Wife performs pleasant morning task for sleeping hubby

I’ve got to hurry. My husband has to be up and dressed
for work in fifteen minutes. He’s still sleeping. I’ve
shut off his alarm. I pull my hair up and twist it a
couple times before putting on the tie, not wanting my
hair to tickle him. I step on the wrong spot on the
floor, the same spot I always step on when doing this,
and I freeze as a creak comes from the floor. Shh,
gotta be quiet.

I sneak over to the bed and I very slowly, very
carefully pull the blankets off of him. He’s used to
this. I’m a blanket hog. He doesn’t stir. He’s naked.
Mmm. I stare at him for just a few moments, looking at
his crotch first, but tearing my eyes away to trace the
muscles on his chest, his tummy, around to his legs. I
shiver. He’s perfect. I try to find a good position. I
don’t want to wake him too early.

I decide to do lean over him. It’s a method I’ve used
before. No time for foreplay. Gotta do this quick or
he’ll wake up too quickly. I grab him. It’s limp and
soft. It feels good regardless. I quickly put my mouth
around it and start moving my tongue around it, sucking
on it. I feel my suction having an effect. He’s getting
larger. I feel him stirring. He makes a small noise.
His snoring has stopped. I don’t know if he’s awake

He’s awake. He clears his throat and puts his hand on
my head. “Wow, hon!” is all he can think of to say. I
smile as best I can and start sliding my mouth up and
down his shaft, as far as I can. It’s isn’t far. My
mouth is small. My hand goes to his shaft and I stroke
him as my head moves. I know what he likes. Quick
little techniques.

My tongue pressing towards the top of my mouth as I
suck hard, making my mouth feel very tight. My tongue
flat so he can feel all of it against him. Taking my
mouth almost off of him so I can play with the head
with my tongue. Little techniques I’ve learned.

He likes it. I like it. He’s so hard and so smooth and
soft, the opposite of the rest of his rough, work-tired
body. I hope he cums soon, but he’s holding back. I can
feel him getting really tense, holding his legs really
tight together. I know he’s trying not to cum, to make
it last. I slow down for a few moments, glancing at the

We don’t have time to hold back. I speed up my efforts,
wanting to feel his cum in my mouth. I feel him tense
really hard and his legs move randomly, his hands are
in my hair, hurting me a little bit. He’s making soft
whining noises deep in his throat. He starts to twitch.
His cock seems to get a little bigger. He’s close.
Really close.

I pull most of him out of my mouth and continue
stroking him with my hand, sucking hard and using the
tip of my tongue against him. He cums in my mouth. The
first one always startles me. I feel it jet against my
tongue. It’s salty and thick. Kind of gross, but I like

He comes off the bed at the hips while he’s cumming.
His body shakes and his hands are really tight in my
hair, yet he’s careful not to press my head against
him. He knows I hate that.

A few more jets and things calm down and I’m left with
a twitching cock to clean up. I lick it and kiss it
until he pulls me up and kisses me hard, his lips hard
against mine, as though trying to show me how grateful
he is by the bruising he can apply to my mouth. He
pulls away and says, “I love you.”

I say it back and then it’s time for him to get ready
for work. He’s only got ten minutes before he has to
leave the door so he’s quick and then he’s gone. I’m
left alone, horny, and happy. My man’s going to have a
good day at work.

I laugh, feeling good about myself. Maybe I’ll hop in
the shower before the kids get up and have some fun.

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