This story is all about deception – and a little f****d sex

Allison Greene reluctantly got out of the fragrant
bubble bath she had been luxuriating in for the past 45
minutes. Earlier this Sunday morning, the pretty 23
year old final year law student had been abruptly
summoned to the office by her senior partner at the law
firm in which she was undergoing her final year law

Having to put on a formal suite on a Sunday seemed
unusual, but she more or less guessed the subject
matter of this sudden meeting related to her
“adventurous” use of the firm’s petty cash, and she
thought it best to dress appropriately for the
forthcoming inquisition.

In fact the funds had been applied towards settlement
of her final year university fees. Things had been
difficult financially and emotionally when her father
had been retrenched and f****d into early retirement.
Allison suddenly found herself having to make ends meet
on her own two feet in her final year.

The pay at her part-time modeling job was good, but it
was not regular income as she was not able to take on
many of Swimwear Illustrated’s “Away” assignments due
to her studies and current workload. And it was not
enough to pay for rent, university fees, club fees and
a Yuppie lifestyle she had grown accustomed to whilst
living in a big city. She did not like waiting tables
(the hourly rates sucked), and was considering “escort”
services as a last option, until she found excess to
the firm’s petty cash.

Allison stopped by the full length mirror to give
herself a final appraisal, taking pride in her slender
lithe figure, long black hair, creamy smooth complexion
and small firm breasts. No make-up was necessary, she
was a natural “head turner” and was confident of her
natural good looks which she knew had caught the eye of
John Bradley (the Senior Partner), who was just one of
the many secret admirers she accumulated. She decided
against wearing any undergarment beneath her suite (she
needed all of her feminine charms to get her out of
this awkward situation), choosing a short black mini
skirt to accompany her body hugging white blouse.

As she arrived at the deserted office of Bradley,
Forster & Morrison, the office clock showed 3.05PM, she
was 5 minutes late and the door of John Bradley’s room
was ajar. She knocked timidly at the door and was
surprised to find not one, but all three partners
present as she entered the room. All 3 partners were
scrutinizing a recent Swimwear Illustrated magazine
displayed on John Bradley’s table. The center spread
showed Allison in a G-string bikini. Allison suddenly
felt a wave of panic as she had not been prepared to
face-off all 3 of the firm’s senior partner at once.
Her strategy to manipulate John Bradley with her
feminine charms was now dashed.

The 3 partners greeted her with reserved composure, and
John Bradley motioned for her take a seat on a vacant
chair directly facing the partners.

John Bradley: “Allison, until recently your conduct in
this firm has been exemplary. There are two issues that
need to be addressed today in private that is why we
thought it best to have a private meeting with you on
Sunday, in the absence of other lawyers.”

Sam Forster: “The most immediate issue is the
reputation risk that your modeling activities have
exposed the firm.”

Allison interrupted: “That is a reputed Swimwear
magazine, not Playboy or penthouse, I fail to see the
relevance here.”

Blake Morrison: “That’s not quite true, this is a
conservative law firm, we have many wealthy clients in
high society who may think twice before engaging a law
firm with such a flamboyant employee. But the other
more serious issue is your pilfering of some
USD20,000/- of the firm’s petty cash.what do you have
to say young lady?”

Allison knew she was in a checkmate situation. The
outcome might have been different in a one to one
encounter with John, but up against Sam and Blake, her
position was hopeless. Desperately she availed herself
of her final weapon, to play on their sympathy by
having an emotional breakdown.

Allison sobbed: “Things have been so difficult since
Dad was retrenched, I had one more year of law school
to go, I tried but just could not make ends meet, even
when I tried moonlighting. The money was supposed to be
a temporary bridging loan until I get other sources to
finance my final year uni fees. I would have paid every
cent of it back, honestly.”

John: “Silly girl, you could have approached any of us
about this matter, a solution could have been found.”

Sam: “Yes, that would have been a preferable outcome,
as it stands the question now is whether to log this
officially and file a police report.”

Allison was panic stricken, she had worked hard to get
where she was and did not want to be struck of the bar
on this account.

Allison: “Please don’t do that, I will do anything,
anything at all please.”

All 3 partners sat in quiet contemplation as they
considered the situation. Allison could feel their eyes
on her and she broke out in cold sweat. Finally after a
conspiratorial nod from Sam, John broke the silence.

John: “Well, exactly how far are you willing to go in
the interest of saving your otherwise promising law

Uncertainly Allison asked: “Excuse me, what do you mean

John “Well you are a young lady of considerable charm,
we have all noted that, as is evident from Swimwear
Illustrated. How far are you willing to avail us of
your natural talents?”

As the final import of the situation dawned on Allison,
she realized she had limited options. She carefully
weighed her playing cards, the last thing she wanted
was to be held as a sex slave indefinitely for the

Allison: “I would agree to a one time-one hour session,
right here and now, in return for a signed confirmation
letter from all 3 of you acknowledging grant of a
USD20,000/- scholarship sponsor for me.”

It was a long shot and she waited tensely as all 3
partners bowed their head in consideration. Finally
John replied;

John: “You are a very beautiful young lady, but
USD20,000/- is a lot of money, and how will you cater
to all three of us in just one hour. The final deal is
as follows, and this is not subject to further
negotiation, we will agree to grant of a USD20,000 loan
to you, to be repaid in agreed monthly installments, in
kind consideration that you will fully satisfy each of
us on a one time basis.”

Allison: “Agreed, but you did not specify when the
“act” will occur or whether it will be joint/several. I
would interpret your contact to take immediate effect
here and now, on a joint basis. That means all three of
you naughty boys at one, here and now.”

A look of uncertainty appeared on the cases of the
partners as they considered the final proposal. Allison
knew they were all looking at her. She got of her seat
and sat squarely on the big table facing all 3 of them,
and crossed and un-crossed her long slender legs,
consciously revealing a slight teasing glimpse of the
hidden pleasure that lay between her legs.

Allison: “Why wait when you can have all of me right
here and now?”

She casually fingered her right nipple through her
tight blouse and gave a shake of her lustrous black

Allison: “It’s so warm today, and I feel so wet.”

Already she noted obvious bulges in the pants of John,
unable to contain himself, he came forward and knelt
between her legs. She uncrossed her legs giving him
ample excess. He let his hands gently trail along her
inner knees and thighs, savoring the feel of the soft
supple creamy skin beneath his fingers. Slowly he found
he vagina and Allison sank deeper into the chair to
give him access.

In the mean time, Sam also got in on the action as he
approached Allison and roughly grabbed a right breast,
massaging the flesh and pinching the tit. John somehow
unhooked Allison’s mini and stood back to admire the
slender waist and the small pink opening that was
surrounded by a fine small felt of soft pubic hair. He
pushed her onto her back of the table, carelessly
sweeping aside all the documents, and stared hungrily
between her open legs. Starting at her feet, he slowly
covered her inner ankle with warm feathery wet kisses,
working slowly up her leg.

“Might as well get a piece of the dessert” muttered
Blake as he approached Allison’s left side and started
unbuttoning her blouse. Abruptly he whipped the blouse
above her head, anchoring both her arms overhead and
tying her hands together in the knotted blouse. Angrily
he sneered.

Blake: “So the little bitch thinks she can control the
situation and have this work out as she planned, well
we are the partners and we steer the course of this

Allison broke into cold sweat as she realized her
vulnerable position, with arms locked overhead and
surrounded by 3 men, she was now re-considering her
previous options. Things were not going as plan.”No
not like that…” she started, but got no further as
Blake hungrily sucked her left breast. Sam roughly
grabbed her right breast painfully before lowering his
mouth to it and noisily sucking on her right nipple.

The simultaneous assault on her body was having some
undesired effects on Allison as she felt an urgent need
building within her, waiting for release. John was
slowly working his way up her leg with his mouth and
tongue, leaving a trail of sticky saliva, as he slowly
approached her small pink and sensitive vagina.

“No not there…” she muttered but got no further as
John hungrily buried his nose, mouth and tongue between
her legs. Again and again he lapped at the increasingly
moist folds. Allison could feel the warm wetness
spreading between her legs, growing stronger and more
urgent as it slowly but surely engulfed the rest of her
unwilling body.

Blake had moved from her nipple and was curiously
exploring every nook and cranny of her upper torso with
his mouth, nostrils, fingers. Both his hands roamed
over her body and it seemed like he was attempting to
cover her breasts, stomach, arms and sides in his

Allison shuddered, a wave of revulsion washed through
her as she felt rather then saw the wet sticky trail
his mouth left all over her. Her body was fast becoming
damp with her own perspiration and she found herself
suddenly breathless and lightheaded.

Sam had moved from her breast, down her side towards
her legs, and then back-up again as his nose and mouth
sought out the ticklish and sensitive crevice of her
armpits. He left a trail of ticklish teasing kisses on
this already damp area that caused Allison to twitch in
silent protest, but that was all she could manage with
both arms tied and raised above her head.

Suddenly, Johns’ probing tongue finally found the
stimulated hard nub of her clitoris. Allison jerked
violently, her back almost leaving the table as he
flicked the tip of his tongue over the tender hard nub
again and again. The sweet torment was unbearable and
he persisted mercilessly, over and over again his
tongue lashed at her aroused clitoris and he suddenly
took the whole nub in his mouth and sucked hard.

“NO! Oh my god!” Allison cried as John’s sucking mouth
triggered an intense orgasm. Her back arched of the
table and with clenched fist she rode the first crest
as the dam burst flooding her with wave after wave of
intoxicating warmth.

As she drifted back to earth, John looked at her and
said, “Well Allison you do realize that not even one of
earth have even begun yet.”

In shock disbelieve, Allison’s eyes widened as she took
hold of the immense organ that unleashed itself from
John’s pants. It was standing fully erect like some
obscene filthy alien from another planet, throbbing
slowly and capped with a clear drop of semen. She shook
her head in protest, “No, not after this, I am too
tired, I can’t continue.”

John was amused and said, “But Allison, this was what
you wanted in the contract, all 3 of us, here and now,
in one sitting, well like it or not you have to deliver
the goods.”

He ignored her whimpering protests as he fed the huge
organ, inch by painful inch into Allison’s highly
sensitive and small vagina. Allison moaned as the
stinging walls of her vagina stretched to accommodate
John’s member. It did not seem even possible for just
the head of the penis to enter the small opening, let
alone the rest of the organ, but Allison’s pussy was
already well lubricated from her first orgasm.

After what seemed like an eternity, John grunted in
satisfaction as he looked down and confirmed that all
of the enormous organ had disappeared completely
between Allison’s legs. He adjusted himself comfortably
and took his time as he savored the warm, wet and tight
embraced offered by Allison’s unwilling cunt to his
invading organ.

Tears of pain and shame trickled down Allison’s cheeks
as she endured more agony when a sharp pain ripped
through her right breast as Sam savagely bit down on
the already sore and erect nipple. Sam eagerly lapped
up the small rivulets of red b***d running down the
side of her breast from her nipple, living her breast
caked in a mixture of sweat, b***d and saliva.

Allison’s pained expression only served to excite Blake
as he returned to her left breast and followed Sam’s
example, biting brutally onto her left nipple. However,
he did not unclench his teeth on the tormented nipple
and ground it gently between his teeth, evoking an ear
shattering scream of pain from Allison as her body
convulsed in pain. Almost instantly, in addition to the
salty fragrant taste of Allison’s perspiration, Blake’s
mouth was filled with the coppery taste of b***d. He
unclenched his teeth and released the abused nipple but
clamped his mouth and tongue over the small hemorrhage
inflicted on Allison’s nipple.

Allison’s pain filled head rolled from side to side on
the table. She was fast regretting the terms of the
deal she had struck with the 3 perverts. >From the
corner of her tear streaked eyes she spotted the wall
mounted clock which showed 4.20PM, “Its well past the
agreed one hour period, I have fulfilled the contract,
let me go” She tried to get up but was held firmly on
the table by all 3 men.

With his huge penis still firmly embedded inside her,
John said “No my dear, that was what you proposed, what
was agreed was that all 3 of us would be “satisfied” in
one session, regardless of how long it took. You see my

A look of utter dismay swept across Allison’s face as
she quickly replayed the negotiated terms, and
confirmed the accuracy of John’s words. She had been a
fool to think that she could out maneuver her bosses on
the negotiation table, they were just way too
experienced and now she was paying the ultimate price.

Her thoughts were painfully interrupted as John
withdrew his huge organ and then suddenly rammed the
beast in fully, to the hilt, between her legs. Allison
almost felt a searing ripping sensation as the walls of
her small vagina were stretched beyond their limits.
Again and again he pounded her mercilessly.

The seconds stretched to minutes, and the minutes to
hours… she could feel her back against the office
table slippery with her perspiration. Her vagina was
tormented further as Sam applied his index finger
directly on the nub of her distended clitoris, pinching
the small sensitive organ between his fingers.

Strangely, Allison realized with shock that a familiar
urgent warmth was again building between her legs. As
the minutes passed, she could feel the tell tale signs
of another approaching orgasm. Blake finally released
her left nipple from his mouth. It was bloody and
bruised, and he immediately moved his mouth to her
right bruised nipple, vacated previously by Sam.

Again he savagely bit down on the already ravaged and
bloody nipple, inflicting a second small wound on the
tip. With his free hand he groped her right breast and
squeezed it painfully. Allison had small but firm
breasts and Blake could see the red bruise marks he
left, in sharp contrast to her ivory white silky smooth

As John continued to pound her, Allison realized that
Sam had repositioned himself at the edge of the table,
kneeling immediately below her buttocks. She suddenly
felt his fingers explore the entrance of her anus and
shuddered violently.

Sam noted that a liberal amount of vagina fluid was now
trickling down Allison’s crack as John pounded her
relentlessly, oozing down the moist folds towards the
entrance of her anus . Using his index finger he spread
the sweet nectar around her anus. He applied his tongue
to the area, coating the area with a combination of
saliva and vagina fluids. When it was lubricated, he
slipped a finger into the anal passage.

Allison moaned in pain as the searing pain in vagina
was now compounded by an irritant in her anus. “You
fucking perverts,” she muttered weakly in protest. With
his index finger in her anus, Sam could feel John’s
huge member through the thin walls of her anus/vagina
as it pumped relentlessly like a piston into Allison’s
vagina. Slowly he slipped a second, then a third finger
into the tortured entrance.

Time stood still as Allison slipped in and out of
consciousness, to escape the pain and a***e. Strangely
the pain seemed to excite her further and the threshold
between pain and pleasure became blurred. When both
Allison and John were slippery with sweat, Allison
suddenly was brought back to consciousness as she again
felt a wave of pleasure engulf her.

This time she was too tired to resist and gave in to
the intense sensation as the shockwave wash over her.
Bolts of electricity seared her body as her back again
arched in convulsion, she felt her vagina contract in
spasms around John’s huge penis.

To her amazement he did not stop and grunted with sheer
pleasure as he felt her warm wet vagina walls
convulsing around his penis, he stepped up the pace
ripping into her. Allison felt as though her vagina was
turning itself inside as wave after wave of the orgasm
hit her. Finally John shot his load into her pussy, she
could feel the strong jets of sperm and semen shooting
into her, mixing with her vagina fluids.

At long last John collapsed in a sweaty heap on top of
Allison. The clock on the wall struck 5.00PM. But
Allison was oblivious to it as she had slipped into
blissful oblivion, in a comatose state, from the sheer
intensity of the orgasm. Sam and Blake had retired to
the side of the office to observe the grand finally for

After what seemed like long minutes, Allison was gently
awoken by John, he smiled t6enderly at her when she
opened her eyes and said, “One down and only two to go,
but they want you fully conscious for the final two

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