The Violation Of Princess Leia

The storm trooper was searching for a young woman and
found her; crouching in back in a small, dark alcove, a
small, shivering figure clad in flowing white hugged the
back of the recess. Overconfident, he never saw the
energy pistol she had held out of sight behind her came
up and around as she burst from her hiding place.

She took out 2 troopers before a bright green energy
pole touched the woman’s side and she slumped instantly
to the deck, the pistol still locked in her small palm.
One of the troopers knelt and turned her over. He
studied the paralyzed form with a practiced eye.

“She’ll be all right,” He finally declared. “Report to
Lord Vader.”

The binding that locked the girl’s hands behind her back
was primitive and effective. The constant attention the
squad of heavily armored troopers favored her with might
have been out of place for one small female, except for
the fact that their lives depended on her being
delivered safely.

A shadow moved over her, startling her despite her
usually unshakable self-control. Above her was the
threatening bulk of Darth Vader. A muscle twitched in
one smooth cheek, but other than that the girl didn’t
react. Nor was there the slightest shake in her voice.
“Darth Vader… I should have known. Only you would be
so bold – and so stupid. Well, the Imperial Senate will
not sit still for this. When they hear you have attacked
a diplomatic miss -” Vader cut her off, Princess Leia

He knew why her ship was there and he wanted answers to
other questions. But neither Vader’s words nor his
inimical presence appeared to have any effect on the
girl. He didn’t want to hear what she did have to say.
His gaze went to a nearby trooper. “Take her away.”
Vader watched her with interest as she was marched
through the access way into the Imperial cruiser.

On the Death Star, while Imperial Senators argued,
Princess Leia was being led by 2 storm troopers to a
detention cell.

One of the troopers was the one who turned over her
paralyzed body to study her to see if she had been
unharmed. He felt lucky to have been given the
assignment of taking her to her cell. When he had
studied her with his ‘practiced eye’ earlier, he could
not help noticing her shapely body under her gauzy white
clothing, her large breasts, even the outline of her
large areolaes and nipples when her gown clung to her
firm breasts…

And now as they marched down the detention corridor
behind her, he noticed how her butt looked under the
thin gown. He may have been a clone but he still got
horny. The other trooper opened the door to Leia’s cell,
uncuffed her and shoved her in. He shut the door and
marched off, saying no attention to the first trooper.
He licked his lips and waited until the other was out of
sight. The trooper entered Leia’s cell, which was
deathly dim, with only bare minimum illumination
provided. There was barely enough to see the black metal
walls and the high ceiling overhead.

In the gloom, the trooper stood out in his gleaming
white armor. Leia acted as if his presence meant nothing
to her. At least until he pulled away a plate from his
armor at his crotch, exposing his large, hard cock. Leia
gasped wide-eyed, knowing what he intended to do to her.
She jumped up and tried to fight him off, but his
strength was superior. He threw her to the ground hard.

Leia cried out in pain as she hit the floor hard. Then
her hard made contact with the hard surface, dazing her
momentarily. The trooper wasted no time. He knelt
between her legs and pushed the top gauzy layer of her
gown out of the way. He tore open the front of the under
layer, exposing the princess’ massive breasts, capped
off by large, oval shaped brown areolaes. He pushed up
her gown, exposing her hairy pussy. He spread her legs,
took hold of his cock and leaned forward. At that moment
Leia came back to her senses and saw what he was about
to do.

Horror filled her 18 year old face. “NOOO!!”

Not that the trooper would have stopped if he’d known
she was still a virgin. He wouldn’t have cared. He
plowed into her pussy, pulverizing her hymen and
stuffing her full of his huge tool. Leia screamed, a
scream one could have heard from the other end of the
galaxy. But again the trooper didn’t care. All he cared
about was his need to get off. He thrust his cock into
Leia hard and deep. She kept screaming and thrashing
under him, but to no avail. He fucked her harder and

Surprisingly, the princess began to enjoy it. “Oh, this
is so good… Oh yeah, ohhh…” Her pussy became wet and
opened further for his invasion. Her screams became
screams of pleasure as she orgasmed over and over.

Within minutes the trooper pumped his seed into her
torn, abused pussy. But he wasn’t satisfied. He pulled
out of her and before it dawned on her what he was doing
he had flipped Leia over, got her on her knees and
shoved his cock up her tight anus. Leia screamed again
but not as loud as she had the first time.

Her throat was starting to get sore from all the
screaming she’d already done. Her body was wracked with
pain as he assaulted her rectum. Leia f****d her body to
try to relax, and slowly she was able to withstand his
anal assault to a point. This, too, she began to enjoy
though her rectum was much more sore than her poor
pussy. Still within her, he flipped her back onto her
back and continued pounding her anus.

When he blew his second load up her rectum, still hard,
he pulled out and shoved it back into Leia’s pussy to
her relief. She kept groaning and crying out in the
pleasure. He lasted much longer this time, and when she
sensed his third ejaculation nearing felt something wet
on her face. Leia opened her eyes and looked up.

The other trooper had returned and was ejaculating his
own load on her face and huge tits. Leia closed her eyes
as she felt his jizz spurt into her pussy and this time
his cock went limp. She sighed and let herself drift
into unconsciousness with the taste of salty cum
dripping into her mouth…

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