Snow fantasy

Girl stood waiting for her turn; her muscles trembled
with nervous energy as her owner’s hand moved soothingly
over her stomach, inspecting one last time to assure that
all was ready for her moment of glory. When her owner
signaled, Girl assumed the display position; wrists
together behind her back, elbows held sharply, painfully
back thrusting her breasts forward.

Girl was filled with pride, she was proud of her
owner/trainer for the rigorous sessions that taught her
to hold the position without the aid of wrist or elbow
straps. The moment rapidly approaching, Girl’s owner
quickly checked every aspect of her stance, then gave her
a re-assuring pat before using a piece of ice to coax her
excitement hardened nipples to stand just a little taller
and her areola to crinkle just a little tighter.

As the previous contestant was moved by her trainer out
of the center of the arena, to stand in line with the
others, Girl’s owner released the vacuum and removed the
tiny bell jar that had been gently encouraging Girl’s
clitoris to its maximum engorged glory. Lastly her owner
inspected the tassels clipped to Girl’s lower lips to
insure they were properly positioned, and all was ready.

When the judge signaled, Girl’s owner took up her leash
and ran along beside her as he led her into the arena
then in a circle around the judging pit; proudly
displaying her for all to see. Each trotting step around
the arena stimulated Girl’s sensitive clitoris. Her
breasts swayed and the tassels hanging between her legs
danced as she moved. Occasionally one of them would
bounce high enough to gently flick at her clitoris.

After making a complete circuit in front of the
appreciative crowd, Girl’s owner brought her to a stop in
front of the judge where Girl held her position with
muscle fatiguing perfection. The judge walked slowly
around Girl, stopping to place a hand firmly on her
buttock then move the hand down the back of her thigh,
squeezing gently to check her muscle tone.

Walking back around to Girl’s front the judge thoroughly
examined her breasts and nipples to confirm that no
surgical procedures had been used to enhance their
appearance. At her owner’s hand signal Girl moved
flawlessly from the basic display position to the second
position, and held it with perfection while the judge
continued inspecting her. Another hand signal and Girl
moved to the third position, then finally to the fourth
position where the judge used the tassels to open her.

The judge examined Girl’s most intimate parts in a most
intimate manner then nodded to Girl’s owner. When her
owner signaled Girl returned to the display position
then, with her owner leading her with the leash, walked
twenty paces away from the judge where her owner turned
her and walked her twenty paces back to her starting
point. The judge gave Girl’s owner a final nod and Girl’s
owner walked her over to stand with the other contestants
and their owner/trainers.

Stepping up on the small platform, Girl stood perfectly
still in the display position while two other contestants
were judged. A quick pat on her behind and a caress of
her thigh assured Girl that, no matter what the judge
decided, her owner was proud of her performance.

After the last contestant had been examined and had
joined the others on her low platform the judge walked up
and down the line looking at them all for one final time
before turning to the judging stand and making an entry
in the official Judge’s Log. Then the judge turned and
with deliberate, nerve-racking slowness picked up the
“Best of Show” trophy before calling Girl’s owner’s name
as the winner.

Holding the trophy in one hand, and Girl’s leash in the
other, Girl’s owner walked her twice around the arena,
displaying her once more for all to see, before placing
her on the higher winners pedestal. Girl stood on the
pedestal, holding her position with perfection, while her
owner accepted the congratulations of the other
owner/trainers, the show’s organizers and members of the

Many of the owners, trainers and organizers, after
receiving permission from Girl’s owner, examined her more
closely, using their hands to feel the smooth skin and
firm muscles of a champion. Only her owner’s rigorous
training methods, insistence on perfection and attention
to even the smallest details had allowed them to win this
coveted trophy.

Girl basked in the reflected admiration being showered on
her owner, happy to be living in a world where everything
was as it should be, and knew that her real reward would
come later…

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