Wife’s first real taste of man-meat

A true story never told before. I married one of the
most beautiful girls in my area. She had long blonde
hair slim 104lbs five foot four nice legs good hips and
ass, known to her I had a bi side, she had small tits
you cannot have everything, and throughout our married
life her looks got better.

Unknown to her, I had a bi-sexual side, after twenty
years of boring sex between us; same thing every night,
I started to fantasize about her having sex with other
men. What I did was, I began to ask her if she ever
imagined having sex with a another man. I told her that
I kept imagining her in a threesome with me and another
guy. She of course, would not here of it. But after
years of me going on about it, and a lot of argument,
she finally gave in and told me she’d only do it with
someone she liked.

I couldn’t start too soon. We started cruising dogging
and bi-meeting places. On our third night out cruising
we met Martin a quite young man about twenty five years
old and really handsome. He talked to my wife, and
reassure, we arranged to meet him the following Friday.
I could not wait to meet up with Martin, I wanted a
piece of him too. That week went by slowly.

Friday came; my wife was dressed up, she would not dress
like a tart as I wanted her to do, but she was smart as
if going for a job.

We got into the car and off we went to the meeting
place. Martin was waiting for us. He came over to the
car and got in the back seat without a word. My wife
asked me if I still wanted her to do it with him. I
reassured her that I really wanted her to. So
hesitantly, she got into the back with Martin and they
started kissing. He began to take her clothes off and
had her naked in no time.

I sat in the front seat in the dark and Martin played
with my wife’s tits and then moved down to her pussy. I
was immensely excited watching a stranger feeling up my
woman. My cock was about to blow its load!

Martin worked on her body for about ten minutes before
he started to undo his belt he put my wife’s hand down
his jeans. Her blue eyes opened wide in surprise as his
cock jumped out! What a beautiful cock he had. Eight
inches of smooth man meat quivering in the cool night

Martin didn’t hesitate, he moved her into the doggy
position across the back seat to fuck her. He moved up
behind her. Then he surprised both of us, blowing my
mind. He asked me to put him in my wife’s pussy. He
wanted me to start it out, that way there would be no
doubt in my wife’s mind that I was okay with this.

I reached over the seat back, straining to get at his
cock, it felt great as I pulled back the foreskin and
rubbed it over my wife’s cunt. With my other hand I
opened up her cunt lips and guided his big fat slippery
cock into her cunt soaked slit. Even though she is a
small woman, she had no problem taking his massive tool
into her, both of them were so sopping wet that he just
smoothly slid in.

Then there was no way to stop it, he fucked her like she
was a bitch in heat and my wife pushed back at him with
this look on her face like she was being fucked for the
first time. Her breathing came in gasps and he was
grunting with each hard deep thrust into her.

I came twice watching them fuck. Martin came too, but my
wife didn’t. She never did, but she was a good fuck
anyway. If you’re beautiful enough, it really doesn’t
matter if you’re totally into it or now, just the
beautiful body can be enough to get a man off.

We set up a meeting with him the following week. Martin
gave me his phone number and was eager to continue our
relationship. We took to meeting up with him each week.
We continued to meet at night and fuck in the car for
the next five weeks. We’d started to do my wife from
both ends, me in her mouth and him in her cunt from
behind. I’m a lot smaller than Martin so this worked out
pretty well.

We were on our way to meet him one Friday night when he
phoned and told me he was with a mate who had a Caravan
and they were parked outside a well known lorry park and
would I bring my wife. I told him I wouldn’t tell her
about this development but would just bring her and hope
she’d go along with it.

We traveled about ten minutes more than usual and she
asked me where we were going. I told her that Martin was
at a different lorry park. We finally arrived and I
pulled up at the far side of the lorry park. Martin had
seen us came over took her by the hand. She seem to
trust him… if only she knew.

My wife followed Martin without saying anything. We
walked across the lorry park. A few lorry drivers
flashed their lights at us playfully. When we got to the
Caravan Martin introduced us to Enzo who’s Caravan it
was. Enzo was about sixty-five, good looking for his

My wife know what this was but didn’t say anything – to
my relief – we all sat making small talk when Martin
started kissing my wife and snuggling up to her. He told
her Enzo was going to fuck her as well tonight. She
looked at him and said she wasn’t sure about sex with
other men outside our threesome. Martin reassured her
that Enzo was okay, that he was a good friend and if the
ladies were telling the truth about him he was quite a
stud when it came to sex. My wife said that they’d need
to wear condoms and they were both okay with that.

Martin and Enzo both started to take their clothes off,
then they both stripped my wife. Then Enzo went down on
her. It was quite a sight, she was on the camp bed in
the caravan with her knees raised and her shapely thighs
hiding his bobbing head and the naked man went to town
on her slit with his mouth. I could see that Enzo’s cock
was hard and told Martin as it was his caravan he should
get first turn.

Enzo’s cock was not the size of Martin’s but thick at
the root then thin like a finger at the top. I watched
as it slipped into my wife’s willing cunt and he fucked
her good for a man his age, calling her his bitch as he
fuck her. Finally he shot his load after about ten
minutes and then Martin took his place and fucked her.

Martin was still fucking her after twenty minutes when a
knock came at the door of the Caravan. As I was the only
one with clothes on I answered the door. I opened it a
little bit and peeked out to see a lorry driver standing
there. I asked him what he wanted. The man said that
he’d seen us come over and had seen the vehicle rocking
and he wondered if he could get into the action.

I asked my wife, who was underneath Martin with her legs
spread. She looked over with hooded eyes at the man. He
was maybe twenty one and quite good looking, with one of
those tans that probably went all the way down his body.
She said in a panting voice, “Fist let’s see what he’s
got in his pants, then I’ll decide.”

I told the driver to drop his pant so my wife could see
his junk. He willingly undid his overalls and out sprang
a good eight and half inches of bobbing cock. My wife
looked at it and said, “He’ll have to wear a condom.” I
let him in I locked the door. Martin was still fucking
my wife vigorously. The lorry driver stripped and sat
next to the fucking couple reaching down and caressing
my wife’s body as Martin blew his load into her.

I bent down and took the new man’s dick in my mouth, “to
clean it” it was the hardest cock I had ever seen, it
was like a iron bar. He pushed my head from his cock and
said, “Okay, he’s done, I’ll have a go now.”

My wife, still lying on the bed, legs spread, handed the
young man a condom. He slipped it on and turned her
around in one move. I watched as he pulled the rubber
off and threw on the floor. With one smooth move shoved
his cock in her cunt to the hilt. He then worked his
cock like a piston in and out, in right out, all the way
to the lips then back in again. I’d never seen anything
like it before, he fuck as if he was a machine with one
intent, to cum in a woman. None of said anything.

Within five minutes he had my wife screaming and coming
the first time she had come with a cock in her in thirty
years of sex. It was quite a sight to see, she went
ridged, her cunt was moving as if on its own volition up
and down his steel shaft.

They both came together for what seemed a full minute.
She gasped that she need something to drink and a rest.
The guy pulled out of her and flopped down beside her.
Her legs were open and her cunt and his cock both
steamed in the cool evening air. Cum was oozing out of
my wife’s cunt but she didn’t seem to notice or maybe
after the orgasm she’d just been given, she didn’t care.

As Martin, Enzo and I watched the new guy, whose cock
was still hard picked my wife up and positioned her on
the bed and stuck thrust back into her pussy and fucked
her for twenty more minutes before cumming again. Never
saying a word, he wiped his cock over her lips then
grabbed her pants wiped his cock dry. Then he said,
“Man, what a fucking slut!” Then he walked out.

(My wife told me after we got home that he’d given her,
her first orgasm and she would have done anything he
asked her to do.)

No sooner had the lorry driver left than Enzo was down
cleaning out her cunt. He was lapping it up the three of
us started to lick her too.

Then another knock came at the door we thought the guy
had thought better of leaving and had returned. I opened
the door a little bit to see another strange lorry
driver standing there. I asked him what he wanted and he
said his mate had sent him over for a fuck. Enzo said to
let him in, but my wife said no. But no one listened to
her, we guys were hoping for another show like we’d just

We stood back, my wife still naked on the bed. This time
no one said anything about a condom. The new guy, about
the same age as the last one, but not as handsome, took
his cock out and he climbed on top of my wife and began
fucking her fast and furiously. The young Lorry driver
came in my wife with a great groan of satisfaction and
after catching his breath he pulled out, leaving a wet
slimy mess. He wiped his dick off with a towel and as he
left he said, “What a fucking slut. Robbie was right
about that.” And he was gone.

Enzo was now calling her a slut too. My wife was
exhausted and I think she didn’t want to be called a
slut anymore, but at the same time I think she liked it.
I know later after we got home she told be that she
wanted to do it again next Friday.

So I’ll be getting my wish, I’ll get to see my wife with
other men. I just hope I don’t get tired of it because
it looks like my wife won’t be for some time to come.

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