BJ in the sauna

Warm sun beats down on your backs as you walk hand in hand down rough concrete steps through the tall pine trees towards the small wooden building. Taking off your shoes you open the door to a golden room with a log burner in one corner and two tiered wooden benches along the back wall. The sauna smells of hot wood and birch sap, fresh and citrussy.

As you open the wood burner to start a fire you feel his hand on your shoulder. He’s sitting on one of the benches beckoning you over. You quickly light the fire and pile logs on as it starts to roar. The room begins to warm as he takes your face in his hands and kisses you, gently at first and then, as you lean into his touch, firmly and with a taste of the passion you can see in his eyes. Looking down you can see his hard cock straining against the fabric of his swimming shorts and a tingle of excitement runs through you. Are you really about to do this? The walls are thick, you wouldn’t hear someone coming until they opened the door to the sauna.

While this question runs through your head he reaches into your dress, brushing your nipple with a knowing smile and cups a breast. Softly squeezing it in his palm he rolls your now erect nipple in his fingers. You let out a moan. He always knows exactly what you like.

Still caressing your breast, he leans in and begins a series of soft, nibbling kisses leading along your collarbone and up your neck, ending with a soft nip to your earlobe. This sends shudders through your body and you pull his face to yours, kissing him deeply, exploring his mouth with a probing tongue and biting his bottom lip. You know this will make him groan with arousal.

Breaking away from the kiss he pulls down your dress and, lifting one breast out of your bikini top, takes a nipple in his mouth. You feel the sensation of pleasure jolt through your body, reaching your clitoris and causing your vagina to moisten. As he continues to suck and nibble on your breasts you reach down and pull out his hard cock, slowly stroking it. He lets go of your nipple to moan,

‘Oh fuck, that feels amazing,’ and kisses you hard, reaching down to slip a hand under your dress and bikini bottoms.

‘Wait,’ you say, ‘I want to please you even more,’ and kneeling on the lowest bench you take the head of his penis into your mouth. Holding the shaft in both hands you slowly suck on the tip, running your tongue along his frenulum and around the base of the head. You move your hand up and down the shaft, twisting slightly as you go, and he moans in extasy. Then you take more of his cock in, sucking and swirling your tongue you move your head down until your nose is pressed against his body and the tip of his penis is touching the back of your throat. Keeping the suction steady you move your head back up as he grabs your hair and says,

‘Yes, oh my god, keep going.’

You smile up at him and speed up, his cock sliding in and out of your mouth while he moans and shudders. Moving one hand from his shaft you gently cup his balls, and softly move them in your hands, feeling the velvety skin. Suddenly he cries out,

‘Stop! I’m going to cum.’

With one last lick up his shaft you crawl back up to sit next to him.

‘That was incredible, you’re so fucking hot.’

He reaches down and pulls your bikini bottoms down to your knees. He moans as he feels your soaking vagina and expertly zeroes in on your throbbing clitoris. As he rubs it gently with a single finger you feel as if a bolt of electricity has hit you. Looking into his eyes, you can see he’s just as turned on by this as you are. By the danger of being caught, and by your arousal. Seeing his need only makes the whole situation hotter.

Heat. You look at the thermometer. It is climbing towards 50°c in the sauna. While you think this, he pushes a finger into you, and you lose all sense of time and space as he presses on your G-spot making your eyes roll as you cum. Still rubbing your clit, he smiles as your legs shake and your vagina pulsates, waves of pleasure rushing through your body.

‘Did you just cum?’ he askes

‘Hell yes I did,’ you reply breathlessly.

‘Now I want you to cum again,’ he says, lowering himself to the first bench he spreads your legs and tastes you. Licking your clitoris with his soft, warm tongue he makes you moan with pleasure. After a few more gentle licks he takes your clitoris into his mouth and sucks. Wave after wave of delicious warmth rushes through your body.

‘I’m cumming again, I’m cumming now,’ you whisper as the orgasm makes you writhe and squirm.

‘Yeah cum for me,’ his beard is wet with your juices he smiles up at you.

‘I want you inside me, now,’

‘Should we? Isn’t it too risky?’ What if someone comes in?’ he askes

‘We’ve got our swimming costumes on so if we hear someone coming, we can just slip them back in place and nobody would be any the wiser,’ you reply manoeuvring your bikini back up your legs.

You lie back on the wooden bench and he pulls his shorts down, letting his cock spring out, then pulls your bikini to one side. Lining his cock up with your dripping hole he pushes forward, entering you with ease. You feel every inch as it fills you, touching every part of your most sensitive place.

‘You feel so big,’ you moan as he begins to thrust in and out, each stroke stimulating your G-spot and bringing you closer to orgasm. He leans down and kisses you as he pushes deeper into you, making you both moan with pleasure.

Reaching his hand down he rubs your clitoris in a circular motion, and suddenly you feel it rising within you.

‘I’m going to cum again’

‘Oh fuck, me too,’ he replies.

‘Cum with me, cum with me now.’ You say in his ear. You feel his cock twitch inside you and the heat of his cum fill you just as your own orgasm hits you. He collapses on top of you and you hold each other close while you recover from the mind-blowing orgasms you both shared.

Slowly he pulls out of you and tucks his softening penis back into his trunks. He sits next to you on the bench and kisses you softly.

‘I love you,’ he says.

‘I love you too.’

The thermometer reads 80°c, but to the two of you it feels much hotter.