She Fucks Him

She was running late and all she could think about is your new friend Dennis. When you first met him, you knew he was just too far away to meet and driving each other crazy in person was just not on her financial agenda. However, here you were driving to some secluded motel for a late night rendezvous.

You can still remember the phone call, “Hello sexy! Pack a bag, bring you toys and meet me in room 114 at the local motel Friday.”

The hotel was a short drive from her house and she was as nervous as a teenager was on her first real date, you know the kind where you end up going all the way. Her skin was trembling with excitement and anticipation and she had changed her panties two times already. Then wondered, Oh-my-goodness, what was the evening to behold!

She pulled into the parking lot and shut off the engine, her finger were shaking so badly she almost dropped her keys. She took a deep breath and then got out of the car and walked toward the lobby.

She entered the main lobby headed for the bathroom, touched up her makeup and checked her outfit. Then winked and uttered, “Hot-damn girl you look hot enough to melt the icicles in Alaska!”

She walked down the corridor and knocked on the door feeling her heart raise to her throat. Oh my, what if he does not like me, at that moment a million thoughts were running through her mind. Nevertheless, when he opened the door, and seen this handsome man standing there every bit of hesitation went away. When their eyes met, she felt herself drawn into his embrace.

He pulled her close and said, “Hello Babygirl! I hope this trip was ok and you’re not to tired, and ready for some hot fun!”

She replied, “Oh no, not at this entire hotel is just thirty minutes from my place. I have been imagining all kinds of things on the way here of what I could do to you tonight. I wonder something, Dennis, just what you have in store for me tonight. And I might add, who gives a hoot about sleeping!”

Dennis pulled her closer and planted a kiss that would make Mother Teresa blush. Then nibbled her ear and whispered, “Wait and see darling!” He had wanted her in his arms since the first time he laid eye on that seductive little nightie online. He loved her full figured body, large breasts and the hint of pussy showing in the picture, oh fuck just looking at it made his cock rock hard. He turned around and showed Babygirl where to put her things then said, “Get comfortable doll! I have plans for us and one is to stay in this room all night!”

She winked and kicked off her shoes then headed for the bathroom. While she was there, he removed all his clothing and lay on the bed anxiously awaiting her return.

When she came around the corner, she was still dressed except for her shoes and he frowned. He said, “Awww, come on now, is that all your taking off?”

Babygirl replied, “No, if you want me any more relaxed you will have to help me remove some items, my way…one piece of clothing one piece-one kiss at a time! “Wink”

He pulled her onto the bed and begins undressing here kissing her deep, then uttered, “Oh baby, you’re my kind of gal!”

Babygirl slid her arms out of her blouse, underneath she is wearing a see through bra. She quivered under his kisses as he kissed her check then her chin, she knew then that this would be a night to remember.

Dennis kissed the exposed fleshy mound as his fingers unhooked her bra. When he breast bounced free of there confinement, he sucked in each nipple and uttered, “Oh such lovely ladies you have their darling!”

She purred and replied, “Suck and bite my nipples baby, it drives me wild!”

He did as ordered and felt her breast swell and harden under his sensuous touch. He sucked and bit each of her nipples until she begged him to stop.

Babygirl held Dennis’s face in her hands and looked deep into eyes and uttered, “Take me love, I am yours. I cannot wait to feel your mouth kissing and lapping at my wanting pussy!”

He leaned down and removed skirt kissed her again, then removed her lace panties and kissed and tongued her belly button. He then took in a deep breath the aromatic scent of her sexual desires was intoxicating to his nostrils. He felt like a stallion just about to overtake and fuck a filly in heat. He loved the allure of her body; every part of it turned him on past the point of no return.

He pulled her naked body close to his and whispered, “Oh babygirl, I want to be your obedient slave, take me, and make me do whatever you want! Tonight you are my Mistress and I am you love slave.”

Babygirl could not believe her ears, oooh fuck, this was one fantasy she had always dreamed about acting out. She kissed him passionately then exclaimed, “Eat my hot cunt, now slave! And don‘t you dare touch your fucking cock!”

Dennis trembled and felt his cock grow another inch, god it was as hard as steel. He wanted to touch it, give it some release from the pent up sperm within his balls, but he knew he dared not. He just looked at Babygirl and said, “Yes Mistress!” Then spread her leg and knelt down and began licking and tonguing every inch of her hot pussy.

Babygirl leaned her head back, pulled his head closer to her hot box, and moaned, “Yessssssss! Oh my God, do not stop! If you do a good job slave, I will reward you with sheer pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. She closed her eyes and smiled then said to herself, “This his guy was going to be so much fun! He does not know it yet, but I am going to fuck him tonight. He will become my male cunt!

Dennis ate her like a pro. He slid two fingers in her hole as his tongue worked its magic on her clit and she screamed with climax number one. When he slid his tongue across her puckered asshole, she murmured, “Oh fuck, yes, tongue my ass!”

Babygirl arched her back and nearly gave him a migraine when he slid his tongue as far as it would go in her hot ass. When he reached up and rolled then pinched her clit she screamed, “Hot Damn Dennis I’m cumming!” In an earth shattering, climax that shook the whole bed.

Babygirl then instructed Dennis to lay spread eagle on the bed face down and do not move a muscle. She would be back in a moment; she needed to get a few items from her bag of goodies.

Dennis did as she bade him to do. Then his eyes widened when he saw what she had in her hands, some rope, and a strap on dildo, some lubricating gel, and a digital camera. He shivered and told himself, “Oh fuck, what have I gotten myself into now?”

Babygirl returned to the bed, took the rope, and securely tied him to the four corners of the bed. She then kissed his check and said, “Smile your on candid camera!” She loved the idea of taking picture of her sexual escapades it always turned her on more.

Dennis turned his head and smiled sheepishly as she clicked the shutter and took the pictures. In the back of his mind he shuddered, “Damn, he hoped she did not show them to anyone. He blinked and looked again, then went weak in the knees and his mouth went dry. Babygirl was strapping on a big thick cock.

She walked over to him and patted his soft round ass then squealed, “You are about to get your ass fucked whether you like it or not!”

In the back of his mind Dennis was screaming, “Oh my god,” the mere idea of having a woman fuck his ass had always turned him on. He felt his cock throbbing and figured he was as ready as he would ever be, because no matter what he said he knew she intended to use the dildo in his ass. He closed his eyes swallowed hard and said, “Oh yes, mistress, fuck my ass!”

Babygirl reveled in the idea of being his Mistress, so she decided to go one-step further and shouted, “Hey, cock-sucker, who in the hell gave you permission to talk? Now, you need to be punished for disobeying me, you ungrateful slut!”

She slapped his ass hard until his cheek was flaming red then walked around to the front of him and grabbed his chin and said, “Now that I have your attention, convince me how much you want me to fuck your ass! You have permission to talk. If you do a good job at persuading me, maybe I will permit you to fuck my ass tonight!”

The hardness between his legs did not abate with her verbal onslaught; it only made his cock harder. Dennis said, “Mistress, I am your slave, your possession, and your cum-slut and fuck toy. I am here to serve you; your pleasure is my goal. Please Mistress, it is my desire to feel that fake cock rammed deep and hard into my ass, show me no mercy!”

Babygirl moved down lubed up her fingers then shoved two in his ass. She loved it and felt her own juices running down her thigh.

Dennis winced in pain when she invaded his virgin ass. He wanted to reach for his cock and stroke it, God, it never felt so fucking hard before! He wished he could talk he would shout, “Fuck my ass baby, fuck it as hard as you want to!”

She withdrew her hand and introduced the dildo into his stretched ass. She thrust it slowly into him at first, then quicker, deeper and harder. When it was all the way in, she paused then rocked him backwards and forwards onto her cock repeatedly.

She then picked up the camera and started taking more pictures, saying, “Damn, the girls in the office will never believe I did all this without pictures to prove it!”

His mind raced for a moment and he said to himself, “Oh god, she would not dare, but then again he knew she was kinky enough to show the girls at home the pictures. Dennis felt so humiliated and loved it! God, his cock was so hard he thought it would break if it were touched.

When she pulled the cock out until just the tip was in his ass and shove it all back in, he almost passed out. The cock seemed bigger each time she thrust it in his asshole, stretching it to the limits. He grunted with satisfaction and pushed his ass against her cock repeatedly. Oh fuck, it felt so good!

Babygirl stopped fucking him for a moment, but left the dildo buried in his ass. She reached down, grabbed his cock, and felt a big amount of precum ooze all over her fingers. She brought her fingers to her mouth lapping up every succulent drop saying, “Oh yummy, tastes as sweet as honey!”

Before Babygirl resumed fucking him, she paused to take more pictures. His big asshole stretched with the fake cock and his hard red cock with a deep purple head, dripping heavily with precum. She leaned forward and drove the dildo all the way into his ass once more. Then she kissed the back of his neck and said, “You My dear have just been fucked!”