Scandinavian Sextales : The Deal

There is a wide world out there, old myths are told and retold enough times that details eventually get totally distorted. Creatures of mythology are reused in countless adaptations that add layer after layer of misconceptions about what the creatures actually are. Modern adaptions that compete about what kind of stupid ideas for the mystical they can get away with to avoid having to come up with a decent plot.

Yet sometimes I encounter something unexpected; a story where I personally have encountered the people involved. Cases when their story about meeting the supernatural sounds quite different; with the creatures behaving like they do in story fragments I have heard from older people that had parents living before modern civilization.

This story is my most recent find and hopefully it will be the first of a series. I have changed some of the names to not reveal my own identity or the people involved. I hope you won’t mind and will enjoy this tale from my hometown in the middle of Scandinavia.

* * *

A cold wind ripped around the corner of the street and Robin wrapped his coat more tightly around himself. The forecast warned of a snowstorm coming, but the harsh wind made the cold worse than Robin had expected.

Snow normally meant a more warm winter day, but today Robin realized he should have taken his more warm winter coat. He wrapped his coat around himself and hoped he would be home before the weather turned worse.

Last week in Sweden had been extreme, one meter high piles of snow building everywhere. For once the small Swedish town fit the classic stereotype of snow and extreme winter.

The only thing missing was the polar bears. Robin could not help himself to smile when he thought about foreigners expecting to find polar bears in Sweden.

The reality was that the Gulf Stream meant Sweden had lot warmer weather than expected from the latitude. Southern Swedish winters quite often for long periods just had rain and occasional days of below zero temperatures.

Still, from time to time there would be a year with more snow. This year was such a winter that had all parts of Sweden covered in lots of snow.

Robin had left his hometown some years back for studies at the university. A few years living in a larger city had given him some perspective and now when he was back in his hometown, he could only smile when her heard the complaints from the locals about it taking too much time to remove the snow.

All in all he thought the workers hired by the town council did a rather good work. The local problems with snow could not compare to the troubles snow caused in more crowded Swedish cities.

Actually snow had started to fall now, whirling into his eyes when he raised his gaze. At least it was just a couple blocks left until he came to the apartment of his girlfriend Lisa.

Robin’s phone rang and he checked the display. It was Frida, an old friend from back in school.

It had been a long while since he heard from her. Two years back she had confessed her love for him, but he did not really feel the same. She took the rejection well but they did hang out more seldom afterwards.

After he and Lisa became a couple last spring he had practically not seen Frida at all. Robin suspected she did keep her distance since she was jealous of Lisa.

“Hi, what’s up?” he asked, making sure to keep his voice cheery.

“Hello, Robin,” Frida said. Her voice sounding hesitant and unsure. “I have this thing I need to tell you about, but it is kind of weird.”

“What do you mean by weird?” Robin wondered as he continued down the street towards the town square.

“Do you know what Lisa has been doing today?” she asked.

“Not in detail, I have been busy at work today. She told me she needed to check her parents house after work since they are away, but besides that I suppose she has been busy working in the store like usual,” Robin said.

“I saw her a while ago,” Frida said, and then went silent for a while before she continued. “I think there is something wrong with her head if you get what I mean.”

Now it was Robin’s turn to hesitate. His first thought was to rush to his girlfriends defense, but something with how Frida said it made him suspect she was really worried.

There was also the risk that dismissing her outright without hearing her out might make their friendship suffer even worse.

He always thought it sad to lose all contact with a long time friend like Frida. They had basically known each other for more than ten years, all the way since back in school.

Before he managed to decide what to say she continued speaking. “You know the part of the path on the east side after the water park where you walk upwards until you get to the houses on the hill?” she asked.

“Sure,” Robin said, still unsure about what to expect.

He must have walked that path dozens of times when visiting Lisa’s parents. The people planning the town had decided to avoid to build houses on the slope of the hill when they expanded the town. The intention had probably been to use this space at a later step, but the field below the hill had eventually been converted to a number of sport fields and a so called water park that used live vegetation to clean water from the streets. A small patch of 200 meters of forest had turned too small to be used and remained untouched to this day.

“Halfway up, there is this fifteen meter high cliff side where water often sipper out of the cliff side. In winter time it sometimes forms like a frozen waterfall. I saw Lisa there today,” Frida said.

“I know the place, she likes that walk a lot. She was probably on the way to her parents house,” Robin said.

“You don’t understand, she was standing semi nude in front of the ice wall,” Frida said.

“What do you mean by semi nude?” Robin exclaimed.

He was just moving past the bus station, but luckily there was nobody around that could hear him. The weather was really foul when nobody was planning to take the bus.

“Like without a thread on her upper body. Her clothes lying around her in the snow. It looked like she had just pulled on her pants and was looking for the rest of her clothes,” Frida answered.

“There must be people walking by there every couple of minutes. Why would Lisa be there without clothes? It must be a mistaken case of identity, she would never do such,” Robin objected.

In truth he was close to use the word prude to describe his girlfriend, but he stopped himself at the last moment.

Lisa was a great girlfriend, but very old fashioned when it came to intimacy. Their sex life contained mutual masturbation and little more. Besides saving herself for marriage she was also very reluctant to show her body to strangers.

For Lisa a bathing suite was necessary evil when summer heat called for a visit to the nearby lake and at home she avoided to walk around without clothes even if only Robin was around.

“Sorry, but it was really her. It is like ten meter to the cliff side and when she heard me approach she turned towards me and waved,” Frida said.

Robin tried to comprehend what Frida described, but he felt positive that it would take a death threat to make Lisa drop her clothes in a public place.

“I don’t know what to say,” he finally mumbled.

“I found the situation awkward,” Frida said. “I waved back and just walked past her as quickly as I could. Afterwards I kept wondering why she would strip naked in a pile of snow. I thought you should know, I think there is something seriously wrong with her head. Why would she do something like that?”

“Thank you, but I am sure it is nothing,” Robin lied as he was trying to figure out what could possibly compel Lisa to do something like this, had somebody blackmailed her?

“Take care of yourself,” Frida said and ended the call.

Robin was almost at his destination where Lisa lived, but he slowed his steps to think. All experience from the last year suggested that Lisa was very stable and dependable. He could recall nothing that suggested she was not feeling well mentally, but if she was truly flashing nude skin in public something must surely had changed.

Could it simply be a case of mistaken identity?

It seemed implausible; if there was a lookalike to Lisa in a small town like this with just a couple of thousand people they should surely know about it by now.

Finally he gave up trying to reason about it and went into the building. The house was four floors high with Lisa’s apartment on the third floor.

He arrived to her door and rang the doorbell. The door opened immediately; she must have been waiting inside.

Lisa beamed at him as she took hold of his coat and dragged him inside. He had time to register she was wearing a black silky night robe that covered her torso and half of her thighs before she pulled him into a deep kiss.

She was literally grinding her body against him as their tongues dueled. He broke the kiss to get some air. “That was intense,” he mumbled.

“I want more,” she replied with a husky voice. Somehow the night robe had opened and he realized she was wearing nothing below it.

Lisa had half waist length blond hair, but with her curly locks her hair was obscuring most of her breasts and upper body.

Still there was still lots of nude skin as he lowered his gaze even further. Actually he realized she had no panties and her night robe had parted enough for him to get a full view of her naked sex.

He had of course seen her nude before when they cuddled and traded a handjob for petting, but getting a sneak peak at the blond curls around her sex in the doorway was something very different.

He felt his cock twitch in response, he always had a thing for natural blondes. On the other hand him stealing a peak at her exposed body like this felt wrong, he f****d himself to raise his gaze to her face.

She looked at him with her beautiful blue eyes and the smile on her lips left no doubt she enjoyed him staring at her naked body.

Slowly she moved a step backwards while licking her finger in a sensual way. She took out her wet finger and let it trace a line from her shoulder bone done to her barely visible naked nipple. Her fingers parted her blond hair so he could see her rock hard nipple.

She beamed at him again and then continued her finger downwards. He watched the finger tip move over her trim belly and down to her sex where it found her clit and started to make suggestive round movements.

He was mesmerized by the view. Absent minded he reasoned that the open night robe was probably not an accident; It was such an understatement that he laughed at himself.

Robin looked up and realized the door was still open. Anyone walking down from the top floor would get a free view of Lisa standing naked in the hallway trying to get him horny. Blushing he quickly pulled the door closed behind him and Lisa gave him a wicked smile.

“Afraid somebody would see us?” Lisa teased. “Get out of the clothes now, I want you naked!”

The weirdness of the encounter fit with what Frida had told him over the phone, but the warning had not made him any near prepared for this.

It all felt very surreal. He had not really believed what Frida told could be true, but here Lisa was teasing him to get undressed in the hallway without showing any of her usual issues with exposing her body.

He bent down to undo his boots and she took the opportunity to step forward and rub her titties to his face. The move was so unexpected so Robin lost his balance. He ended on his back staring at her bewildered.

She bent down and pulled his boots off and then took hold of his trousers and pulled hard. With the angle perfectly right and him lying on his back his trousers came off, dragging his boxer shorts with them and leaving his semi hard cock full visible.

“I want you much harder and inside of me!” she ordered and the view of her naked lust as she started at his maleness made Robin’s cock twitch in response.

Something inside him had hesitated until now, but now it gave away and his cock indeed turned very hard. He could not pull his coat off quickly enough.

“I want you!” she urged him and pointed towards her sex as she leaned towards the door post.

Her fingers moved sensually to her pussy and then spread her sex for him to watch. He had never previously had got a long close look on her sex, but now she obviously wanted him to see it all as she looked down on him on the floor.

The hair was not trimmed in any way, but with her hair pale blond hair it was still giving the illusion of her pussy being fully exposed.

Right now with the fingers splitting her labia no illusion was needed, nothing was hidden. Her index fingers playing around with her opening and showing her wetness to him. Her fingers tracing circles around her clit as she moaned in excitement.

Lisa’s right hand left her pussy and moved slowly up to her mouth. He could see her finger tips wet with moisture as she slowly licked her fingers clean.

She gave him an impatient nod and he hurried up from the floor and into her embrace. He still had his sweater and socks on, but he could tell by her frown that Lisa was turning very impatient.

As he closed the distance between them she only had eyes for his cock that now was rock hard. The wanton look on her face boosted his confidence, she really wanted them to go all the way.

They ended in a close hug while still standing and he could feel his stiffness pressed towards her nude skin.

Suddenly she wrapped her legs around him, trying to align his cock with her pussy. He did not slide inside her, but felt the wetness of her pussy as she grinded her hips towards his member.

The sensation was marvelous, but Robin was unprepared for the added weight and stumbled forward even with her partly leaning towards the door post.

They hit the bedroom floor with a bang, and Robin cringed on how his full weight slammed her body to the floor.

Lisa did not seem to notice, without any moments of hesitation she again pulled him towards her and this time he ended with cock touching her sex in slightly better angle. Robin marveled at the moans of lust from her as he entered her sex, probing her inside to get deeper and deeper inside.

“No more teasing, take me hard!” she begged him and slammed her body towards his. With this he suddenly was fully inside her sex. The naked skin of his cock touching her wonderful wetness.

He began thrusting and she responded by frantically trying to meet his thrusts.

It was not Robin’s first time, but it was definitely his first time with Lisa. He had until now believed her so prudish that actual intercourse before marriage was totally out of the question, but right now she was giving him the best sex of his life.

As he was pounding into her he also realized that it was his first fuck without a condom as protection. He was unprotected inside her and she obviously didn’t seem to mind but instead urged him to go quicker and harder.

For a flash second he imagined trying to slow down and convince her they needed protection, but suddenly she took hold of him and they were tumbling around.

With him still buried inside her lovely sex, he ended on his back. Moaning loudly she sat up and began to ride him, and every thought of slowing down was gone from Robin’s mind.

He was totally in the moment as he felt himself tremble and spasm as his cock delivered its load deep inside her. She saw him coming, but this just intensified her fucking and he got no relief as her sex milked every drop of cum from his cock.

“Enough!” he groaned as the stimulation became too much and thankfully this finally made her slow down.

She looked down on him with a very satisfied smile on her face. Slowly she pulled herself of him and looked at the cum slowly leaking out of her sex.

She giggled as she laid down besides him. Moving closer she wrapped herself tightly to his left side. He could feel the wetness from their sex as she rubbed her cum filled pussy to his leg.

Robin enjoyed the after sex sensation as he rested at the floor on his back, but he was still trying to wrap his senses around her unexpected behavior.

“This was unexpected,” Robin mumbled.

“Better than I could ever imagine,” Lisa whispered into his ear. “I had no idea that fucking like this could feel so good. I should have done this years ago.”

“What about consequences?” Robin asked. “We were so eager that we forgot protection.”

“I had it all planned in advance, your little Lisa will not get pregnant by mistake just like that,” Lisa said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Robin frowned at her words. Did she mean she wanted to become pregnant or that she was on the pill? He was on the way to ask her when she surprised him with a question.

“Would you like to fuck Emily?” she asked

“Erhm, I have not really thought about fucking any of your friends,” Robin mumbled back.

It was partly a lie, you could not look at somebody like Emily and not be awed by her curves. The short redhead had more than once been the subject of his fantasies when he imagined her giving him and Lisa a striptease and this somehow made Lisa bold enough to do more sexual things than a hand job.

“Seriously, a hot girl like her? Have you not thought about fucking her?” Lisa asked.

Robin did not know what to say. Emily had a great body, but now it was Lisa asking him. No answer seemed safe.

“Are you going to answer?” Lisa asked teasingly and let her hand wrapped around his torso and slowly caress the side of his body. Her hands was not by his spent cock, but slowly edging closer there.

“Of course she looks great, but that is beside the point. I am with you,” Robin finally answered.

“Don’t be so stiff, I am speaking hypothetically,” Lisa said. “Suppose you encountered her and she was a stranger. Would you like to fuck her then?”

“Hypothetically she looks great, but she is not my type person wise. Besides I would never cheat on you,” Robin objected.

“Even if you was sure I never would learn about it?” she asked.

“Of course not,” Robin exclaimed, he was starting to get truly annoyed by her questions, but her next words took him by total surprise.

“Relax, I am trying to explain why I want things to be different between us,” Lisa said.

“What do you mean by different?” Robin wondered, feeling weird about the whole discussion. Lisa actually talking dirty, in some sense it seemed even more out of character than their previous intense fuck.

“I have this fantasy of you coming home and telling me every detail of how you had sex with somebody I don’t know. As you tell the details we repeat the same sex scene in every detail,” Lisa said.

“You have fantasies about me cheating on you?” Robin asked, totally perplexed.

“It would not be cheating since I gave permission,” she countered. “I have been having these kind of sexual fantasies for all my life, I tried to deal with them by going strict on marriage as prerequisite and stuff. Today something happened that made me change my mind and I decided to let you break my cherry so to say.”

“What happened?” Robin asked. She was obviously talking about something related to what Frida saw earlier in the day, but he could not imagine what it possibly could have been.

“It is of no importance right now,” Lisa said. “The important thing is that I ask you to form a new kind of relationship where the hard rule is that it is only cheating on the other if you keep silent about it. Tell all the dirty details and anything goes.”

“You mean…” Robin hesitated, was this was some kind of test? “You mean free to go the full way provided it is a stranger and you are told afterwards, won’t you become terribly jealous if I actually do it?”

“You would be acting out my fantasy when you tell me, so I think it will be fine. If it does not work in practice we drop the idea, but I so very much want to test this,” she said.

“Not sure if this is something I will actually want to do for real, especially after the better than life sex we just had. You are my girl, yet I suppose that what you propose is a guys dream come true so saying no to the possibility would be weird,” Robin said, half serious and half joking.

“Okay, so anything goes if it is with a stranger and all the dirty details are told afterwards. Is it a deal?” Lisa asked and extended her hand.

“A deal it is,” Robin responded and shook her hand.

She beamed at him. “This will be so fun, who do think will first have dirty details to admit?”

“You…you would…” Robin stuttered.

“Of course, it cuts both ways or else it is not fair, right?” Lisa said.

Robin could only nod and smile in response. Complaining now about her wanting to use the freedom offered by the deal was bound to turn ugly. He was not very keen on hearing of her sleeping around, but not knowing if she fucked some unknown guy in secret did not sound much better. Hopefully all this was just talk and she would not do it for real.

“I am wondering how it would feel like if I watched you and Emily doing it, but let’s save that idea for later. The deal is just about strangers for now. Anyway it is time to fetch us some food,” she said and left the bed.

Robin hesitated about if he should ask more about their deal, it still felt so very unreal.

Was she testing him in some way or did she really mean she wanted them both to sleep around?

Her returning to the thought of him fucking Emily after they shook hand made it sound more plausible she really meant it.

Eventually he decided to just wait, there was no safe way to backtrack on what he had said so his best bet seemed to be to remain silent until he knew if she was serious about the deal.

* * *

Robin yawned as he tried to sleep a few hours later. Lisa lay sleeping beside him, but sleep still eluded him. Everything about the frantic sex and Lisa’s behavior afterward seemed so totally out of character, how could she possibly have hidden such erotic desires so completely from him?

His attempt at small talk during the later part of the evening to learn what had happened to her earlier in the day had not given anything, Lisa was avoiding the topic every time he tried to bring it up.

She rolled over in her sleep and ended besides him on the bed. The room might be dark, but ambient light from the street lights outside allowed him to see that her nightgown had been pushed up so most of her body was visible. He could barely see the contour of her breasts in gloom of the room, but he thought he could see that her nipples were hard.

Still in her sleep she moved closer to him and wrapped her arms around him. It was damn close to foreplay as she asleep grinding her body slowly towards his body.

Robin tried to get free himself without waking her, but every distance he gained was soon lost as she crawled closer. Finally he gave up and just tried to sleep with her arms wrapped around him.

Sleep came, but halfway falling to sleep he realized he was dreaming, Somehow he knew it was a dream, but it felt weirdly real even through the dream happened at a location he never had seen before.

In the dream he was in an ancient looking hallway. Actually it looked like some kind of medieval castle from a movie.

In the middle of the room Lisa sat on the floor wearing a white ankle length gown.

Lisa looked around confused like she didn’t know where she was, then they heard laughter from one of the big doors at the far side of the room. Lisa turned towards the sound and stood up.

Something about the voices spooked Robin, there was too much base in the voices. He wanted to shout to Lisa to turn away, but in the dream he could not speak or move but just watch.

Lisa walked to the door, it was twice as tall as her. She took hold of the gigantic handle as she pulled with all her strength to open. Slowly the door opened and the strange laughter from before was heard louder. Robin could also hear the sound of dinnerware.

Inside the room there was a number of large beings sitting around the dinner table. At first, Robin’s mind refused to take in the full view, he could just focus on their large inhuman noses and their eyes that seemed to glow with a strange blue glow as they all turned towards Lisa in doorway. Their smiles as they looked at her made Robin even more nervous, there was no kindness to the smiles.

He f****d himself to divert his gaze, they were clothed mostly in red leather with lots of small bells decorating the clothes. Something about point of view seemed to be off.

Robin frowned when she suddenly realized the truth. Even though they were proportional humanoid in themselves they must literally be twice as tall as Lisa if they stood up. All the furniture were designed for their size, and it had taken him some moments to catch up and realize their actual size.

They looked at each other and laughed as Robin tried to make sense of what they were. Something about their weird appearances and clothes seemed kind of familiar. Suddenly he recognized why the monstrous figures looked so familiar.

They were literally the living incarnation of the trolls he had seen in c******n’s books when he was small. With Robin never being a true fan of such stories he had mostly forgotten about them, but now he recalled them being painted by an Swedish artist named John Bauer more than a 100 years back.

There were three male beings and one female sitting around a table covered with plenty of food. Should he call them trolls or were they something else that had inspired John Bauer?

He supposed that the word troll fit them rather well in the meaning of trolls from the Scandinavian folklore.

While he was reasoning about what they were Lisa had stepped forward, he felt a sense of alarm. The beings were so massive compared to her slender form. Yet there was nothing he could do to stop her, he was just a watcher with no voice or body.

“What are you doing?” Lisa asked, seemingly unaware that it was anything strange with the situation.

“We are having dinner as we tell each other about the achievements of the day,” the largest male troll responded. His voice so massive that it sounded like the words came rumbling down a mountain.

“I am hungry, can I have some food?” Lisa asked.

“Only those who have contributed during the day are rewarded,” the female troll said, her voice at a higher pitch than the male but still with a resonance not possible for a human voice.

“Contribute with what?” Lisa wondered.

“Like working in the workshop and making things we can trade to other kin,” one of the smaller trolls said.

“I think I just came here, I can’t remember anything,” Lisa mumbled. She got no reaction from the trolls that had started to eat again.

Robin tried to talk to Lisa, but it was like he was standing invisible by her side unable to say or touch anything.

“Why can’t I remember anything?” Lisa asked. Now she got a reaction from the largest male troll.

“You want information about why you are here and without any memories?” the troll asked.

“Yes please, tell me please,” Lisa pleaded.

“What do you have to offer?” the troll asked as he left the table and moved over to Lisa as the bells on his clothes tingled. He stood there towering over her, Lisa just reaching slightly above his hip.

“What do you mean?” Lisa replied as the huge troll loomed over her. “I don’t know what you are asking for.

“This is my lair where nothing is offered for free,” the troll said. “Offer an exchange and you can have something back.”

“I am hungry and confused, but don’t know what you want,” Lisa said. “You want me to work in your workshop?”

“Working in the workshop requires magic, any possible magic you might once have known would be gone with your memories. You need to offer something else,” the troll replied.

“I don’t know what skills I have, my memories are gone,” Lisa complained.

“Then you have nothing to offer,” the troll said.

“This is cruel. I don’t know what you want. Can I leave this place?” Lisa asked.

“You can’t leave until the term of you deal has been satisfied,” the troll said.

“What deal?” Lisa asked.

“What do you offer for the information?” the troll asked.

“Please give me food and answer my questions, I will do anything,” Lisa pleaded.

“Do you really mean it?” the troll asked.

Robin wanted to scream to her that she shouldn’t do it, but he was still unable to interact.

“I…I…yes I will,” Lisa replied with a worried tone in her voice.

The troll stood up, towering above her. With an inhuman grin he bent down and took hold of her and lifted her up and put her over his shoulder like she weighed nothing.

“My room then,” the troll said.

Robin did not want to follow, but could do nothing to resist as he was dragged after them into the other room.

The troll entered a bedroom with a huge bed, large enough for a couple trolls. When Lisa landed on the bed Robin cringed at small and vulnerable she looked at the huge bed.

“What am I supposed to do?” Lisa asked confused and looked around the room.

Robin wanted to scream, but could do nothing as the troll sat beside her and pulled his leather pants off. The trolls massive cock came into view and it was almost as long as Lisa’s arm. The cock trembled with precum.

He turned towards her and the movement made bells on the trolls upper body ring and Lisa turned back towards the troll. She stared at the gigantic cock in front of her in utter confusion.

“What is that thing? What are you doing?” Lisa asked totally perplexed.

“It is mine, but you can borrow it for a while. Touch my tool!” the troll ordered.

“Is it called a tool?” Lisa asked as she extended her hand and placed it on trolls massive cock. Her hands rested on the cock gripping the middle of it, but not actually doing anything. She seemed unsure about what to do, not knowing she was expected to jack him off.

“Play with it! Make me satisfied and you will have earned this food for today,” he explained.

“I don’t know what to do,” Lisa mumbled.

The troll groaned in irritation and with terrifying ease he caught hold of Lisa’s arm and pulled her down beside him on the bed. She laid there apparently not knowing what to expect, as the troll got over her and aimed the cock towards her face.

Robin knew what would happen and could only stare in a mixed state of excitement and discomfort as the troll made Lisa open her mouth and then brutally pushed the cock into her mouth.

Lisa make weak sounds of discomfort as she sucked on the head of the huge cock. The groans of pleasure from the troll indicated that she understood enough to deliver pleasure. Robin just helplessly stared at the image of his girlfriend being violated by the monstrous troll.

* * *

Robin woke up to a weird sensation that he could not place at first. He could only moan in delight as anticipation filled his body, he cock felt like it was on fire.

Looking down he saw Lisa between his legs and suddenly he could understand the sensations. She was sucking on his hard cock, actually she deep throating him. Not just the head of the cock like in his dream but Lisa taking his whole cock into her mouth.

Robin stared at her as she worshiped his sex, her expertise at the act came as a great surprise. As far as he knew she had never done this before, but her performance now could match every porn videos Robin ever seen.

He lay there trembling below her expert touch that kept drawing him closer and closer to his climax.

“I…I am going to,” Robin squealed. In response she pulled his cock out of he mouth. “What? No?” Robin objected, but before he got any longer she had moved up along his body and was busy pushing his cock into her sex.

A small part of Robin had time to register that they had no protection before he froze as he felt his cock sliding into her. The moment after she was riding him like there was no tomorrow.

Robin groaned in sexual bliss and it did not take long before he lay trembling as his cock again delivered its load deeply inside her cunt. Lisa waited until he was done and then moved off him with a satisfied smile on her lips.

“That was sexy, let’s do it again later,” Lisa said.

Robin could just stare back at her, the wanton lust displayed was so unexpected. The dream had been so very surreal with the castle and trolls, but the Lisa he dreamed about had seemed to match his expectations much more than wanton sex partner that lay beside on the bed with cum leaking out of her pussy.

How could a person change her preferences and behavior so quickly in a single day?

Robin could not make sense of it and drifted to sleep as Lisa came crawling back and wrapped her body as close as possible to his.