I figured it was fake.”

Jamie sighed happily and closed her eyes, enjoying the sweet post-orgasm attention from Kelsey. “Oh it’s very real. I do it a lot when I cum, always have. You’ll have to put a towel down for round two later.” Kelsey blushed deeply, envisioning herself between Jamie’s legs, letting her squirt into her mouth as she rubbed her clit hard… It was turning her on even more, but she knew Marcus was going to be over soon and she wanted to make sure she didn’t give him any satisfaction of a sexy show with Jamie.

Kelsey stepped away from her friend and sighed, telling Jamie they needed to get ready. The two friends cleaned themselves up quickly in the shower, stepping out they wrapped plush towels around their wet bodies. As they walked into the bedroom Jamie got an idea.

“Hey, what would you say to making Marcus really jealous and really mad?” Kelsey raised an eyebrow, intrigued but unsure. Jamie continued. “We don’t have to DO anything in front of him, but what if we just were very suggestive about what happened? We could wear some of your long sleep shirts, cuddle up on the couch, nuzzle each other while he gathers his things… let his imagination run wild about what happened between us.”

Kelsey considered Jamie’s idea carefully. She DID like the idea of pissing Marcus off after what he had done. Sure, what the hell. It was the least he deserved. Kelsey nodded, agreeing to Jamie’s plan. The women dried off and put their hair in loose buns, slipping some long tee shirts over their heads. Jamie’s shirt hit just below her ass, barely concealing her intimate areas. Kelsey’s shirt touched down mid thigh, leaving plenty to the imagination. As they were preparing to make their way downstairs, Kelsey opened a dresser drawer, retrieving two pairs of white thigh high socks. One pair with black rings around the tops, the other with red. She handed a pair to Jamie, “He bought me these, to wear with a Halloween costume a few years ago. He loves thigh highs. If we really want to t*****e him, this will do the trick.”

Jamie grinned, slipping the socks on her legs and over her knees, a few inches of bare thigh showing between the bottom of her shirt and the top of the socks. Kelsey followed suit and her socks ended right at the hem of her long shirt. The two friends giggled and admired each other. Kelsey had to admit, this was a very sexy look.

The women made their way downstairs, and Jamie fell back onto the large sectional couch, sinking into the soft cushions. Suddenly remembering this is where Kelsey caught Marcus fucking another woman she looked up at her friend. Kelsey was standing there, looking at the couch. In a split second decision she laid down next to Jamie, snuggling into her side as her shirt rode up over her thigh. “I’m not going to let him ruin this for me. This is my couch, my house, my life.” She said out loud, more to herself than to Jamie.

Jamie smiled and slipped her arms around Kelsey, cuddling in with her friend. She slipped her leg between Kelsey’s and closed her eyes. “I’m glad you aren’t letting him upset you anymore. And after he leaves we can umm… reclaim the couch, if you want.”

Kelsey laughed out loud and kissed Jamie’s neck, trailing her fingers over the visible bare skin of her thighs. “Oh we absolutely will be doing that. I still want to taste you, straight from the source. Not licking your cum off my fingers.” Jamie giggled and blushed, propping her knees up a tiny bit on the couch.

All too soon the women heard the sound of a vehicle pull up, and a door slam shut. Kelsey’s heart skipped a beat, but Jamie squeezed her hand, reassuring her friend. Kelsey sighed and got up as Marcus knocked on the door, surprised he didn’t just barge in.

Marcus eyed his now ex fiancee up and down, surprised to see her wearing the thigh highs he bought for her. “Kelsey if you’re trying to get me to come back, you sure do make a compelling case…” He said, reaching out a hand to touch Kelsey’s thigh.

Kelsey looked back at the man she had once loved, his dark skin contrasting against the white tee shirt he had on, hugging his muscles. She stepped out of his reach before he could touch her, “Get your shit and get out.” Kelsey said coldly. Turning around and heading back to the couch, she refused to acknowledge him coming on to her. She laid down again with Jamie, tangling their limbs together once more as Marcus closed the front door. He walked into the living room and stopped dead in his tracks.

He had expected Kelsey maybe had invited a man over to fuck and try to make him jealous, but he never expected to see her friend Jamie, snuggled up on the couch with her. Kelsey was laying on her side, one leg stretched up over Jamie’s. Her shirt riding up her thighs, Marcus could just barely see Kelsey’s pussy under her long shirt. Jamie was in a similar position, with the bottom of her ass cheeks clearly visible. Both women had on the old thigh highs he had bought Kelsey and his cock suddenly strained against his jeans at the sight before him. Jamie looked at Marcus and smirked, slowly dragging her fingers over Kelsey’s covered ass.

Anger soon replaced his arousal and he stomped off up the stairs, slamming his things around as he gathered them. Kelsey winced as she heard him slamming doors upstairs, but she was still glad he was pissed.

He had no right to be upset with her, but she was glad she hurt him. Kelsey hoped he saw their clothes strewn about in the bedroom, and Jamie’s panties in the bathroom. She wanted him to think about her having sex with someone else, knowing he would never have her again. She felt justified in her actions, and as she heard him approaching the stairs again she quickly leaned up and kissed Jamie passionately, swirling her tongue against her friends as Marcus descended the steps with his stuff in a box.

He didn’t say a word to her as he stormed out of the house but she could feel him seething with hate and she took immense satisfaction in causing him such jealousy. She smiled as he started his truck and tore off out of the driveway and down the street. Jamie giggled and looked at Kelsey with a smirk on her face.

“I thought you didn’t want to put on a show for him?” She questioned, rubbing Kelsey’s thigh. Kelsey shrugged and kissed her friend once more, pressing her body close to Jamie’s. “I mean, he had to know it wasn’t a bluff. I wanted to make him mad, and that was the icing on the cake.” She told Jamie, adding, “Plus it’s not like he got the full show…” Kelsey slid her fingers under the hem of Jamie’s long shirt, tugging it up over her bare pussy.

She slid off the couch and looked up at her friend with puppy dog eyes, positioning herself in front of Jamie. Kelsey ran her fingers up Jamie’s legs, encouraging her to spread them. Jamie obliged and spread her thighs apart wide, completely exposing her already wet cunt to Kelsey.

Suddenly nervous Kelsey bit her lip, studying Jamie’s pussy intently. Up close she could see every fold of her slightly parted labia, the little silver hood piercing glittering in the light streaming in from the front window. Kelsey shivered and inched closer, gently stroking her fingertips over Jamie’s wet slit, causing the other woman to sigh softly.

Jamie closed her eyes and slid her arms above her head, holding onto the back of the couch as Kelsey delicately touched her sensitive flesh. She pushed her hips forward slightly, edging her ass up to the end of the couch. Kelsey leaned in and bit Jamie’s inner thigh sharply, causing Jamie to jump a little. Kelsey smiled and kissed her friends thighs, slowly parting her pussy with her thumbs. Kelsey looked at Jamie’s glistening cunt and shivered. Slowly she leaned in and stuck her tongue out, making contact with the hot wet flesh of Jamie’s clit.

Jamie gasped and closed her eyes, the feeling of Kelsey’s tongue on her pussy was already driving her wild and she hadn’t even done anything yet.

Kelsey started circling her tongue around Jamie’s sensitive pearl, taking care to press her hood piercing down against her clit randomly. Jamie moaned and rolled her hips against Kelsey’s face. She slid one hand over the back of her friend’s head and held her there, encouraging the other woman to suck her clit. Kelsey shuddered and closed her eyes, happy to oblige Jamie’s wordless demands as she suckled her friend’s hard clit before sliding her tongue lower and teasing her soaked hole.

Kelsey pulled back from Jamie slowly and used both hands to spread her pussy lips wide open. Jamie blushed being totally open and on display, feeling a little dirty as Kelsey just looked at her hungrily. Without a word Kelsey dove into her friend’s cunt and slid her hot tongue as far into her soaked pussy as possible.

Jamie screamed and jerked her hips, but Kelsey pressed in harder, her tongue forcing it’s way deep into Jamie’s tunnel. She quickly pressed her fingers over Jamie’s clit and rubbed it furiously in circles, causing her friend to buck underneath her again but Kelsey held Jamie down against the couch firmly, tongue fucking her hole. Jamie’s back arched off the couch and she moaned in ecstasy, letting out another scream as Kelsey pinched her clit firmly between rubs. Jamie felt her body shudder and knew she was going to cum, and that she was going to squirt in Kelsey’s face.

She tried to warn her friend but couldn’t get the words out in time. As Kelsey rubbed Jamie’s clit roughly, her cunt exploded in Kelsey’s mouth. A hot jet of liquid shot over her tongue, Kelsey swallowed it all greedily as she pulled her tongue out of Jamie’s pussy. She continued to rub her friend’s clit hard, looking intently at her pussy as Jamie squirted again into Kelsey’s waiting mouth as she came hard for a second time, her cum dripping down her friend’s cheeks and chin.

Jamie screamed, she felt like her body was floating. She had never in a million years thought that Kelsey could be so demanding, but here she was, coaxing yet another orgasm out of her body forcefully. Her small fingers ground down over Jamie’s sensitive clit, her tongue pressed firmly against her dripping opening, waiting for more. This was a side of Kelsey she didn’t know existed. Hell, she was pretty sure Kelsey didn’t know it existed either. Jamie tried to push her friend’s hand away from her clit but Kelsey slapped her hand, warning her off. Kelsey wanted her to cum all over her face one more time. She needed it, she needed to taste more.

Jamie whimpered and spread her legs open wide, pulling her knees back against the couch as her friend continued her erotic assault on her soaked cunt. Suddenly Jamie screamed out again, her entire body shaking as her pussy shot a fresh stream of her sweet nectar directly into Kelsey’s mouth. Kelsey finally stopped rubbing Jamie’s clit and latched her mouth back onto her cunt, suckling every drop of her cum into her mouth. Jamie dropped her legs and collapsed fully onto the couch, completely unable to fight off Kelsey if she wanted to have another go at her clit. Mercifully, Kelsey slid her tongue out of Jamie and sat back on her heels, suddenly looking very sheepish as the realisation of what just happened set in. Her cheeks blushed crimson and she climbed up on the couch with Jamie, straddling her lap delicately. She kissed her friend softly and rubbed her neck, looking at her expectantly. “Did I do good?” She said said innocently, causing Jamie to chuckle, her chest still heaving. Jamie looked up at Kelsey, her face and hair soaked from Jamie’s cum.

“Umm you did more than good, baby. You blew my fucking mind. You were so…. rough and hard. I wasn’t sure you were ever going to stop forcing me to cum.” Kelsey nuzzled into Jamie’s neck, a little embarrassed. “I just couldn’t get enough of you squirting into my mouth… You taste so fucking good.” Jamie giggled and wrapped her arms around her friend’s waist, closing her eyes as they cuddled on the couch. The two friends didn’t know what the future held, but they were both very excited to see what happened….