Two close girlfriends have a day of escalating exhibition

They had been planning this for a long time. Of course
it was Ginger’s idea. All the fun ideas were Ginger’s.
She may not be quite as outspoken as Kathy is, but on
the inside she hides a naughty side that few people
know about.

“Let’s leave them behind!” she said. “Let’s just go to
the beach without them. If they can’t take time off of
their precious jobs, then screw them. We need some
time off and I need little umbrella drinks served to
me by shirtless cabana boys. Let’s just go!”

Kathy took a moment to squirm in her seat and then
agreed. “You’re right. We’ve been planning this
weekend for a long time and if they can’t get off it’s
their loss. We don’t need to suffer because Ben and
John can’t stand up to their boss. Let’s go without

“Let’s just go!”

All the plans for the weekend had already been made,
all the reservations booked and the down payments sent
in advance. So Ben and John were supportive of them
going. With all the usual encouragement of “I’ll miss
you” and “Be Good” the girls loaded their luggage into
the trunk of the car and set out for an adventure. It
was only 6 hours to some nice beaches in Florida and
they could use the time on the road to catch up on
their lives.

“You seemed to really like the idea of leaving the
boys behind when we decided to do that. Other than the
schedule was there any reason,” Kathy asked.

“Well, it’s not that there is anything really
particular. It’s just that I was really looking
forward to this weekend and needed the time away. Then
when I thought we couldn’t go, I got really down about
it. Things have been a little stale between Ben and I
and I just wanted to have some fun. You know?”

“What do you mean stale?” she asked.

“Well you know. We’ve been married a long time and he
works so hard. Some of that spark is gone. I mean
there was a time when I couldn’t keep him off of me. I
mean he was on me all the time! Now that we have been
married so long it’s just different.

“Like last week I was getting out of the shower when
he walked into the bathroom. I was soaking wet and
pink all over from the hot shower. My nipples were
standing up, because I had just finished trimming
myself and I was a little turned on by it. He walked
in and didn’t even look twice at me! He just grabbed
his watch off of the counter and left. Doesn’t he
think I’m pretty anymore?”

“Of course he does sweetie,” Kathy replied. “John and
I have been through that before also. Do you remember
when I started to go the gym all the time a few years
back? I had the day off so I called John at work and
tried to get him to have phone sex with me. I told him
that I wasn’t wearing anything at all and I had been
thinking of his hard cock all day. I told him how hot
I was and I wanted him.

“Do you know what he said to me? He said that he was
really tired and probably wanted to go to sleep early
tonight! Early! Not only did he miss the whole point,
but the bastard wasn’t even interested when he got
home. I curled up on the bed and cried for an hour. I
couldn’t stand the thought of him not finding me
attractive anymore. So I started going to the gym

“Oh my God,” Ginger said. “I had no idea. What did the
two of you do?”

“Well we talked about it and we started setting time
aside for just the two of us. I told him if he didn’t
want to make proper use of me, I would find someone
that would.”

“You did not!”

“I surly did. I meant it too. It was funny. We had
this big fight in the car and he said that I wouldn’t
do it. I told him that I bet I could find a guy to
fuck in the next ten minutes. He said we were on the
road and that wasn’t possible. So I looked next to us
and there was a truck in the slow lane with a couple
of teenage boys in it.

I rolled down the window and started shouting for
them. When the driver looked over I pulled my shirt up
and flashed him. I thought he was going to run off the
road! Ha, ha, ha. It was a long minute before he
regained control of the truck and just about that time
a cop pulled out and started flagging him down.

“John was some kind of pissed that I had flashed that
k*d. But he got the message. It was spend more time
with me or get used to spending a lot of time alone.”

“Oh my god, that’s so hot…” Ginger said.

“What, flashing the kids in the truck?”

“Yeah, I can’t believe you did that.”

“You should do it the next time you are in the car
with Ben. Teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget!”

“I may have to.”

It was silent in the car for a couple of minutes
except for the music that was playing. It was some
sappy country song that was all they could pick up in
this part of north Florida.

“I want to do it.” She said. “I want to flash

“You mean right now?” Kathy asked.

“Yes, right here, right now! I mean what kind of harm
can it cause? For some reason I just really want to
feel sexy right now. How about it, the next guy we
pass I flash.”

“It’s okay by me. How are you going to do it?”

Ginger thought about that for a second and made up her
mind. The beautiful, slender blond was wearing a light
weight cotton blouse with a red bra underneath it.
Quickly she unbuttoned the blouse and shrugged it off.
Then she reached behind her to unhook her bra. It
wasn’t fancy, but it fit her 34 Cs perfectly, and
accented her natural curves.

When the bra was unfastened her breasts stayed up firm
and high. She had had them enhanced a few years ago.
Her light pink nipples started to harden instantly in
the cool, conditioned air of the car. She covered them
up for just a moment with her hands and looked at her
friend for encouragement.

What she found there surprised her. Kathy, driving the
car, had taken her eyes off of the road and was
staring at Ginger’s chest. It wasn’t in the way she
would expect her best friend to be looking at her.
There was just the slightest hint of lust in her eyes.
It sent an electric shiver all the way through
Ginger’s body. That moment was flash burned into her
memory, and she felt the beginnings of her arousal
start to build.

“I’m going to do this,” She said to Kathy. Kathy
looked back at the road. Ginger shrugged her way back
into the loose sleeveless white blouse. She buttoned
it up, but not nearly as far as last time. The bumping
motion of the car on the road made her nipples rub
lightly against the soft fabric. She looked down, but
the material was too thick to see through. “I’m going
to do this,” she said. This time it was more to

She stuffed the red bra in the glove box and tried not
to look at her friend. She could feel a flush
spreading against the fair skin of her neck and
cheeks. She was blushing and she didn’t know if it was
because she was embarrassed, or if it was because she
could not remember the last time she was this turned

While they waited for the next car to pass them on the
road, she folded her slightly trembling hands in her
lap and tried to keep them still. She could feel her
too fast heart beat keeping time. Everything has
slowed down in a surreal way.

Then Kathy burst out in laughter, and when she saw
why, her stomach flipped. The next car had a family in
it; mother, two sons and a father behind the wheel.
She had vowed to flash the next car that passed them
and here she was, about to flash a whole family!

Yes, she was feeling nervous, but at the same time it
was exciting her. She took another look at the car
through the side view mirror. The father looked bored.
Mom was leaning her head against the side window and
appeared to be dosing. The two boys in the back seat
looked like they were both absorbed in their video
games. So, the only one that would really see her was
the dad. This could work.

Kathy started releasing the gas pedal a little at a
time so their speed was slowing but not noticeably.
They were in the fast lane, but there weren’t a lot of
other cars on the road. The Family SUV began to catch
up with them and was about to overtake them. With a
few deep breaths Ginger unbuttoned another two buttons
on her blouse and made sure it would open wide enough
for her needs. Her nipples were almost painfully hard,
and her breath was catching in a ragged stream.

“Here they come,” Kathy said. “Get ready.”

Ginger turned half way around in the seat and knelt on
it so her chest was above the level of the window
sill. Just as the car pulled even with them, and the
father casually looked her way to see who was in the
car next to him, she ripped open her blouse. But
that’s not all. She wanted to make an impression. So
she started pinching and pulling her tits. Partly to
turn him on, partly because she couldn’t stand it;
they were begging to be touched. This whole scenario
was only making her hotter and hotter.

Just when she was really getting into it she heard
another bark of laughter form Kathy who started
slamming the horn. Everyone in the car heard it and
looked in their direction. Suddenly instead of one
wide eyed man looking at her she had four people,
including his wife and their two teenage boys.
Everyone was watching her tweak her nipples with a
vacant look of desire on her face. Then everyone

The father started yelling at his wife that it was all
a big misunderstanding, the mother was screaming at
him, or her. She didn’t know which. Both of the boys
in the back had their eyes GLUED to her. The SUV was
swerving and she was ducking down in her seat trying
to cover herself up again. Kathy was laughing at her
like a lunatic and she felt more embarrassed than she
ever had in her life.

But she also felt really turned on.

Kathy slammed the accelerator and they sped past the
lumbering SUV and down the road. Now both of them were
laughing and having a good time.

“Felt good, right?” Kathy asked.

“Oh god it felt good,” she said, still slumped down in
the seat of the car.

“When I did it I was wet for day after! It was all I
could do to keep from fingering myself in the car. I
bet it turned you on too.” she joked and then reached
down and started tickling Ginger. First under the arm
and then when she flinched away down her stomach.

“Stop it,” Ginger protested.

Before she did, Kathy’s hand ventured a little too far
down and touched the crotch of Ginger’s matching white
shorts. Maybe it was intentional, maybe it wasn’t but
it took Ginger completely off guard. Her breath caught
and her whole back arched in ecstasy. Just that one
probing touch right in the right place was almost
enough to make her come. She quickly pushed Kathy’s
hand away and tried to change the subject.

“Okay Ms. Showoff. It’s your turn!” Ginger challenged.
“If you think it’s so hot, let me see what you have.

“Gladly. Just switch places with me!”

The road was mostly empty on this Friday morning so
they didn’t feel the need to pull over. What followed
was a complicated struggle of Kathy sliding under
Ginger as the two of them traded places in the car. As
their two bodies slid over one another from left to
right, and they groped for hand holds to move them
faster into position there seemed to be a lot of extra
touching going on.

At one point, when they were almost over, Ginger
reached to her right and her hand slipped completely
inside of the striped halter shirt that Kathy was
wearing. It was a clumsy move, and completely
unintentional, but for just a second she found herself
holding her best friend’s breast.

“That’s it,” Kathy said. “Just grab hold of it if you
want it.”

Ginger yanked her hand back, embarrassed. In another
moment they had finished the cross over and both of
them were settling into their new positions.

Without another word Kathy reached back behind her
neck and pulled the place where the halter tied over
her head from back to front. Her breasts were much
larger than her friend’s, but they also sagged more
and releasing them from their confinement showed their
weight as they settled. Her nipples were hard and
dark, and both of the women knew it wasn’t just from
the cold air.

“So how am I going to top you?” Kathy Asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well I can’t just show my tits to the next car that
passes by,” she said. She had completely removed her
shirt and was sitting in the passenger’s side without
any attempt to cover up. Her heavy breasts bounced
softly as the car vibrated down the road. Ginger found
it harder and harder to keep her eyes off her friend.
She made a concerted effort to watch the road. “That’s
what you did. If it’s my turn, I have to outdo you,

“I guess,” Ginger replied.

“So what am I going to do?”

“Are you looking for me to dare you to do something?”

“That’s it!” Kathy said. “Dare me. We’ll make a game
of it.”

“Alright, okay. We’ll make a game of it.” Ginger
thought for a long moment and couldn’t help but feel a
little envious of the size of her friend’s breasts.
“The next car that comes by, I want you to flash them,
and while you are, I want you to suck on your own

“What?!” Kathy exclaimed.

“You said you wanted a dare and you wanted to outdo
me, well that’s how you do it. I want you to suck on
your own tit when the next car comes by.”

“Okay, I’ll do it,” Kathy said a little breathlessly.
She placed her arms over her head for a moment to
stretch. Ginger watched her movements like a hawk. Her
lithe body was toned and firm. Her armpits had been
recently shaved and were clean and smooth. That made
her think of Kathy’s pussy which she claimed she
shaved clean, but Ginger had never actually seen. The
air in the car seemed to grown thicker as she was
thinking about that. She had to face the fact that she
was very turned on by this.

Ginger had never really been attracted to girls, not
in that way. But at the same time, she was a little
curious. Not that she wanted to turn lesbian or
anything, but… it may just be nice to let another
woman touch her. To feel another woman’s fingers
touching her… somewhere private…

She was startled out of her reverie by a sharp intake
of breath from the passenger’s side. She looked and
saw that an 18 wheeler was pulling even with them in
the middle lane. Kathy was breathing heavy and
shallow, and it was making her breasts rise and fall
with her chest. Her dark nipples could not have been
any harder.

Following the same procedure that Ginger had done she
knelt in the passenger’s seat and faced the window.
She was cupping her breasts.

“Honk the horn”

“What?” Ginger asked.

“Honk the horn, he doesn’t see me.”

Ginger gave the horn one good toot then another.
Suddenly the massive truck jerked slightly toward
them, but recovered quickly. Truck drivers were more
focused on driving than most people.

Kathy started by pinching and pulling her nipples,
just like Ginger had. But that wasn’t good enough for
this stretch of the bet. So she lifted her left breast
to her mouth and began tonging her nipple. After a
moment or two she took it into her mouth and sucked on

Even from the driver’s seat Ginger could see the truck
driver transfixed on the free show he was getting. She
hazarded a glimpse at the road, not wanting to miss
her friend’s performance, but also intently trying to
stay alive.

When Kathy was done with that breast she released it
from captivity and went on to her right one. She
repeated the same process of licking and then sucking
on her tit. Whether it was part of the show or not,
Ginger saw Kathy’s hand dip between her legs for just
a moment. That seemed to startle her out of the act.
She scooted down on the seat and hid her face.

“Go, just go!” She said. She was giggling and hiding
her face against the door of the car.

Ginger slammed on the accelerator and they easily over
took the slow moving truck. In a few minutes they were
down the highway and he was no longer even in sight.

“Oh, my god!” Kathy said. “I think I got a little
carried away there.”

“I’ll say. It was really hot though.” Ginger’s heart
was beating just a little too fast. Her skin felt
flushed and she just knew that if she took off her
panties right now they would be soaked. She had no
doubt that Kathy was feeling the same way.

By bits and pieces Kathy seemed to recover until she
was sitting up fully in her seat. Her skin was still
flushed and she had a somewhat distant look in her

“So I guess it’s your turn,” Kathy said with an evil

“I guess it is,” she replied uneasily. Kathy could
have a down right evil side to her when it came to
things like this. She liked to push boundaries. Just
when Kathy was about to open her mouth and say
something she was saved by the bell. “There’s the exit
for the hotel.”

Ginger turned quickly and got off the interstate. Now
that they were on surface roads there were a lot more
opportunities for someone to see into the car so Kathy
hurried up and put her stripped halter top back on.

The hotel was a luxury resort right on the beach and
they had no trouble finding it. It was the kind of
place that had a spa and clothing shops built into it.
The service was excellent and the prices were high,
but they could afford it this weekend.

They checked in, and waited for a bell hop to come get
their bags and show them to their room. While they
were waiting Kathy started grinning and Ginger felt
trouble on the way.

“It’s your turn, right?” she asked.

“We’re not playing anymore. That was a road game.”

“Oh, we’re still playing all right. And it’s your
turn.” Kathy said.

“Hey, I didn’t agree to that. On the road was fun but
here is different. It’s much more up-close and

“That’s the point,” she said. “The whole point is to
outdo one another. So here’s what you are going to do.
I want you to flash the bellhop in the elevator.”

“What? I can’t do that.”

“Sure you can. Unbutton that little white blouse of
yours and tie it at the bottom so it gaps at the top.
Then stand on the side of him in the elevator. He will
be able to see your breast. I dare you!”

“Okay,” Ginger said, almost without thinking about it.
In fact she had opened her mouth to say no, but she
said yes instead. She ducked into a ladies room in the
lobby and locked the door. She was breathing hard
again, her excitement building.

She still wasn’t wearing a bra. She took off her white
sleeveless blouse and looked in the mirror. Her
breasts had never been very large, but they were
always wonderfully shaped with just the right upturn
to her soft pink nipples. Of course they weren’t that
soft right now.

She gave them a little squeeze, and it felt so good
she pinched the nipples a bit. A couple of years ago
she had made the decision to have them enhanced. Sure
they still weren’t as large as Kathy’s, but they had
always been shaped better.

Hurriedly she shrugged back into her blouse and tied
the tails together in front. It took a few tries to
get it just right, but in the end it gapped open at
the top. From the front it looked like an ordinary
shirt. But if you were standing close to her and to
the side you could see right down her top to her
nipples. She smiled at the work and left the bathroom.

“Okay, I’m ready” Ginger said. She turned to the side,
first one way, and then the other for Kathy to see.

“You sure are,” she said. “And just in time.”

Right then a young Hispanic man about 22 came up to
take their bags. He was about 10 years younger than
the girls, but it didn’t matter. They were smoking hot
and they knew it. Ginger entered the elevator first so
she was standing at the back. The porter followed her
in and stood facing the doors. Kathy came in last and
stood in the front.

When the doors closed Ginger asked “Excuse me, is the
pool opened?” She said lamely.

The young man turned to look at her, but never got the
reply out. As soon as he looked over he was greeted by
a front row view of the pretty blonde’s breasts,
completely exposed from his angle. His mouth hung open

“Excuse me, I asked if the pool is open?” She repeated
kindly in a motherly tone.

“Uhhh, yes ma’am. The pool is definitely open.” He
still had not broken his stare.

Just at that time Kathy turned around and said “Do you
see something there that you like?”

That snapped him out of his stupor and he looked back
at the front of the car. “Oh, yes ma’am. I mean no
ma’am. I mean I wasn’t looking at anything.”

Kathy turned back to the front and tried to hold back
her giggles. The young porter’s face could not have
been any redder. Ginger closed her shirt a little, but
mainly she just felt alive; alive for the first time
in a long time.

Their room was a suite. It was two master bedrooms,
with their own bathrooms, and connected by a living
room and a small kitchenette. It was done in
traditional pinks and tans of a nice hotel in Florida.
A little garish, but it was fine for short term. The
porter was tipped (again) and the girls had the room
to themselves.

“That was wild!’ Ginger said.

“I know, that guy couldn’t keep his eyes off of you.
And why should he?” With that she walked up to her
friend and arranged her blouse so that it gapped open
again. “Damn, hot! So, how about a drink?”

“Sure, but here in the room or down at the bar.”

“Both, but here in the room first. Then we can take a
little nap. Bar later. How does that sound?”

“Okay,” Ginger said. She went over to the phone and
called for room service. “Can you bring up two frozen
margaritas?” she asked politely.

“With tequila shots on the side,” Kathy suggested to

“And can you bring 4 tequila shots also? Great,
thanks.” Ginger hung up the phone and turned to Kathy.
“Hey, guess what,” she said.


“It’s your turn!”

“Oh, okay. Now that’s it’s my turn you are eager to
continue the game. Just remember that if I take
another turn you have to too.”

“That’s okay; I have something really good for you.”

“Oh do tell…” Kathy said.

“Well, you know how you’re always telling me that you
completely shave your… well down there?”

“Yes…” Kathy said hesitantly.

“Well, I dare you to go put on a long shirt and
nothing else. When the waiter comes with the drinks
you have to find a way to let him see. Either raise
your arms up, or turn around and bend over to pick
something up. But you have to let him see your shave
job. Unless of course… you’re chicken.”

“Oh, bitch don’t even start with me. I’ll take this
much further than you will and you know it. If you
really want me to do this, you better prepare for the

“I dare you,” Ginger said.

“Okay, I’m going to go change now.”

They both went to their separate rooms. Ginger was
really worried about what Kathy would ask her to do
next. She could feel her anxiety, but more than that
she felt excited. When she was on the elevator
something had snapped in her. It wasn’t Kathy pushing
her into the game anymore; she wanted to be in the
game. Not only was she turned on by it all, but she
felt younger and alive and wasn’t feeling burdened by
a house note or a job… or even a husband. That
thought was scary. But it was also exciting.

She decided that she wanted to be comfortable but sexy
also. She fished in her bag for her little black
bikini. She had ordered it online and it was small.
There wasn’t enough fabric on the whole thing to make
a decent lamp shade. She wanted it to turn john on,
but maybe she could use it to turn on someone else.
Maybe that would be more fun.

She started by taking all of her clothes off in the
bathroom. Predictably her panties were soaked. She
briefly considered masturbating, but she wanted to let
her desire build. Who knew what was coming later in
the day.

The little black bikini had spaghetti straps. A small,
narrow strip of material ran between her legs and it
tied on both hips. Only a slender string ran between
the cheeks of her ass. The top was another adventure.
The shapes of the cups were nice, and accented her
curves, but there was not a lot of material there.

The real change for her is that the bikini was
unlined. There was no protective layer of padding
under the cloth to hide the shape of her nipples,
especially when it was wet. Even in the dry bathroom
the shape of her nipples were clearly visible through
the material. She tied it low to make more of her
cleavage visible. She realized quickly that she would
have to constantly monitor the small top or else her
nipples would be showing.

Looking at the effect in the mirror it was truly a
scandalously small bikini. She loved it!

When she came out of her large room and into the
sitting room Kathy was already there. Of course she
was, she had a lot less to put on. She was standing in
front of the picture window, staring at the beach down

All she was wearing was a white tee that stopped just
below her ample ass. It looked like an older shirt,
large and comfortable but also a little thread bare in
places. Her bare legs were nothing short of gorgeous,
all the way from the floor to where they disappeared
under the shirt. Both girls worked out a lot, but one
of Kathy’s best features was her thighs, hard and

When she heard Ginger enter the room she turned
around, looking a little embarrassed. She pulled at
the bottoms of the loose shirt, but even then it only
reached an inch or two below her crotch. It was
obvious from all the way across the room that she was
not wearing any panties. Nothing would be small enough
to fit under there and not be seen.

“Are you sure you want me to do this? You know what
this means for you?” Kathy asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. He should be here in about five
minutes. How are you going to do it?”

“Well, I thought I would drop his tip on the ground
right in front of me. When he bent over to get it, he
would be able to see right up the bottom of the shirt.
He would only be inches away.”

“Wow, that’s really hot. A perfect stranger’s face
only inches away from your bare vag. Are you sure you
are up for it?”

“Yeah, but you better not flake out on me when it’s
your turn.”

“I’m done flaking out,” Ginger said. “Now let me see.”

“Let you see what?”

“Let me see it! You are always telling me how shaved
it is, I want to see. Come here”. Ginger sat down
cross legged on the sofa. It was low to the ground.
When Kathy crossed the room to stand in front of her
it gave her an eye level view of her puss.

Without waiting to be asked Ginger reached up and
pulled her friend’s shirt up a few inches. All she
could do was stare. It was GORGEOUS! She had never
seen another woman’s pussy like this before.

It was shaved as bare as any baby’s butt. Kathy was
obviously very turned on. Her scent was almost
overpowering. Ginger felt her mouth water at the
possibilities. Kathy’s lips were full and she just
knew that if she touched her, her fingers would slip
right into to her moist pussy. Her heart was racing.
Her b***d was boiling.

“Look,” Kathy said. “Completely shaved.” With that she
reached a hand down and pulled her lips up and open
with two fingers. There was not a trace of a hair or
stubble anywhere.

Just then there was a knock at the door. It startled
both girls out of their trance. Ginger dropped the
shirt and leaned back in the couch and looked away
from her friend. Kathy smoothed the front of her shirt
and took several deep breaths. She crossed the room to
answer the door.

As soon as Kathy had turned her back, Ginger’s hand
darted between her legs. The fingers of her right hand
deftly found the tiny top of her bikini bottoms and
slipped into them. She was beyond wet. She was soaking
through the fabric of her tiny bottoms. Her breath
caught when her index finger touched her clit. It was
hard and swollen and nothing had ever felt so good in
her life. She ventured lower and slipped a finger
inside of herself, as deep as she could go. But just
as fast as it had started, Kathy had made it all the
way to the door. She quickly pulled her hand out from
between her legs and tried to look casual. She wanted
to see the show. Her index finger left a sticky trail
up her stomach.

At the door there was a second knock and Kathy
answered it. The waiter was standing behind a silver
cart that contained the drinks they had ordered. Two
frozen margaritas and four generous shot glasses of
tequila. He was an older man, maybe around 60 and his
name tag said “Nick”.

To his credit he had a lot more composure than the
young man in the elevator had. He looked at the
beautiful blond woman at the door and never broke his
smile, even though his eyes did course up and down her
lithe body, drinking every bit of her in.

After making the appropriate greetings he pushed the
cart into the room and fumbled a bit waiting for a
tip. Kathy went to hand it to him, and just before it
touched his hand she dropped it.

“Oopsie,” she singsonged.

“No problem, ma’am. I’ll get it.” He said. He was a
man used to hard work all his life and instead of
bending at the waist he squatted down on his haunches.
He picked up the dropped bill and started back up,
when he froze. He had a perfectly clear view up her
shirt at her perfectly shaved and wet pussy. Her smell
must have been intoxicating at that distance.

As casually as she possibly could she took half a step
to the side, but only with her right foot making her
legs spread.

“Did you get it?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am,” He said but it was another long moment
before he stood up. He was a smart guy. He knew that
no woman does something like this by accident. If he
was seeing this, she wanted him to see it. And he was
not going to pass up the opportunity. Slowly he rose
and he looked her right in the eyes before he said
“Thank you, it’s been a long day.”

“Well, it’s my pleasure, Nick” Kathy said.

When he turned to go, he was sporting a giant erection
in his maroon waiter’s pants. The pants were fairly
loose, like he had purchased them a size too large on
purpose. Still his cock was straining against the
material to be free. He was huge.

Reluctantly he left the room, closing the door behind

“I wonder where he is going” Ginger asked.

“He’s either going to beat off in the bathroom or fuck
one of the maids in the storage closet,” Kathy
replied. They both laughed at that, and that helped to
break some of the sexual tension in both of them.
After all this was supposed to be fun, and honestly
Ginger didn’t want this to go too far. At least not

“Shots!” Ginger exclaimed.

“Shots,” Kathy agreed. She handed one to Ginger and
took one for herself. She held her glass up and said,
“To The Game!”

“To The Game!” Ginger agreed.

They did the first one, and then the second. Then each
took their margaritas to go sit next to each other on
the couch. Kathy had not bothered to change after
their run in with Waiter Nick. When she sat the shirt
pulled up to her navel.

“Hey Ginger, guess what?”


“It’s your turn,” she said with evil in her smile.

To be continued?

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