Girlfriend’s mum gets fucked by daughter’s boyfriend

It was a Wednesday night, it was also the night of my
girlfriend’s mum’s birthday and we were shopping for
her present.

I picked up a 36 D bra from La Senza however my
girlfriend remarked that it wasn’t big enough for her
mum’s boobs.

Ah her mum’s boobs, so perfect and round, still firm
for someone of her age, of course her being 47 but not
looking a day over 30.

Images going through my mind about the very sexy MILF
in a lacey red bra, I could feel myself getting turned
on over the thought so I left the shop in a hurry.

We got the bus back to my girlfriend’s house and
chilled out for a bit, trying not to disturb the
preparation of the surprise party.

The party started around 8pm, as the very sexy MILF
entered the room, “Surprise!” We all shouted as one of
the hired waiters handed her a glass of champagne. The
biggest surprise however was what she was wearing , a
pair of hot pants that barely covered her sexy bum and
a top that instantly drew attention to her breasts.

The night rolled on and the guests were gone, my
girlfriend retired to bed leaving her mum in the
kitchen to clear up a bit and me on the couch as that
is where I have to sleep when I go around there,
before I knew it my girlfriends very sexy mother was
sitting next to me stroking my young cock through my

“Shhhh, she’s in bed, and it is my birthday.”

She started to unbutton my jeans and pulled out my
throbbing hard dick noticing it was dripping with Pre
cum, without hesitation she slipped it into her moist
mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip as my cock
jerked in her mouth.

I started breathing heavily as I pushed her head
further onto my young cock making her deep throat it
and gag till she spluttered saliva all over it,
working it up and down till I almost came but making
sure she stopped just before I did.

“Suck my nipples you bad boy.”

Without thought I unhooked her bra to reveal amazing
mouthwatering tits, I flicked my tongue around her
nipples making her moan softly, then I took it into my
mouth sucking it softly at first and gradually sucking
harder until she squirted milk down my throat which
made me suck even harder trying to get even more of
her sweet breast milk.

When she realised what I was doing she pulled my head
off and threw me to my knees ordering me to suck her
gorgeous toes through her tights while she used the
other foot to caress my pulsating cock, I grabbed her
foot and shoved her toes deep in my mouth making
myself gag on them as she moaned even louder. Taking
her foot out of my mouth I took her tight off to
caress her sexy feet and toes with my tongue, starting
off by licking between her toes then sucking them one
by one, my fetish being fulfilled by this sexy Cougar
until I wasn’t able to resist anymore.

I pushed her on the sofa and thrust my hard cock into
her cougar cunt, she screamed loudly

“Fuck me baby, fuck me with that big young cock.”

I went harder and harder, deeper making her body jerk
and arch till she released all her cum over my cock.

After I worked her pussy hard I made her lick my cock
clean then I bent her over and spanked her for being
so dirty, placing my cock in her hand she guided it to
her arse-hole and pulled it into her, she was not
waiting, she slammed her arse on my cock making sure
her arse engulfed it all.

I grabbed her shoulders and thrust in hard and deep,
she was screaming and begging for me to go harder and
faster so I did, she screamed even louder, I thought
someone would surely hear so I gagged her with her wet
knickers and slammed into her deeper and harder making
her bite down on her wet panties until she spat them
out to beg for my cum, I pumped her tight arse with my
cock then at the point of cumming, released it and
squirted hot sticky cum all over her face.

It’s fair to say I could never look at her in the same
way again.

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