The wedding planner gets seduced at the reception

The wedding reception was half over and Wendy, the
wedding planner, had just finished her meal. As she
normally does, she wove her way through the dance floor
and the many dancing couples to prop herself against
the far wall away from the wedding revelers. For the
next half hour perhaps she would have time to take a
breath and relax until the next part of the event

From across the room, the tuxedoed man watched as the
attractive blond made her way through the dancers.
This, the third time he had noticed her during the
reception was to be his chance. He excused himself from
the group he had been viviting with and as to not draw
attention to himself he moved around the outside of the
dance floor until he was standing about 5 feet from

Wendy seemed to be lost in her own world and didn’t
notice the tall gentleman make his way around the room
to stand rather close to her. He spoke to her but she
only vaguely noticed him. Only when he moved closer to
her did she take notice. He stood a good half foot
taller than she and looked impressive in his tuxedo. As
he spoke to her she looked up into his eyes. His lips
moved but she didn’t register what he was saying.

Noticing that it was very difficult for her to hear
him, he leaned in close to her ear and said, “I was
never one to leave a beautiful woman standing alone
during a festive occasion. Would you like to dance?”
The scent of her shampoo and perfume was intoxicating
to him.

Wendy picked up the lightest trace of his cologne, the
soft voice in her ear sent shivers down her spine. It
took moments before she realized he was leading her by
the hand to the dance floor.

Together they danced, she felt his strong body securely
move her around the dance floor knowing that he was in
control. As suddenly as she realized she was being led
to the dance floor, she realized the music had changed
to a slower tempo song and the band leader said, “This
song is for all the couples out there.” She made to
leave the dance floor but he kept her there, pulling
her close to his body.

At once it was as though their body was one moving
elegantly around the dance floor. She was getting lost
in herself as this strange man danced with her. The
band closed the song and he led her out into the lobby
of the hotel where she had planned the reception.

He held her hand as they walked and stood near the
fountain in the lobby, people bustling around not
noticing either of them. He looked into her blue eyes
and said, “My name is Mike it is a pleasure to meet
you…” and paused waiting for her name.

“Wendy, it’s very nice to meet you Mike.” His hand
raised hers slightly and he bowed, kissing her hand
lightly his goatee oddly soft against her skin. Shivers
ran through her body again.

The clock rang 10:00 PM and she had to excuse herself
to finish her wedding planner duties. Together, still
hand-in-hand they reentered the reception and they felt
their hands separate.

For the next hour, their eyes kept meeting across the
dance floor, across tables as Mike mixed and mingled
and Wendy moved around setting up the next parts of the

Wendy had just finished putting in place the final part
of the even that she was responsible for and found
herself standing against the same wall that she often
stood against at this hotel.

Within a minute of leaning against the wall and
regaining her breath, Wendy felt an arm close around
her shoulder and a drink handed to her. Mike was again
at her side presenting her with a glass of water. She
thanked him and drank the cool, refreshing drink.

He took the empty glass from her and placed it on a
table not far away and returned to her, but this time,
stood in front of her taking her hands in his, he
looked deeply into her sparking blue eyes. His head
moved closer, she knew what was coming but didn’t stop
it. At the instant his lips met hers, her body
experienced numerous sparks of electricity that sent
her into goose bumps.

Her mouth opened allowing his tongue to lick around her
lips, then met her tongue and they kissed. Wendy made
to break the kiss, but Mike was in control, and the
kiss continued. His hand sweeping across her cheek,
lightly down her neck brushing down the side of her
dress, over the side of Wendy’s breast and came to rest
on her hip.

Wendy didn’t object, she was in bliss as Mike kissed

He broke the kiss and Wendy looked around. Nobody had
taken notice of the couple in the shadows kissing.
Relieved Wendy said, “I don’t know what came over me.”

Mike simply smiled and said, “You have wonderful lips.
Shall we go someplace with a little more privacy?” But
without waiting for an answer he led her away.

Wendy wasn’t sure why she was allowing herself to be
led by this stranger, but she knew she would do
whatever he wanted.

Mike led her to a deserted stairwell in the hotel and
immediately kissed Wendy, holding her head with his
right hand, his fingers intertwined with her blond
hair, his left hand sliding the strap of her dress off
her shoulder. The backside of his fingers lightly ran
down her shoulder and arm, he switched hands and now
her dress was only being held up by their two bodies
held close. With any movement her dress would slip to
her waist, leaving her bare breasts exposed.

Wendy moaned as Mike kissed her neck, slowly making his
way down, she knew his destination, his tongue leaving
a slick line down her neck, shoulder, collarbone, and
his mouth sucked her breast in, his tongue circling the
hardened nipple.

Squatting, Mike licked and sucked Wendy’s delicious
breasts, his hands slowly making their way up her legs
under her dress. Wendy’s right hand was up in the air
against the wall, her left holding Mike’s head, moving
from his neck to his head, her moans egging him on.

Mike’s hands found the waistband of Wendy’s panties and
slid them down, without hesitation Wendy lifted her
feet to allow him to remove her panties. Suddenly, he
stood, sliding her panties into his pocket, he raised
her dress back up, covering her breasts. A devilish
smile on his face, he helped Wendy put her arms back
through the straps, and he led her out of the stairwell
and back into the reception.

He led her to a table where another couple sat engaged
in conversation. Standing behind her for a moment, she
felt movement, then he sat, pulling her to his lap, but
being sure to maneuver her dress so she was not sitting
on it. As her body met his, she knew why, Mike had
unzipped his pants and his hard dick was now between
her legs.

Wendy had gotten very worked up while being kissed and
having her breasts sucked. She got up slightly and
turned to face him so she was sitting on his lap facing
him. His hand guided his dick into her as she sat down.

Now sitting impaled on this stranger, she looked into
his eyes, an evil smirk rose on his lips. Knowing that
she was getting fucked in a room full of people,
whether they knew it or not, was driving Wendy crazy.

The music, dancing and conversation continued all
around them as her arms rested around his shoulders,
their eyes locked. Her wetness surely dripping as she
clenched and unclenched her pussy muscles around the
cock that was filling her.

The bride and groom approached them and thanked her for
all her hard work. Not wanting to move and have the
cock exit her, she moved slightly upward to hug the
bride and congratulate them, she slid back down onto
his cock and felt an orgasm approach.

Over and over she clenched her pussy on his cock and
her orgasm came. Mike felt Wendy’s pussy convulse and
drove him to his orgasm. Looking her in the eyes as his
cock began to pulsate, he kissed her, his hands holding
her cheeks, a passionate, wet and nothing she had ever
experienced before.

Their kiss broke as Wendy’s orgasm subsided and she
felt that Mike’s cock was no longer moving inside her.
His hands disappeared under her dress and she felt him
zip his pants.

Together they got up and he led her out of the
reception and to his room. The door shut behind them,
they were soon naked…

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