A pretty unlikely story about a husband and wife, and a stranger

Last year while on vacation my wife and I
experienced car trouble late in the evening whilst in a
remote area. As we were looking under the hood at a
split radiator hose a pickup truck stopped to assist and
the driver a man about about our age in his forties
informed us that there was no where to get any help
until tomorrow morning and he kindly offered us the use
of his spare room as he lived alone a couple of miles
down the road. We were glad of the offer and taking our
bags we jumped into his pickup and he drove us to his
house which stood alone on about five acres hidden from
neighbours by tall trees.

He showed us his spare room and offered us a
beer and we sat around and chatted, his name was Jim and
he told us he was recently divorced and he had got to
keep the house in return for large alimony payements. As
we talked I noticed him stealing glances at Kathy’s
breasts and shapely thighs and I felt a strange pride
rather than jealousy and after a couple more beers when
she left to use the bathroom I was excited when Jim told
me I had a good looking wife he praised her trim figure.

When Kathy returned she leaned forward to accept
a light from Jim for her cigarette and he stared boldly
down the front of her blouse at her more than adequate
cleavage and when he saw I was watching him I gave him
an encouraging smile of approval.

After a while Jim asked if we wanted to play on
the Internet and we watched with interest as he brought
up a newsgroup featuring nude pictures of other peoples
wives – we viewed a few and critisised them and then Jim
suggested we should post one of Kathy as she was better
looking than any so far. Kathy took the bait and asked
how that could be done – and Jim produced a Poloroid,
took a quick facial snap, scanned it and posted it to
the newsgroup. He then downloaded it back onto his
screen and Kathy was amazed to see herself smiling back
at herself from his monitor. He praised her looks and I
remarked that the newsgroup was supposed to be for nude
photos and suggested that she pose more seductively for
the camera. She was shocked at my suggestion but after
another beer she agreed to undo a couple of her buttons
on her blouse and Jim was treated to a glimpse of her
lacy bra as he snapped the picture. I proudly watched
her picture come up on the newsgroup and made encourag-
ing remarks as I slowly undid the front of her blouse
and pulled it open so Jim could clearly view her.

She was getting into the mood now and made no
move to stop me as I pulled her blouse completely off
and Jim snapped a couple of photos. I was getting more
excited as she proudly posed for a stranger and she only
hesitated a couple of seconds when I asked her to remove
her skirt and she quickly dropped it to the floor. She
was wearing brief cotton panties and the dark triangle
of her pubic hair was visible through the material – but
she had accepted Jim as being part of us and the
strangers she was showing off to were the Internet view-
ers and she was excited to see a reply posted in the
newsgroup requesting a bare breasted shot. Of course the
process of scanning and posting took a few minutes and
we spent this time enjoying the beer and the sight of
Kathy in her undergarments who didn’t seem to mind now
that Jim was looking at her exposed charms.

I said “How about it, are you up to doing a
topless shot?”

Jim said “We could do one without showing your
face if you liked” and I held my breath while Kathy
thought about it for a moment then smiling she said “OK,
if thats what you want me to do” and taking a big gulp
of beer she reached behind her and undid her bra and I
watched excitedly as she dropped it to the floor and
stood proudly as Jim took a picture of her bare breasts,
her nipples were erect and she seemed to be enjoying
herself as she allowed Jim to take close ups of them.
While we waited to post a couple of selected shots Kathy
slipped her blouse back on but left it undone except for
one button which left her breasts visible whenever she
leaned forward.

As the pictures appeared on the screen Jim said
“Nice tits, I am sure lucky to be able to see them for
real instead of just pictures” and Kathy made a saucy
face and stuck her tongue out at him. She didn’t stop me
from opening up her blouse and I fondled her breasts
while Jim watched and I said “They feel good too, do you
want a feel?” Kathy looked shocked but didn’t pull away
as Jim reached out and placed his hand on her breast I
watched as he gently squeezed and rolled the nipple
between his fingertips – Kathy gasped as he pinched
harder and I watched as my wife pulled another mans face
down onto her breasts. I ran my hand up her thighs and
massaged the crotch of her panties and was turned on to
feel her spread her legs to give me access to her pussy
which was moist with excitement, I fingered her and rub-
bed her clit causing her to pull Jims face harder
against her breasts which made it impossible for him to
see what I was doing but he could guess from Kathy’s
excitement that she was at the point of no return and he
ran his hand down over her stomach and under the waist-
band of her panties and his fingers joined mine probing
her pussy as all three of us slowly collapsed to the

Kneeling on either side of Kathy we both mas-
saged her breasts and fingered her clit causing her to
cry out with pleasure and she raised her hips to help us
pull her panties down so her cunt was totally exposed to
our gaze I couldn’t believe that my wife could be so
turned on as she spread her thighs wide apart and wan-
tonly humped against Jims probing fingers – she raised
her knees high in the air so her tight asshole was also
clearly visible – so I pushed a finger against the open-
ing and she moaned and pressed back against it until it
slipped inside and I gently worked it around and as I
did I could feel Jims fingers inside her cunt. Using my
other hand I undid my pants and freed my cock from the
tight confines of my shorts and Kathy immediately
grasped it and pulled me towards her mouth and ran her
tongue over it’s length before she took it all into her
waiting mouth.

Jim meanwhile had removed his pants and shorts
and he was stroking his own cock as he watched Kathy
suck on mine. I saw her reach out and take hold of his
and I eagerly watched as she allowed my cock to slip
from her mouth and she bent her head forward to replace
it with Jim’s, she rolled over and knelt before him with
her ass high in the air towards me and she mumbled “Fuck
me please” I positioned myself behind her and pushed my
cock deep inside her doggy fashion causing her to fall
forward and swallow the whole length of Jim’s cock
making her gag she tried to raise her head but Jim used
his hand to keep her head in place and f****d her to
suck him she quickly adapted a rhythm and used one hand
as a fist around the base of his cock to prevent her
from gagging again.

I pulled my cock back out of her cunt and and
pressed it against the tight opening of her ass and I
was rewarded by her pressing back against me and cock
slowly slipped inside her and she moaned with a combi-
nation of pain and pleasure. I slowly pulled her back-
wards until she was laid on top of me with my cock
buried in her ass and her legs spread wide and her cunt
exposed to Jims gaze I said “Let’s double fuck her” and
he postioned himself between her thighs and pushed his
cock inside her exposed cunt I could feel the length of
his cock inside her through the thin membrane and as he
fucked her he rapidly brought me to a climax and I shot
my load deep inside her ass just as she screamed she was
cumming and we both layed still as Jim grunted and shot
his load into her cunt. We layed still for a while
stroking each others bodies and then pulled out of Kathy
who had cum running out of both her ass and cunt and she
requested a beer while she went to the bathroom to clean
up and a few minutes later we heard the shower running.

Jim and I had a beer while we waited for her and
I was suprised to see her walk naked out of the bathroom
and stand without embaressment before us – and ask if
there was anymore interesting photos or comments on the
Internet. As we searched the newsgroups and found some
action shots Kathy admitted that the whole thing had
turned her on and she enjoyed strangers seeing her naked
body and she allowed Jim to take full length pictures of
her naked and later we copied some of the poses and
action shots but unfortunately Jim had run out of film
for his Poloroid.

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