Pregging the New Girlfriend

It was Sunday night and
I had come over to watch a movie on television with my
new girlfriend Cindy. We’d been laying on the couch
cuddling and I was starting to get horny. The movie was
just finishing a steamy sex scene and I could feel myself
rising. It didn’t help that Cindy was lying on the
couch in front of me in only a long T-shirt and panties.
She’d gotten ready for bed and was looking nice.

I had come over to the apartment only looking for a
little supper. She’d called me earlier and told me that
she had some left over chili and to stop by and eat.
After dinner we decided to watch a James Bond movie
before I went home.

Now I had a raging hard-on and no rubber. Cindy and I had
only been going out for a few weeks and she had just
recently let me make love to her for the first time and
she wouldn’t let me near her without a condom. So far
Cindy wasn’t too big on oral sex. She would let me fuck
her but didn’t want to go down on me.

That had been fine with me as I thought oral sex was OK
but I think good ole fucking is really where it is at.
She wasn’t the greatest lover I ever had but she was very
cute and I thought I would see where the relationship

So what was I going to do?

‘What the hell’ I thought maybe if I could get a hand job
or something. If I could get her horny… but I would
have loved to fuck her.

I wiggled over nearer to Cindy and I was sure she could
feel my bulge against her bottom. We were both facing the
television lying on our sides and I was behind Cindy. I
began to rub her neck and shoulder hoping to get her to
warm up.

“That feels nice….” I heard her murmur. “I will give
you two hours to stop that!” she giggled.

Without saying a word I continued to rub and started to
work my way down her back, sides and bottom. She seemed
intent on watching the movie but didn’t object when I
slid my hand under the band of her panties and began to
rub and knead her firm ass.

“Are we a little horny tonight, Jeff?” she asked in a
teasing tone.

“What makes you think that?” I laughed knowing that she
was commenting on my stiff penis pressed against her

“Oh, we women have our ways…” she laughed back.

I took the opportunity to slide my hand around to the
inside of her bare thigh and began to caress the soft
skin between her legs and was rewarded by Cindy pushing
her ass against my bulge and rubbing back against me,
teasing me.

I responded by running my hand inside the front of her
panties. My fingers searched for her clit. I put a finger
on each side of it and slowly began to stroke her and I
soon felt her legs part to give me better access.

“Mmmmm that feels wonderful, Jeff.” she responded as I
began to feel her juices flow.

I could tell she was really starting to get into the
mood. Cindy then reached behind her and grasped the
bulge in my jeans and began to stroke it for a moment.
Then she begins to fumble for my belt and zipper. I used
my free hand to help her loosen the clasp of my jeans and
soon she had her hand in my pants and was stroking me
just as I was stroking her.

Finally, after a few minutes of this teasing and rubbing,
Cindy stopped and turned over to face me. She reached
over and pushed my shirt up under my armpits and pulled
her own shirt up over her breasts to expose them and
pressed her lovely body against me.

Cindy reached down and began to stroke my penis again.
“God, you are so hard baby,” she spoke huskily. “I want
you inside me!”

I replied by pushing down her panties and she lifted her
hips to help me and pushed my pants down to my knees. She
rolled over on her back and pulled her legs up, waiting
for me to mount her. I don’t think I had ever seen her
this turned on before.

“Hurry baby… I want you to fuck me now…. please hurry
and put it in… you have protection don’t you?” I
hesitated and then said “I didn’t bring any Cindy… I
didn’t think we would be doing anything…”

Cindy’s eyes were pleading with me. I could tell she was
dying to have me inside her and her mind and body were in
conflict. I was on top of her holding my penis right at
her entrance and rubbing it against her clit and I could
feel her hips move, involuntarily reaching up for my

I wanted to fuck her so bad. Maybe, I thought, I could
just put it in her and fuck her for a while and when I
got ready to cum I would pull out and shoot on her silky
soft belly. God, I wanted inside her as bad as she wanted

“Baby, just let me put it inside you. I won’t cum inside
you…”, I told her…

“I don’t know Jeff… it’s a bad time of the month… I
could get pregnant…”

“I’ll be careful Cindy,” I replied and I could see she
didn’t want to make the decision, so I began to insert
myself inside. I was hoping she wouldn’t protest.

“Oh god,” she moaned and she thrust up to meet me,
“Please be careful.

You will pullout, won’t you?” I could tell she was
excited beyond normal.

“S..s…s…sure baby,” I responded as I slid into her.
She was so wet and hot. A wave of pleasure washed over
me. I began to stroke in and out of her. I tried to keep
control by going slow and using swallow strokes but it
felt so good. I could feel my willpower drift away as my
strokes became longer and deeper. Cindy was now meeting
each thrust of my hips and was clearly ready to cum. Each
downward stroke of my hips was forcing a rhythmic moan
from her.

Oh…oh…oh…Oh!…Oh!!…Oh!!!…OH!!!!!…OH GOD!!!!
she moaned.

She reached up with her legs and wrapped them around me
and pulled me hard into her pussy. This was so much
better than our other times together. She had turned into
a wanton wild women. A sex crazed honey!

I could feel my own cum building. I knew I needed to stop
and pull out, but it felt so good, especially the slick
warm wetness of her cunt without the condom. It took all
my willpower to start to pullout when my orgasm was a
split second away.

“DON’T STOP!!!” Cindy screamed as her hips bucked under
me, her hands grabbed my hips and pulled me back into

“I’ve got to pull out…” I said…

“Don’t stop now…oh god… oh god. oh god! I am going to
cum!” she screamed.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and exploded inside
Cindy. Cindy was screaming and squirming under me lost in
her own orgasm unaware that I was filling her with my
seed. I shot jet after jet of hot semen, coating her
fertile channel. I could feel her pussy throb around the
shaft of my penis as she sucked my semen deep into her

We were both breathing heavily as our orgasms subsided.
“Oh god Jeff….that was so good, I have never cum so
hard” and then she remembered. “Did you cum too? You
didn’t cum inside me did you?” she asked but she could
already feel the answer as the white stream of excess
sperm began to leak from her.

She looked at me and said, “I will never forgive you… I
thought I could trust you!!”

‘Oh shit’ I thought, ‘this is going to be a real

In about five weeks, we both found out what a problem it
was going to be. She was so hot that evening because she
was ovulating and it was her fertile time of the month.

She turned out to be such a bitch. I tried to do the
right thing and help with pregnancy and even offered to
marry her. All she could do was continually blame me and
tell me what a piece of shit she thought I was. She acted
like she didn’t even participate and that I had raped

I still send my c***d support once a month to take care
of my obligation and I remember that night every time I
sign the check.

I saw Cindy at the grocery store looking worn out the
other day. She has a second c***d out of wedlock now and
they were both screaming at the top of their lungs as she
tried to shop. Couldn’t happen to a better lady.