The Fringes

Frank Cotter pressed the button on his intercom and said, “Send in the next applicant, Miss Brooks,” and as an after thought mumbled, “an let’s for christ’s sake hope she’s a good one!!!” While he scanned the remaining names on the list, Frank didn’t even notice until he looked up that a beautiful blonde was standing shyly in front of his desk, patiently waiting to get his attention!!! “You must be Chris,” he said after glancing back down at his list, “I’m glad to meet you, I’m Frank Cotter, please, have a seat, by the way, would you care for something to drink, soda, coffee!?!” “Uh, no thanks,” she replied softly, “I’m just fine!!!” “Okay then, let’s get down to business,” Frank replied in smooth even voice, “just to make sure we’re both on the same page, I’ve gotta ask you your age!!!” “I’m nineteen,” she answered quickly, “just turned last week, why, is it important!?!” “Where are you from, Chris,” he asked while ignoring her question!?! “I’m from Omaha, Nebraska,” she replied!!! “Been in L.A. long,” he asked!?! “About three weeks,” she replied!?! “Almost out of money,” he pressed on!?! “I-I don’t see how that’s any of your business,” she stammered!!! After taking a deep breath and leaning back in his chair Frank rubbed his eyes and offered, “Go back to Omaha, baby, this ain’t no place for you!!!” Even though she looked fragile, with her little girl appearance, inside beat the heart of someone who always got what they wanted, so in a defiant voice she replied, “I’m not going anywhere, and if yu don’t give me a job, I’ll just get one some place else!!!” Frank eyed the little fire brand with a bit more respect, and then in a soft voice askedher, “Do you know what we do here, I mean really what you’d be doing on a day to day basis!?!” “Well, not exactly,” she replied, “but I know it’s some kind of modeling or something isn’t it!?!” “It’s more like something,” he replied evenly, “what we do here Chris is make videos of women trying on lingerie, and sometimes, they open their legs to the camera and masturbate to orgasm, do you still want the job!?!” Chris was definitely taken aback by his explanation, but after gathering her courage, she replied in a clear firm voice, “I said I did didn’t I, when do I start!?!”

“Now just slow down a minute,” Frank Cotter said gently, “I’m not sure you’ve even got the body for it!?!” “What’s wrong with my body,” she demanded harshly, “I think I look pretty good, actually!?!” “There’s nothing wrong with your body,” he quickly added, “it’s just that in order to make these videos you have to be darn near perfect, and the only way I can see that is if you take off your things and show me!!!” “Y-you mean right here and now,” she asked incredulously, “in your office!?!” “Yes,” he replied evenly, “and if you’re afraid of this, how are you gonna react on the set!?!” With a fire blazing in her eyes, Chris stood up and quickly shed every last stitch of clothing until she was standing in the middle of Frank Cotter’s office completely nude!!! “So,” she asked with her hands on her hips and her crotch half way thrust lewdly towards him, “how does this look!?!” Frank had seen a thousand naked women in his day, but Chris Reynolds might have been the best!!! Long blonde hair, slim legs, firm but round butt, breasts that were large but not saggy, and her nipples, they were big, pink and in a constant state of erection, but it was her face that really got to him, the face of an angel, a very young angel, indeed!!!

“Okay, Chris,” he said in a strained voice, “you’re hired!!!” “Oh thank you, Mr. Cotter,” she yelped for joy while scampering around his desk and throwing her arms around his neck and giving him a big kiss on the cheek, “I promise you won’t regret it!!!” Frank gently pushed her off of him, and in a professional voice offered, “I’m glad that you’re happy Chris, but since we’ll be working together, I want you to call me Frank, all right!?!” “Sure, Frank,” she replied after flopping down in her chair with her legs half spread, “when do we get started!?!” Frank reached inside a desk drawer and withdrew a bra, crotchless panties, stockings, garter belt, and of course some black patent lather high healed shoes, and after tossing it all over to her he replied, “We start right now, put it all on and let’s see how you look!!!”

Chris took her time making sure everything was just right, but when she was ready, she stood up and did and impromptu pirouette for Frank and asked softly, “So tell, me Frank, how do I look now!?!” Frank had a lump in his throat the size of a golf ball, and after taking a drink of water to relieve his cotton mouth, he replied softly, “You look fantastic, baby, now let’s see how you do on the masturbation part of it!!!” Even though she was pretty embarrassed, Chris sat back down in the chair, put her legs over the arm rests, and with her pussy bulging obscenely out of the crack in her panties, she closed her eyes and let her left hand fall to her crotch where she began to casually finger her now dripping pussy!!! While he had been certain that her looks would be an asset, he was stunned at the ferocity in which she was frigging her hot drooling cunt, and even more so when she began moaning and swearing like a sailor as her orgasm wrenched her entire body in one giant climactic grip!!!

When she was finished she didn’t move a muscle for a long time, but finally managed to whisper, “So, how was that, was it hot enough for you!?!” Sweat had by now broken out all over Frank’s forehead, and in a thick voice, he stammered, “That was fucking fantastic, you’ve got the best looking body and the hottest cunt I’ve ever seen in my life, and in answer to your question, this is how hot I think you were,” as she stood up and dropped his pants, exposing his big hard on to her now sex hungry eyes!!! When her eyes finally focused on his erection, she licked her lips greedily, and in a very demanding voice whispered, “I won’t come to get it, but if you don’t get over here this instant I’m gonna be really mad!!!” In his aroused state, Frank had forgotten that his pants were down around his ankles, so as he took his first step he ended up tumbling over his feet and on to the floor with a huge thud!!! He lay there stunned for a few moments, and just when he was about ready to get up, Chris agilely positioned her bulging labia over his face and gently lowered it until is was pressing up against his now open mouth!!!

“Oh Frank,” she sighed while grinding her cunt into his face, “you make a girl feel like such a pussy, mmmmmmm, that’s so nice, baby, oh yeah, do my clit for me, mmmmmmm yeah, just like that, do me!!!” Her aroma was incredibely arousing, an coupled with her nasty mouth, Frank drove his tongue deep into her pussy, as his own cock turned into a piece of hard steel!!! While rocking her cunt back and forth on his mouth, Chris reached around and grabbed Frank’s big cock, and after giving it a couple of good hard jerks, she asked casually, “Tell me, Frank, would it be all right if I spun around and took your pecker into my mouth and sucked you off, it’s been a long time since I’ve sixty nined with anyone, do you think I should do that Frank, you seem pretty excited to me!?!” With his mouth completely engulfed by her insistant cunt, all he could do was moan and hope that she understood what he wanted, and as if she were reading his mind, she lifted up just enough so he could blither, “P-please, suck me off, oh please, I’m fucking on fire!!!” He wanted to plead even more, but she promptly shoved her cunt back down on his mouth and then without warning, twirled around, leaned over, and took his thick piece of cock meat deep into her pretty mouth and commenced giving him the best head of his life!!!

There’s just something about having an orgasm with someones genitals in your mouth, and for both Chris and Frank it was a real treat as Frank flicked his active tongue over and over across the head of Chris’s hot erect clit, while at the same time, she was being whipped into and absolute frenzy as she sucked his huge cock head into her mouth, and with just a tiny bit of coaxing, induced him to fill her warm mouth with a tremendous load of his white hot cum, which naturally had the side affect of flipping her own switch as a climax of brutal proportions slammed into her hot wet pussy, leaving her shaking and quivering as it wracked her young body from head to toe!!!

As they lay there with each other’s crotches only inches from their faces, Frank casually tongued Chris’s pussy one more time and offered softly, “Baby, you’re gonna make a lot of money working for me,” to which she replied, “but it’s the fringe benefits that I like most Frank, it’s definitely the fringes!!!”