A Night With Sonya Lynn

Sonya looked out the door into the starry night as she felt breeze whip
through her strawberry blonde hair. The moon light sparkled in her eyes
making them look like blue sapphires in the darkness. She remembers
years ago when shegave up her virginity so willingly wishing she knew
then what she knows now. A rush of wind blew through her thin nightie
sending a cold chill all over her golden tan body. She certainly felt
very old to only be 18. Sonya silently shivered making her nipples stand
straight out for Michael to see as she turned to him and the warm glow
of the flickering fire place. He looked on her with exceeding lust and
desire. He would gladly sell his soul to have a girl like Sonya.

hands warmed her body as he rubbed her up and down. She let her nightie
drop to the floor. Laying her on the bed he rubbed Sonya’s legs up to
her thighs and waste. Then he rubbed her back loosening her muscles up.
Rubbing around her shoulders and working around to her tits. He felt
that her nipples were very hard. He messaged them with great care. Then
he got up as Sonya turned over on the bed onto her back. She thought by
the look of his hands he must have a nice big size cock. Michael pulled
off his shirt and his jeans. His manhood bulged out through his
underwear. She reached down in his underwear to feel it as it got harder
with every second. He was much bigger than Sonya, but very good looking
she thought.

She felt a peaceful calm feeling fall over
her as Michael began sucking her tits. First the right and then the left
one. He looked at her and told her she looked like an angel. Well she
sure did not feel like an angel. The truth is she did not know how being
an angel felt. So she assumed he meant an angel from hell. They can
look good too, and be very enticing.

Michael ran his tongue all around Sonya’s nipples. Then he went in a
circular motion until he was licking her whole tit. He did the to both
of them then he worked down to her stomach. Licking her navel was
getting Sonya more excited. He turned her on her side and licked deep
into her ass. Sonya felt herself getting wet now. Michael went from her
ass in between her legs licking it, and making it very wet. Then as he
got to the bottom of her pussy his tongue went deep into her several
times. Then she lade back on her back spreading her legs as far apart as
she could. He continued the tongue penetrations. Sonya’s nipples were
like rocks now. Michael started licking his way up the lips of Soya’s
pussy. Licking higher each time. Then he got to the top of her pussy and
ran his tongue over her clit. She moaned. Michael licked her clit
repeatedly and then using his tongue he sucked it into his mouth. Tears
fell from Sonya’s eyes as her body tingled from head to toe. God it felt
so good to her. He sucked her clit in and out of his mouth.

Michael had found her weakness. Now he could make her cum anytime he wanted to. If
he did not stop she would cum very soon. Sonya grabbed his head and
began to hunch and grind his face and tongue. Shoving him into her
deeper felt really good at this point. Then he stopped and showed his
wet face to her and stroked his cock and slid into her all the way. As
he did she gave a long moan. “Aaaahhhhh”!!!! Michael saw the sweat beads
sparkling on Sonya’s body as it glowed a golden tan in the fire light.
He fucked Sonya so hard for several minutes that she felt like he was
filling her with himself. Her pussy was dripping. Deeper and harder he
slammed it hard. He grabbed her legs and pulled himself into her,
hunching her each time.

Then he stopped laid her on the bed and french
kissed her deep. She was so horny. As he fucked her they kissed. Then
she got on top and had a really deep ride. Then to her surprise as she
rode him he fingered her clit. Sonya hunched harder back and forth on
top of Michael. He was fingering her weak spot again. She knew he had
her now, and that she was going to cum soon. She knew it would be a big
one. And Michael could tell he was about to make her go over the edge.
So as Sonya rode him he worked her clit over really good. Sonya knew she
could not last long now. Her sexual excitement was getting very intense.
She hunched his fingers as his full length penetrated her deep.
Suddenly a wave climactic passion went over her as she started cuming.
Tingles of sensations and warmth surrounded her body.

She hunched and
jerked as she pulsated. Then another wave of intense passion over took
her body as if possessed by some horney demon. Her whole body was
pulsating and jerking. As another wave of tingling passion went over her
she yelled with pleasure at the merciless fingers of Michael on her
clit. She felt like she was fucking and ridding his dick all the way to
hell. Sonya was cuming so hard she begged him to take his fingers away
so she could breath. He worked her over for a couple more minutes and
she was cuming so hard she screamed. Then Michael’s body jerked hard.
Sonya knew then he was shooting off inside of her. He kept cuming
draining himself inside her. It made her cum longer too. Then after he
stopped Sonya fell onto the bed. She still laid there jerking from
convulsions of the many orgasms she had. She noticed that Michael had
moaned screamed too. Then she smiled at him. She loved Michael cuming
inside her. Sonya loved playing Russian Roulette. She knows that she
will get the chamber with the bullet when she gets pregnant. She knows
it is foolish but she loves taking chances. And she loves Michael even
though she cannot admit it right now. She hopes some day she can.

The next morning Michael is sleeping beside her. The fire in the chimney
has gone out but not the fire in Sonya’s heart. A sadness rolls over her
as she remembers the night before. Michael gets up and pulls out his
billfold and hands her $500 dollars. He says thanks kid. Same time next
week? “Sure” she replies. As she walks out the door. Michael does not
admit even to himself that he wishes he had a girl like Sonya for his
lover. Sonya brushes away the tears as she walks down the street of the
big city. And then she wonders, “What would it be like to be Michael’s
girlfriend”? Then Sonya thought to her self, If I am every man’s
fantasy, I would sure as hell hate to be they’re girlfriend. Pushing
back her emotion for Michael she walks back into her world.