Sarah rapes the mother of her daughter’s best friend

She had been watching the woman for weeks, planning out
the attack. Her name was Dana, she was the mother of her
daughters best friend and Sarah wanted her so badly. Not
because of love, this was about something else,
something much more dark and sinister. A need to hurt
and destroy somebody and Dana would be her first.

Right now Sarah was lying in the bushes on a deserted
dark little country road waiting for her prey to walk by
and as she saw Dana come walking down the road she
quickly pounced. Silently sneaking up behind the woman
dressed in black from head to toe so as not to be
recognised. She grabbed the unsuspecting woman�s right
arm pinning it behind her back while the other hand went
over Dana’s mouth to keep her from making any noises.

She quickly dragged the woman off the road and into the
woods and when they were at a safe enough distance Sarah
pushed Dana down onto the ground and sat down on top of
her. She quickly put a hand over the woman’s mouth again
and with the other hand she brought out her cell phone
and played a recorded message.

“I know where you live, I know where your c******n goes
to school, if you make any noise or make this anymore
difficult than it has to be I will m****r you and your
whole family Dana”.

Of course the voice had been distorted so that Dana
would not recognise Sarah’s voice, you can never be too
careful she figured.
To emphasise her seriousness
Sarah punched Dana in the head and stomach a few times.
This also served to knock the wind out of Dana and any
fighting spirit she may have had left. Sarah quickly
proceeded to strip Dana naked, she was so excited she
literally ripped off her grey skirt and white blouse,
She had on a pair of white panties and a matching bra.
The bra was tossed but the panties Sarah held on to.

Sarah at this point had no fight in her left, she simply
lied on the ground sobbing using her hands to try to
cover herself up. However when Dana pulled down the
zipper of her pants to reveal the huge black dildo she
started to beg for mercy and cry more openly. Dana loved
it, it was like music to her. She wished she could have
recorded the whole thing so she could immortalise that
look of fear in her eyes.

Dana slowly backed away as Sarah approached her, fearing
what was about to come next. Sarah simply leaned down
and grabbed the woman�s throat in one hand starting to
c***e her as she slowly lowered herself down on the
ground, never losing eye contact with her victim.

Sarah was standing on her knees now, lightly c*****g
Dana to keep her calm while she started to position her
monster dildo against Dana’s tight pussy, grinning to
herself. Once Sarah had her strap on dildo in position
she proceeded to ram it in dry as far as she could.
Quickly she took her hand off Dana’s throat to cover her
mouth instead as she screamed so loudly Sarah almost
worried somebody would hear her. She quickly grabbed
Dana’s discarded panties and stuffed them into her

She’d only been able to ram the dildo a few inches into
the woman’s pussy so she proceeded to pull it out only
to ram it back in again. This time Sarah made it a
further few inches into Dana and the sensation was
amazing. She was getting wet beyond belief just from
raping Dana, she truly was a sadist.

She started to fuck Dana faster now ramming the dildo in
and out of her bruised pussy as more and more of the
dildo started to sink in, lubed up by the b***d from
Dana’s battered vagina. She could hear the muffled
screams through the panty gag and used one hand to again
lightly c***e Sarah. She could have done it till Dana
passed out but she needed Dana to be awake to see what
was happening to her.

The eye contact was important to Sarah. Eventually she
managed to fuck the entire dildo into Dana’s cunt. Dana
at this point had completely run out of tears and spirit
and simply allowed it to happen now. She closed her eyes
and tried to turn her head away. But Sarah would have
none of that, letting go of Dana’s throat she grabbed
her head and turned it towards her and used her gloved
hands to force her eyes open. She then gave Dana’s
nipples a cruel twist to show that she would not allow
Dana to try to shut her out.

She continued to brutally ram the dildo into Dana for a
little bit longer. But after a while she realised she’d
had all the fun she would have. If she’d had more time
she’d had loved to bend Dana over and fuck her in the
ass next. Next time, she figured and smiled inwardly at
the thought. Instead she pulled out and then pulled the
panties out of Dana’s mouth. Dana started to think maybe
it was all over now, that her nightmare would finally
end, but she could not have been more wrong.

Sarah replaced the panties in her mouth with the dildo,
ramming the b***d soaked dildo violently down Sarah’s
throat, using it to c***e Dana with it. Dana was gagging
on the dildo as Sarah was forcefully forcing it down her
throat, up and down. It almost looked like Sarah was
about to throw up and wanting the dildo to be nice and
spotless Sarah decided to ease off.

Once again as Sarah pulled out of Dana, Dana was given
the false hope that maybe just maybe the terror was
finally over. But there was one last thing Sarah needed
to do and that was to have an orgasm. Brutally raping
Dana’s pussy and mouth had gotten her hot but her own
pussy had not gotten any attention at all yet. She
quickly got up and pulled her pants and tiny black thong
down. She usually trimmed her pussy but this time she’d
kept a little bush just for the occasion.

Dana stared back with a look of horror as Sarah walked
back towards her, casually masturbating. She wanted to
scream as Sarah’s hairy wet muff came into clearer view
as Sarah lowered herself on top of Dana’s unwilling
face. Ideally she’d had liked to have Dana use her
tongue on her pussy and asshole but Dana at this point
was almost catatonic. She simply lied on the ground
staring blankly onto to the sky as Sarah rocked herself
on top of Dana’s face.

Sarah was far to horny to care at this point anyways as
she rubbed her pussy all over Dana’s face, using her
nose to masturbate herself. Her pussy juices was
smearing all over Dana’s face but she made sure to keep
Dana’s eyes clean. She needed those defeated eyes
staring back at her.

Sarah started to near her first orgasm, it would be a
powerful one, Stronger than anything she’d ever
experienced before and she pressed her pussy down hard
over Dana’s mouth and used her hands to pinch Dana’s
nose so that she’d be f****d to keep her mouth open and
drink Sarah’s juices as climaxed. Sarah was so close
now, rubbing herself against Dana’s mouth faster and
faster, she finally felt her pussy erupt like a volcano
as she squirted into Dana’s mouth filling with her
bodily fluids. But there was something else too,
something that made Dana cough and spurt.

She realised she’d lost control of her bladder and was
now peeing into Dana’s mouth while she was cumming.
Sarah couldn’t help but let out a laugh as she watched
her victim trying drink it all so as not to drown in it.
As Sarah felt she was finally done she decided to have a
little fun, rising back up on her knees she proceeded to
pee all over Dana’s face, making sure some of it got in
her eyes. It stung Dana’s eyes terribly but Sarah no
longer cared about eye contact. The last few drops of
pee she made sure wound up on her breasts and stomach.

When She was done, Sarah wiped herself by grinding her
pussy against the one of Dana’s legs while she massaged
her breasts and played with her nipples. She was about
to cum again but this was not the time. Instead She got
up, slowly running a hand through her slit, teasing and
playing with herself while the other hand kept playing
with her nipples.

Dana looked at Sarah with disbelief unable to comprehend
how anyone could be so evil and get off on it so much.
Sarah grabbed Dana’s undies and put them on, she then
immediately stuck a hand down her panties and continued
to masturbate while she bent down over Dana’s defeated
body one last time. “Good night” she whispered before
proceeding to c***e Dana more forcefully now.

Dana started fighting now and Sarah had to remove her
other hand from her panties and use all the force she
had to c***e her victim. Dana was fighting like crazy
for air now but Sarah was much too strong and it was
always going to be a losing battle. Sarah had a big
cruel smile on her face as she watched the woman’s face
turn purple and her body eventually go limp. For a
minute Sarah almost worried that she’d killed Dana but
after checking for a pulse, she realised she had just
passed out.

After making sure Dana was fine, Sarah for the last time
climbed on top of Dana’s face and began to grind her
panty covered pussy all over the piss soaked face while
she inserted her hand inside her panties again and used
her fingers to bring herself to one last powerful climax
on top of the now unconscious woman. This is what she
had been craving, needing all her life and it would not
stop there. This was only the beginning and both for her
and Dana.

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