Trapped in an elevator after an major earthquake two women alone do the unthinkable

My former college roommate Carol had called me the week
before to invite me to lunch at one of Saint Louis’s
nicest restaurants. We had been in and out of touch over
the past several years and we had both just turned 38.
We were born a week apart in the same year. It had been
six months since we last saw each other, drinking too
much white wine and commiserating over our lousy
marriages and workaholic husbands.

She and I had been inseparable in college. We belonged
to the same sorority and so we were sisters. But our
sisters thought we were “really” sisters because we
looked somewhat alike. I have bright red hair, too many
freckles, blue eyes and pale white skin. Carol’s hair
was dark red and very thick, her eyes are green and I
always thought… jealously… that her skin was

My breasts were barely bumps while her breasts were Cs.
But we were about the same height and we wore the same
size clothes (except bras) and shoes, a size 8 petit
dress and 7 shoes. She was a perfect roommate and we got
to the point that we would finish each other’s
sentences; and then couldn’t stop giggling.

She graduated in biochemistry and worked as a supervisor
in some sort of lab. I got a BA in business and was
working as a broker at one of the local commodities
exchanges. We both live in St. Louis but in suburbs at
the opposite end of Saint Louis County. She lives in
Clayton and because my husband is a Dean at the
University we live in Belrieve Acres.

“You look gorgeous Julia,” as she greeted me on the
bottom floor of the Fisk Building. We had gained a
couple of pounds since college but at the risk of
sounding arrogant we both looked great! We hugged and
took the elevator to the tenth floor restaurant. It was
so much fun eating with an old friend, reminiscing and

We were both successful in our jobs and economic worries
were the least of our problems. Our marriages were still
in the same stale place, but we had plenty of money and
our kids had nannies. It was fun to have the freedom.

I looked down at my watch and it was almost 3 pm. “Sorry
to end this so quickly Carol, but I really should get
back to work. We need to do this more often.” We laughed
and of course both of us promised we would try.

The elevator doors opened and we stepped in. We were
alone, just chatting away. The door shut and we began to

Then it happened. The elevator began swaying back and
forth, the thunder of crashing metal, the shriek of
breaking stone and glass was all around us and the
elevator dropped. Amazingly the car stopped with a
grinding thud before we hit bottom, both of us screaming
with terror. We clung to the walls as the elevator car
continued to vibrate and squeal.

“What the hell just happened,” I looked at Carol while
in absolute terror, “Is this another terrorist attack?”

“No, I don’t think so,” she responded, “I think this is
the “big one”, the big St. Louis earthquake they have
been forecasting.”

I looked at her puzzled. “What are you talking about?
Earthquakes in California maybe, but not St. Louis!”

“Julia, this area sits on the most dangerous seismic
areas in the world. I think we are in deep trouble
because it seems like the building has collapsed around
us. We should listen and see if we can hear anything.”

Other than the groans of shifting metal and cracking
glass there was nothing. Every few minutes the earth
would shake and rattle the elevator car and everything
around us. We waited for at least an hour and still
nothing. Then we began to yell and pound on the doors
and walls of the compartment, first with our fists and
then our shoes. Nothing. We held each other and cried.

I had had four glasses of white wine and two glasses of
water with lunch and suddenly knew I had to go.

“I’m sorry Carol, but I really have to pee. I will go
over to the far corner of the car and just do it there.”

“Julia that is a really bad idea. We don’t know how long
we are going to be down here. We have limited oxygen and
as our waste decomposes, either urine or excrement, it
will form hydrogen chloride gas. It is heavier than
oxygen and so in 24 hours we could be dead from
breathing poison gas. If this is an earthquake we could
be here a lot longer than that.”

“What do we do? We can’t hold our pee much less our poo
in until we are rescued. I just want to cry I am so

Carol held me in her arms. “Julia, I have an idea. I
feel very close to you and always have. What I am going
to propose crosses all boundaries but it is because I
love you that I am going to suggest the only one sure
way we can survive until we are rescued.”

“What are you talking about?” I moved away so I could
look into her face.

“OK. The science is that we cannot let any of our body
waste into this car.” Carol looked at me seriously,
“There is only one way to do it. We have to drink or eat
our bodily waste. We cannot let a drop get on the thick
rug of this elevator car. With the warmth in the car it
will speed up the process of converting fluid to gas.
Consuming our waste will do double duty. We have no
water and if we do this we can prevent dehydration and
at least in the short run prevent starvation.”

“My Jesus, you got to be kidding. Drinking and eating
our piss and shit? I just don’t know.”

“Julia my dearest, do you ever want to see your c******n

We were in silence for several minutes. I finally nodded
my head yes. We held each other crying for several
minutes. “I really have to pee now. Will you really do
this for me?”

“OK, but here are the ground rules. We need to take off
all of our clothes. We cannot afford to have urine soak
into the cloth. You need to control your stream so I
don’t c***e and can swallow in small gulps. Finally, you
will need to almost sit on my face but with your vagina
in the direction of my breasts. If any piss falls on my
body you will have to lick it up before it hits the
carpet. We will both have to clean our vaginas with our
tongues to make sure nothing gets to the floor.

She seemed bizarrely clinical and almost unbelievably
calm. I carefully took off my skirt and blouse laying
them in the far corner. My bra and panties came off as
did my shoes. When I turned around a red haired goddess,
completely naked, was handing me her clothes. Her body
was simply breathtaking. Her fiery bush was very thick
as compared to my sparse pubes. Her breasts were full
and plump with tiny pink nipples. Her nipples were hard
and almost pointed at me. Her face was angelic.

I know I was almost in shock because of the earthquake,
but I would be lying if I said I was not aroused by the
sight of the stunning woman in front of me. I had never
even thought of being attracted to another woman before,
but somehow this was different.

She took me by the hand as she lay down with her head
facing me on the thick Persian style carpet. I straddled
her head, squatting realizing as I began crouching that
her nose was going to be wedged between my ass cheeks.
The thought gave me a weird sense of arousal. That perky
little nose wedged into my ass crack. She would smell my
ass. I had often fingered my ass as my husband snored
next to me. I would smell it, sometimes even lick my
finger, and then masturbate until I came or fell asleep.

As I squatted, she steadied me by holding my thighs. “I
need to spread your vaginal lips so I can get my mouth
as close to your pee hole as I can.”

I felt my pussy lips being spread and her lips covering
my opening. She used her tongue to find my piss hole and
adjusted her mouth to cover it. Geez, I hadn’t had
anyone put their mouth on my pussy in years. But, I
needed to focus at the problem at hand. I had to go, but
my first stream spurted far too much and trickled over
her breasts and stomach and into her bush. My second
stream was better and I could feel Carol swallowing
under me, her throat opening and sending my urine into
her stomach. I concentrated.

I peed no more than two seconds at a time. Each was
followed by an appreciative gulp. When I felt the last
trickle come out I could feel her tongue cleaning me.
That beautiful tongue kept touching my clit and I
realized how turned on I was.

It seemed Carol had gone from clinical to passionate.
She was more than cleaning me. She licked my clit and it
throbbed with arousal. I was getting really turned on
and began humping her mouth as she flicked my clit with
her wet tongue.

Being that sexually aroused really scared me, so I
dismounted. I tried to follow her scientific reasoning.
“I better get to licking my pee off your before it hits
the floor.” I licked the splash of liquid just below her
chin, moving my tongue between her breasts, and then
licking her nipples where some spray had landed. She
moaned as I did that. I assumed I would be doing the
same in her shoes.

I moved my head down leaving my legs near her shoulders.
There was actually a pool of my urine in her navel and I
carefully slurped it and then licked her belly button
clean. I licked across her belly and moved my lapping
tongue down to the glorious red mane between her legs. I
tongued the hairs tentatively at first, now getting used
to the taste of my own waste. I began to sweep my tongue
across her bush as she began to move her legs apart. I
could see the pink lips of her pussy swollen and parted.

Without saying a word Carol took my left leg and swung
it over her shoulder so that my fully spread cunt was in
front of her. She began passionately kissing and licking
the cunt lips and the clitoris.

I opened my eyes and saw her inflamed mons with a clit
like a little finger sticking out between her swollen
flower. I was drawn to it. I could not stop. I kissed
her as she was kissing me. My tongue played with her
little “penis”, I continued tonguing the folds of her
pussy, sucking her clit and tasting the combination of
urine and what? I had never tasted a woman’s secretions
before but it both smelled invitingly musky and tasted

Both of us were moaning and thrashing and we came… yes
we absolutely came at the same time. I had never had
that experience with a man. White liquid gushed from her
beautiful pussy and I lapped it up like a puppy drinking
milk. Her cream was delicious.

When we were done, we sat up and held each other in our
arms. Telling each other how wonderful it was and how we
wished we had known how good enjoying each other would
be in college. We fell asleep for a short-time and awoke
hearing a noise in the far distance. We jumped up and
pound the walls with our shoes, yelling at the top of
our lungs.

No response.

Another several hours passed. We were exhausted with
fear, anxiety and… ok I’ll admit it: sex.

“Julia,” Carol looked at me plaintively, “I am sorry but
I really need to go now.”


“No, the other one,” Carol looked at me with some

I steeled myself. “I understand. I want to do this for

“OK,” Carol said, “but like all women pooping makes me
want to pee as well, so I might have to shift back and
forth over your mouth between my pee hole and my rectum.
I will try to control the flow of both. You need to slap
my on my thigh if you are getting too much to swallow.”

It was my turn to lie down on the soft carpet. I had a
sense of trepidation. I knew I had to do it, but could I
eat another person’s shit and wash it down with their

“Let me release a bit of my pee first.” And she squatted
over my face. I had never realized how beautiful a
woman’s genitals were. Her vagina was big and the lips
were thick and spread a bit to reveal the amazing pink
interior. Her pee hole with clearly visible. Her red
bush made the whole area seem aflame with passion and
with sensuality.

My pussy lips were not as stretched as hers. I could see
they hung two inches down, opening her pink pussy as if
it were a flower. I admired how her vagina was agape. It
filled me with wonton sexuality. When I had spread the
swollen lips of her vagina, holding the hanging lips
between the fingers of my right and left hand, I spread
them apart and pulled her down by those sweet cunt lips
so my mouth covered her piss hole.

I teased the piss hole with my tongue. Then the first
squirt surprised me. I gagged a bit but managed to
swallow a mouthful. I know it sounds strange but it was
tangy like lemonade. My thoughts were maybe it tasted
that way because of all of the white wine we drank for
lunch or maybe because I had to do it to survive; my
mind would make it taste what I wanted it to.

“Are you OK,” Carol asked.

I answered by placing my mouth over her hole again and
licking her urethra with my tongue. She filled my mouth
five more times before telling me she needed me now to
do her ass.

As she shifted I spread her cheeks apart revealing a
puckered pink hole surrounded by fine red hair. I
touched it with my fingers and she moaned, her body
becoming rigid as my finger touched her anal opening. I
put my mouth to her asshole initially kissing it several
times. I then began thrusting my tongue into the tight
orifice as a signal that I was ready. I felt a puff of
gas into my mouth and realized that I had just breathed
in a fart. I could feel my pussy being aroused in a way
I would have never thought to be erotic. It smelled
faintly but I honestly didn’t find it unpleasant.

As I was thrusting my tongue in and out of her shit
hole, I felt something pushing back. I don’t know what I
expected, but her asshole expanding around my tongue was
a real surprise. I guess I expected a long turd.

Instead, Carol’s asshole expanded, my mouth wide open
covering it, as a ball of shit the size and shape of a
malted milk ball plopped into my mouth. I was afraid to
do anything else but swallow.

Initially, Carol was squeezing only one ball at a time
into my mouth. They were solidly formed but other than
the taste the texture was like a round chocolate candy.
After I swallowed four or five whole, she farted again
and shot four into my mouth. I had to chew. I would be
lying if I said it was pleasant, but for some reason it
aroused me.

My pussy pulsed as Carol played with my little nipples
as she was taking a crap in my mouth. I chewed and
swallowed, actually reaming her ass with my tongue
cleaning it after each tasty piece of shit slid out of
her ass, but I wanted more. She farted several times
more into my mouth and as I got the last bits of her
chocolate candy to eat.

She shifted placing her pussy over my face.

I got an additional three mouthfuls of pee to help me
wash down her surprisingly erotic snack. I continued to
alternatively lick her ass and cunt until I could taste
only my own spit. I have never felt so completely
satisfied in my life.

Several hours later my stomach began to cramp notifying
me that I need to evacuate my bowels. I gently shook
Carol awake. “Carol, please I need to go”. “Which one?”
she responded. “I need to crap but I am afraid mine
won’t be as nice as yours. I usually have long logs.”

She sighed deeply, “It’s OK darling. I really want to do
this for you.”

I squatted, putting my pisser over her mouth. I gave her
a couple of mouthfuls of my hot urine and she licked the
folds of my pussy lips to the point I almost came.

But nature was calling in a very different way. I tried
to slide back but as I did she used her arms to push me
up a few inches. “I want to see your turd come out of
your ass. To balance myself I grabbed her beautiful
tits, caressing them, pinching the nipples with my long
finger nails, than grabbing hold of those wonderful
breasts as a felt my sphincter expand and I farted
loudly into her face. Then the head of my first turd
began to escape my colon, poking out through the rectum
as I tried to control its passage.

“How incredibly beautiful it is Julia,” Carol almost
moaned, “It is a perfectly formed torpedo. I am going to
suck it like a little cock before I swallow it.”

I heard the sounds of some eating as if it were an
extraordinarily tasty snack. My wonderful friend seemed
to not be sacrificing to a gross necessity but to be
enjoying the offering I was giving her.

Carol swallowed loudly and kept eating as each brown log
slipped through my sphincter and into her mouth. When I
was done she pulled my ass down to her face and reamed
me, cleaning my asshole and ass hair as if I had taken a
bath. I shifted to give her two more swallows of pee
before lying down beside her.

Without saying a word she put my face in her hands and
bent over French kissing me deeply so we could taste
each other’s feces and urine. We interlocked our legs
humping each other’s pussies. We played with each
other’s breasts, sucking nipples, pinching with our
finger nails, pulling on each other’s tits with
unbelievable passion. I had never though pain in my
nipples would be arousing, but the more she pinched my
pink little aureoles the more aroused I became.

We began fingering each other. Carol put one, two, three
fingers in my pussy. But I was too tight and she
couldn’t get more in. Although I complained I really
wanted more my cunt was not stretched enough to allow
it. I had also put three fingers into Carol’s gash,
slipping easily in and out.

Breathing heavily in my ear she pleaded “Please fist
me.” I was embarrassed. I had never heard the term

So I asked “What do you mean.” “What, you don’t know
what fisting is?” The obvious answer was no. So she
whispered into my ear what she wanted me to do to her. I
had never heard of a woman doing this, but I slid down
to her wide opened pussy and moved a fourth finger into
the opening, then adding my thumb. She actually pressed
down against my hand and I felt my wrist slip by the
tight ring of her pussy and slip inside of her.

I began to slowly fist fuck her, licking her extended
little clit when she wasn’t bucking against me. She came
violently, clamping my hand inside her cunt with muscles
I never thought women had. Her bodily fluids ran down my
arm and as soon as I removed it, Carol licked my hand,
wrist and arm clean.

For the next two days, we were careful with our sex
escapades because Carol emphasized that we could lose
too much energy with a lot of sexual activity while
dining only on urine and excrement. We peed and crapped
and turned each other on, but only two or three times a

It was weird.

By the third day we were used to being each other’s
toilets, because that was what we were. I had eaten ten
excellent balls of shit from her ass when she asked me
to do something I thought was impossible. She asked me
to fist her ass.

“You can’t mean it,” I said, “that little rosebud will
never let my hand pass into it.”

“It will if you follow my instruction,” Carol said with
a voice that was filled with sexual urgency. Crap on my
hand to use as a lubricant, I will use it to lubricate
your hand and then begin shoving your fingers up my ass.
It was weird. I shit into Carol’s hands and then she
rubbed my excrement all over my right hand. She lay on
her side. I put my middle finger in her sweet rose bud,
then my pointing finger, then my third finger. It just
seemed too tight.

“Go ahead,” Carol said, “Slip your fourth finger in.” It
was tight but as I pumped in and out her anal ring
seemed to loosen. I then had my thumb inside the ring
and kept pumping. After ten or fifteen minutes of
playing with her anus with two, then three, then four
fingers, I pushed my hand deep into her beautiful ass.
She began to fuck my hand with her ass, moving in slow
undulating motions, taking my hand deeper and deeper
into her ass.

She came with an almost a terrifying moan. Carol
collapsed with my hand deep in her bowels. We lay there
for several moments as she recovered. The she put her
right hand on the hand up her ass and loosed it from her
now wide open rectum. When it was completely out, I
couldn’t help myself. I kissed it my brown streaked
hand. More than that I French kissed the opening of her
ass. It had stayed open a full two inches and I could
bury my nose and mouth in her ass. My shit, her shit all
mixed together in a glorious froth. I then felt Carol
licking the fingers that had just come out of her ass.

I moved toward her mouth and we both licked the goo and
excrement from my hand, hugging and loving each other as
if each breath would be the last.

Then we heard knocking at the door. “Hello, is anyone in
there?” “Yes, yes we are stuck here,” Carol and I said
almost simultaneously.

There were a lot of voices outside the elevator door.
“We can get you out. It will just take a ten or fifteen
minutes to get the concrete away from the elevator

Carol looked at me. “Get your clothes on. We can look
disheveled but we can’t be naked when they get it.”

Well the rescue team got to us. My blouse was loose, bra
discarded. We both smelled horribly as they brought us
out on stretchers. Everyone assumed we had loosed our
bladder and bowels when the earthquake struck. No one
suspected what had happened the last 72 hours.

There was applause when we reached the surface. TV crews
interviewed our stalwart husbands and crying c******n.
There was carnage all around. But between the smiles and
the tears, the reunion with family I could not stop
thinking about Carol.

We were being taken to the hospital, taking one furtive
glance at each other before they took us to two
different rooms. For some reason she left the hospital
the next day but didn’t say a word.

I “recovered” quickly and was back home into my routine.
I was afraid to reach out to Carol. Had we really done
that? What did she think of me? Did she think me a
horrible pervert? Did she ever want to hear from me

I just decided to go back to my life.

One month later, I receive a privately delivered note by
a messenger service. It was addressed to me. It read:

“I reserved a log cabin for a girl’s weekend out about
an hour from here this weekend. It is the size of an
elevator car, but with a king size bed in the middle.
Unfortunately, there is no indoor plumbing. Can you join
me? Don’t say no. No need to respond. I will be waiting
for you. Directions attached. Love, Carol.”

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