A husband and fat wife are dominated by a big handsome black man

I banged on the door one more time hard and it was
opened by Rob himself, he looked pained when he saw it
was me standing there and even worse when he saw Joc my
mate standing next to me.

“What do you want? We where about to go out to d-
diner,” he stammered but I just pushed past him and
told him to follow me.

Rob ran after us after closing the door saying, “Hey
wait a minute, you can’t just walk in here.” But we
where in his sitting room now and I was looking for
Wendy. I heard a sound from the kitchen and called her
name. Rob pulled at my arm looking scared and pissed at
the same time.

“Please, you must leave now this is not fair,” he
sounded like a girl and I batted his arm away telling
him to piss off and shut up. Wendy walked into the room
just then and looked around taken in Joc and myself
with a slight grin on her round face, she walked up to
me and said, “Well hello there, I wasn’t expecting you
until the weekend.” She looked pleased to see me as she
always was.

I took her in my arms and kissed her full on the lips
and she responded by darting her tongue into my mouth.
The feel of her 48 inch tits pressing into me had me
hot right away and when I reached down and pulled her
to me by squeezing her giant ass through her skirt I
knew she was hot too. When we broke away Rob almost
screamed, “Wendy, we have a date tonight remember, you
promised me,” man he sounded like a stupid kid.

I rounded on him and shoved him hard onto the sofa; he
fell back on the chair and stared from me to Wendy.
“Shut the fuck up you crying bitch, you know the score!
If you don’t like it, take a walk right now,” I told
him in a calm voice.

Before he could answer and moved aside and introduced
Joc, “This is my friend Joc, I was telling him today
how horny you where and he just insisted on meeting

She looked at him and then back to me looking a little
concerned; Joc is 6 foot 2′ and well built. He is also
very black Wendy pulled me to one side and whispered in
my ear, “I really did promise Rob his date, how about
you come back at the weekend?”

I looked her in the eye and said loudly, “Don’t start
your crap too, or you’ll both be sorry,” the words
hitting her like a slap in the face. “I told Joc here
how good you are at sucking cock and as he has a big
one. I thought I’d like to see you suck it,” I said
smiling. “Now if you hurry up, you might still have
time for dinner,” I finished.

She looked at me like she would argue then at Rob who
was about to cry before turning back to me Lets go
upstairs, Rob can wait here but before she could turn
to leave I grabbed her arm.

“No! No, no,” I said pulling her back, “We’ll do it
right here and maybe Rob can help out.”

Rob looked horrified, but Wendy just shrugged.

Wendy is about 30 and very much overweight, her tits
are big but so is her belly, hips and ass which is why
I love her so much. She also gets off fucking other men
in front of her stupid husband. I meet them a while
back and had been coming around to do her about once a
week and this was the first time I took a friend along.

Joc still could not believe what was going on having
not believed me when I told him about Wendy and Rob; he
was grinning and watching like a TV show. Wendy looked
at him and smiled for the first time and asked, “So
Joc, just how big is it?” She put one hand on her hip
and pushed her tits out at him.

He looked nervous now and looked at me for support, I
laughed and told him to shit or get off the pot. He
shrugged and simply yanked down his jogging pants to
reveal his thick and very long horse cock. It was not
hard but not soft and it hung between his legs like
some kinda weapon, it must have been 7 inches long and
thick with it.

My own cock is big but he hand a couple of inches on
me, I watched along with Wendy and Rob as he lifted it
up in his large black hand and pulled his foreskin back
over his purple knob. His cock was growing in his hand
getting hard by the second and when I looked at Wendy
she was transfixed by it, she quickly looked at me the
whispered, “Holy shit, he’s fucking huge.” which made
Joc smile.

He wasn’t shy about it as he tugged on his cock getting
it fully hard to what must have been 11 inches, his
balls hung down heavy below it. Wendy made no move
until I told her too, “Come on girl, get on your knees
and try it for size.” I said laughing. She looked at
her husband then dropped down on her stocking clad
knees before Joc with his cock an inch from her face.

He grinned down at her still pumping his shaft and said
in a low voice, “Wrap your sweet lips around my cock
baby, I just love having it sucked.”

First she took it in her small podgy hand her fingers
not able to reach all the way around it and then it was
in her mouth. She had to stretch her mouth as wide as
it would go and only took half his meat but he was
loving it closing his eyes and groaning loudly, the
contrast from his black log and her white round face
was excellent and my own cock was bursting. Rob was
staring on in bewilderment having not moved an inch; I
smiled to myself thinking he must be loving it too.

“Ooooh yeah baby, suck that cock! Goddamn!” cried out
Joc as he started humping his hips at her face.

She held his cock in her hand to stop him gagging her
and I saw she was jerking him off at the same time
right into her mouth the way she does when she wants to
drink spunk. Her massive tits swayed under her tight
pullover and her skirt was bunched up now over the tops
of her stockings.

I moved over and got down behind her. As soon as I
touched her she started moaning around Joc’s cock. I
pulled her skirt up to her waist and ran my hands over
her soft flabby ass then taken her panties in one hand
I jerked them up so they went between her giant ass
cheeks like a G string. I knew the panties would be
rubbing her pussy like this and sure enough she groaned
again pulling Joc’s cock from her mouth.

“I need a cock inside me, please some one fuck me!” she
groaned then took his cock back in her mouth.

Joc was having so much fun he made no move to fuck her
so it was up to me; I undressed quickly and was back
behind her in a second. I had to pull her about to get
her ass in the right position and Joc had to kneel down
but that way she was on all fours like a dog with his
monster cock fucking her face and me about to pound her
cunt from behind.

She was still fully dressed at this point so I asked
Joc to help me get her pullover off, we both pulled at
her until we had freed her massive tits and only then
did I slid my hard cock into her. She screamed loudly
with Joc’s cock still in her mouth, he carried on
fucking her mouth while I built up a nice steady pace.
Her ass rippled like water with my trusts and the sound
of flesh slapping flesh made Joc moan out loud.

“This bitch loves my black cock,” he panted. “Tell me
you love it slut,” he spat at her his face covered in
sweat. He pulled her mouth off him holding her by the
hair and forcing her to look up at him; I was still
pumping my cock in and out of her hot snatch.

“I love it; I love your big black cock! Oooooh Christ
I’m coming, she managed then came all over my trusting

Joc let her enjoy her orgasm content to jerk off on her
face while went into overdrive pounding my cock in and
out like a hammer, she trashed about screaming the
house down.

“YES Ooooh yes fuck me, use my cunt! Fuck it hard!” she
called out then added, “Oooh Rob, its soooooo good!”

Rob grunted but he was glued to the show, “That’s how I
need it, see how he really fucks me, she continued, I
knew what she was doing as I’d seen her do it before
and Rob loved it.

“I’m gonna come!” I managed feeling my balls explode.

She rammed her big fat ass back at me as I emptied my
balls deep in her pussy. “Fill me with spunk you
bastard, pump my cunt full of it!!” she cried out
coming with me.

As soon as I pulled out Joc almost knocked me out of
the way, he flipped her onto her back on the floor and
yanked her chunky legs open. Her huge tits flopped
about as he pushed and shoved her into position they
looked fantastic, I watched with Rob as Joc forced his
monster black cock into her used but stretched pussy.
She arched her back up growling like a dog as he
slipped her his whole hard shiny cock.

“Ooh fuck, I’ve never been so full,” she grunted with
effort. Rob’s mouth was hanging open and I knew he’d
never seen anything like it. “Now fuck me with it,
pound my pussy with your nigger cock!” she hissed up at

He grunted and started pumping her with long violent
strokes. She came within seconds and even from where I
was we could see his cock was soaked with a mixture of
my spunk and her juice. He had her belly and tits shake
and ripple all over the place getting me hard again as
he really pounded her, it looked hard enough to hurt
but she was loving it.

“Fucking white trash whore,” he grunted like a wild
man. “I’m gonna rip your cunt apart,” and he looked
like he might.

Wendy was now out of it getting fucked like a rag doll
unable to slow him down and not caring, her eyes where
half closed and she couldn’t even trash about as she
had orgasm after orgasm. Rob looked a little concerned
edging forward on the sofa but Joc shot him a nasty
look and he sank back, then a minute later Joc pulled
his cock out quickly and stumbled up to offer Wendy his

The poor woman was so fucked she was still coming when
he came all over her face and hair, it went every where
completely covering her face and when she finally
recovered it was just in time to suck the last drops as
he forced it into her mouth. “Suck it slut, drink that
spunk,” he snarled jerking off into her open mouth. Joc
sat back down on the floor and we where all silent for
a while, Wendy just lay where she was covered with
spunk and panting for air.

I was still hard but even I felt sorry for her so I
left her to it for then but Joc was still high. He
stood up and removed his pants and shirt then turned to
Rob and grinned, “Now your gonna clean my cock with
your mouth,” he boomed down at a very shocked Rob.

Rob jumped like he’d been hit, “Your crazy, get away
from me!!” he cried out scared now.

Joc just reached down and yanked him up by the hair
holding him tight like that and snarled again, “Suck my
cock clean you little shit or I’ll beat you senseless.”
I am not gay and had never seen a man do that but I
knew Joc had been in prison so I just watched

He held Rob’s face against his limp cock and started
slapping it against it chuckling to him self, Rob
struggled a little but he was in pain and finally
opened his mouth. Within a couple of seconds he was
sucking on the tip of Joc’s now half hard cock and when
Joc pushed a couple of more inches in he took it like a

Wendy was looking up from the floor her eyes now wide
open as she watched her husband suck a man’s cock, it
took her a second to react, “He fucking likes it, he
likes sucking your cock,” she said amazed.

Joc laughed and said, “I knew the minute I saw him he
was a cocksucker, that’s it bitch suck it good and

Rob looked as good at it as any woman I knew sucking
even more of Joc’s monster then his wife had and Joc
was enjoying it too his cock fully hard again. “Come in
his mouth Joc, make him swallow your spunk,” said Wendy
from the floor, she looked animated now flushed and
excited. Joc gripped Rob’s head with both hands and
started fucking his cock in and out of his mouth really
face fucking the guy and then he came hard.

He held Rob’s head like that until he had emptied his
heavy balls down Rob’s troth and Rob swallowed the lot
not spilling a drop. When Joc released him he slumped
back in the sofa and closed his eyes, Wendy however was
up now crawling her way over to me. I lay on my back
and held my cock up straight while she climbed over me
slapping my face with her heavy tits before she guided
my cock to her baggy pussy. She sank down heavily on my
cock taking the whole thing with ease after Joc had
stretched her then she rode me slowly.

Each time she moved up my cock her tits would cover my
face and I could feel her belly and rolls of fat on my
own tummy making me hotter still. She is far too heavy
to get any real speed up but it was nice to get slowly
fucked like that and when I chewed on her nipples she
creamed herself on me like she always did.

“It’s sandwich time,” I heard Joc say above me and I
saw him move behind her with his cock in hand which was
hard again. He dropped out of sight behind her and then
pushed her up and onto me while he butted his cock at
her asshole.

Wendy never really liked anal sex even though I always
butt fucked her and it always hurt but this was
different, she had never had two cocks inside her at
once and never had a cock like Joc’s up her tight ass.
“No wait, you can’t be serious!” she cried out in alarm
looking back and Joc.

He grinned at her and carried on and then her eyes
bugged open and I knew he was in, he grunted Bitch
your ass is tight but I could feel his cock pressing
what skin separated her pussy from her ass against my
own cock. I could feel every inch of his cock force
it’s way inside her and she dug her nails into my
shoulders with the pain and effort.

When his whole cock was deep in her ass her pussy was
twice as tight as it had been and my cock was ready to
explode, I could not move as Wendy was so big and heavy
but I felt him pull out a little then push it back in.
She mumbled something then cried out loudly, “Oooooh
you fuck! Oooooh shit NOOOOOO!” as Joc started ass
fucking her.

I just lay there and let him do all the work, every
time his cock battered it’s way up her ass her pussy
would clap around my shaft and I could feel her juice
pouring all over me like she was pissing on me. “White
fucking whore, your ass is real nice,” I heard Joc
grunt. “Ooh yeah baby take that cock in your ass,” he
continued pumping faster now.

She moaned and groaned then pushed up on my chest so
her tits came free, with one hand she lifted one up and
screamed, “Fuck me you bastards! Fuck my ass! Fuck my
cunt!! Oooooh yes!! Fuck the shit out of me!!”

Joc came first, I felt his cock expand and then start
jerking like mad as he filled her ass with what ever
spunk he had left. His orgasm triggered her off again
and she came again loudly above me.

When he pulled out her pussy felt like it had opened
up, it went from been super tight to baggy in seconds.
Wendy knew what I was feeling and lifted herself up off
my cock then guided it to her open asshole; looking
down at me she smiled then sank down on my cock.

It didn’t last long before I pumped her ass with the
second helping feeling his and my spunk squirm all over
my cock. She slumped on top of me almost crying with
pleasure while my cock went limp and slipped from her
ass. I thought it was finished but Joc made her lay on
the sofa with her legs open then forced Rob to lick her
ass and suck out what spunk he could. I swear she came
again from that and Rob had a hard on when he stood up.
Joc laughed at him and old him to go to his room and
jerk off.

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