My Slave Mom and Me

Jenny always thought her mother was a lesbian being
divorce for many years and always going next-door to
see Laura and her mother, Nan. Her neighbors were a
black couple with a daughter close to her age. Mother
was always taking about how great her daughter was and
how she did this and that. Her suspicions came true one
day when she came home from school and seeing her
mother not home walked over to the neighbor house.

When she arrived at the door she heard some noises in
back and assumed that they were out there in the yard.
As she turned the corner of the house, she was totally
shocked to see her mother naked licking Laura pussy who
was sitting on a lawn chair reading a book. She had a
leash attached to Jenny’s mother Lisa neck and her
mother Nan was in another lawn chair with a large
paddle in her hand swatting Lisa ass every once in a

She was totally disgusted at the sight but excited at
the same time. She slowly lowered her shorts and
started rubbing her pussy. She thought about how it
must feel to lick a black woman pussy and some herself
very excited with the thought. Meanwhile her mother had
got Laura off and had now shifted positions to put her
face in Nan pussy and started licking again. Laura had
gotten up and walked back in the house.

Jenny was rubbing harder looking at the large black
woman tits and the thought of sucking them herself. Not
only was she frigging her pussy but she put a hand
behind her and stuck her finger in her asshole at the
same time. She was about to come when she felt pain in
her ass and turned around to see Laura standing there
with a switch in her hand.

“Don’t take that finger out of your ass,” she demanded.
“Since you like watching your mother suck pussy so
much, I think we’ll go join them. Like mother, like
daughter they say. I want mother to see how white girls

A couple of swats with the switch convinced Jenny to
proceed. Her shorts were still down to her knees and
her finger was still in her asshole but she managed to
waddle to Nan lying on the lawn chair. Her mother had
not seen her and now that she was close up Jenny could
see her tongue deep in Nan pussy and her eyes were
shut. She was lapping her pussy like a dog in heat.

Nan looked up partly in surprise and then smiled down
to Lisa and told her to look up and see what a slut her
daughter was. Lisa glanced up and saw her daughter
standing there with her shorts down. She started to say
something but Nan shoved her face back in her crotch
and told her to finish her pussy.

“She’s just like you slut,” she said, grabbing her head
and directing her tongue back to the spot she wanted.

Laura told her mother she had found her in the bushes
playing with her pussy and ass and thought she should
be punished along with her mother for raising such a
slut. Nan was delighted with the idea and told Jenny to
turn around and bend over so Laura could spank her
naughty white ass. Jenny started to protest but the
switch came down hard on her ass. She was also told to
remove her finger from her slutty little ass and put it
in her mouth for her punishment.

Jenny red face, complied with Nan commands. Her pussy
was soaking wet and dripped as she turned around and
bent over presenting Laura with a delightful view of
her ass for her switch. Laura explained that if she
moved it wouldn’t count and then she would get two for

The switch landed with a force Jenny had never felt
before. She maintained her position however tears had
already started to fall. After about 10 hits she
started to move and it took 20 before she had accepted
all of them. She was crying and begging Laura for
forgiveness throughout the ordeal. Nan made her remove
all her clothes and get on the grass and kiss Laura
feet for spanking her ass.

As she was kissing and thanking Laura, Nan got up and
demanded Lisa crawl to a nearby tree and bring a switch
back in her mouth to use on her fat ass. Jenny could
see her mother ass moving sideways as she crawled to a
tree nearby, broke off a branch, and returned to Nan
with it in her mouth.

“Good doggie, show your daughter how a good little
white whore presents her ass for punishment.” Nan
demanded her.

Lisa immediately got on her back and lifted her legs
above her head till her toes touch grass. Her ass was
sticking straight up and Nan wasted little time
whacking it with the branch she had just brought back.
Although she didn’t move from position, her ass was
constantly moving sideways in pain and she was begging
her mistress for forgiveness for raising a slut for a
daughter. Jenny felt sorry for her since it was her
fault but she continued kissing Laura feet not daring
to move without any command.

When Nan was satisfied her ass was striped enough she
turned around so that Lisa was looking upward at her
huge big ass.

“Slut come thank your mistress for punishing your ass.”
She demanded.

Lisa got up on her knees and started kissing her ass
all over and then stuck out her tongue and started
licking Nan asshole. She was thanking her mistress and
telling her how good her ass tasted. Laura excited from
watching got back in her lawn chair stomach down and
demanded Jenny crawled to her and lick her ass the same
way. With tears in eyes, Jenny crawled forward and
started kissing her tight ass and working her tongue
between the crack.

The neighbors were moaning in pleasure as their tongue
slaves were rimming their asses and started rubbing
their pussies while they were being service.

“We don’t have to hide it anymore,” said Nan. “Instead
of a part time slave, we now have two full time slaves.
We figure out what to do with their things later. Ken
will be surprise with two white whores to service him

Nan and Laura finally wore down from all the tonguing
their asses were getting. Nan suggested Laura take Lisa
for a pony ride around the yard while she attended to
her daughter Jenny for awhile.

Laura agreed readily and pushed Lisa on all fours on
the ground and got on her back. Whacking her ass as she
crawled around the yard Nan wasted no time explaining
to Jenny her new role in life. She was a slut like her
mother that they could use and enjoy whenever they
wanted. Everything she owned now belonged to Laura and
she couldn’t wear anything without approval. Her tongue
and ass was for their pleasure and when Ken got home
this week she would be his slut too.

Jenny was on her knees in front of Nan throughout her
briefing into the world of slavery. Nan told her to get
up and get the rack by the outhouse and return.

Jenny ran over to the outhouse and got the rack walking
back to her older mistress. Nan meanwhile, had picked
up her panties and told her to bend over backwards as
she proceeded to stuff them deep in her ass.

“Now get your ass to work slut. Rack the yard.” She
told her.

Jenny started racking the yard while every once in a
while Laura would lead Lisa through the rack leaves as
she whine like a horse for her. Sweat was pouring down
Lisa face as her mistress was continuing to abuse her
sore ass. She was nearing exhaustion but the little
bitch wouldn’t quit till she fell face down on the
grass below.

Laura got up and kicked her ass and told her to crawl
back to Nan to await punishment later. She walked over
to Jenny still racking and trying to avoid her stare
and starting kicking her ass with her foot. Cunt,
whore, pussy, slut was just some of the names she was
using trying to get her mad enough to fight. Jenny was
in tears from the humiliation, but was more frighten of
the black youth herself. Finally, Laura gave up and
slapped her breasts and returned to the older women.

Nan called Jenny over and had her and her mother bend
over next to the water hose facet as they put the
nozzle on the hose and started washing them off. Using
the highest pressure, both mother and daughter were
waving their hands wildly trying to avoid the sensitive
parts of their bodies from the spray.

Jenny was commanded to remove the panties from her
asshole and clean them. The ladies were freezing as
their mistress took them inside and made them turn the
oven on. They were told to dry off as water dripped on
the tile floor below. Lisa and Jenny were both trying
to get their asses as close to the oven as possible as
their mistresses watch with pleasure. When they were
dry enough, Nan asked Lisa what time it was.

“It’s time for mistress to clean my nasty ass for later
use.” Lisa replied.

Jenny didn’t know what they meant but when Laura
returned with two enema bags and then she suddenly
realized. The mistresses placed the bags between their
legs and each took a piss in the bag while their slaves
watched. Lisa and Jenny was then told to fill the bag
to the top with soapy water and bring them back to them
seating at the table.

Jenny was placed over Nan lap while Lisa was put over
Laura. The nozzles were roughly inserted in their
assholes as they felt the warm water and piss flowing
in their bowels. Their stomachs were growing and the
bend over position was very uncomfortable. They stayed
that way throughout the ordeal before their mistress
let them up and told them to clean the bags. Holding
their asses as they walked both slaves cleaned the bags
and put them up before returning.

“Good slaves,” Nan said. “Come with us.”

Nan and walked the slaves back out the house to the
outside living room window. Laura opened the window as
Nan pushed them head and tits in while Laura close the
window so they couldn’t move. Their asses were open to
anyone passing between the houses as Nan left and
showed up beside Laura in the living room.

Laura and her walked inside and strapped on large
dildos and grabbing their heads by the hair started
fucking their mouths deep. It wasn’t long before there
was a bad smell coming from outside.

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