Show and tell in Ms. Fitch’s class

Ms. Fitch had reinstituted show and tell in her class on Fridays. Mike had brought in his best friend his large German shepherd named Boner. Boner lay quietly waiting for his turn to be presented to the class. Mike sat admiring Ms. Fitch who was seated on her desk listening to her students. Today she was wearing a pair of black low heeled shoes , dark silky nylon thigh high stockings , a black silky short skirt with a silver belt , and a sheer white sleeveless collarless blouse. Boner kept getting a whiff of an intriguing scent and it finally made him rise and follow his nose to Ms. Fitch.

Moving up between her legs he sniffed at her crotch and discovered what smelled like a bitch in heat. Ms. Fitch tried to move him away and yelled to Mike to get him away but to no avail as Mike’s classmates held him back as they watched the dog move it’s head under her skirt. Many of the male student pulled out their stiffening cocks and began masturbating as the dog worked under Ms. Fitch’s skirt. Ms. Fitch was a young twenty three year old newly graduated teacher and was very attractive.

She had long trim fit legs. A petite athletic body nicely tanned with firm c-cup breasts. Boner had latched onto the dark red silk panties and yanking them down Ms. Fitch’s legs had also pulled her off of the desk where she lay on her back as Boner pulled her panties and skirt down her legs and off her body leaving her lower body exposed to her class. Her smooth shaven pussy caused some of her students to experience premature ejaculation. She blushed seeing her students excitement and attempted to get up and cover herself but was restrained by some of her students who held her in place so Boner could lick her until she orgasmed.

Now exhausted she had no fight in her as they moved her to her hands and knees removing her remaining clothes in the process. Boner seeing her in position mounted her thrusting his large dog cock deep into her vagina. She would have screamed but a young student stifled her scream by shoving his hard cock into her mouth and down her throat. Her class watched and some took pictures and videos of their young beautiful teacher being raped.

Already tired Ms. Fitch passed out when the eighteen male students each took a turn filling her womb with their cum and she was forced to eat many of her female students aroused cunts. When finished she lay totally exhausted and listened as it was explained to her that unless she wanted the pictures and videos to be released to the web they owned her and would do as they said from now on. First they told her she would never wear panties or bras. Second she would always wear short skirts and sheer sleeveless collarless blouses.

Third she would make herself available to be fucked by them on Fridays. Sobbing she nodded her surrender and was thoroughly fucked for the rest of the day. One of the girls at the end of the day whispered in her ear informed her that two weeks ago they had taken her birth control pills and replaced them with sugar tablets. She was also told to be prepared to be the fuck buddy of any animals they could find to fuck her. She cried out and had to be restrained when they brought out the class snake and forced it in and out of her vagina until she came very violently experiencing the most powerful orgasm of her young life.

Laughing they told her to wait until the next morning. Saturday morning she woke up to knocking on her door rising she answered her door to find ten of her students with a cage. Entering her home they stripped her and washed her in her shower then after drying her off took a large snake from the cage. They put it at the entrance to her vagina and it entered her turning around it stuck its head out from her cunt. The students dressed her in her new standard outfit and with the snake in her womb had her drive them to the mall where she was force to walk the concourse and the snakes movements in her caused her to have public orgasms and shoppers watched as her cum ran down her legs.

Taking her home her students removed the snake and spent the rest of the weekend taking turns fucking her. The first male student stripped and lay down on her bed.. his stiff cock stood straight up. She lowered herself down onto his shaft wincing as it entered her anus screaming when she was forced down on it. Then she was turned and pushed down to stretch out on his body as a second male straddled her shoving his cock into her vagina. Then he whistled and a dog came to them and sitting down on her face she discovered it was a female dog. The young man fucking her grabbed her nipples and twisting them he told her to lick the dogs cunt and she screamed as he twisted a nipple to encourage her compliance. She licked the dog until it orgasmed and she tasted the female dogs cum. The young man laughed as he moved her into position and the mzle dog mounted her. Looking up she saw that they were being filmed and the action broadcast through the schools internal network. The school watched as their young teacher became a dog’s bitch. Ms. Fitch couldn’t wait for Fridays show and tell hopefully it would be as good as this Friday.

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