The Medical Alternative

Kaylie was a bad girl. Often she was in trouble as a kid. Her parents always thought she would grow out of it, but things only got worse when she hit high school. Now she had barely graduated. Her parents worked hard to send her to college, hoping if she could land a good job someday, she’d be alright. You can imagine her parent’s horror when she was booted out of school before the end of her first semester.

Back at home, her mother was more infuriated than ever. They had done all they could to send their daughter to college, and here she was, back at home before she could finish one class credit. Her parents had a strong suspicion that Kaylie dabbled with drugs. That she drank was a given. She reeked of booze when she came home late some nights.

When her daughter was out one day, her mother ransacked Kaylie’s room. There she discovered pot, syringes, pills, obvious stolen merchandise. She was livid. Her daughter was heading to a bad place, but what could she do? Have her arrested? Ruin her life with a record? No. She was going to get her daughter clean somehow, and keep her that way.

There was a clinic that her mother discovered while browsing online about delinquent young adults. After hours of videos, forums, and terrible advice, she stumbled upon Dr. Ulick. He ran a clinic catering to troubled persons who couldn’t get their lives on track. She clicked on his video.

“Are you a drug abuser? Do you love alcohol?” said the thin, gray haired man in the video, as he slowly paced his office. “Do you do what you want, when you want? Have you been to jail? To prison?”

His blue eyes stared into the camera as he slipped on his white coat. “We here at Ulick Clinic can help. We can get you clean in one day, and you’ll never want to return to your unhealthy, immoral ways.”

Hanging a stethoscope around his neck, he continued his slow pace as the camera followed. “We utilize a whole body cleansing system. All that poison you have been filling yourself with will be gone. The fat, sugar, nicotine, alcohol, pot, hard drugs, all these negative substances make you feel lousy. They make you sick. They make you selfish, as you only care about your next fix.”

Leaning against an exam table, he went on. “Not only will your body be purified, but so will your soul. Our cleansing techniques will deliver to you the feel good, natural nutrients you’ve been missing. You’ll leave here healthy, calm, at peace. There’s no need to end up in the gutter someday, or worse.”

The doctor stared intently into the camera. “We personalize all of our treatments for every patient. One appointment, and you’ll feel right as rain. Visit us today, and get your life back on track. I’m Dr. Ulick. Thank you.”

“Well,” thought mom, “this sounds more promising than jail or rehab. They’re doctors, after all. Maybe that’s all Kaylie needs is a fresh start.”

Unfortunately, before she could talk to Kaylie about the clinic, the inevitable happened. Kaylie was arrested for theft. Her parents were beyond angry as they bailed her out of jail. She had stolen a purse jam packed with expensive makeup.

The retailer was pressing charges. The court date was set. Kaylie was busted red handed. Clear video showed her stashing the cosmetics and attempting to leave the store. Her mom, ever vigilant and protective, persuaded Kaylie to have her counsel push for this clinic as a consequence instead of her record being tarnished.

The judge agreed, having sentenced more than one trouble maker there. An appointment at the clinic as a sort of rehab, or theft on the young woman’s permanent record. Kaylie took the clinic, relieved and amazed at the stupidity of the justice system. She walked out of court with a smile on her face, thinking that she really could get away with anything.

Her mother brought her to the clinic on the court appointed day. Her daughter was already irritated because her Friday was ruined, having to try this lame new age nonsense. Kaylie was taken to a small office after a short sit in the waiting room. “Take a seat,” said the nurse who had brought her back.

Kaylie sat in the chair next to a desk. “My name is Nurse Johnson,” said the woman, taking her chair on the other side. “I have a consent form for you to fill out.”

“This woman is annoying me already, thought Kaylie.” The nurse was in her late twenties, it appeared to the girl. She was tall with brunette hair and pretty blue eyes. She looked toned and fit in her dark blue scrubs. Kaylie wished that she was taller and had blue eyes…

Kaylie took the form as it was slid to her. It was a long document in tiny print that she had no interest in reading. “Pen?” she asked, in a sarcastic tone.

“Of course,” answered the nurse in an overly friendly manner. Handing her the pen, she watched the young girl sign without a second thought.

“Now what?” asked the girl, sliding the form back across the table.

“Now, a few questions,” she answered. “How old are you?”

“Nineteen,” said Kaylie, putting the pen in her mouth, nibbling at it in boredom.

“Any health problems? Surgeries? Prescriptions?” asked Nurse Johnson.

“No,” said the girl, slouching in her chair. “How long is this going to take?”

“Do you drink, smoke, do any illegal drugs?” asked the nurse, ignoring her question.

“That’s why I’m here, isn’t it?” snapped Kaylie, tossing the pen on the desk. “Can’t you just sign off that I was here, or whatever, and I can be on my way?”

“No, sorry,” answered Nurse Johnson. “Are you sexually active?”

“Um, yeah! Are you, Nurse?” Kaylie jabbed.

“Alright,” said the nurse, standing up. She had been with patients like this before. “Why don’t we just get to it. Follow me, please.”

Nurse Johnson led Kaylie out of the office, down a hallway, and into an exam room. Kaylie was short with a nice figure. She had perfectly straight, long blond hair, with big brown eyes. She was wearing a tight red shirt, black yoga pants, and tall brown boots. “She would be a very pretty girl without her terrible personality,” thought the nurse.

“Please remove your clothes, and put on this gown,” the nurse said, as she removed a folded paper gown from a drawer in the exam table.

“Oh, come on,” said, Kaylie, looking at the flimsy paper dress. “I hate those stupid things.”

“Well, that’s the procedure, Kaylie. You have to follow our rules if you want to get out of here. You can keep your panties on, everything else has to come off. I’ll be back in a few.”

The nurse left, closing the door behind her. Kaylie picked up the gown, feeling how cheap and thin it was. She tossed it down in disgust. Slipping off her top off, she threw it onto a chair. She then slid her tall boots off, revealing little pink ankle socks. Then off came her yoga pants. She put the awkward gown on, covering her black bra and panties. Then she stood there a few minutes, impatient as she waited for the nurse.

There was a knock, and the door opened. “This way, please,” the nurse said, standing at the door.

“Isn’t this the exam room?” asked Kaylie, as if the nurse was stupid.

“We’re going to the lab for a few tests,” Nurse Johnson answered, doing her best to not lose it with this brat.

“Like this?” said the young girl, looking down at the paper gown.

“It’s right down the hall. Come on.” The nurse led Kaylie out of the room. It felt like forever to the girl as they went, passing various nurses and doctors in the hallway. She hoped no one noticed her in the thin gown.

They finally got to a door and the nurse led her patient into the lab. It was a large room, brightly lit. To Kaylie’s left was a station and chair for drawing blood. An exam table was to her right, as was a stand holding a enema bag. Another door was on her right hand wall, and one reading “restroom” was straight ahead of her A medical scale stood in the far corner of the room.

“Take a seat,” said Nurse Johnson, motioning to the chair. The nurse gathered a syringe and vials from a counter as the girl sat down.

“Arm out,” said the nurse, lowering an armrest in front of the patient. The girl did as she was told, anxious for this to be over with.

“OW!” cried Kaylie, as the nurse inserted the needle. “Do you even know what you’re doing?”

“I’m sorry,” said the nurse, biting her tongue to not go off on this punk.

Filling three vials of blood, the nurse labeled and set them aside. Kaylie sat, pressing gauze to her arm while the nurse worked, wondering when she could get out of this place.

“Okay,” said Nurse Johnson, taking a small container from a drawer. “I’m going to need a urine sample.

“What? I’m not pissing in a cup”, said the girl angrily. “Why do you need my blood and piss?”

“So we can see what you’ve been doing to yourself,” retorted the nurse calmly. “We need a sample in order to clear you.”

Kaylie sighed, standing up and snatching the cup. She walked to the bathroom, the nurse right behind her. Opening the restroom door, the girl turned around.

“What are you doing?” she asked, seeing the nurse right behind her.

“I’m making sure you don’t cheat,” she answered, putting her hand on the door so Kaylie couldn’t close it.

“How can I cheat? There’s nowhere to hide anything, is there?” snapped the brat, frisking herself on the gown.

“You’d be surprised what some people try. Now, urinate in the cup, please.” The nurse stood firm in the doorway of the bathroom.

Kaylie just snorted, maneuvering the cup into position as she sat on the toilet. “Whatever turns you on…” she said, trying to relax and fill the cup. It took a few seconds, but soon the nurse heard a stream hit the plastic container.

Finishing, Kaylie got up, handing the nurse her sample. “I should throw this in your face,” the brat thought, shooting a phony smile.

The door of the lab opened as the nurse was labeling the specimen. Kaylie saw a tall, gray haired man enter dressed in a lab coat. Another, younger man took the blood and urine samples that Nurse Johnson handed him, and departed. The doctor closed the door as the tech left.

“Hello, Nurse,” said the man as he took a look at the patient. “You must be Kaylie. I’m Doctor Ulick.”

“Uh huh,” said the girl. “Are we almost done here? I gave blood, and this lady watched me piss in a cup. I can go now, right?”

“Not quite,” chuckled the doctor. “You’re here on court order, young lady. That means we have to do our best to make you right as rain before you leave.”

“Right as rain?” Kaylie rolled her big brown eyes. “Look, I’m healthy. I feel fine. I just wanna get outta here.”

“Until I sign off on you, Kaylie, you’re not going anywhere,” said the doctor matter-of-factly. “The consent form you signed puts you in my custody. But I’m sure if you just cooperate, you’ll be free as a bird before you know it. Nurse, will you please take her height and weight?”

“This way,” said the nurse, leading the girl to the scale. “Remove your socks, please.”

“Kaylie looked down at her pink anklets. “Why? What does it matter?” asked the girl.

Kaylie never went barefoot. She hated her feet to even be looked at. If she found out a guy she was into liked her feet, it was over. Now this annoying nurse wanted her to take off her socks! She was more comfortable without her shirts or pants.

“It matters,” answered the nurse patiently, “because all patients are weighed barefoot. Now take them off. And also that bra I can see you still have on. I said to undress to your panties.”

“Kaylie,” said the doctor, approaching the arguing females, “if you don’t do as the nurse says, we’ll get people in here who will make you do as the nurse says. Now, none of us want that. I want those socks off, and the bra and gown as well.”

“Why the gown, too?” whined the young girl. “This doesn’t weigh anything!”

“Off!” said the doctor in a strong voice, startling both the nurse and young patient.

Kaylie snorted as she regained her composure. She untied the strings behind her and let the gown slip to the floor. She then unclasped her black bra, and it too fell to the ground. She brought up one foot at a time, removing her little socks.

There stood little Kaylie in nothing but her black panties before of these two strangers. She covered her pretty breasts with crossed arms as fast as she could. The floor felt cold on her naked feet. Her pink little toenails were vibrant against the white tiled floor. She suddenly felt very self-conscious.

“Go ahead and step up,” the nurse said as she picked up Kaylie’s discarded items, and tossed them to the side.

The girl slowly stepped onto the scale, arms crossed, as the nurse came beside her and adjusted the weights.

“90 pounds,” read off Nurse Johnson. “Turn around, please.”

Kaylie pivoted on the small platform until she was facing the doctor.

“Arms at your sides,” said the nurse, lowering the height bar. “And stand up straight.”

The girl reluctantly lowered her arms, uncovering her perky breasts. The bar touched the top of her head.

“Four foot nine”, called the nurse.

“Hop on the table, please,” said the doctor.

The young girl stepped off the scale and took a seat on the edge of the exam table. She crossed her arms again in modesty, her little feet dangling off the floor. She watched the doctor take a tongue depressor from a jar.

“Open wide?” he asked. She opened her mouth as the doctor peered inside. He pushed down the back of her tongue with the stick, purposely angling it as far back as he could.

“Say ah,” the doctor said.

“Ahhhhh,” said the girl, trying her best to not gag on the stick.

“Good. Now your blood pressure and temperature.” The doctor wrapped a cuff around her arm and pumped, as the nurse put a thermometer under the girl’s tongue.

“Excellent,” the doctor commented, as the cuff hissed.

“98.7,” read the nurse, taking the thermometer out of Kaylie’s mouth.

“Now your reflexes,” the doctor said, taking a little hammer from a drawer.

He gently tapped Kaylie’s knees and watched them jerk.

“Good,” he said, turning the hammer around. He dragged the point of the handle against the girl’s dangling right sole. She pulled her leg back, surprised.

“Come on,” she said. “I don’t like that.”

The doctor quickly scraped her other foot before she could protest again.

“Stop!” whined Kaylie.

“Someone has very good reflexes,” the doctor smiled.

“Now please stand for me, legs together, and touch your toes,” the doctor ordered.

Kaylie hopped off the table. She bent forward as far as she could go, nearly touching her pink toes.

“Good, Kaylie. Now,” the doctor went on, “please remove your underwear.”

“What?” asked the girl. “Look, I’ve cooperated. I done everything you wanted.”

“I suggest you keep cooperating,” replied the doctor, “or things will only get more difficult for you.”

“Well, I’m not taking off my panties!” The girl stood there, arms crossed, looking defiant. Her big brown eyes glinting with anger.

“Nurse,” said the doctor calmly. “Bring in Dick, would you?”

“Yes, Doctor,” replied Nurse Johnson as she left the lab.

“You can’t scare me,” said Kaylie. “You don’t get to do whatever you want to me. I have rights, and you’re just a perverted old man. I’ll say you touched me. I’ll say you raped me! I’ll say-”

The door opened as the nurse and another man entered. He was tall, over 6 feet. Muscles bulged from under a tight white T-shirt. He wore white jeans and shoes. Blond hair was styled meticulously. Blue eyes pierced out at the room.

Kaylie forgot about all her threats when she saw this man. Her first thought was that he was gorgeous! And then she grew embarrassed, standing there almost naked in front of this guy.

“This is Dick,” said Doctor Ulick. “He handles the obstinate patients. I believe we have been lenient enough. Next time you disobey, Dick here will make sure you do as I ask.”

Dick stood like a tower, muscled arms crossed, glaring at this girl before him. He probably thought that he had the best job in the world.

“No, take off your underwear, please,” asked the doctor politely.

“In front of him?” asked Kaylie quietly. “I… It’s embarrassing.”

“You take them off, or he will,” said the doctor. “I’m not asking again.”

Kaylie sighed, and reluctantly slid her black panties down her legs, stepping out of them. Now she didn’t know what to cover in front of these strangers. Her breasts or her hairless crotch?

“On the table, please,” ordered the doctor. “On all fours.”

Kaylie stood there. She shook her head, not knowing what to say or do. She felt her cheeks flushing. Embarrassment like never before was suddenly hitting her.

“Kaylie?” said the nurse. Either get on the table, or Dick will put you on the table.

Kaylie shot a glance at Dick, and hesitantly climbed up on the table. She got on all fours, as ordered. She had never felt this vulnerable. There was a snap of latex gloves that made her shutter. She just wanted to stare down at the table and try to not think about how she looked to these people. The nurse walked up on her left.

“Try to relax,” she said.

Kaylie was startled as she felt a finger touch her in a place where she had never been touched. The nurse’s gloved finger was spreading something slippery on her anus. Shutting her eyes, she felt the weird sensation.

Kaylie looked back as she heard something unhook. The nurse was lubricating the long white enema nozzle!

“Wait,” said Kaylie, as she realized what was happening. “No, no, no. I don’t want that! I’m totally fine. There’s no need!” She looked from the nurse to the doctor, blond hair swinging in her panic.

“It’s all part of the procedure,” said Doctor Ulick. “Just relax, and it’ll be over in no time.”

“But… I don’t want an enema, Doctor. I-”

Kaylie felt the nozzle tip press against her. The nurse pushed gently, and it slid right into the young patient.

“Oh!” Kaylie gasped involuntarily.

“I’m turning the water on,” said the nurse, adjusting a knob.

Kaylie felt the water entering her. Her tummy was uncomfortable as the liquid flowed. Steadily, the discomfort turned to cramps as the girl shut here eyes tight, grimacing.

“Oowww,” moaned Kaylie as she glanced at the enema bag. How much water could possibly be in there? It was hard to say in the red bottle, but it felt never-ending.

“Almost there,” said the nurse, as she squeezed the bottle, fully emptying it. She slid the nozzle out of the patient’s bottom, and the young girl was worried she might have an accident as it popped out.

Kaylie moved to a sitting position and tried to get up for the bathroom.

“Stay,” said the doctor. “You have to hold it for a bit.

“It hurts,” groaned the girl. “I really have to go. I can’t hold it,” she complained, as she felt her lower, bulging abdomen.

There was a knock at the door. Nurse Johnson opened it, and was discussing something about the patient’s lab results with a technician. Kaylie tried to pay attention to what they were saying, but the cramps were awful. An accident was becoming a real possibility!

“Alright,” said the doctor, “go to the bathroom.”

Kaylie quickly padded her way to the bathroom, closing the door. She emptied her bowels in great relief. “How could so much water fit in me?” she wondered as she cleaned up. She swore she felt a couple of pounds lighter as she left the restroom.

The girl saw the technician hand a bottle to the nurse and leave. Closing the door, Nurse Johnson motioned for Kaylie to get back on the table.

“This is a nutritional supplement specifically designed for you based on your test results,” the nurse explained, handing the bottle to her patient when she was seated. “Drink up.”

Kaylie could see a greenish liquid inside. She uncapped the bottle and took a whiff.

“Uh! This smells like shit.” she said, looking at the nurse and doctor. “I can’t drink this.”

“Drink!” said the doctor in his stern voice.

Kaylie took a sip, made a face, and spit the concoction right onto the nurse and doctor in a green mist.

“Fuck you! You drink this nasty shit,” the patient yelled.

“Very well,” said Doctor Ulick, looking at the green splatter on his lab coat. He snatched the bottle from Kaylie. “Dick, hold her.”

Dick walked over, taking Kaylie by the shoulders as she sat on the edge of the table.

“Don’t touch me!” yelled the girl, as she tried to twist away from him. His big hands kept her firmly in place as she saw the doctor take a thin tube from a cabinet. A funnel soon followed.

“What the fuck!” cried Kaylie as the doctor approached.

“Nurse?” asked the doctor. She approached Kaylie and took her by the back of the head and chin. “I’ve had quite enough of your obstinance, young lady,” he scolded. “Open your mouth.”

The nurse pulled down on the girl’s chin, and her lips parted a bit. Doctor Ulick slipped the tube into the patient’s mouth.

“Do yourself a favor, and try to relax,” he offered, as the tube touched the back of her throat.

Kaylie tried to break free, but Dick held her immobile. The nurse had her head held tight. The tube slipped down her throat as she gagged, fighting the insane urge to throw up. All she could see was the doctor feeding it into her mouth. She coughed as her eyes welled up with tears. Why was this happening to her?

Finally the urge to gag subsided. The doctor attached the funnel to the other end of the tube and began to pour the green liquid.

“You brought this on yourself, Kaylie,” he said as the clear feeding tube turned green. “Three different drugs are in your system. That’s a lot to combat, hence the bad taste of my formula.” He poured the last from the bottle and held the funnel high, making sure it all went into his patient.

Kaylie sat there, helpless, a tear running down her cheek. She wanted this to be over. She wanted to get far away from this place. Jail couldn’t even be this bad!

“Very good,” said the doctor once the liquid was gone. “Now, I must warn you, don’t throw up. We’ll have to do it all over again.

He slowly pulled the tube out of the girl’s throat. She coughed and gagged as the last of it popped out. She clasped her mouth, almost losing it!

The nurse and Dick let her lose as Kaylie rubbed her throat. “You fuckin’ assholes…” she was muttering under her breath between coughs. She had never felt anything like that before, and it was horrible!

“Get her washed up, please,” ordered the doctor as he discarded the feeding tube.

“Follow me,” the nurse told Kaylie, walking to the door on the girl’s right. She followed as instructed, afraid of what was next.

Entering the new room, Kaylie saw a large table in the middle of the floor. An array of shower heads hung above. She also noticed counter tops lined with soaps and shampoos, towels, brushes, and many other toiletries.

“Lay down for me on your tummy, please,” asked the nurse as she took a scrub brush and soap. “We’re going to get you nice and clean.”

Kaylie approached the table and laid down. She heard the water turn on, and suddenly the showers were spraying her from above. The nurse lathered up the brush and began to scrub the girl. From her neck, down her back, to her arms and little butt. She worked the brush in circles over Kaylie’s smooth white skin. Then down her pretty legs to the bottoms of her feet. It was all Kaylie could do to stay still as the brush scrubbed her sensitive soles.

“Turn over, please?” asked Nurse Johnson.

Kaylie flipped onto her back, feeling the nice warm water as the nurse repeated to procedure. The brush scrubbed from her pretty breasts, to her private areas, along the tops of her legs, to her toes.

“This feels amazing,” Kaylie caught herself thinking. The hot water, the smell of the soap, the scrubbing of every inch of her body… “So much nicer than a tube down my throat!”

When she was rinsed, the nurse handed Kaylie a towel. Drying off, she was led back into the lab, feeling quite refreshed.

“Back up here, please,” the doctor said, patting the exam table. “ I trust you feel better after your cleansing?”

“A little, I guess,” answered the girl, sitting up on the table.

“Oh, I’m sure more than a little. Lay back, legs straight,” he ordered, extending the foot of the exam table.

Kaylie did as she was told, starring up at the ceiling.

She again heard the snap of exam gloves, and the doctor stood over her on her right. He felt her neck gently with both hands. He then moved down to her breasts, massaging, feeling. He took her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and gave a hard pinch.

Kaylie sighed as a slight twinge went through her. His hands went to her sides. She squirmed as he used his fingers, feeling her ribs and tummy. Moving down to her feet at the end of the table, he began spreading the pink toes of her right foot.

Kaylie looked down at him “What are you doing?” she asked, irritated. She hated her feet being touched.

“Examining you for needle marks,” explained the doctor, as each little toe was separated from its neighbor. When the left toes had been examined, he lifted up both her feet, cupping them under her soft heels.

“Spread your toes, please?” he asked.

Kaylie felt her face blush. She spread her toes for the doctor.

“Now curl your toes,” he said.

She scrunched her toes, wrinkling her little soles.

“Good,” said the doctor, setting her feet down. “Dick, hold her legs, please.”

Kaylie got nervous as Dick, who had silently been standing near the door, approached her on the left. He gently took both of her ankles, bending her legs at the knee, and bringing them as far back as they would go.

Kaylie was humiliated with this attractive man seeing her in this position, let alone helping! She tried to stare at the ceiling and think of something else.

“Okay, Kaylie,” said the doctor, as he put some lubricant on his gloved fingers. “I’m going to look at your genitals now.”

Kaylie felt fingers parting her lips. The doctor spread them open, examining her pink flawlessness. She involuntarily gasped when two fingers slowly slid into her vagina. The doctor felt inside of her, expertly moving his fingers.

Locating her G-Spot, the doctor moved his fingers up and down against the ceiling of her pussy. “Do you feel that?” he asked.

“Oh, do I!” she thought. But a quick “yes” was that she allowed to escape her lips.

His fingers moved in and out of her slowly, methodically. She felt like every inch of her vagina was being massaged.

His fingers came out of her. The doctor parted the hood covering her clit.

“Well, young lady,” she heard the doctor saying between her legs, “your clitoris is quite swollen.”

“Oh my god,” thought Kaylie. “This is so freaking embarrassing!”

She felt a finger touch her clit, her lips still spread apart. Her breath caught as the finger pressed in on it a few times.

“Nurse,” said the doctor, “if you would examine her rectum please?”

Kaylie forgot about the pleasure she was experiencing and looked down at the nurse and doctor, a little panicked. “That’s not necessary. There’s nothing wrong with-”

“Shh,” said the doctor. “Be good. You’re almost done.”

The nurse put her lubed finger on Kaylie’s anus and applied some gentle pressure. Her finger slid deep into her patient’s warm hole.

A slight gasp escaped Kaylie. Before today, she had never had anything in her ass. Before she could come to grips with another woman’s finger in her, the doctor slid his two fingers back into her vagina.

An “Oh!” escaped Kaylie’s lips before she knew what she was saying. Her pussy felt so tight with something in her bottom. The nurse examined her rectum as the doctor examined her pussy. Pleasure was building so quickly!

“Um, Doctor?” she asked, trying to not sound like she was turned on. “Can you stop now? I think… I think you’ve…”

Kaylie couldn’t concentrate on what she was even trying to say. The nurse’s finger probing inside her ass was driving her nuts. Her pussy was begging to cum. She tried to think of anything, anything other than sex.

She saw her breasts rising and falling as she was panting for breath. “I can’t cum during an exam, can I?” she thought. “They want to make me cum. They want to embarrass me or something.”

She glanced at the large muscled man still holding her legs back. She was going to cum, but they’d get little satisfaction.

Kaylie held her breath as she orgasmed. It felt amazing, but she did all she could to hide it, not make a sound.

The doctor took his fingers out of her pussy after he felt her contracting muscles ease. The nurse also removed her finger Kaylie’s bottom. The young girl looked up at the ceiling, glad that this had to almost be over. She heard the nurse walk to a cabinet and return. Something cold touched her anus.

“Now what are you doing?” asked Kaylie, trying to look between her legs.

“I need a better look,” said the nurse as she inserted a small speculum into her patient’s bottom.

“It’s cold!” Kaylie protested.

Squeezing the handle of the device, it began parting Kaylie’s anus.

“Oh my god…” she quietly whined at the bizarre sensation. She tried to tense up, to fight it, but she couldn’t resist. The nurse turned a screw to lock it into place, and Kaylie was wide open to the room.

“There we go,” said the nurse. “Much better.”

It felt so weird! It was as if her inner soul was being exposed. She saw the nurse with a small flashlight, peering deep inside of her.

Just then, the doctor’s fingers parting her lips again, exposing her clit.

“Still swollen,” he said, as if to himself. He placed his finger on the engorged clit and began making small circles.

“Mmm,” moaned Kaylie, not meaning to. She should have been mortified, she was thinking, being completely naked, three strangers examining her every inch. She should be screaming for help instead of wanting to scream in pleasure.

The nurse moved her lubed finger along the rim of Kaylie’s stretched anus, gazing into her illuminated clean, pink hole. The doctor’s finger was gliding in circles over Kaylie’s clit. She was breathing hard. It felt weird. It felt wrong. It felt so fucking good!

“Ooh,” panted Kaylie. “Why… What are you people doing to me?”

“It’s okay, young lady,” said the doctor. “It’s all perfectly natural. You’re responding very well to your treatment.”

Kaylie felt an orgasm building. That finger running along the rim of her anus… The doctor expertly massaging her clit… It was more than she could bear!

“Oh god!” cried Kaylie. “Doctor? I think… I think I’m gonna…”

She looked at Dick as he held her legs. He turned to look at her and they made eye contact. “This sexy man,” she thought, “he’s watching me get off. Watching me…”

A wave of pleasure was about to erupt. “Oh. OH! OH GOD,” panted Kaylie. “Doctor! I’m… I’m… Oh god, I’m cumming!”

She stared at Dick as the orgasm ripped through her loins. He gave a cute little smile as the girl came, her head falling back on the table as her orgasm subsided. The doctor kept circling her enlarged clit, the nurse kept fingering her stretched ass.

Just as her pleasure had nearly faded, she felt another wave begin. “How is this possible?” she thought. She had never felt like this before.

“Mmm. Ooh,” moaned the girl, watching these people continue to stimulate her. “Oh yes. Yes! It feels so good, doctor.” Her little pink toes curled as she felt his finger firmly massaging her clit. The nurse reached her finger deep into Kaylie’s rectum, tracing circles in her inner most depths.

“You’re doing just fine, Kaylie,” the doctor said. “Let it all out.”

“Oh fuck. OH FUCK! FUUUCCCKKKK!” cried out the patient as euphoria filled her body. A stream of clear fluid ejaculated from her pussy as she orgasmed in absolute bliss. Her whole body was quivering, her face flushed, as her vagina throbbing in pleasure.

Finally the orgasm subsided, and the doctor stopped rubbing her. Dick set down her legs, and the nurse released the speculum in her ass, allowing her anus to close.

Kaylie laid on the exam table, nearly passed out. Feel good chemicals flooded her brain, and she no longer cared about anything.

“Very good, young lady,” the doctor was saying as she came to. “How do you feel”

“Amazing,” sighed Kaylie. “I’ve never squirted before.” She felt clean, healthy, satisfied. She didn’t feel any more anger. She was no longer mad at these people. Maybe they helped me, she thought. She was a little bitch, and they had reset her in a way.

“No more drugs, alcohol, or breaking the law,” said the doctor. “You don’t want to have to be treated a second time.”

“I don’t know about that,” Kaylie thought, smiling to herself.

“The nutritional supplement will purge all the toxins out of you. You were scrubbed clean of all harmful bacteria and germs, and your mind is now able to focus without your libido inhibiting you. I recommend you attempt a powerful, squirting orgasm once per day.”

“You may get dressed. The nurse will get your things. I’ll sign off of your paperwork. Good luck,” he said, giving her a smile and leaving the lab.

“Good luck,” smiled Dick, following the doctor.

Kaylie was soon dressed and released. Her mom noticed the change immediately. Whatever they had done to her daughter seemed to have worked. She knew a couple other parents of brats she would have to recommend this clinic to…