Office fun with Lisa

Lisa was a new employee at the office I worked at. She worked in a different department but, we saw each other all the time. Turns out she was loosely related to a friend of mine who also worked in the same department as I did in the office. Because of their relationship Lisa and I quickly became friends as we shared the same level of sarcasm and fondness for the inappropriate jokes and one liners. Not long after she started working, I noticed an attraction for Lisa growing but, it wasn’t the warm cuddly type instead it was the hot, physical and purely lust. Which, was odd because, typically, I find myself attracted to the voluptuous woman with big tits. Nothing makes my cock twitch like a pair of big natural tits.

Lisa on the other hand stood about 5’6” and maybe 135 pounds. Her legs were nice and toned and led up to an ass that had just a bit jiggle in it. She had B cup tits that still had some perkiness after having two kids. I found out she was 17 when she had her first baby and 22 when she had her second. She was 35 now but, could easily pass for 25. She had long brown hair and didn’t wear a lot of makeup. She had full lips that were always glistening with lip gloss.

One day walking down the hallway at work I couldn’t help but gaze at Lisa’s ass it just had a little bounce as she walked. I got lost in trying to decipher if she was wearing a thong or boy shorts panties when hearing my name snapped me out of the trance I was in as I looked up to see Lisa glaring at me. “Hey, perv! Like the view?” Seeing how I was caught red handed and the fact we had shared plenty of inappropriate jokes and comments I replied bluntly, “Eh, just trying to figure out what kind of panties you got on.” She winked and said, “I’ll let you keep trying to figure it out” as she turned and kept walking down the hall. That would be the first time that Lisa made my cock twitch.

After that, sexual innuendos became a normal part of our conversations but, neither of us seemed eager to act on them. That could have been because Lisa was in a long term committed relationship although during our talks I came to think they were both bored with the other. Which the more I thought, it made sense why she would flirt, make sexual jokes and the innuendos as it gave her a little excitement, just enough to feel alive and wanted.

As time went on, the flirting became more frequent and the innuendos more direct. I could tell she wanted to act on what we joke about but, needed a little push. I decided to take matters in my own hands see how close to the edge I could get her. I waited until we were alone after working waiting for the elevator we were both looking at our phones not saying a word to each other.

I smiled to myself, as I realized this was the moment and without looking at her I broke the silence by saying, “Thong”. She looked at me puzzled and said, “What??” I slowly picked up my head and looked at her as I stepped close to her and while looking in her eyes and said, “ I don’t see any panty lines, so I’m guessing you wear thongs” as I ran my hand over her ass cheek. She let out a small gasp but, didn’t pull away or remove my hand from her ass, I leaned in and kissed her lips biting her lower lip as I broke the kiss as the elevator door opened.

The next day, Lisa came to the office wearing pants that were tighter than usual and hugged her ass nicely. I noticed she was prancing around my department more than usual, not that I minded as I liked the view of her ass in those pants. I spent most of the day thinking if she would go farther than she did yesterday. I wanted more time than I had in the elevator so, I waited until later in the day when I knew the building was starting to empty and sent her a private message on the computer which read, “3rd floor water fountains. 5 minutes.” After a few minutes I headed down and was surprised to see she actually showed up. She was leaning against the wall looking at her phone, she looked up at me without moving her head and smiled as I walked towards her. I pinned her against the wall leaned into her ear and whispered, “Glad you showed up” as I nibbled her ear as I grabbed her ass cheek with one hand and put my hand on the side of the wall, when she didn’t even flinch I leaned in and kissed her, our tongues fighting each other as I pressed my growing bulge against her body she reached down took hold of it in her hand and let out a moan and said, “I knew you had a big dick.” I reached my hand into her pants and started to rub her pussy through her panties not taking long for them to be soaked in her juices. I rubbed her clit while kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear as I slid a finger inside her and she gasped and started breathing heavy. She was slowly stroking my cock but, I wanted her to know how bad I wanted her and how much wanted to please her right in that moment. It didn’t take long before she began tense up her breathing got shorter as I was finger fucking her I used my thumb to play with her clit and it sent over the edge cumming on my finger and hand. I slowly stopped fingering get and removed my hand from her pants as she was leaning against the wall panting heavily. I looked her in the eye and winked as I licked her juices off my finger and returned to my desk, leaving her their with her panties soaked in her cum.

I didn’t see Lisa next couple of days as we were both facing deadlines on different projects but, I found some time one day to send her another private message telling her to meet me on the 3rd floor again. I walked down immediately after sending the message as I needed a few minutes to prepare. I walked down the hallway checking the offices on the 3rd floor to see if anybody was around. Then I took out a makeshift OUT OF ORDER sign and taped it to the door of the men’s restroom. I used the building’s master key which I had taken from housekeeping one night I worked late and locked the door to the bathroom after I used a piece of cardboard to barely prop it open. Once that was all done, I stood around the corner from the water doesn’t sin and waited…

It wasn’t long before I saw Lisa standing by the water fountain looking around before bending over to get a sip of water. As she stood up I came from behind her and put one hand over her mouth and one hand up her blouse where I could feel her nipple getting harder through the sheer material of her bra as I pinched and rolled it between my fingers. She was arching her back grinding her ass on my cock as I pulled her into the restroom kicking away the prop that held the door open, which locked as it closed. I turned her to face the mirror so she could not only feel what I was doing to her but also see how her body and face were reacting to the pleasure she was receiving. As I turned her I took my hand off her tit and put it in her pants, whispering in her ear, “Ooh, it’s nice to see my dirty girl already wet for me.” With my free hand I took and wrapped her long brown hair around my hand and gave a gentle tug on it as I was rubbing her clit, she reached behind herself and fished out my throbbing cock. As she stroked it, I increased the intensity that I was rubbing her clit until she began shivering and I felt her stiffen as her orgasm rushed through her body. She was breathing heavy and panting as she sh was recovering but, my cock had other ideas. With her hair wrapped around my hand I pulled her to her knees, still panting from her orgasm I quickly filled her mouth with cock. Initially, she had a look of shock as my cock filled her mouth. My dick isn’t the longest but, makes up for being thicker than most and plenty enough to make Lisa gag as I stretched her mouth and fed my cock down her throat. I knew I wasn’t going to last long as I thrust my cock in and out of her mouth as she took my balls and began to fondle and squeeze them in her hand. I took both hands and held her head as I buried my chick deep in throat as her eyes got wide and she put her hands on my thighs trying to push away to get a breath but, I held her head firm in place. She looked up at me and began to gag just as I shot the first rope of cum down her throat, she relaxed a little as the 2nd and 3rd ropes made their way down her throat I released her head and she gasped for air as I shot the 4th, 5th and 6th door of cum into her mouth and on her face. She smiled, swallowed and opened her mouth to show there was nothing left, except what was on her face. I walked back to my desk leaving her there, on her knees with her hair disheveled and my cum on her face.