The Flasher

I love to show women my dick. That’s all there is to
it. Show me a woman, and I’ll find a way to get her
to glance at my cock. I love it. It turns me on.
Especially if I’m hard, and they smile, or lick their
lips. I love the looks on their faces when they see my
cock, and then look away they pretend disapproval. And
when, after just a few seconds, they look back, and
squirm, I know that the disapproval is only for
propriety sake.

This story is about one of my many experiences at show
off my dick. This is about one of my most enjoyable
expeditions into exhibitionism. I know that if you have
ever dreamed about showing yourself to a strange woman,
you’ll enjoy the true story I’m about to tell you.

There’s a park near where I live, where I do most of my
flashing. I was wearing shorts, just shorts, and no
underwear. Hell, I hadn’t worn underwear in years. My
shorts were white jogging shorts, the kind that is
really short, and loose at the crotch. All I have to
do is to pull them up, and my cock and balls just hang
out the sides. I love the feel of the sudden exposure
to the air when I do that.

On one side of the park, the sidewalk bends to the
right, to avoid some trees that are planted along the
street. When someone gets in the middle of the curved
area, they are completely secluded, and can’t be seen
by anyone. That’s where I like to flash. No one can
see me, except for my intended voyeur, the one that was
going to get to see my hard, throbbing cock exposed to
their gaze.

A young hard-bodied woman was jogging toward me, and I
was ready. As she ran along, I took my shirt off and
left it behind a bush. As she approached, I glanced
around. Not a soul could see us from any angle. I
pulled my shorts down to my ankles and began stroking
my cock. I was already hard as a rock, but I thought
it would be wonderful to come all over the sidewalk as
she approached. I was so excited that I knew that it
wouldn’t take very long to come for her.

As she made it to the middle of the curved area, I
stepped out of my shorts and ducked through some bushes
out onto the path. I stood right in front of her,
naked as a jaybird, hard cock sticking straight in the
air. I loved the feeling of that, of being naked and
hard in a public place, and in front of a pretty woman.
I could feel my cock throbbing viciously. I was so
close to the point of coming, it actually hurt.

Usually, the women would just look as they ran by.
Some smiled, and some stared. Some turned their heads.
Some kept running, and just stared at my hard boner
poking up.

This particular woman, however, didn’t do any of those
things. She stopped and stared at me, and she licked
her lips. I thought I might faint.

“Goddamn,” she said, “what a cock! What a beautiful,
big fat hard on!”

She lifted her skirt, right there. She wasn’t wearing
any underwear at all. I could see her hairy pussy, and
she reached down with one hand and opened her pussy
lips a few times, then dropped her skirt back down.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here was this perfect
creature showing me her love-channel, almost offering
herself to me, a stranger!. My eyes devoured her
beautiful tanned body, her muscled shapely legs. God,
what a babe!

She looked me right in the eye. “I’d love to play with
that,” she said. “Hell, I’d love to suck that fat dick.”

I swallowed hard, I had never expected anything like
that. No one had ever said anything like that to me
before when I flashed them.

I ducked back behind my bush, thinking that I better
get out of there. She frightened me. But she followed.
I looked around. Not a soul in sight. Hardly anyone
ever came to this area, where I liked to be naked. I
didn’t know what to do. She had followed me.

She was right behind me, and before I could grab my
shorts and get away, she reached out and grabbed my
cock. Just like that, she gripped my dick and stroked
it. I started to pull away, but the sensation of
having her warm hand around my cock stopped me. I was
really hard, and hurting, and her hand, her warm,
smooth hand on my cock changed my mind right away. I
loved the sensation of that hand wrapped around my
dick. Her closeness was making me crazy, and her
aggressiveness was blowing my mind. I just couldn’t
believe this was happening.

I was a flasher, true. But, I had never had sex with
a woman. I was a virgin. My only sex partner was my
hand. Now, her hand wrapped around my cock was the
first time that anyone, since my mother, (changing my
diapers) had ever touched my dick. Many women had
seen it, and some had even seen me come, but no one
had ever touched it. No one, certainly, had ever said
that they wanted to suck it.

“God,” I whispered, “That feels so good.”

“Your cock is beautiful,” she said. “You have a big
dick, Mister, and I love how hard it is. I want to
suck this.”

I kept glancing around, afraid that we would be caught.
It was a thrill, though, to think that we might be
caught. She kept stroking me, and then got on her
knees in front of my hard dick. She reached under her
skirt, and I could see her arm moving. I supposed that
she was playing with herself.

She pressed her lips against my throbbing cock, and
kept stroking it hard, rubbing her cheek and lips
against it. I felt my knees trembling. She began to
make little moaning sounds as she played with herself
and sucking on me.

I felt that feeling in the pit of my stomach, and my
knees began to jerk.

“I’m going to come,” I said to her.

“Come on my face,” she said.

I could feel my dick jerk in her hands as I came, and
she sped up her own movements with her hand beneath
her skirt. Little thrilling moans of pleasure or
excitement came from her lips as I shot my first gush
of come onto her pretty upturned face. Then, my cock
spasmed again and again, and gush after gush of hot
white come shot out of the tip of my dick, and landed
in her hair, on her nose, and on her chin.

“Oh, God,” she said. “I’m coming!” Her hand moved
faster under her skirt, and her body shook and she
gripped my cock even harder as she came. She pressed
my cock against her cheek, leaning into me rubbing my
hot come around on her skin, as she lost her balance
while she orgasmed.

After she was dome coming she let go of my cock. and
I stood there with it dripping with come, throbbing
still pointing at her.

She looked down at my dick and said, “Damn, you have
a nice cock.”

It turns out that her name was Andrea and she was a
flasher herself. She’d just moved to my town and was
checking out places to flash her body at guys. Places
where she could get away with doing it. Then along I
come. She said that it must be fate.

Anyway we started hanging out together. We even started
to have sex in public all over the place. We did it in
the Movie Theater, at the Library even in an elevator.
It’s been fun, more fun than anything I ever thought
could have happened.