Two couples head off to the USA for a holiday

Two couples head off to the USA for a holiday of a
lifetime and to fulfill a promise where the two girls
split off and call to get some pictures of the NY
Firemen and give a donation. Things soon get hot and
steamy as they slide down fireman’s poles and get
their mouths around some thick hoses. (FFM, bi, oral,
anal, size, orgy)


Day One: Lissy and Pam…

“You go first.”

“No, you.”

“Pam you’re such a wuss.”

Taking a deep breath and being the elder I braved it
and knocked on the door. There was silence.

“You think they are out on a job?”

“No they can’t be, you think this is the right door

The big fire doors were tight shut and obviously there
was no way in so we moved around to the side and there
on the window of a door was a T-shirt that said 911.

“You think this is the one?”

“Well you try it this time Pam.”

“I will, don’t push me.”

Pam’s knock wouldn’t have woken a mouse so I knocked

“Well this was a waste of time.”

“This is not for us remember, this is for your sister
Janet, she wants a pic of NY Firemen as payment for
you taking her place, so try again.”

“If Tom could see me now he would flip.”

“Don’t worry we are safe here I am sure, besides Tom
and Jerry will be flying around the Statue of Liberty
about now having the time of their lives.”

“I’ll give it one more try, then we’ll go, OK?”

“OK, it’s just that my feet are killing me and it’s a
long walk to that Taxi rank, and we still have to go
past all them basketball players.”

“Well if you don’t want men ogling after you then
don’t wear such short skirts.”

Pam huffed and knocked on the door. We were about to
turn and leave when the door opened. Wow, sorry but he
is just a dreamboat. Leaning on the door jam and
ducking his head under it was this absolutely gorgeous
guy. Dark hair and tanned with his yellow leggings on
that were held up with red braces. Oh and his chest
was just to die for, all ripped and bulging.

I looked at Pam and she looked at me and we both
giggled like little girls as he asked, “Hi ladies, how
may I help you?”

Oh god even his voice was sexy, there is something
about that New York accent that dose it for me and
this guy did it for me in sack loads.

I felt myself colouring up just looking at him.

“We, erm, the, erm…”

Pam could not get her words out and who could blame
her looking at this gorgeous bloke so I took over.

“It’s a bit embarrassing really, we are from the UK
and her sister who got hit by a car just before we
were to set off asked if we could get some pictures of
some big beefy guys in uniform and definitely get
those hunky NY Firemen to make her feel better.”

I was sure I was turning bright red as a huge bright
smile crept across his face.

“What it is, is that the Chief at the NYPD said you
were the nearest and that you might be asleep, but if
we offered a donation then you would be ok with being
woken up.”

I just wanted to hide behind Pam as I said the words,
but that would be pointless as she is shorter than me.

“Yea sure ladies, come on inside, I’ll get the chief.”

The place was not as big as I thought it would be, but
there were two fire engines there and I was lost
looking around when Pam pulled out her camera and
nudged me as she took a picture of the Fireman’s Poll.

“Stop it, you need to ask for permission to take
pictures, you’ll get us kicked out”

Pam looked crestfallen and stuck her tongue out at me,
that’s when we heard some footsteps. Six hunky firemen
came walking down the stairs following this older guy
with grey hair. He was tall and had a bright smile as
he offered me his hand. I took it and watched as his
huge hand just enveloped mine.

“I am Chief Walder, how can I help you two ladies.”

I gave a little curtsy not really knowing how to go
about this, my heart was really pumping fast as I
looked at all these big hunky guys smiling at us. I
was almost lost for words myself.

“Pam’s sister should have been with us, but she got
run over by a drunk. She asked if we could get some
photos of some NY Firemen for her. Oh and we have 200
Dollars to give as a donation.”

He gave a little whistle as Pam offered him the cash.

“That’s real nice of you ladies, I am sure the lads
would be more than willing to pose for a few

He pushed the guys back and made them get in a line. I
have to admit it, that looking at these six extra
hunky firemen all half-dressed. The youngest of which
was still in his boxers, he was defiantly not short in
the hose department, if it was an inch longer it would
be hanging out. My hands were literally shaking as I
took the pictures and Pam could not stop smiling at

The chief offered to take some pictures of us posing
with the firemen, they then plopped a huge fireman’s
hats on both our head and soon had us laughing. Me
being the brunt of the humour as with one of my blonde
moments and feeling like an idiot as I had put mine on
back to front, how was I to know the peak goes at the
back. I then got next to this huge guy with a massive
barrel chest; I could feel the heat from him against
my back along with the hardness of his muscles as I
leaned against him. Oh it was so nice.

Pam got the young fireman to put his arms around her
so I snuggled into this big guy. We took a few
pictures then the big guy, Stan was his name, picked
me up with ease, and I put my arm around his thick
bull neck. Oh he was so gorgeous, with thick lips and
a bright smile. I felt like a stupid grinning c***d in
his huge arms.

Then without warning he spun me around so my legs were
around his hips or more to the point hanging off his
hips as he was that wide. I leaned back as he held me
with one arm on my lower back and the other on my
thigh. I just clung to his thick neck and held on to
my hat.

Saying I was in heaven at this point would be an
understatement, but that was not all of it as this
another hunk got up behind me and put his huge hands
on my ass. Janet would be so peeved at these pictures
I thought; I could just see her now in court trying to
explain why she was upping her claim.

Pam on the other hand was sitting facing this young
fireman on a bench, her skirt was right up showing off
her long legs. So not to be out done I dropped my hat
and leaned back and kiss the hunky fireman behind me
while Stan held me tight. Oh them lips, they were so
soft and hot and the look in his deep sapphire blue
eyes as I did it, I will never forget.

That’s when I lost it as I saw Pam kissing this young
guy, not just kissing him but almost eating him. So I
turned back to Stan and kissed him. My poor pussy was
twitching at this point and my heart was pumping like
mad. No, really I am not like this, yes I flirt with
guys when I’m out with the girls, but nothing like
this. This was something else and I was so excited and
yet so scared at the same time. Let’s face it girls,
six half-dressed hunky firemen, what red bloodied girl
would not have wet knickers at this point.

Stan was so soft with his kisses I could hardly feel
him so I kissed him harder and was rewarded by his
tongue entering my mouth. I think I came at that point
as I moaned into his mouth with my belly turning

He let my legs slowly drop to the floor and he bent
down with me as my feet finally touched the floor. I
thought at first that was it, but he broke the kiss
and pulled me too him. I could feel his chest heaving
and the hardness of his muscles against my face. I
just could not help myself as I bit into his chest,
not once but several times and then down his abs as he
pushed me lower.

I found myself on my knees as Stan wrapped his arms
under his braces and they fell lose. I was scared out
of my wits as I kind of knew what was coming, but the
excitement between my legs was driving me on. He
inched his yellow leggings down as he smiled at me.
First I saw was his curly pubes and then the thick
root of his shaft came into view. Then oh my God, I
think my pussy just exploded in my knickers. This big,
no huge cock sprang out at me, I mean huge by massive,
long and thick with enormous thick veins running over
it with fat head on the end the size of an apple.

Jerry my man, he is average build with an average cock
and no he was not the only cock I have had the
pleasure of serving. Just that never in my life have I
seen a cock this big and I have been to a fare few
strip shows in my time. I even managed to get my mouth
around one when the stripper put his cloak over me.
Still that was nothing compared to this, it was
frightening in its size. But I wanted it, my cunt
wanted it, I was almost salivating as I gripped it in
both hands and pushed as much of the salty head into
my mouth as I could.

I licked it, sucked it, pushed my tongue into the eye
and basically worshiped it. When I looked up to see
Stan grinning down at me he gripped my hair and
started to fuck my mouth. It was then I felt large
hands on my boobs and my blouse being pulled open, I
did not even care as I felt a few buttons pop. Then it
was being pulled off me and my bra was soon to follow
as then two hot rough hands gripped my tits.

I came again as my tits were squeezed tight and my
nipples almost pulled from my chest by the hunk behind
me as his soft kisses trailed up my neck to nibble at
my ear. Then the hands moved lower, I spread my legs
as these hands wandered up the inside of my thighs.
Then like a wave of intense heat a climax washed over
me as they made contact with my upper thigh where my
stockings ended.

My quim was all of a quiver his hand covered my crotch
and circled a finger around my lips slowly opening
them up. The thin material of my knickers did little
to dull the sensations of the probing fingers.

I must have come at least three times on his hand
before he slipped a finger inside to slide up and down
my clit.

“Oh shit!” I cried out as his fat finger found my
opening and teased me like mad as he circled it before
he pushed it into me. Instantly my cunt griped it as
it so desperately wanted to feel the fat finger deep
inside, but the twat just teased me with the tip, just
going in and out of the entrance. I was squirming on
his hand as I sucked this fat cock as fast and hard as
I could.

I have never been a wanton woman, yet again I have
never been a woman that could climax without a lot of
stimulation. Yet here I was cumming at the slightest
touch, I just had to have it, my cunt was screaming
for it. I looked up at Stan and begged him.

“Please fuck me.”

I could not believe my own words as it is usually me
that has the man so steamed up her is gagging for it,
yet now every fibre of my being wanted a good fucking
more than anything.

I pushed Stan away and leaned back to almost rip my
skirt and knickers off. That’s when I saw Pam, she was
leaning forward over the young guys chest crying out,
“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Over and over as she bounced on the guys cock. I had a
clear view of this thick fat cock sliding in and out
of her tight neatly trimmed cunt lathered in her cum
as she impaled herself on it. I only managed a quick
view as I saw another fireman walk to her head and
pull her open mouth onto his hard cock when Stan
stepped out of his pants.

His cock looked fucking huge and his thick thighs
looked so God dam sexy as he got down between my legs.

His huge hands opened my legs wider and pushed them up
higher. Looking up at his very well-muscled body
leaning over me had cumming again. Then it hit me like
a freight train as he buried his tongue between my
legs. I screamed as I have never in my life experience
so much pleasure, I screamed until I couldn’t scream
any more leaving me gasping and breathless as his
tongue found my clit sending wave after wave of orgasm
through me. I was literally a quivering heap when he
pushed his tongue into my cunt. I thought my head was
going to explode, I think I almost passed out as my
every nerve was tingling with pleasure.

His face was awash with my cum as he got up grinning
taking a firm grip on his cock. I have never had a
cock that size inside me but there was no fear in me
just a new wanton slut as he pushed it against the
opening of my cunt. To be honest it felt like a
baseball bat was being pushed into me, it hurt and it
hurt some more, still there was no way I was going to
stop now, my cunt wanted a hard cock to fill me and
this cock was sure stretching me to my limits.

I had to stop him from going to deep too quick so I
put my hand on his hard chest to stop him. Stan was
good he paused for a moment then pulled back slightly
to try again. I stopped him a few more times and then
with my legs almost doing the splits to accommodate
his wide hips he pushed up against me.

I have never felt so full in my life, it is an amazing
feeling being filled with this much hard cock and my
cunt loved it as it came time and again without him
even moving.

Then he was fucking me with long deep slow strokes, I
think I orgasmed each time he moved inside me as waves
of pleasure swept over me, then I was screaming out my
climax as he picked up the pace and literally fucked
me into to the cold red painted floor.

His strong hips crashed against me and his heavy balls
pushed up tight against my ass. I could even feel
every thick vein sliding in and out of me when he
started to gasp and pull my hips hard onto him. Then
with a grunt he ground his thick cock into me and shot
his load. I was in total orgasm land, lost in the
cascading waves of my own climax feeling his hot cum
fill me up.

I risked opening my eyes as I slowly came down to see
Stan grinning at me. Then cruelly he snatched his cock
out of me leaving me feeling totally empty.

I would not feel empty for long I thought as Stan
moved out of the way and another fireman with his long
cock bouncing got down between my legs. His cock slid
deep into me and I wrapped my legs aground him as I
pulled him down onto me for a kiss. His hot tongue
invaded my eager mouth and his hard rampant cock was
rammed deep into me. I was instantly cumming again as
his hard chest rubbed against my tits and strong hips
thrashed his cock in and out of me.

I was being fucked like a steam train; I could hear my
own voice echoing around the Firehouse as I cried out
with each thrust. I found myself biting his shoulders
and clawing at his back as he hammered into me, then I
was being flipped over onto my knees and rammed from
behind. Feeling his hard thighs slam up against me had
me creaming around his piston of a cock.

I could see Pam on her back almost bent double and
this fireman crouched over her fucking down into her
with his cock. It took me a moment to realise that he
was fucking her ass. His long cock was almost pulling
all the way out only to slam back into her. Pam was
holding onto his neck with such an intense look in her
eyes as she stared at him open mouthed.

Then my vision was blocked and all I could see was a
long heavy cock pointing at my face. I dived onto it
and sucked it to the back of my throat and then with a
shove it was down. I gagged as I have never done this
before and it felt sore as my throat opened up to
accommodate it. Then I was licking at his balls with
this cock jammed into my gullet. I felt so dam horny
at that moment I would have done anything just to get
more cock into me.

Then the cock in my cunt was being rammed into me at
light speed and the hands gripping my hips dug their
fingers in as the cock inside me throbbed spilling its
seed as it came. I came right along with it, moaning
around the cock fucking my throat as each jet of hot
cum burned deep inside me.

Then the cock in my throat started to swell and a hand
pulled me hard onto him. I reached around and gripped
his firm ass and pulled myself onto him even tighter
as he came deep in my throat.

No sooner had he stopped cumming then I was left to
gasp for air alone feeling the cold air around me from
my sweat as I gasped for breath.

The gap did not last long as I was pulled around like
a rag doll and lifted onto the young fireman’s cock.
He lay there under me grinning as I gripped his poll
and eased myself down onto him. Then he was in and
almost lifting me from the floor as he thrust up into
me. His chest was all ripped and tense and his entire
abs were standing out as I raked my nails down his
body. I came and came again on this wonderful ridged
fireman’s poll.

Through bleary eyes I looked up to see Stan with his
legs spread wide leaning right over Pam as he fuck his
huge cock into her ass. He would pull back and then
ram into her tensing his ass as he f****d his cock
into her. His wide muscled back was covered in sweat
as he crushed his huge frame down onto small Pam who
was screaming at the top of her lungs.

I was more than sure she was in pain, but I was lost
to my own world of pleasure as I watched this huge
cock slowly worked into her deeper, until I could see
his swinging heavy balls slap up against her and she
was clawing at his sides screaming to be fucked

The young fireman gripped my tits and almost screwed
them off my chest as he lifted me off the ground and
shot his load deep into me. With his last shot and me
screaming my own orgasm he slammed up into me and sent
me flying forward. I was looking over him as I felt a
torrent of cum flood out of my cunt over his cock. I
looked up to see Stan’s ass only inches from my face
and I could not resist biting those hard ass muscles
and sliding my tongue over them ridged globes and down
his thick legs.

I felt another cock nudge at my cunt and I pushed back
taking it all the way into me. The cock’s owner
slammed into me almost sending me crashing into Stan’s
ass so I slammed back and literally fucked myself
senseless on the ridged meat burying it deep into my

Stan pulled out of Pam’s ass and spun around to feed
me his cock as he shot his hot load over my face.
Copious amounts were jetted over my face and I tried
to catch it in my mouth only to have the thick head
pushed to the back of my throat. It tasted of ass but
I was lost to lust and just did not care as I sucked
the last of the juices from his throbbing thick meat.

Then he was gone and another gorgeous ass was pumping
into Pam; this time the fireman had her bent double
and was pounding his cock into her mouth trapping her
legs. Then he pulled out to slam it into her cunt and
then after a short time slammed it into her ass. He
was swapping from mouth to cunt to ass over and over.
Pam, she loved it as she squealed and came on his cock
as she slapped at the hard floor in her throws of

Then I was cumming again as the cock buried deep
inside me erupted. I watched the guy fucking Pam pull
out and shoot his load over her ass and cunt.

I could not resist myself, I have never been gay or
any inklings of being a lesbian; I just did it. I
dived forward and licked at the cum covering Pam’s
cunt and ass. I licked at her clit and buried my
tongue in her cunt and then f****d it into her ass
hearing her squeal.

I moved around and squatted over Pam’s face and pushed
down and watched as copious amounts of cum flooded
over her. She seemed not to care as she stuck out her
tongue and licked at my swollen clit. It felt so got
dam nice so I pushed my cunt into her face and her
tongue slid up inside me. She had a long tongue and as
it moved around inside me I came on her face.

Looking down at her gaping cunt and swollen cunt lips
I licked her clit slowly at first than with more
gusto. Soon she was kicking her feet so I had to hold
her tighter as I viciously attacked it while she cried
out with a mouth full of my muff. I slammed three
fingers into her cunt and she was screaming as I drove
them deep into the soft wet warmth of her pussy. I
moved them around and pushed at her cervix then moving
back found her ‘G’ spot and vibrated it with my

Pam was screaming at me as her cunt creamed at my
attentions. Then a cock was pushed at my face, I
sucked at it then gripping the long shaft fed it into
Pam’s cunt. It soon got slick with her juices and I
could feel the thick veins as the shaft slid through
my hands. This looked so fucking horny seeing this
thick cock right up close driving into Pam’s cunt that
it sent me over the edge to another orgasm as I rubbed
my cunt all over her face.

My ass was then lifted up and a nice hard cock was
pushed into my aching cunt, swallowing it whole.

I was lost on planet lust as I licked at Pam’s clit
and took the cock into my mouth as it was offered to
me even if it was covered in her cunt or ass juices. I
was having a permanent orgasm with Pam clawing and
pulled at my tits while biting at my inner thighs and
this oh so lovely cock was being rammed into me.

I was on cloud nine when the alarm bell rang and in a
heated rush I was fucked senseless from both ends. One
cock slamming hard into my cunt and another ramming
hard down my throat. They both came at the same time
pulling out and shooting their hot cum all over me.

Then they were gone and we collapsed holding each
other tight. The firemen were dressed in seconds and
the huge doors opened and they were gone. The engine
shot off sirens blaring and we were left lying on the
cold floor looking at the dark empty street.

We both got to our knees laughing and holding onto
each other when the Chief stepped in front of us
holding our clothes.

I looked at Pam and she looked at me and we made a
grab for him. He gave us a little fight as we wrestled
him to the floor and I got his cock out. It was a nice
thick cock and both Pam and I dived on it sucking it
hard. Then I got over his face and pushed my pussy on
to his mouth while I held his hard cock stiffly
upwards for Pam to sit on.

Soon I was cumming and so was Pam as she bit down hard
on my nipple. Then we were kissing and I was crushing
her tits as we gave our bodies over to lust. We
swapped around a few times and then both of us took it
in turns to suck him off. That’s when I noticed my
wedding ring and the slight twang of guild washed over
me. I dismissed it as Pam’s fingers found my clit and
I pushed two fingers into her ass.

When the Chief came he shot his cum over our faces and
took some pictures as we licked and kissed each other

We both wanted more, but he insisted it was time for
us to leave, he did however offer for us to call in
any time we wanted and would happily take our

Going back to the hotel in the taxi was a nightmare I
was covered in cum and my cunt was sopping and sloppy
with it. Pam was the same but we did our best to tidy
ourselves up.

It was late when we got back to hotel; Tom and Jerry
had gone to bed according to the barman. Heading off
up the stairs I realised what a slut I had made of
myself today and tried to avoid looking Pam in the
eyes as we got to our floor.

“You ok?”

I looked at her as she nodded, “Yea, I am ok, I just
feel guilty is all.”

“Don’t feel guilty. I have never had so many orgasms
in my life.”

I laughed when she said that. Then she looked up at me
with them big eyes and said.

“Kiss me.”

Her words took me a back a bit as she now looked every
bit the young student she was.

“Go on kiss me.”

I looked down at her and at her red swollen lips that
where not long ago I was feeding a large fat cock. I
leaned forward a little and then a little more as she
tilted her head brushing her long hair out of the way.
Then our lips met, it felt different now, a different
kind of sensuality to it as she pushed her tongue into
my mouth. I responded and pulled her small frame tight
too me.

She then pushed her hand up my skirt; with a quick
fumble with my wet knickers she pushed me against a
wall and drove two fingers deep into me. Her hand
moved fast and soon I was weak at the knees trying to
hold back my orgasm digging my nails into her
shoulders, then a shuddering wave hit me and I almost
collapsed to the floor. Smiling she broke the kiss and
licked her fingers and winked.

“Let’s find ourselves more time to spend by alone,
what you say?”

I would never have thought that Pam was into other
women, maybe she wasn’t and it was just today’s
experience. I couldn’t guess as I looked deep into her
green eyes.

“Yea, why not? This could turn out to be a very
memorable holiday.”

I turned on shaking legs smiling as I left her and I
headed to my room, I watched her small ass wiggle as I
stood at my door holding my breath that must still
stink of cock.

I entered the room and he was out cold on his back
snoring. I was as quiet as I could be as I got
undressed and I was just about to hit the shower when
he woke up.

“Hay babes, you have a good day?”

“Yea it was a good one.”


“Yea it was a fun trip.”

I could feel my cum and the remnants of spunk
trickling down my legs as I stood there and was
dreading that he would turn the lights on and see.

“Come over here babes.”

“I am just off for a shower, I feel all sticky.”

He pushed the blankest down where his cock sprang up.

“Been dreaming about you babes, come here and ride
this monster.”

“But I need a shower babes.”

“You’ll need a shower once you have ridden this big
fella, now come on and don’t be cruel.”

I was caught between a rock and a hard place so I gave
in and dropped my clothes. I crawled onto the bed and
gripped his cock. Monster indeed I thought as I
wrapped my fingers around it and envisioned all them
huge fat cocks I’d had inside me today. Still this was
my husband so I took him into my mouth in hopes to
finish him quick.

Funny how small it now felt as it only just touched
the back of my throat I thought, so I attacked it with
my tongue and he was soon moaning. I tried to make him
cum quick but he pulled me up for a kiss.

“You smell sexy babes.”

The thoughts of all the dried cum still in my hair
made me gasp. Then his hand was between my legs and he
was pushing his fingers into me.

“Wow you are hot and wet baby, you ready for my big
old fella to spread you wide?”

I inched up so he could hold his cock and I sunk down
onto it in one go. It felt so small inside me, yea I
could feel it, just that it did nothing for me and as
I razed up to go back down it came out. It kept on
coming out as I raised myself up and I could see his
frustration. I was feeling guilty at this point in how
my pussy was now well and truly stretched after
today’s lovely fucking.

That’s when I thought I would give him a treat and as
it fell out again I took hold of it and guided it
towards my ass. I have never taken a cock up my ass
and the thoughts of how Pam was screaming to be fucked
harder as a huge cock slammed into her had me

That’s when I closed my eyes and pushed down.

“Oh my Gawd!”

Were his words as I pushed him against my ring and
eased myself onto him. His cock was slick and it felt
strange but nice at first as it entered me. I started
slowly and then built up speed and I could feel him
getting harder inside me and then it hit me as I came
flooding all the fireman’s cum over him while grinding
my swollen clit into his crotch as his cock throbbed
and came in my ass.

“You horny bitch!”

“No, I am a dirty little slut! And you love it!”

He laughed as I got up and went for a shower, looking
back he was slack jawed and his small cock was limp on
his balls. I had left him with a big pool of cum on
his crotch as I smiled and closed the door.

In the bath I frigged myself to an earth shattering
orgasm thinking about eating Pam’s cunt and all those
hot hard bodied firemen that had fucked me. I looked
through the pictures on the camera, should I let Janet
see these I thought as I looked at a picture of her
sister sat on the young fireman’s cock with her feet
on his shoulders waving the hat in the air grinning
from ear to ear, and there was me in the background
sucking on a huge cock while being fucked from behind.

He was snoring away to himself as I got back into bed
only to dream of hard muscles and fireman’s polls with
Pam’s hot clit on my tongue.

That was the end of day one of our USA trip; I am so
looking forward to the next thirteen days and what
they might have in store for me.


This is the starter for more adventures with Lissy and
Pam and their respective partners Tom and Jerry. Here
I would like to have a little experiment in that if
you have any suggestions as to what you would like
them to get up too, or possibly have happen to them on
their USA adventure then please let me know I would
love to hear from you.

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