Seatmate’s Sis

It had been a few weeks since I had returned from the conference in Chicago. The events that had transpired had been mind blowing. I had met a short little black girl in her mid-20s named Mya. She had an apparent fantasy about finding a white boyfriend. She found that and me and in the span of 24 hours had went from a sweet virgin to absolutely sex-crazed.

But once I had gotten back to California, I had been busy with family road trips, etc. I had also had been giving a few of my other playmates some overdue attention.

But lingering in the back of my mind were the plans that Mya and I had made. Through a series of text messages — initially accidentally sent, then later very intentional — Mya had convinced not only her friend Kiera to join us in a threesome, but had even managed to convince her own sister Aaliyah to do the same.

Those thoughts were still on Mya’s mind. She texted me on a Monday night. “Hey love, sorry it has been awhile. I was having my period last week and was just all crampy. But didn’t you say Tuesday was your day to play?”

“It’s okay babe, I have been busy myself. But yes Tuesday is my day to play. I had plans but I will reschedule then if you need me to drive up to Glendale to have fun with you.” I texted in response.

“I was thinking of coming down to San Diego for a couple of days to pay my sister a surprise visit. I do that a lot. But, I was wondering if I could bring you along?”


She sent me the address of her sister’s apartment complex and we made plans to meet there at 9:30am the next morning.

When morning rolled around, I took care of my fatherly and husbandly duties. Then I gave my my family kisses and hugs and headed out for my day of play.

I arrived at the address Mya had given me a bit early, but it was a few minutes before a white BMW 3-series rolled into the parking space next to me. I immediately saw it was Mya and hopped out of my Jeep to greet her. She was wearing a white button-up shirt and denim cut offs that accentuated her curvaceous bottom. She hugged me tightly as she looked up at me.

“Why are you so tall?” she asked teasingly. I stood at an even 6′ tall. But Mya was just barely 4’10”.

I grabbed her and picked her up. She wrapped her toned legs around me. She looked at me lovingly and brought her moist lips to me. Our tongues danced as we kissed. “Mmmm we better stop, I feel something getting stiff.” she teased.

As I reluctantly set her down, she cupped my crotch. “Yeah, that’s good. It is going to get put to use very soon.”

She popped the trunk of her car and dragged her suitcase from it. I grabbed my overnight bag from the backseat of the Jeep and we made our way to Aaliyah’s apartment.

She told me to stand out of the line of sight of the door. She knocked on it and I heard the sound of a deadbolt sliding.

“Surprise!!!” Mya called out as I heard them laughing.

“Oh my gosh, I am so glad you are here! I wasn’t expecting you!!!” Aaliyah giggled.

“Oh, I have another surprise!” Mya teased as she stepped into the apartment dragging our bags with her.

“You do?” Aaliyah asked excitedly.

“Yeah, I brought you a present!”

I stepped around the corner. Aaliyah really was nearly a twin of her sister. Just like Mya had told me, she was about 5′ tall, and her ass was less curvaceous. She was wearing a pair of pale pink shorts and a tank top that revealed plenty of cleavage. Aaliyah looked confused for just a second. Then she started putting it together.

Mya pulled me into the apartment and closed the door as I slipped off my shoes.

“Yes, this exactly who you think … my man… the one who you watched in my videos” Mya said with a mischievous laugh.

Mya put her arm around her sister. “What did I tell you? We could be twins, right?”

“You definitely could!” I agreed as I stepped closer. I confidently took ahold of Aaliyah’s hips and pulled her to me.

She looked up at me nervously. I gently kissed her cheek, before moving to her moist lips. Her lips were full, her breath was minty. I sucked on her lower lip before slipping my tongue in.

Mya cuddled in behind her and gently kissed Aaliyah’s neck. I felt Aaliyah shiver and take a sharp breath at the unexpected contact.

I pulled my mouth away and leaned further to kiss Mya. Aaliyah turned to watch us kiss, before grabbing my chin and pulling me back to her.

We kissed for a few more moments. Then Mya teasingly took ahold of her sister’s chin and kissed her full on the mouth.

Aaliyah looked shocked and pulled back.

Mya then took a step back. She teasingly shook her hips as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, revealing a silky black bra that cradled her DDs. She continued the show, slipping out of those tight shorts and unveiling the matching thong.

The sight was making blood rush to my cock.

She took her sister’s hand and pulled her closer. She spun her around so they were both facing me. Her hands slipped under her sister’s tank top and cupped her bare breasts. She kissed her sister’s neck again and Aaliyah squirmed.

I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it aside.

Mya sighed with excitement as I reached for my belt buckle. She pulled her sister’s mouth to her again and kissed her fully.

I dropped my shorts and boxers and kicked them aside. Now naked, I stepped closer to the two.

Aaliyah turned back to me and her eyes grew large as she stared in shock at my throbbing manhood.

“You ready for that?” Mya asked

“Okay, this may be a dumb question, but are they all that big?” Aaliyah questioned.

Mya shrugged as she moved to the couch and sat down. “How should I know, it is the only real one I have ever seen! But let me tell you it is plenty big.”

She patted the spot next to her. “Come here!”

Aaliyah nervously sat down next to her. “Remember what we said on the phone. No sex with each other, even you touching my boobs is a bit weird.”

Mya gave her an annoyed look “Yeah, I remember. But it’s not that big of a deal. Lighten up sis.” As she spoke she reached back and unfastened her own bra, setting her breasts free. She tossed the bra aside and playfully bounced them in her hands. “Show him yours!”

Aaliyah looked at me pensively, and then cautiously pulled her tank top off. Her tits were exactly like her sister’s. Together they were two perfectly matched pairs — the same size, firmness, color.

Mya gazed hungrily at them but restrained herself from violating her sister’s trust too soon.

She turned to me. “Are you ready to have both of us sucking you at once?”

I stepped directly in front of them. Mya wrapped her hand around the base of my cock. She leaned in and slowly licked from my balls up to the head. She then ran her tongue around the tip in circles.

She then smiled at her sister. “Get in here girl, suck your first cock!”

Aaliyah looked up at me as she nervously took my cock from her sister. She opened her mouth and sucked on the head before slowly allowed it to slide deeper into her mouth.

Mya stared with mouth agape as her sister gained confidence. “Damn! Yes, that thick white cock looks so good in your mouth. Suck him! Suck my man’s cock!”

She hooked her thumbs into her undies and slid them off. Her fingers immediately returned to her wet slit as she watched Aaliyah suck me.

I thrust my hips against Aaliyah and I heard her gasp. She pulled my cock from her wet mouth. “Fuck, that thing is even thicker than it looks.”

The shaft was wet from her mouth and she grasped it firmly in her right hand and jerked it.

Mya suddenly hopped up from the couch and dragged one of the kitchen chairs over. She directed me “Sit down, love.”

I did as asked and she go to her knees to the left of me. She placed both of her chocolate tits around my cock.

“Aaliyah, put yours on the other side!” she urged.

Her sister got to her knees but seemed hesitant.

“Go ahead. Put them around it! That’s it… put your nipples right up against mine. It is okay!”

And there I was, sitting in the chair with my precum-leaking, throbbing cock upright between four glorious chocolate breasts.

The sisters began to slowly gyrate up and down. Mya reached out and held her sister’s shoulders.

Aaliyah smiled nervously.

“Your nipples are hard…” she said quietly to Mya.

“Mmmm, yours too.” Mya replied. “You are making my pussy so wet.”

“Mya, we can’t. We are sisters. We shouldn’t even be doing this much.” Aaliyah protested as the two continued to rub their fantasticly firm tits on my shaft.

I happily watched as my shaft disappeared and reappeared between the suppleness of their breasts.

“So do you want to stop?” Mya questioned.

“Well….well no! But…”

But she never got the words out. The constant rubbing had taken me to orgasm. The first shot of my cum spurted into the air between their faces and succumbed to the laws of gravity by splattering across both of their chests.

I thrust against them emptying more of my hot semen onto them.

“Put it in your mouth! Put it in your mouth!” Mya frantically instructed. Aaliyah grasped my flailing shaft and emptied the last squirt across her tongue.

“Mmmmm oh my God, Mya your man tastes good!”

Mya beamed happily. “I know! I love to swallow it! But, I also love to smear it all over my body and feel it in my holes.”

Aaliyah scooped some of my cum off her tits and brought her finger to her mouth. She savored it before swallowing. Mya scooped some of her own tits and fed it to her sister who continued to hungrily consume it.

Mya then pushed her head forward and began to lick the remnants off Aaliyah’s DDs.

“Mya! Stop! You can’t… mmmrrrfff…” Aaliyah groaned as she felt her sister’s tongue flick across her nipple. “No, ohhh, no, no, we …”

Mya pulled one of Aaliyah’s stiff nipples into her mouth and sucked on it. Aaliyah looked glassy eyed with pleasure as she continued to protest.

She shook her head and pushed Mya back. “No! We can’t! We are sisters! This is too much, it is incest!”

I got up from the chair just as Mya tackled her sister. They were sprawled out in a tangle on the floor. Mya was back at sucking on Aaliyah’s nipples. I bent down and yanked off Aaliyah’s shorts, revealling a clean shaven pussy underneath.

I stroked my cock to prepare for entry into that tight chocolate pie but Aaliyah finally broke free.

“We need to stop! Just leave! I can’t have sex with my sister!” she said as she unsteadily got to her feet.

She then stood glaring at Mya, and pointing at the door.

I knew Mya was light enough for me to carry, even despite me having a bad back.

I guessed that since Aaliyah was just a tiny bit taller than she would be a lightweight too.

I grabbed her from behind and picked her up. Luckily she weighed no more than Mya. She protested but I quickly carried her into the bedroom and tossed her onto the bed.

I climbed on top of her and she struggled as I began to shove my cock into her virgin tightness.

Mya joined us on the bed and watched me force my way inside of her sister. “Mmmmmmm, take that cock. Take my man’s big fuckin’ cock.”

Aaliyah grimaced as her wet snatch slowly accepted my thickness. “I want your man’s cock. But I want you to leave! You are weirding me out by sucking my tits and stuff. That is incest, Mya! It is fucked up!”

“So you didn’t like how it felt for our tits to rub together when he titty fucked us? Or how it felt when I sucked your nipples?” Mya asked as I thrust my cock in Aaliyah’s cunt.

Aaliyah paused, before continuing. “It felt good! But you are my sister. It doesn’t matter how it feels, we can’t do that!”

I thrust harder. “Well, if you want to keep getting fucked by me, you need to make Mya happy. You need to do what she wants.”. My thick white cock was fully swollen as it slipped in and out of her. Her firm chocolate tits bounced once with each rough thrust.

Mya smiled at me “You want his cock don’t you? You wanna feel him cum up in your pussy? I bet you even want to feel it up in your ass don’t you. You want to taste him after he has fucked you there. Well so do I! If you want all that you are gonna have to make me happy.”

Aaliyah moaned loudly as I fucked. Her pussy was spasming hard on my cock as it took stroke after stroke from my rock hard invader.

Mya continued. “I bet you watched those videos I sent over and over. Didn’t you? I bet you even masturbated to us every time. You did, didn’t you.”

Aaliyah didn’t answer so Mya pushed on my stomach. “Pull out of her!”

I reluctantly did as Mya asked.

Mya slid to her knees at the end of the bed. “Do you want it back in you? Do you want his cock to give you your first creampie?”

“Yes, but …” Aaliyah whimpered.

But it was no use, Mya buried her face between Aaliyah’s toned legs and ran her tongue deep between her dark brown labia and then inside her wet pink pussy.

Aaliyah clasped her hands over her face. I heard her whisper to herself “What have we done? Fuck!”

As much as she wanted to fight the moral dilemma going through her brain, she couldn’t fight the feelings raging through her body.

She reached her one hand down and pulled Mya tighter against her. She moaned loudly as her other hand grabbed her one tit and began squeezing it.

I couldn’t stand watching anymore. I shoved Mya aside and quickly reentered Aaliyah’s cunt. Where she had felt like a vise earlier, it eagerly welcomed my return.

“Mmmm yeah, fuck that pussy. Cum in it baby.” Mya encouraged.

I did exactly as she asked. I fucked that pussy for a few more minutes and listened as Aaliyah moaned uncontrollably the entire time. I felt her get seemingly hotter and wetter. Her moans got louder.

Then I fired two shots deep into her womb before pulling out to fire another one across her pussy lips. It splattered across her dark skin.

Aaliyah ran her fingers through the cum. “Mya, fuck… what did we just do? Fuck, fuck… ”

“Shhhh, it’s alright.” Mya tried to console her.

“Nobody can ever find out!”

“Besides his wives, nobody has to. Although I don’t really want to hide it. Plus exhibitionism is fun!” Mya replied.

“Wait, you are married? Fuck your wife will kill me!” Aaliyah worried.

“No, no! I mean I knew he was married and was gonna let him fuck me regardless. But he is totally allowed to play. Which I think is so extra fucking hot.”

Aaliyah laid there quietly for a moment as her fingers rubbed her cum-filled slit. She turned to me “Was this your idea? Did you make her do this to me?”

“Quite the opposite! This was all my idea, he just luckily is open to it.” Mya replied assuredly.

“You really don’t want to hide it? You would be okay with people seeing us out in public? Wouldn’t we get in trouble? Plus they are going to call us names and stuff and mock us!” Aaliyah replied.

“So, who cares? We are adults. And sure lots of people will be disgusted. But some won’t. I mean the three of us enjoy it. We can’t be the only ones! I mean it is up to you…”

“I can tell you from experience, a lot more people are okay with it than you would think. They might not want to admit it, but deep down it turns them on.” I reassured.

Aaliyah shrugged “I don’t know. I still think it is wrong — what we are doing. But, I can’t deny it felt good when you licked me.”

We laid there in silence for quite a while — likely 20 or 30 minutes. I could tell Aaliyah was battling herself, trying to justify her feelings.

The whole time, Mya gently traced her fingers over her sister’s skin but didn’t say anything.

Aaliyah made little gasps and sighs whenever her sister’s fingertips made her shiver.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence, Mya prodded “I am glad you enjoyed! But what did you think of my man?”

“Him? Oh he is fucking amazing. His cock is so thick, mmmm. I don’t know how you fit that fucker in your ass.”

“Oh it hurts like a bitch, but when he came. Fuck! Amazing!” Mya exclaimed.

“I can’t believe you sucked it afterwards! That is so nasty!”

Mya smiled, “But you watched the video all the way didn’t you? Do you wanna try it?”

Aaliyah bit her lip. “Can you do it first? I wanna watch it in person…”

“Mmmm, well that depends if he is ready to cum again?” Mya said, looking at me questioningly.

“Oh, already? Yeah I guess I can give my girls a few more loads today” I answered as Mya eagerly clambered onto all fours to the head of the bed. She put one hand on her ass and looked back at me.

“Come here Aaliyah, sit right here — on the bed behind her — and I will show you.” I directed her. “Ok, the first thing is we need to make things more slippery. Most girls, your sister included, are very tight back here so we need it nice and slick so it is a bit easier. Now there are a couple of ways to . One would be to slide my cock up in her pussy and get my shaft as slick as possible. The other would be to tongue her ass.”

“Really? Like… wow… ummm so which way are you going to do it to her?” Aaliyah queried whild Mya waited impatiently.

“Well, I am not going to do either. You are. Go ahead…”

Aaliyah looked in shock, “Really?”

“Yes, fuck hurry up already! I need it!” Mya begged.

Aaliyah gingerly stuck out her tongue and pressed it to her sister’s tight hole. I watched as it cautiously entered. Mya kept her ass spread as Aaliyah licked.

“Mmmm fuck girl, put your tongue in deep!! Ohhhhhh” Mya moaned.

I looked at Aaliyah’s smaller, flatter butt perched on the edge of the bed. I had an idea.

I crawled in front of Mya and without prodding she grasped my cock and pulled it to her moist mouth. Her full lips surrounded my soon throbbing shaft and she began to suck on it. I felt her tongue swirling along my shaft, covering it with her warm, wet saliva. She pulled me from her mouth and biting her lip, she expertly tugged on it’s length.

I broke away from her slippery grip in an attempt to not prematurely get too turned on.

I slipped off the bed and returned to my spot behind Aaliyah who was still pleasuring Mya’s ass with her tongue.

I grasped Aaliyah’s hips and positioned my hard but slick cock to her forbidden hole. I began pushing in, my head skewering her slowly.

Aaliyah almost immediately pulled away from Mya as she cried out. “Fuck! Ouch! Arwwwwrrrrooowwwwwww.”

Mya excitedly left her position and crawled back to me. She remembered the pain she had felt a few weeks ago when I had ignored her pleas and forced her in the same way. “Fuck, Aaliyah just take it. It will be okay.”

“Oh, ouch, I don’t, ohhh fuck, want him to stop.” Aaliyah replied, pausing to curse as my cock buried deep into her. “I want him to fuck … Oooooohhhhhffuckkk… it. ”

My cock began to fuck Aaliyah’s butt as I listened to her curses and moans.

Mya watched the obscene sight of my cock beginning to sliding into that ass. “Mmmm yes, good it is nasty. I can’t wait to suck it clean!” she panted breathlessly.

“Yeah… fuck yes… ohhhhh yeah” Aaliyah moaned like a porn star. “Harder!”

I picked up the pace as Mya watched excitedly. Her face was pressed against Aaliyah’s ass and my pelvis as my cock buried deep.

“Mmmm, fuck let me suck it.” Mya begged me.

I pulled my cock from Aaliyah’s ass and Mya eagerly took it into her mouth. She hungrily sucked on it, tasting her sister on it.

She then spit on it and gave it a few rapid strokes before pointing it back at her sister’s hole. I forced my way back in and picked up the pace. My now slicker cock began to absolutely pummel Aaliyah.

“Yes, that’s it. Fucking cum in her! Fuck her with that big white dick.” Mya urged.

I fucked Aaliyah roughly as her moans escalated into outright yelling. If any of her neighbors were home they definitely were hearing her. She buried her face in the pillow and clawed the sheets. Her body was tense as I ravaged her. Mya reached between her sister’s legs and pressed her fingers against her clit. That was all it took. Aaliyah tensed even more as she felt her body succumb to a violent orgasm. I followed her with two forceful blasts deep into her ass.

I was spent as I pulled my cock from her. I would need a couple of hours to recharge after that intensity.

Aaliyah still had her face buried in the pillow, moaning contentedly. Mya slapped her ass. “Come on girl! It’s time to clean up!”

“Oh yeah, sorry! That felt so good when he came.” Aaliyah sighed before turning around and looking at me. “But yes, come here big boy. This is the part I really want. It is what I can’t stop thinking about since I watched my sister do it!”

She took my still rigid cock in her hand and began to slowly and erotically lick it. She smiled as she tasted her own ass on me. “Fuck, this is just as nasty as I hoped. Mmmmm…” She continued her offensive behavior until she felt I was sufficiently clean.

As I got up to make my way to the bathroom to clean up, I saw Mya move in to kiss her sister.

It appeared Aaliyah’s reservations about sex with her sister had disappeared. I grabbed my overnight bag, and entered the bathroom. As the water for the shower warmed, I brushed my teeth and freshed up a bit. Then I stepped into the shower to scrub away the depravity and then stayed to linger under the pulsing water. I let the rhythm massage my back as I had apparently strained it with the aggressive thrusting.

I finally stepped out of the shower to dry off. I heard laughter outside the door, followed by knocking. I opened other door to find Aaliyah standing there with Aaliyah behind her. Aaliyah’s hands were cupping her sister’s DDs and bouncing them playfully.

“Aren’t you coming back out to play with us some more?” she whined.

“Seriously, I think my balls are empty and I pulled something in my back.” I replied.

Mya pouted. “Come on old man, fuck your girls again!”

I pulled on a pair of boxers. “I need a while to recharge. I mean, I already came three times.”

“Fine, but I am not done with you yet!” Mya replied.

Aaliyah giggled. “Yeah, me either. I need at least three MORE loads before you can leave.”

“Don’t be greedy!” Mya teased.

“Let’s go get some lunch so he has lots of energy to fuck our little pussies later.” Aaliyah suggested.

“Oooh yeah, remember those dresses we got last time you visited me? I brought mine because I haven’t worn it yet.” Mya excitedly told her sister.

“Nice! Bitch, let’s be all matchy matchy!” Aaliyah responded and off they went in rowdy laughter.

I finished getting dressed and exchanged places with the girls as the finished getting ready.

Before long, they emerged with hair and makeup all perfectly done. Their dresses were similar, and clung to every curve of their petite bodies. Aaliyah’s was pale blue and Mya’s was a light yellow. They slowly twirled to show off their attire. Mya’s dress appeared a bit tighter as it had to hug her curvaceous ass. Both girls were showing a decent amount of cleavage, but not so much that it was slutty.

We headed down to Mya’s car and Aaliyah squeezed into the back while I road shotgun. We headed to a local Mexican restaurant that Aaliyah recommended.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather from the restaurant patio. We placed our orders and the sister’s immediately started on the margaritas while I stayed with my ice tea. The waitress winked at me, “I had the bartender go a little strong on the alcohol, so you have fun!”

It was good the restaurant wasn’t overly busy because the girls were definitely feeling the alcohol.

At one point Mya gave me a sultry look and I pulled her over to kiss her. Her full lips tasted of liquor, citrus, and salt.

She then turned and looked at Aaliyah and planted a kiss on her sister’s lips.

Aaliyah sobered for a split second. Her brain registered that her sister had just kissed her in public, and then it through caution to the wind.

She quickly leaned back for another kiss. Her hand was groping her sister’s big tits as their tongues intertwined.

They were interrupted by the slightly embarrassed waitress bringing us our food. They laughed nonchalently, as they gathered their composure a bit. We dove into our meals, apparently famished from our early morning exercise.

It wasn’t long before the plates were clean, but the girls ordered another round of drinks. Their laughter again escalated.

“Do you wanna know somethin’?” Mya asked with slightly slurred speech as the waitress returned with the credit card.

“I’m not wearing any panties! So when you get me home you gotta shove your huge white cock up in me.”

The waitress blushed profusely.

“It’s true!!!!!!” Aaliyah added. “He has a huge cock!”

“I’m so sorry, I guess they can’t hold their alcohol!” I apologized as I stood up to get them to leave. I was a bit embarrassed by their public drunkenness.

The waitress shook her head. “Sorry, it was my fault. I was trying to help you out, but I guess from the sounds of it you are equipped to help yourself!” she replied with embarrassed smile.

I wrestled Mya’s car keys away and guided the two girls back to the car. I am not sure if the motion of the car ride made them uneasy, but the quieted considerably on the way back to Aaliyah’s apartment. I swung into the parking spot next to my Jeep and guided the two upstairs to the unit.

I got them inside and Aaliyah immediately collapsed on the floor in front of TV. “Please, room, stop spinning” she begged as she closed her eyes.

Mya on the other hand was feeling frisky. She sat on the couch and spread her legs, giving me a perfect view of her hot chocolate pussy.

“See I told you I wasn’t wearing any panties. Now come fuck me!”

I wasn’t going to need to be asked twice. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and climbed on her. I rubbed my already engorged cock against her smooth pussy. I found she was already soaking wet and her vagina quickly accepted my entrance. This was a huge difference from when we had first had sex a few weeks ago. Then she had been a tense virgin, and entry had been quite difficult.

“Fuck, you are so thick! I bet I made the waitress wet when she heard me say I wanted you to fuck me with your thick cock.”

I just continued sliding deep into Mya’s cunt.

“Mmmm, fuck I would have loved to been fucked like this while she watched. I love being watched! When I made those videos when we were in Chicago, fuck it made me so horny.” she confided, her speech a little less slurred.

I thrust into her harder. Suddenly I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Aaliyah slowly raised herself from the floor and unsteadily made her way to the couch. “Fuck, I am so hurting.” she complained.

She plopped onto the couch next to her sister. Her dress was hitched up and I see she — like her sister — wasn’t wearing any panties.

I pulled out of Mya and immediately slipped into her sister. I found her even wetter, but then discovered her whole lower dress was wet and I realized she must have pissed herself. A quick glance back at where she had been laying on the floor revealed a large wet spot on the carpet. Indeed, she apparently lost control in her drunken stupor.

I agressively fucked her cunt, watching my thick white cock disappear into her dark cavern.

“My turn!” Mya begged.

I returned my cock to her and continued fucking hard. The sound of my pelvis slapping hard against her cunt filled the room.

“Why is my dress all wet?” Aaliyah said, suddenly observing the mess. “Oh God, did I… oh fuck this is embarrassing.”

Aaliyah tugged on the dress, trying to get it off but it was all tangled up.

“Just rip it off, it is ruined now anyway.” Mya suggested. “Besides if you aren’t too drunk let’s have him fuck all our holes.”

“Mmmm, I don’t know what you mean but I like the sound of ‘all of our holes’! Aaliyah exclaimed.

Mya tugged her own dress off. Aaliyah followed. In both cases as they struggled to get it over their curves, I heard the delicate fabric rip. Neither girl seemed to care. My guess is they had bought those dresses to attract men, now they had served the purpose of attracting me.

I admired their twin-like figures as Mya guided us back to the bed. My cock was itching to get back inside them.

Mya climbed up on the bed and got on all fours. “This will be easiest right — to get into both our pussy and ass?”

“Yeah, that should work!”

Aaliyah clumsily followed her sister’s lead. She was obviously still feeling the effects of the margaritas. Her inner thighs glistened with wetness. When she bent over, her little ass hole was visible, whereas Mya’s more curvaceous ass kept hers hidden.

I moved behind Aaliyah and slipped my cock into her wet pussy. It quickly soaked my throbbing dick, leaving it slick with her juices. Both girls looked over their shoulders to watch me. I fucked her for several strokes before pulling out.

I then moved over to Mya. “Oh good, it’s my turn… Ohhhhhh in there!” she exclaimed with a bit of surprise as I pressed it against the entrance to her ass. Aaliyah’s wetness that covered my shaft helped with reducing the effort. “Yes baby, fuck my ass!”

I kept it up for a minute, slowly increasing the amount of force, before leaving her gaping as I pulled out and forced my way into her tight pussy. “Ohhhh, oh careful sexy, that hurts a bit ohhh… mmmmm yes, ohhhh fuck, God I fucking love your cock!”

She had reached between her leg and was madly rubbing her clit, making her pussy extraordinarily wet in the process. Just as soon as my cock was thoroughly coated, I pulled out. She continued to pleasure herself as I moved back behind her sister.

This time, I pressed my wet cock to her tiny little starfish. I shoved roughly against it, pushing my head inside. She groaned in pleasure. “Yesss, oh fuck. A little harder you nasty boy, take me.”. I thrust harder, and the air forced out made a fart noise. The girls giggled immaturely at the sound.

“This is so fucking nasty!” Mya said.

“Oh, you mean so fucking hot.” Aaliyah corrected.

“Oh yeah, I didn’t say I didn’t love it! But you gotta admit we are nasty bitches for doing this.”

I slipped out and slipped into her wet pussy. I was feeling the pressure in my balls building. I was dripping my precum into her. She was clutching the sheets tightly and I felt her contact around me.

Mya saw the look on my face. “Mmmm I need you!”

I pulled out and nearly came on the exit. Aaliyah grasped several times and I was pretty sure she hadn’t been able to hold her own orgasm back any further. I immediately moved to Mya and was about to slide back between her round ass cheeks. However she reached back and directed me to her sweet pussy. I had barely entered, when I felt my cock twitch uncontrollably. I thrust forward and erupted deep into her sweet cunt. Blast after blast, filled her petite body. She answered with her own explosion of wamth and wetness.

I leaned against her and kissed her neck.

“Thank you! You are amazing!” she mused, suddenly calm.

I slowly pulled my cock out as she clenched her muscles, keeping most of my cum inside. We collapsed on the bed to catch our breath.

Aaliyah was the first to get up and wobbled towards the bathroom. I wasn’t sure if she was still a little tipsy drunk or if she was just feeling from the fucking she had just received.

Mya lay there quietly, cuddled next to me. Her smooth dark breasts pressed against the side of my pale hairy chest.

“I love everything about you. Why are you so fucking perfect for me?” she whispered looking up into my eyes. I squeezed her butt and pulled her closer to kiss her.

Meanwhile, Aaliyah slowly made her way back from the bathroom. She had a washcloth in her hand. “We should clean you up!” she said as she sat next to us. She gently grasped my cock and lifted it in her hand. She softly stroked it before beginning to slowly wipe it clean with the warm wet washcloth. She was attentive as she dabbed it against my sensitive tip.

Without looking up from her task she asked “Mya, are you sure you are okay with what has happened today?”

“Yes, aren’t you.” Mya replied.

“I am, but I know what we did is wrong. What will people say?” Aaliyah asked as she gently wiped up and down my shaft.

Mya sat up and took the wash cloth from her sister and began softly continue the duties.

She spoke quietly. “Honey, what does it matter? A lot of people will not like us because we are black. Black people won’t like me because I am crazy about this sexy white guy and have no interest in black dudes. People will hate is even if we weren’t sisters, because we are bisexual. So who cares if they hate us because we ARE!”

Aaliyah nodded understandingly as she took the washcloth back from her sister. Their gentle caresses were somehow both relaxing and arousing.

“I guess you are right. I just never imagined we would be like this. I thought I would meet a guy, get married, and have kids. I never imagined even having lesbian sex or heck, even interracial dating.” Aaliyah sighed. “But here I am naked with my own sister. And you, now I can’t imagine ever wanting any man besides you.” she said turning to face me.

She gently lifted my cock and ran her fingers back and forth up the shaft. It twitched. “Mmmmm no no naughty, you relax. I am still too sore.” she told me quietly.

“Mmmm, let’s jerk and suck him until he is about to cum and then let him go soft.” Mya suggested.

Aaliyah looked confused. “That seems mean to him?”

Mya shook her head. “We do it over and over and take our time. Then, when he can’t hold it anymore he will cum a huge amount.”

“Even more than normal???”

Mya nodded, “But let’s be really gentle and slow with him.” she said as she caressed my thigh.

Aaliyah continued to gently massage my shaft as it stiffened.

“Mmmm this cock is so sexy. YOU are so sexy.” she sighed.

Mya crawled closer so Aaliyah was stroking my cock just inches from her mouth. I could feel her warm breath on me. She licked her full lips seductively.

“Do you wanna?” Aaliyah asked. “Remember though, you can’t let him cum.”

Mya took my shaft in her hand and softly licked my balls before licking up the length of the shaft.

I moaned out lowly as she began to slowly tease me. Every suck and lick pushed up the pressure level in my balls.

Aaliyah watched my face intently as I rode waves of pleasure. “Stop, stop!” she called just an instant before I was about to cum. My back tensed and I fought to not explode. The sisters watched excitedly, but restrained themselves from touching me.

My cock slowly softened and dripped precum.

After they were sure I was calmed down, Aaliyah took ahold of my cock again and it was her turn to suck me. She once again worked me right up to the brink.

We then took a break to watch a movie together. They would occasionally tease my cock, but refrained from getting me too aroused.

After the movie, we had a few sweet snacks. We all still seemed full from our lunch earlier and dinner didn’t seem as appetizing to us.

Then they picked back up on the oral teasing. After a couple of more stop and go sessions, Mya directed me stand up. They got on their knees before me. “Jerk your cock, jerk it like you will when you can’t stop craving us.” Mya begged.

I grabbed my cock and vigorously stroked it. I knew I wouldn’t last but a few seconds and jerked hard. They both waited excitedly.

They didn’t have to wait long. My cum came blasting from my balls. I squeezed my shaft firmly and watched at one of my largest loads ever exploded from cock. It plastered Aaliyah’s face with what could have easily been my biggest load ever. She winced as it hit her in the eye. But I wasn’t nearly done as I covered Mya with nearly the same amount. She was more prepared and I shot a majority of it onto her outstretched tongue, before shoving my whole shaft into her mouth and bucking my hips against her.

She finally pushed me back. “Fuck! That really worked. I thought you came a lot before. That is just fucking insane.”

“Insanely delicious!” Aaliyah mumbled as she pushed cum from her face into her hungry mouth.

“So, what do you think about your dream about getting and having kids?” Mya teased.

“Fuck that! I mean if you can find a way to knock me up, I will make some cute mixed babies for you. But otherwise no! I am following you, Mya… one big white cock is the only man who has and will ever have me!”

“I get it!” Mya agreed.

She leaned over to kiss me. Then she whispered into my ear. “If you thought what I had you do with my sister is wild, it is nothing compared to what I have planned for you to do to Kiera. But you will just need to wait!”