Teacher and schoolgirl

I am a high school science teacher that teaches everything from
biology, to geology, to physical science. It was the end of the
school year, and I had turned in my grades and was cleaning up the
class and lab room. “So here you are,” I heard a voice say. I
turned around and, after a second or two, recognized one of the
students I had taught a few years ago. It took me a few seconds
because this student had changed from a girl in the middle of puberty
to a beautiful young woman. She was petite, just over five feet tall,
but she had filled out wonderfully. Her tits were now larger but
still very firm, and she had a nice tight 18 year old ass. She was
wearing a T-shirt, a pair of faded cutoffs, and tennis shoes.

“Hi!” I finally said. “it took me a second to recognize you,
you’ve grown up quite a bit.”

“Thanks, I’m glad you approve” she said with a smile.

“So what are you doing here?” I asked. “I figured you would be out
somewhere doing something fun for summer break.”

“Well,” she said, “I came here to find you.” I obviously had the
look of confusion on my face so she continued, “I graduated a few
days ago and, I leave tomorrow for a university out of state to start
summer classes. I’m here to thank you for helping me, and being
concerned for me and my grades, when I was in your class. You were
the only one to actually sit down and help me when I had problems.”

I remembered that I had helped her through some difficult spots in
science, but I thought it was nothing more than what was normal.

She moved to my side, while I told her I was glad I had helped her, to
give me a hug which I warmly returned. I couldn’t help but notice
the heat from her body and the way her firm breasts pressed into my
ribs. Oh, how I wished I was ten years younger, but I was too old for
such a fine nubile form as this. As we were about to break contact,
she held me for a second then before I could even think about it, she
reached up grabbed my head and pulled it down to hers and planted a
passionate, soulful kiss that made my toes tingle and quickly hardened
my dick.

I broke away and before I could say anything when she butted in and
said, “I turned 18 today so I’m of legal age and I want to thank you
in a VERY personal way.”

“But…” I started.

“No ‘buts’….think about it,” she interrupted. “I’m 18 and
graduated, I have no more affiliation with this school, besides leave
this town tomorrow. Now before you say it’s still wrong ask yourself
this…if you were anyplace else and a woman like me offered herself
to you would you turn it down?”

“But…” I started.

“I know,” she interrupted again. “But I have thought about this
for over two years, and I want you and want you now. Besides how can
you resist this?” she asked as she lifted her t-shirt over her head
to reveal the most perfect tits.

I was stunned and couldn’t say anything as I memorized every detail
of those breasts. They were a fair size about a 35C, which were
separated from each other with a valley that indiated firmness. The
upwardly pointing nipples were a darker brown and were hardening as I
gazed at them. Around the now crinkled aerolas was a triangle of pale
smooth skin created by a string bikini, bordered by the crisp line of
a good tan.

She moved closer and pulled one of my hands up and placed it on her
tit. This broke me out of my stupor and I realized I couldn’t resist
this incredible young woman.

As I started to knead her breast, I leaned my head to her neck and
started to nibble, kiss and lick my way down to the sideswell of her
other breast.

She tilted her head back and moaned from deep in her throat,
“OOOOHHHHHH!! God that feels sooooooo gooooood. You are, uuuuhhhh,
even better than I, aahhh, dreamed you were!”

I continued to knead her flesh as I said “What did you expect? I
TEACH Biology, and that includes human anatomy.”

She wrapped her arms around my head and as I continued to suckle on
her she lead us over to one of the big black topped lab tables. It
was cool to the touch which was a welcome relief in the June heat.
She then pulled my shirt off, ran a hand lightly across my chest and
through the hair on the pecs caressed my chest for a while, as she
continued to mumble “This is so great…This is a dream come true.”

As if she needed to tell me! I was nibbling on one of THE most
perfect tits I’ve ever seen and it is connected to a hot 18 year old
who want nothing more than to fuck me silly.

She reached for my pants and undid the opening and pulled them down.
She kneeled in front of me as she helped me out of the pants and
stared at the tent in the front of my underwear as she massaged my
ass. Reaching up to the waist band she slowly pulled my underwear
off. I saw her eyes go wide as my cock came into view, it’s only
about 6 1/2” long but very thick. When she reached for it she
couldn’t get her hand all the way around it and she continued to gaze
at it in fascination. “You look like you’ve never seen one
before,” I joked.

“Well,” she said, “I’ve never seen one this close before. I’ve
seen pictures though.”

“Well?” I asked, “What do you think?”

“It’s beautiful,” she said as she smiled, “so hard, but still soft
and silky.”

She leaned forward and placed a kiss on the head. After she licked
the underside of the head and a little of the shaft, she remarked,
“it tastes good too!” With that said she wrapped her mouth around
the head and began to lick and kiss the head for a while.

I soon stopped her as I I wanted to get her completely undressed and
started to undo her shorts. Underneath she wore plain cotton panties
with little blue bunnies on them. As she lifted herself up to allow
me to pull them off I noticed a damp patch in the front of those
panties. She had a trimmed bush to allow for the small bikini and a
nice tan line around the crotch and across the middle of each butt

She squealed a bit as her ass made contact with the cool table. I
wished I could stand there forever to drown in her beauty, but she
tugged on my cock and I laid her down and kissed and nibbled my way
down the length of her body as she moaned in pleasure. When I reached
her crotch I went along the outside of her legs to the knees then back
up along the tender sensitive flesh of the inner thigh. As I neared
her pussy I could detect the intoxicatingly musky smell of her
womanhood. I first just kissed the outside of her lips and then very
gently reached out my tounge and drew it along the edge of her outer

Her body spasmed and she shoved her cunt into my face and moaned for

I started to lick and nibble her swollen pink pussy lips in earnest
and she started to moan louder and squirm around the table so much I
had to wrap my arms under and around her legs to be able to keep
contact. Soon she stiffened and and squeezed my head between those
wonderful thighs as she wailed, “Oh, god! Oh, god! OHgod

I crawled up on the table to hold her as she calmed down, and she
kissed me and and said “Oh, wow that was great! I never had anyone
do that to me before, and I’ve never had one so intense like that.”

This got me to wondering just what this girl HAS done before,but
before I could put my thoughts into words she looked me in the eyes
and grabbed my cock and said, “But now I want you to fuck me.”

Since we were already side by side she stretched a leg over me and
rolled me to my back. Then with the swiftness of thought she placed
my cock at her cunt opening and lowered herself onto my dick. God was
she tight! She also had the hottest and wettestpussy I’ve ever had
the pleasure to be in. She continued to lower herself grunting a
little, in a combination of pain and pleasure as I stretched her
pussy. All of a sudden I could feel the head of my dick hit
something. It took me a half second to realize what it was and I
began, “Holy shit! you’re a…..”

“Yes,” she smiled, “I already told you I’ve been thinking of this
for about two and a half years and I saved myself for you and this
day. In fact before I leave I want you to teach me again … teach me
all about sex and lovemaking in every way. I know that we won’t get
to it all but I DO want you to take all my cherries. You have one
already and almost two, and there are two more to go. Please teach
me how to fuck.”

I was a bit stunned to say the least not only by the fact that she was
a virgin and I was the man she was waiting for, but also by her
statement that she wanted to explore sex so much with me today. I was
broken out of my thoughts as she started to wiggle and squirm around
my pole to get a little more lube before pushing fully down onto me.
The feeling was incredible. The incredible warmth and tightness
combined with the feel of her hard nipples rubbing on my chest as we
kissed each other passionately.

I finally could take the teasing no longer and I thrust my hips
upwards to help her get onto me. She yelped in surprise and her eyes
grew wide as my meat stretched her little pussy to the limit. A smile
formed as she started to experience the pleasure of having a cock
inside her and the pain of losing her virginity sudsided. “Oh Wow!!
I love the feel of your cock inside of me I can feel all the ridges
and veins” she moaned. I squeezed my ass to make my cock twitch
inside of her and she said, “Oh that feels great I didn’t think I’d
also be able to feel it move and throb so much.”

I started to move my hips in a very slow rhythm, as it was hard to
move in such a tight place, but also to make her first fuck a
memorable one. I would grind my hips against hers making sure our
pelvic bones would create a rubbing sensation on her clit in the
process. Then I’d pull slowly out until just the head of my dick was
still inside her.I kept up this motion for a while varying the speed
and depth to which I penetrated her, sometimes only allowing the head
to diddle around the mouth of the opening, while other times shoving
the entire length inside her newly fucked hole in one swift stroke.
She loved it all and her excitement increased constantly with little
mini-cums that would make her body quiver when I ground my hips and
twitched my cock inside of her.

I had her roll off of me and positioned her on the edge of the table
and stood behind her so I could do her ‘doggie style’ which I
explained a lot of people really like. After drilling her hole again
she agreed that this way also felt wonderful. Soon however, she
wouldn’t allow me any more games so I obliged her and started to slam
my cock in and out of her causing her flesh to ripple with each
thrust. I wet a finger and started to play with her anus she writhed
even more and moaned loudly “Oh YEeeSSsss keep doing that it feel
sssoooo gooood.” Pressing firmly I inserted my finger up to the first
knuckle. She tensed and tried to expell it by squeezing which only
caused her to squeeze my dick more and increase the friction in her
pussy, and the pleasure from that caused her to relax which in turn
allowed me to insert more of my finger. When it was all the way in I
twisted and flicked it and could feel my own cock sliding in and out
of her. This caused her to moan in pleasure.

Watching my cock sink into the tight twat and my finger slide in and
out of the virgin asshole of this 18 year old was starting to get to
me, so I removed my finger and reached for her clit which I started to
squeeze and rub vigorously. Within a few seconds this caused her to
gyrate her hips into mine faster, and then she stiffened and let out a
muffled scream. Just before I could tell she was about to cum becauce
her cunt clamped once then started to spasm around my cock which sent
me over the edge. We both cried out in pleasure as we came together
and then collapsed on the table to catch our breath. We caressed each
other for a while just looking at each other then she whispered to me
quietly “You don’y know how happy I am right now I want to tell


We got up, dressed, went to my place and continued her lessons, and
got the rest of her cherries, well into the morning, but that’s
another story